Top 29 top tips on carrying out dyeing eyelashes

Perfect image consists of evaluating the list of issues. To highlight the beauty of the eyes, do look expressive and add the appearance of mystery, You can perform eyelash dyeing. The procedure is done at home or in the salon. Efficacy and safety of coloring depends on the selected material, competence and compliance with the master stamp top tips from the experts.eyelash dyeing

Why procedure?

Eyebrows tinting is required in order, to make invisible hairs. At the fair-haired women may be long eyelashes. At the same time they can not be seen. Staining can give sight depth and expressiveness. The image will be a bright. The problem faced not only the owner of blond hair. For most women, the eyelashes dark only in the middle. While the main part remains bright. As a result, outwardly they seem short. The presence of a light area around the century deprives clear eye contour. Therefore, women are trying to recreate it using eyeliner.

Usually eyelash dyeing is performed using mascara. The procedure required to carry out every day. Ink is not highly resistant. It spreads easily and is washed away under the influence of rain or snow. Swimming in the pool or the sea is able to completely remove makeup. Even waterproof mascara is quite capable for a day to remain in its original form.

Performing resistant dyeing can get rid of the problem. Procedures are recommended for women, wear contact lenses. When used in relation to the sensitivity of the eyes means of decorative cosmetics increases. During the day the mascara gradually crumbles. Small particles enter the eye. An ordinary human discomfort such incidents do not cause. The particles are washed quickly with tears. However, if the ink will fall under the lens, it can provoke irritation. Staining can improve the appearance of eyelashes kind of not a few hours, and for a long period of time. The effect is not washed for weeks. During this period you can not use decorative cosmetics, which will reduce the amount of time to your morning routine.

Indications and contraindications

Eyebrows tinting held, if the nature of the woman has blond hair. The procedure allows to make them more visible and expressive. Eyebrows tinting has a number of contraindications. To refuse to perform the procedure recommended in the following cases:

  • idiosyncrasy present composition components;
  • there is increased sensitivity of the eyes;
  • woman wears contact lenses on a regular basis;
  • there is a tendency to allergic reactions;
  • present skin damage, scratches or wounds around the eyes;
  • It takes place eye disease or eyelids.

The caution with paint stain should, if a woman has a short or too thin eyelashes. Before the procedure, it is recommended to perform the test for allergic reaction. It should perform, even if the person is not previously encountered manifestations of allergy. To perform the test, apply a little paint on the area behind the ear. It should be left to 15 minutes. The tool then washed. After the exposure, you should wait for a day. During this period, an allergic reaction may occur. Her presence will be able to notice the characteristic redness, appearance of itching and burning. And if none of the effects that have arisen, You can use the coloring agent.

special hypoallergenic tools developed today. They can reduce the possible harm eyelashes. They do not contain substances, provoking the emergence of a number of negative consequences. If the procedure is carried in the cabin, sunscreen can be applied on top of the usual paint. He is required to ensure color stability.

Color selection

Women looks types differ significantly from each other. Selection of paint colors on consideration of these features. Taken into account and created an image. Typically, manufacturers offer to use a palette of black, brown and gray tones. There are more exotic options. So, Some women prefer coloring eyelashes in red, blue and purple. Eyelashes should be darker eyebrows. The difference for at least one tone should be. While he eyebrow color should be different from the color of hair. The difference must also be at least in 1 tone. All other parameters are directly dependent on the tastes of women.

If the client has blond hair, commonly used dark gray colors. It includes dark brown, graphite or colored asphalt. Black is rarely used. It is used to the presence of very dark or very light skin. Brown hair and red hair is recommended to select a color from the range of dark brown color. Blond women make choices depending on the color temperature. It is generally recommended to give preference to gray, or brown hues. The darker the basic hair color, the closer to the black color of the eyelashes should be. The same rule also applies to the eyebrows. Brunettes little choice. They should give preference to black shades. In that situation the eye will lose expressiveness.eyelashes color

options for coloring

Eyebrows tinting is done by paint. It can be natural or synthetic origin. After the procedure, the hairs become darker in color. To perform this procedure, a special paint for eyebrows and eyelashes. Its sale is made in specialized departments of cosmetics. Staining may be accomplished in salons. Here professional means used. They are characterized by durability and quality. The color palette includes black, blue, Brown and several other shades.

