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Plastic windows have become a revolution in the improvement of premises. They have completely replaced wood. Euro windows are easier to use and more practical. However, they often accumulate condensate. If the sweat box, necessary to deal with the problem.sweat box

What is the phenomenon?

PVC mist in upward direction. At the same time there are small clusters on the edges. Externally, a phenomenon reminiscent of a large number of small droplets. They may be interconnected. This produces large drops. When the liquid has teamed, it begins to flow down. As a result, the sill is formed puddle. Sometimes they can be quite large. The phenomenon needs to be addressed.

Causes of

If the sweat box, this indicates a significant deviation of the temperature and humidity of the normal parameters. The liquid begins to accumulate only when, if the glass gets warm enough, and increased moisture levels. Therefore, it is first necessary to eliminate all sources of moisture. It may be leaking tap, Leaky roof, the flooded basement or fistula tubes. If the result of the fight against the phenomenon did not bring, cause situations may be insufficient air circulation. Sometimes with misting can be observed occurrence of frequent colds and allergies, occurrence of headaches, sleepiness. The flowers begin to wilt. Phenomena indicate a lack of oxygen in the room.

So first of all have to eliminate stagnant air. They contain moisture vapor and carbon dioxide. The substances inhaled plants, animals and people. It is recommended to check the functioning of the hood. If the erection of the building was carried out in the Soviet era, air may stagnate due to excessive tightness premises. designing buildings, experts suggested, that the fresh air will be through the penetration slit and gaps in window frames. The use of plastic windows was not planned. they tightness. As a result, air is not able to get into the room. The oxygen concentration is reduced. Room begins to resemble a gas chamber. People, plants and animals, are in it, uncomfortable.

Let in fresh air can be, performing airing. The procedure will reduce the concentration of water vapor in the room. Breathing becomes easier. Side effects, caused by oxygen starvation, disappear. Windows will sweat less. However, the situation could be repeated, if you do not perform regularly airing. There are a number of other reasons. To find out the exact factor, It encouraged to review the accompanying situations.

Condensation occurs inside

Plot window sweats between the glass pieces. The phenomenon occurs because of a cooling. In winter and autumn air has an impact on the glass. He strives to be indoors. As a result, the external side is cooled. Air can get into the space between the flaps. As a result, it begins to have an impact on the internal glass. The material holds air well. In this case the room temperature is considerably higher. The result is a pair of collection. It is concentrated on the cold surface. The air of different temperatures is mixed. The result is the occurrence of condensation. This phenomenon causes a number of problems. Get rid of the condensation between the windows is problematic, than just wipe the inner pane.

Plastic windows are sweating because of the presence of marriage. Similarly considered a deviation from the normal shape, bad fastening fittings or slots in the flaps. All this increases the chance of penetration of moist air into the room. Experts advise to carry out check boxes for defects. The action is carried out at time of purchase. This will reduce the risk of difficulties in the subsequent return, dismantling and reinstalling. For sealing product manufacturer is responsible.

If there has been the slightest deviation from the manufacturing technology, subsequently it can lead to a whole list of issues. Sometimes defects are detected during use. Usually unable to eliminate them by replacing the glass unit. It is not necessary to perform the procedure on their own. Its implementation should engage qualified professionals. If the firm protects its reputation, it provides a guarantee of quality. In the event that the marriage will emerge, Products will replace FREE.

If you have certain knowledge, the window can be set independently. However, this increases the risk of violations of mounting technology. If the flap set precariously, they will allow air and warm inside. As a result, there is an accumulation of condensate. It provokes mold. Window appearance also deteriorates. Therefore, experts advise not to perform the procedure on their own, and refer to specialists.

If the plastic windows are sweating, it is recommended to pay attention to the cracks. They can occur during installation and transportation. Such glass is better not to use. crack embedded often self. For this purpose, the adhesive, putty or other devices. But their adoption is not correct. People only spend money. If the glass is cracked, it must be replaced. The action is taken to, to protect themselves from fungi and drafts.

