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From the appearance depends largely on the first impression of the person. A well-groomed face, hair and nails say about neatness and cleanliness. However, the color of the skin may be unhealthy or grayish hue. His presence speaks of a lack of nutrients, run by wrong lifestyle or the presence of the disease. Sometimes the problem cause age-related changes or environmental exposure. Today, there are many ways, allowing whiten face. The procedure will be able to carry out with the help of the home or purchased assets. Spas also offer their customers the similar procedures.
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Because of what complexion worsens?

If a woman living in central or northern Europe, it usually has white skin. This epidermis burns easily in the sun. The phenomenon is observed, if a long stay on the beach and do not use cream against UV rays. The skin turns red and starts to peel off quickly. As a result of sunburn will fall unevenly. If the situation is constantly repeated, possible appearance of age spots. On the face they are especially undesirable.

Redheaded girls, having fair skin, may be faced with the appearance of freckles. They arise from sunlight. The phenomenon can be observed even in the winter. In this situation it is especially important to use lotion or cream. Do not forget to apply them in the ski resort or in town. Additionally, should carry out procedures, allowing whiten face.

Cause pigmentation in young women capable of becoming a hormonal failure. If the cause of the phenomenon of the process in this, applied cosmetics useless. You need to see a specialist. The doctor examines the situation and prescribe appropriate treatment. Properly chosen therapy can quickly restore skin color.

With pigmentation may be encountered in the mature and at a young age. This problem usually bother women aged 35-40 years old. The skin may appear neat bright pronounced dark brown spots. This hyperpigmentation. The phenomenon has attracted the attention of others. The need to whiten the skin occurs due to her injuries, heredity, improper sunbathing or hormonal disorders. In spring and summer it is important to use special tools, with high sun protection factor.

The phenomenon is not always harmless. Precipitating the appearance of certain diseases and may. So, in uneven skin color cause problems with the digestive tract. Use cosmetic products must be carefully. After their application may also be a need for bleaching. Skin color is influenced by antibiotics and other drugs.

Whiten the face can be and in other cases. for example, spots left after acne. Usually, women tend to quickly get rid of them. To help solve the problem and are able to home salon techniques.

Indications for the procedure

Bleaching cream for the face and other means must be used, if there is post-acne or bumps on the skin. The indications for the procedure are the appearance of black spots on the brown field, uneven color or slight pigmentation.

When the self-clarification of unacceptable?

Homemade whitening face has a long list of contraindications. Skin shows the state of the body. If pigmentation appeared suddenly, first of all need to turn to doctors. If there was a small dark brown stain, it may indicate the presence of liver problems. If the stains are large, jagged, this suggests hormonal failure.

It is important to pay attention to the color of the skin in general. If the person earthy shade, this may indicate sepsis, Basedow's disease, HIV or cancer. The presence of a greenish color sometimes indicates the development of tumors, cirrhosis, and kidney disease. Redness of the skin indicates the allergy, rosacea, tuberculosis, polycythemia, as well as a whole list of diseases. In the initial stage of skin cancer may resemble conventional lentigo.

If in the above cases, to try to whiten your face, to achieve a positive effect will not be possible. Man only lose time. The disease can begin to progress. Therefore, it is important to first consult a specialist. There are other contraindications. Carry out skin bleaching is strictly forbidden in the presence of:

  • inflammatory processes;
  • sutures or unhealed wounds;
  • keratosis, melanoma and other skin diseases.

Do not try to resort to the method in the presence of skin dehydration or the recent performance of salon procedures. Too thin skin acts as a contraindication to further clarification. Hypersensitivity or allergic tendency to act as a pretext for not conducting impact.

Precautions and possible harm

Before, How to whiten face, it is important to read the safety precautions. This will reduce the risk of negative consequences. So, before using any cosmetic or home remedies, which structure includes new components, it is important to perform a test for the absence of an allergic reaction. For this purpose, a small amount of cosmetic product applied to the elbow bend. After that you want to monitor the response of the body. Watch necessary for 1-2 hours. The use of a cosmetic product must be abandoned, if there was redness, burning, itching, or other negative reaction. The absence of any change you can continue the procedure.

All whitening products have a decisive impact. So do not overdo it with the number of procedures. It is important to follow the recommendations and the top of the best expert advice. If carried out skin bleaching, you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight. In this situation, there is the risk of gully. If the skin is damaged, it bleaches not applied. The ban falls and application of the product to the area around the eyes. She is very sensitive.

If a person has decided to whiten your face, it is important to remember the potential dangers of the procedure. Impact performed with caution. Violation scheme of the procedure can lead to excessive dryness, burns or allergic reactions.