If you are using natural dye, skin and hair is soft effect. As a result, stronger and eyelashes are longer. If you opt for natural cosmetics, the procedure is performed with the use of henna or Basma. Dyes are made of plant-based. However, cosmetic products have several disadvantages. In the reaction of the chemicals can cause unpredictable reactions.

Using paint

If a woman is interested in eyelash dyeing, Price will depend on the variety of procedures. If the paint is to be used during it, the need to apply daily makeup disappear. The client will look neat and tidy around the clock. The method serves for the salvation of red and blonde women. Eyes get natural expressiveness. The result will remain permanently. Staining is persistent. Positive result remains within a month. In this make-up does not deteriorate even when visiting saunas, bath or beach.

However, the method has some drawbacks. So, Used paint can lead to the appearance of redness and peeling of the top of the eyelid skin. Such phenomena caused by the manifestations of allergic reactions when using inappropriate cosmetic product. There are also more serious consequences. So, sometimes there is conjunctivitis. The name is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes. therefore, making the selection of a dye, you must carefully carry out the action.

hair dyes in dyeing the eyebrows are not suitable. Products are radically different from each other. You need to pay attention to the composition of the dye, making a choice. It should be hypoallergenic. In its structure should not contain any harmful substances. This list includes specialists:

  • ammonia;
  • Resorcinol;
  • alkali.

Substances capable of provoking irritation and cause redness. Manufacturers of quality paints enhance their resistance, adding the product of the waterproof components. They are usually made on the basis of wax or oil. In the brightness of the color influences the cosmetic quality. Often it depends on cost. The use of cheap production may lead to, that a positive result could disappear within a few days. Today, a wide range of dyes on the market. It allows a woman to choose the most suitable color.

Coloring should be done as carefully as possible. If a dye gets on mucous, it will cause a burning sensation. In this case, the skin will suffer little harm. To reduce the negative effect of the cosmetic product, manufacturers have added vitamins in it, nutritional oils and plant components.

The popularity of cosmetic products varies greatly. So, among brands women often prefer to paint Estelle Enigma. It has a wide color palette. If a woman is the owner of sensitive skin or is prone to allergies, can come and dyes RefectoCil Kapous Non Ammonia. Because of their composition expelled ammonia. In addition, manufacturers have added to the list of plant components.paint staining

If a woman wants to buy an inexpensive, but made from natural raw materials set, should familiarize themselves with paint Flirty Eyelash. If the goal is to find a relatively safe means of, does not cause negative reactions, can help remedy Schwarzkopf «Igora Bonacrom». However, the cosmetic product has a high cost. Means for coloring eyelashes and is present in the list of products of other manufacturers of cosmetics.

Step-by-step instruction

If a woman wants to perform eyelash coloring paint, procedure necessary to prepare. Primarily it needs to examine the top of the best tips to implement procedures. Experts recommend to be trained. When a woman is confident in his abilities, you can proceed directly to the dyeing. The procedure requires additional equipment. It will have to buy paint, brush for its application, face cream with a greasy texture, as well as cotton buds and discs. Eyelashes will pre-clear. Leather before staining should be dry. Decorative cosmetics completely removed. The face should be washed with warm water. When the skin is dry, should perform the following actions:

  1. Produced dye compound and oxidant. To this medium are extracted and mixed in equal proportions. The process is performed in a ceramic or glass dish. It is necessary to prepare exactly the amount of the mixture, which is required for a single application. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions. Usually she performs application to the cosmetic product.
  2. A test is performed on individual sensitivity. For this paint is ready for the subsequent application, and then placing a small amount on the inner surface of the arms. Through 2 hours must be checked, Do irritation arose. If an allergic reaction is not, you can continue with this procedure.
  3. It carried out the application of fat cream on the skin of the upper and lower eyelids. Alternatively, you can use Vaseline. Skin should be dry. You should avoid contact with eyes. Lower eyelid laid cotton pad. They need to be placed under the lashes.
  4. applied paint. The procedure is performed in small portions. It uses a special brush for eyelashes. If no professional tools, you can enlist the help of a cotton swab or brush from the use of mascara. It should be pre-cleaned. Overlay the mixture is performed to dry the lashes.
  5. The mixture should be evenly spread over the entire surface of the hair. After that, the mass is left to 15 minutes, then wash off.
  6. Performed the purification area, the exposed. To do this, use a cotton swab. It must be pre-soaked in water. Paint removal are performed flick. It is necessary to follow the lash line. If the paint is still left, removal is performed with a cotton swab. When the procedure is completed, woman should wash with warm water.