Statistics show, that more sweat single- window. This construction has only one layer. The distance between the panes min. The gap is typically less than 30 mm. As a result, the thermal insulation level decreases. Experts do not recommend to give preference to such a variety of constructions in residential areas. She is not able to retain heat well. Usually people prefer such windows, wanting to save.

The phenomenon is observed in winter

Razbirayasy, Why sweat box, people will find out, that condensate accumulation is influenced by changes in temperature. Process understandable to people, versed in physics. If the liquid evaporates, it rises in the air. In this case, accumulation is observed in the warm interlayer. Here it is concentrated in the form of steam. In nature, it rises to the level of cold. Here begins the re-conversion of the liquid into droplets. As a result, there are clouds.sweating windows in winter

In the room the same laws. However, the situation varies. Air warmed equally above and below. Therefore droplet formation occurs on cold surfaces. In the rooms they concentrate on the windows. If the process is carried out in the bathroom, liquid is collected on the tile. glass cooling is performed under the influence of an external air flow. As a result, they can not warm up. The phenomenon occurs more often, if the room temperature is below the optimal level. As a result, windows are sweating in the cold season. In the summer and late autumn phenomenon is less common.

If you sweat a winter window, rise to phenomena may cause low temperature outside. The warm room air. On the border of a window with an interaction cold temperature. The result is a loss of condensate. Single-chamber windows can freeze. As a result, a phenomenon occurs more often. In addition to the drops, on the glass appears icy crust. The result is a fogging. In winter time interval may occur thaw. Sometimes there is a wet snow. As a result, the moisture concentration in the air rises. If there are cracks and crevices, it only increases the risk of dew on the windows. Dampness penetrates inside.

The modern pace of life makes a person spend a lot of time at work, travel and other locations. At the same time manage to return home until late in the evening. To protect yourself from drafts, People try not to open windows in the cold season. From the implementation of the action and the people refuse to, who live in a studio apartment. If we neglect ventilation, This causes stagnation. Air begins to accumulate moisture. It identifies a list of sources. As a result, the liquid drops on the window in the form of vapor and droplets. They are gradually deposited on the surface.

If the window inside sweats, This may indicate a lack of insulation shutters. Installers can do its job of insufficient quality. After fuser, cracks should be filled with foam. Her cover trim strip. However, the foam is capable of gradually deteriorate. It is not protected from moisture. Effect of moist air, rain, sun and snow have a negative impact on the material. As a result, it will lose the function of thermally insulated.

Glasses are not able to warm up. They are attracted to the air themselves, containing a large amount of moisture. As a result, there is accumulation of condensate. Batteries are not able to heat the glass. The phenomenon is due to the wide windowsill. It exerts a blocking effect on the hot air stream. climbing up, he is faced with an obstacle. In this case, the windows are not affected.

There are cases, When sweating windows, even in the presence of an optimum temperature in the room and the narrow sill. In this situation, it is recommended to pay attention to the battery. It can be protected by a special screen. As a result, the heat is not able to get to the window. In this situation, the need to remove protection from the radiator.

The self-built premises

The problem may be lurking in the above factors. However, there are other reasons. The phenomenon occurs because of a poor quality material, used in the construction of. If glazed poorly sealed, this has a negative effect on thermoregulation.

If the plastic windows are sweating in the house, first of all should pay attention to the finishing material. So, often it has low level of water vapor permeability. The material must have the opportunity to. must, the steam went outside. If this does not happen, Dew accumulates on the glass. Often used primer before installing windows. The material has a negative influence on the vapor permeability. Value indicators and reduce milling or wallcovering. Windows under the wooden frames sweat less. This is due to the ability to skip the unnecessary material moisture.