The fight against pigmentation

Before, how to perform whitening facials, or have recourse to other means, it is important to find out the cause of the phenomenon. Only after this method of dealing with it is selected. The most difficult to get rid of age spots. It needs to have a global impact on the human body. If you run a local elimination, a positive result will not come. The spot may disappear, however, it will soon appear in the new areas of the skin.

At the time of menopause appearance of dark brown spots on the face it is normal. In this situation, the need to resort to special maintenance drugs and perform cosmetic procedures. If idle, it will lead to the widening of hyperpigmentation. If a woman is forced to stay in the sun, Special tools are recommended, having an increased level of protection against ultraviolet radiation. Additionally, it is recommended the presence of wide-brimmed hat. In that situation may cause extensive pigmentation.pigmentation

If the problem is still there, you can apply to the interior and remove lentigo laser. The procedure is performed on the skin of age. The use of masks and cosmetic creams in this situation, the benefit will not bring. Exposure to laser has practically no adverse effects. After 50 years allowed the use of mesotherapy and injection procedures. Methods combined with laser exposure. If a woman is under the age of menopause, It helps to get rid of stains use cosmetics and vitamins. You can apply the salicylic, zinc ointment, as ointment badyagoy. Bring benefit whitening peeling and folk remedies.

If an independent anti-defect not profit, You can use cosmetic procedures. They consist of a feedback laser and injection. The method makes it possible to deal with several spots. The method is considered one of the most effective methods of action in the fight against hyperpigmentation.

Getting rid of the Sun

Sunburn is not always goes smoothly. The risk of hitting it occurs even in the case of, if during the holidays woman uses a wide-brimmed hat. In this situation, it is recommended to use yogurt. Remedy is applied every night. It should be left on the skin for 20 minutes. Natural bleach and lemon juice is considered. It is applied to the problem area. After that you want to give the liquid to dry. Then, the flushing. If lemon juice is used, results are visible very quickly.

Whiten the skin after sun exposure is possible by means of folk remedies. Acceptable Cooking your lotion. The main ingredient of home remedies in favor water. You need to take 100 milliliters of liquid. In it added 1,5 tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice and one tablespoon of lemon juice. The product is used on a daily basis. An alternative to the use of parsley acts. Would need 3 tablespoons plants. They need to put in 0,5 liter bottle with water. Weight is placed in a dark place for 15 day. When the period of time ended, you must drain means, and then use morning and evening.

Help combat the problem and are able to homemade mask. They are made from natural ingredients, which can be purchased at any store. The ingredients are different low cost. So, for cooking, you can take 1,5 cup sour milk. It is mixed with oat flakes. Agent is simultaneously soft scrub and mask. The composition is applied to a circular motion. It is necessary to have a matting effect of parallel. Means rests on the skin for 15 minutes.

Favor and bring a mask out of clay. It can be any color. Clay gave to the whitening effect, it is brought to a paste. The agent is added lemon juice, rosemary oil or citrus, parsley juice or cucumber.

Get rid of sunburn is possible by means of special bleaching agents. They can be purchased online or retail outlet. Bring benefit cream, serum and ointment. Their use allows to achieve significant results. However, not all of the components, included in the cosmetic, are safe. Before applying nutrients funds advised to consult a beautician. He competently perform tests for allergies, also select products based on skin type and individual characteristics.

Whiten spots from acne

After acne may be stained. To address possible, contacting the beauty salon. Where you will be able to perform the procedure, give rapid effect. However, their cost is high enough. Deal with the problem, and can be at home. To combat the post-acne help:

  • clay;
  • whitening mask;
  • yogurt and lemon;
  • aloe juice or parsley.

The composition is applied pointwise. tool stand 15 minutes, then wash off.mask of clay

Top tips on how best, How to whiten face

If you want to whiten the face of pigment spots, You can use home remedies. they publicly. However, do not expect immediate effect. Typically, a positive result is noticeable after a month or two.

The use of hydrogen peroxide

Whiten the skin helps to hydrogen peroxide. In contact with the epidermis it provokes oxidation process. The result is the removal of toxins and pollutants. Acceptable application of the solution of 3-percent concentration. In this situation, a burn may occur. Peroxide is better to combine with additional ingredients. This will improve the safety of the use of funds. So, you can add a spoonful of dry yeast. Agent is applied to problem areas. The oil should be left on 15-20 minutes. The tool then washed off and use moisturizer.

Application components can be combined with the use of fat cottage cheese. It is necessary one tablespoon of product. Additionally apply a few drops of peroxide and egg yolk. The mask is applied to the face. You can keep no more 20 minutes. Next, the need to rinse with cool water.