Contact lenses should be removed during the procedure. Rule applies regardless of whether, using natural or synthetic dye. Neglect of the norm can lead to negative consequences for the eyes. If a woman has thick eyelashes, for their application may be necessary to increase the time, during which the need to keep the dye in.

Is it possible to perform at home?

If a woman produces the staining yourself, paint originally applied only to one eye. This is followed all the necessary steps before flushing dye. Then, the same procedure is performed with respect to the other eye. Producing eyelash dyeing, must be loosely screw up forever. This is required, to dye did not get in eyes. Better head tilted forward. If the paint is on the mucosa, it can provoke irritation.

After contact with the cosmetic product on the mucous, you must immediately interrupt the staining. FIELD ingress washed with plenty of water. Staining resistance depends on the individual. Usually she keeps 2-3 of the week. Then lash color begins to fade. Repeat the procedure is recommended once a month. Immediately after the exposure in a single day can not wash. Just a few days following a ban is a sauna.

Using henna

Staining eyelashes can be performed using henna. This natural dye, which is characterized by increased safety when using. He is inexpensive. Therefore, the tool is available to almost all women. It is easy to use, It does not cause skin redness. If you find that the woman did not like the result, You can perform a re-coloring eyelashes and bring to a desired result. Henna can be used during breastfeeding and childbearing. It does not cause irritation. Natural dye has no adverse effect on the eyelashes. It contributes to the strengthening of their, making the hair shiny and dense.

However, the method has its drawbacks. If you compare it with the result of the impact of dyeing chemical dyes, henna lasts long. The color palette is more narrow. Eyelashes can be painted in red, brown and black colors. Dyes can mix, to give a small amount of variation. However, the final color when such action is difficult to guess. To dye acted, it is necessary to keep within 1-2 hours. The result of the use of brown will be available in just a few days after dyeing. Until all traces of the use of funds will not disappear, apply synthetic dyes prohibited.henna painting

Henna for hair and eyelashes are often used in Eastern countries. It is an ancient tradition. It is supported by safety and efficacy of natural dye. It is able to give your hair the intense color, to strengthen, increase the volume and length. For dyeing eyelashes used Basma and henna. To get a positive result, must perform their mixing in definite proportions. The amount of ingredients depends on the result, which wants to woman. To perform staining will do the following:

  1. prepare a container. It must be made of ceramic or plastic. The small amount of capacitance added basma and henna. If a woman wants to achieve saturated colors, We need to combine resources in the proportion of two to one. If you want to get brown color, blending is performed at a ratio of 2 to two. Eyelashes can add shine. It is recommended to prepare the infusion of chamomile and add a few drops of funds in the mass. To achieve uniform results when painting, Drops of glycerin used.
  2. All components are mixed. Then agent is introduced little hot water. To perform the procedure using a syringe or pipette. The resulting mass must be mush. That the components interact better, used water bath. For this tableware with ingredients placed in hot water. necessary to achieve, that all funds have a uniform consistency. must not, to the mass present clots. After application should ensure that, the paint is flat, and did not flow.
  3. Produced face training. For this makeup is completely removed. It is further recommended to wash with warm water. Then applied on the eyelids fat cream. The lower plate is laid special.
  4. Apply dye. The paint is not cooled. For its application applies hard brush. Originally painted upper lashes. Lower side should be coated from base to tip. After the exposure is at the top. When the procedure is completed, It pays attention to the lower eyelid. The paint is evenly distributed. This is necessary in order, so that the hairs were painted the same. The paint will endure for 1,5-2 o'clock.
  5. Produced dye removal. Notably, that by this time he manages to dry up. Therefore, the need to pre-soak the hair. To do this, use a wet cotton pad. Then, the careful flushing pigment. The action is taken until the, until all lumps are not deleted from the lash, and the water is clear. Use cosmetics is not recommended for removal of dye. They are able to influence the color of the eyelashes.