New windows should be sealed enough. If this does not happen, there are gaps. Through them out warm air. As a result, the glass is not able to warm up sufficiently. This leads to the appearance of high humidity, condensation and accumulation of fungi. The house windows are sweating.

Catching construction, sometimes people ignore the requirements, applicable to the air. It may be completely absent. In this case, do not be surprised, that sweat box. Such a system is needed to draw the moist air and the fresh and dry zapuskaniya. If ventilation is not, home sweat box of natural causes. In places, where people live, always fluid is released. Similar phenomena are observed in the premises, in which there are plants and animals. The homes to be present extractor. In other situations a water-saturated air is not able to leave the premises. He begins to focus on the glass.

Top best tips on activities during misting

If the sweat box, you must begin to implement the fight against the problem. First of all need to understand the cause of the phenomenon. All subsequent actions depend on it. It is recommended to get rid of all the factors triggering the emergence of a situation. Initially be measured humidity level and temperature. To do this, use a hygrometer and thermometer. Normal humidity should be 40-60%. The temperature should not be above or below the norm. It is better to give preference to the windows with two cameras. Slopes must be performed from the inside and the outside of the.

All the cracks obscure cement solution. On the outer side decoration carried foam, and inside with glass wool. Rooms need to be aired. The procedure is recommended to 2-3 times a day. The window is open to the 30 minutes. If the procedure is performed in the winter season, better to leave the premises. This is necessary in order, to prevent hypothermia. If on the window sill there is a houseplant, better to remove it from there. They are able to improve indoor vlagoobrazovanie. Usually this is enough. However, if the window does not stop sweating, it is recommended to resort to a number of other actions.condensation

winter mode

Sometimes sweating windows in the house due to the use of improper treatment of glass. Some options include changing it depending on the season. regimes 2 – summer and winter. If you use the first one, flaps are not adjacent to the window frame so close. Summer window needed, to keep out the dust in the room. In addition, they block the entering hot outdoor air. Winter function change. The window should protect the apartment from the cold penetration. It also prevents drafts. Due to the different functions require different modes.

Not all windows provide for their presence. To investigate the possibility of regime change, you need to carefully examine the box. It is important to pay attention to the side flap. If there are holes for the hexagon or an asterisk, manufacturer has taken into account the possibility of transition to winter mode. The procedure to be performed as carefully as possible. If we make the wrong action, this may damage the fittings. You can refer to the professional. However, this will require additional costs.

Caring for ventilation

To the windows in the house did not sweat, it is important to care for ventilation. It can occasionally get clogged. The holes accumulated debris and grease. As a result, it can not fully function. It affects the state of the windows. Before, how to take any action, check the cravings. For this drawability is required to bring a lighted match or a sheet of paper. The presence of the thrust proves its attraction to the grate air flow. Experts recommend to clean ventilation, kitchen hood once in a few months. This is required, to later do not run into problems with the emergence of. If people would take into account all the features of the use of plastic windows, competently approach to its selection and installation, and provide follow-up care, This will provide an opportunity to get rid of mold, moisture and condensation.

Regeneration air circulation

If the sweat box, it speaks of the need to normalize the air. The procedure may be carried out using the three methods:

  • performing classical ventilation;
  • installation of air-supply valves;
  • organization of automatic extraction.

All methods have advantages and disadvantages. The easiest way to carry out airing the old fashioned way. The procedure requires regular exercise. Only in this way it will benefit. The method is simple and easy. However, when using it had a substantial heat loss. broken sound insulation. All the noises are heard from the street to the apartment. The space dust falls. If the ventilation is carried out in the summer, with him in the apartment penetrate flies and mosquitoes. In winter, the plastic windows are sweating more often. This is due to a rapid change in temperature of the glass. As a result of moisture condensation amplified. If ventilation is produced, the risk of the phenomenon of reduced.