Lotions and fruit juices

Razbirayasy, How to whiten the face at home, you can enlist the help of fruit juices. A whole list of plants fruit produce such an effect. So, Lemon will benefit. It contains ascorbic acid. It is able to brighten and fight hyperpigmentation. The facility has strong antioxidant properties. Applying lemon juice enriched with vitamins and cleanses. So, possible to prepare a mixture of turmeric and fresh lemon juice. needed 1 teaspoon of liquid and solid pinch. The ingredients are mixed. After that, with their help, the person is treated. The components are applied uniformly. Mask to keep 10 minutes. it is then washed off with plain water. It is recommended to apply the agent on a daily basis until the complete disappearance of age spots.

Aloe juice is able to help. It contains a large amount of vitamin C. Therefore, the agent is capable of improving the condition of the epidermis and lighten. Indian gooseberry slows down the functioning of melanin. As a result, the risk of new spots is reduced. To get rid of unwanted color, mixture was applied daily. Aloe juice should be kept on the face for 10 minutes. The tool then washed with water.

Applied and orange juice. It contains vitamins A and C. Orange used together with natural honey. It is made juice. The resulting mixture was put on the face. The mask is washed away through 30 minutes. If you use the tool on a daily basis, It will soon be noticeable positive.

If you want to get rid of post-acne, papaya juice is able to help. It allows you to whiten your face, It gives the skin radiance and nourishes nourishing vitamins and other nutrients. To get rid of age spots, daily cost of producing the treatment area with a piece of papaya.

Bleaching properties and has watermelon juice. It has a gradual and soft effect. Watermelon juice affects melanin. As a result, re-formation is reduced pigmentation. To whiten face, performed massage with watermelon juice. The substance is left in the field to 20 minutes, then rinsed in a conventional manner.

If you want to lighten your skin, it is recommended to perform a three-minute massage with pomegranate juice. The substance acted, you need to leave it on the field at the 15 minutes. A positive result is noticeable when the daily application.

Grapes contain hydroxy. They help to eliminate skin blemishes, enlighten litso. grape juice slows melanin. As a result, formation of pigmented spots decreases.

Bleaching with apple juice is suitable for owners of oily skin type. The product contains vitamins A, B and C, as well as a list of minerals. If pigmentation is insignificant, a positive result is visible after 2 weeks of daily use tools. You just need to rub it means in. Then he left for 15 minutes.Apple juice

Whiten person can use the juice of strawberries. He advocates a strong antioxidant. It contains vitamins A, B and C. The product is able to saturate the skin necessary substances and to fill vitality. Wipe the face of strawberry juice daily is recommended. Then, you notice, that brightens skin. Getting rid of spots is carried out in the shortest possible time.

For oily skin use suitable mango juice. Means has peeling effects. There is a whitening effect. Mango juice prevents acne. Tool helps restore tone and tighten the epidermis. Application runs on juice 10 minutes. Then he washed off.

The use of yogurt

Whitening facial masks in the home can be made using kefir. The drink contains a large amount of amino acids and lactic acid bacteria. They have a positive effect on the skin. Funds help cleanse and lighten freckles and age spots. It can be used in conjunction with other components. So, for firming the skin can be performed with the combined use of kefir cucumbers. The mask is recommended to apply three times a week.

For the preparation you need to take half a cucumber. Vegetable grate. In the resulting pulp add two tablespoons of yogurt. In component present microorganisms. They are active for a short period of time. Therefore, it is not necessary to prepare a mask in advance. It should be used immediately after production. The mask is applied on the face or on the left 20 minutes. Then it is necessary to wash off means. If the skin is dry, moisturizer used after the procedure. To enhance the effect of masks, instead of water to cleanse the permissible use of warm milk.

Kefir can also be used in conjunction with the honey. To prepare the final product mixture is heated. Then, making him 4 tablespoons yogurt. He should be bold. The ingredients are mixed. Then added previously whipped protein. Use one egg. The mask is applied to the face for 20 minutes. The mixture allows to make the skin velvety and eliminate wrinkles. In addition, since there is restriction.

Scrubs for improving the skin color

If you want to quickly whiten the face at home, can help scrubs. They help cleanse the pores and get rid of the dirt. With the help of cosmetics removes dead skin cells. If the components are chosen correctly, the skin will become lighter and acquire a uniform shade. So, You can use the scrub parsley and sea salt. It should be finely ground. Parsley and chopped. Have to take 2 tablespoons plants and one teaspoon of salt.

The components are mixed with each other. You will then need to wait, happen until the selection of juice from parsley. When this happens, you need to start applying the scrub on the skin. The process is massaged. The impact is throughout 2 minutes. Problem areas receiving increased attention. Next, you need to wash and apply a nourishing cream. Parsley has a good whitening effect. Therefore, the component is present in many vehicles for skin color.facial scrub

An alternative preparation of scrubs serve yogurt, honey, lemon and flour. Yogurt must not have any additives. Would need 4 dining facilities spoon. It must be a liquid. The weight is entered one tablespoon of funds. Lemon taken as fresh concentrator. Requires two tablespoons spoons component. Additionally add flour. The first three ingredients are mixed. Flour is required to, to bring the state to a thick mass. Then, using scrubs performed facial treatment. Means left to 15 minutes. After that, it is recommended to wash and apply a moisturizing cream.

Soda for whitening

If you want to whiten your skin at home, Soda is able to help. It allows you to deal with a whole list of diseases. The substance eliminates the inflammation and irritation. The tool has a pronounced effect. However, due to impact forces saline solutions can be used no more than once a week. So, able to help soda lotion. To this substance was diluted with water in equal proportions. Thereafter, the solution is wetted cheesecloth. The fabric is superimposed on the darkened areas of the skin. Hold means necessary for 10 minutes. Then soda residues are washed off with water. The area must be a moisturizer. Soda has a strong whitening effect.

Agents may be combined with hydrogen peroxide. Need a teaspoon of baking soda. It is mixed with two tablespoons of yogurt. It should be in bold and should not contain colorants and additives. The oil is added 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. The mask is applied to the face for 5 minutes.

Sometimes, ash is used in conjunction with soap. However, a side effect after the procedure, there is a strong contraction. Therefore, the need to pre-prepare moisturizers. To prepare the product for whitening need soda and water in equal proportions. soap foams. Cosmetic means partitioned in the area with pigmentation. Above applied soda solution. The mask must be washed through 7-9 minutes.

The use of essential oils

If you want to whiten your face, you can enlist the help of essential oils. They are safe. However it applies subject recommended conditions and accounting contraindications. In pure form, the use of oils inadmissible. Violation of the rules is fraught with burns and severe bouts of allergies. Therefore, a means is applied only in the form of a mixture of.

Before using essential oils is important to take into account the absence of contraindications. So, their use must be abandoned during pregnancy, childhood, if you are hypersensitive to the presence or hormonal failure, well after suffering a heart attack, heart and vascular diseases.

It is important to use high-quality esters, have proven themselves on the positive side. Using surrogates will not bring benefits. They can be harmful to health. The use of essential oils is carried out course. Its duration is 21 day.

So, help whiten the person is capable of lemon oil. Substance capable osvetlity pigment. Citric acid removes the top layer of epidermal cells. The skin begins to be updated. To prepare the mixture, would need 3 tablespoons vegetable oil. The composition is introduced 3 drops of essential oil of lemon. funds together. After that, the skin treatment. A mask can be left overnight. Before shipment to the street you want to make a skin treatment cream, having a high level of protection from UV rays.essential oils

Alternative advocates the use of essential oils of sandalwood. It allows you to save the youth of the skin, emollient and moisturizing effects. Means, and will benefit in bleaching. The component is used in conjunction with almond oil. It takes three drops of funds. Submitted 3 drops of essential oil of sandalwood. The mixture was applied to the skin massaging movements. The mask is left on the night. Before going out the processing required to produce a protective cream.

Positively has proved essential oil and seeds of carrot. It contains beta-carotene. It reduces the production of melanin. This is an excellent preventive tool. Carrot essential oil is used in conjunction with rosehip oil and apricot. It is necessary to take half a cup of the last ingredient,. It adds on 10 drops of rose hip oil and carrots. Applying the mix is ​​performed on clean skin. The process is done before bedtime. The mixture can be bottle. They should be made of dark glass.

Lighten face and defeat a series of dermatological diseases will rosewood essential oil. Tool can save from post-acne, scars.

For the treatment of inflammation, burns and hyperpigmentation applied eucalyptus oil. It is used in conjunction with jojoba oil. Have to take 4 ml means. Submitted 1 milliliter of eucalyptus essential oil.

If the skin is thin, tea tree essential oil application is admissible. Against hyperpigmentation also apply rosemary oil, mint, patchouli and oregano. Often they come in formulations, allowing whiten face. The effect is noticeable at once. But in the end you can get a great result.

The opinion of cosmetologists

Specialists have developed a double view of the bleaching procedures. Most methods will not cause harm to the impact. However, experts believe, that domestic procedures can only achieve a slight whitening effect. Inclusion of aggressive components requires exercising caution. The situation can harm the skin, hurt her. There is a risk of burns. All procedures should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

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