Positive feedback has managed to earn the use of automatic extraction. The system allows you to completely get rid of the condensation on the windows. They stop sweating. However, the device is quite noisy. It needs energy. As a result, additional costs. Device is expensive. For the very simple setup will have to pay about 100000 rub.

For the majority of Russians favor an optimal use of the air-supply valve. They are often used in Europe. So, Germany banned to perform the installation of metal windows, if with them are not installed air inlets. Valves are not very different from each other. They come in boxes or wall. exercising choice, should pay attention to the manufacturer. Window flaps, manufactured in Asia, are inexpensive. However, they are rarely kept frozen. Positively proved Domvent valve. It is made in Russia. It is capable of functioning even when 50 degree frost. Energy costs are small. The need for professional care is not. valve cost is about 3500 rub. Prices may vary depending on region. Fit the tool can be your own or seek professional help.

Using the hood

Cooking food stands in an essential attribute of every human life. Dishes, plate, heating the food and water results in the appearance time to. He's in a lot of it is concentrated in the kitchen. Today, however, we developed a method, allowing to remove high evaporation in this part of the house. Experts recommend not to neglect the installation drawing. It should be used in the process of cooking. However, even if it is present, no harm will open the window. This will saturate the room with fresh air. If you are working at the stove, the door must be closed. This is required, microparticles food and the steam can not penetrate the other rooms. Once in the other rooms, substances settle on clothing and footwear. The result may cause unpleasant smell. In this case, there are contamination of glass surfaces.extract

Performing insulation

Razbirayasy, Why sweat the windows in the apartment, and how to fight it, you can try to warm the outer and inner slopes. To implement steps used foam. However, the method can not always help. He will have a positive impact, if the windows are well protected from the sun's influence, water and wind. Treatment should be carried out on both sides.

When you install double-glazed window is often used foam. However, it quickly loses its thermostatic properties. But at the same time for the owner of the premises, this fact often goes unnoticed. As a result, timely respond to the situation fails. Windows start to sweat constantly. Mold will gradually. Masters hide poor performance of the work under the decorative strip. As a result, cracks appear. Through them fluid and cold air get inside. On the outside of the window foam often does not close at all. This phenomenon often occurs in private homes.

convection grilles

If the sweat box, experts advise to pay attention to the convection grilles on the window sills. If they are wide, heat to the glass does not come. The result is the formation of condensation. Fix this problem will be possible by reducing the sill area. However, not all situations, this decision looks beautiful. If a person does not want or can not have recourse to his aid, experts advise to install the convection grille. It is attached to the battery, located under the window. Using the device causes, that the hot air begins to ascend. As a result, the heat gets to the window. they warmed. Couples can not settle on them. Windows stop sweating.

window accessories

If the windows are sweating, selection of new glazing must be carried out not from the standpoint of economy, and quality. If the pursuit of profit a man acquire poor quality fittings, later it may lead to an increase in cost. So, funds will have to send to fight mold and restoring health. Mold can cause a long list of diseases. accessories selection should be implemented based on the window frame. They should ideally suited to each other. When closed, the handle must be fixed. If this does not happen, You need to make a selection of a different material. Are taken into account gap. We can not allow their appearance. Folds should carefully lean against the frame.window fittings

Appeal to professionals

To windows are not sweating inside, important to entrust their installation qualified professionals. The use of artists without special education services should be abandoned. People, wishing to make, often perform actions in a hurry. They want to quickly finish the installation and get cash. As a result of actions performed poorly. The error can be made when selecting the wrong size. Window elements are fastened loosely. As a result, the condensate can penetrate into the room. Slopes are sealed with foam as it will.

Experts recommend apply to specialized firms, engaged in the provision of services. They carry a good selection of workers. As a result, people will be able to count on quality service. The final result will be high. Representatives of the firm are able to provide useful advice on follow-up care. In addition, they will be communicated to the rules of operation of glass. Some organizations provide a guarantee. This is useful, if the sweat box. In such a situation poorly defined parts can be replaced.

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