After the procedure, the woman may face the, that the lashes staining gave the wrong result. Should not rush to carry out the procedure again. The final color will appear only after a few days. If a woman is the owner of the light eyelashes, It may be a need for performing multiple repainting. Basma washed off quickly, than henna. This leads to, hairs that eventually become red shade. Then run them only embellishment basmoj. Bright colors should remain till 2 months. The procedure is then performed again. Sometimes you can face the fact, that the lashes on the output to get too bright. Correct results can be, using lemon juice. Its application is carried out using a brush for mascara.

The cost of salon treatments

Eyebrows and eyelashes can improve self-confidence. The procedure will be able to perform at home. This allows you to save money. If difficult to act independently, You can be involved in the process of girlfriend. However, experts advise to contact the salon. For self-coloring experience is required. The specialist will ensure perfect results.

Professional performs the selection of colors, depending on the skin and hair color. In the account of the client's wishes are taken. Procedures are time-consuming. Usually applied technology, which contributes to careful protection of the eyelid skin. Price range from 400 to 1000 rub. The total cost depends on the city, in which the procedure is performed, the reputation of the master, prestige saloon, the means and a number of other factors.

Application of permanent mascara

If a woman wants to perform eyelash dyeing, reviews will help you choose the most appropriate procedure. So, permanent ink can be used. This is a relatively new invention. She had earned popularity among the visitors to the show. Externally similar to the classic drug mascara. However, it can hold on to the eyelashes 3 weeks. Thus its hairs acquire additional volume, and bending length. Permanent ink does not need to shoot every day and apply. The final result depends on the experience and specialist skills. If the process is observed, eyelashes will become a beautiful bend. The product does not stick and they will not crumble.

If a woman wants to make eyelashes coloring using the permanent mascara, you need to visit the beauty salon. The procedure is performed leshmeyker or master cosmetologist. Product independent use is not recommended. Initially with the client to discuss the desired result. What happens next depends on the type of eyelashes. If they are straight and tough, primarily performed biozavivka. This is required, so that the hairs gained bend. Further careful separation is performed each eyelash. If the action does not perform, there is a risk of adhesion and the acquisition of spider legs effect. After the procedure, and eyelashes become saturated color and an additional amount of. However, the result is not always positive. So you should be attentive to the selection of a specialist.result

Top Top Tips for follow-up care

Permanent dyeing eyelashes in interior suggests the need for follow-up care for the skin around the eyes and hairs. Initially applied nourishing cream. He applied to the skin around the eyes. To change the color of a negative impact on the hairs. They become dry. Therefore, the region should be periodically humidify.

To do this, use olive, coconut and castor oil. They are applied to the eyelashes. The procedure is performed using a special brushes. Actions recommended at bedtime. Positive influence and peach, almond oil and sea buckthorn with vitamin A. Oil fills the area with necessary substances. It speeds up the hair growth and moisturizes them. The effect on the color does not appear. Save the results also depends on the care of the painted eyelashes. It is important to avoid the contact area with the scraping result substances. In that situation the result will come to naught.

On the first day after the procedure is better to abandon the use of make-up. Still 2 Day is banned swimming in the sea. For the prevention of possible smear eyelashes peach, castor or olive oil. To perform exposure finger wetted with oil, then using it are applied to the hair ends means, execute a sequence of blinking a few times. Next is the combing brush. Need for a uniform distribution of the oil over the entire length of hair. The procedure is recommended to perform once a 3-4 day.

Condition lashes after the procedure

If you believe the reviews, Eyelash coloring does not lead to negative consequences. After the procedure, the hair does not begin to break. If you are using henna, It occurs further strengthening their overall. As a result, gradually become thicker eyelashes. The only drawback procedure, causing fear, – possible allergic reaction. Therefore, the procedure is strictly forbidden to carry out without a preliminary test for allergies. It is necessary to study the list of contraindications and. The result depends on the choice of the master.

How do the results?

The final result is better preserved on light hair. There he keeps longer. If a woman is the owner of dark hair, it is better to prefer coloring Henna. The substance has a strengthening effect on the hair follicle and helps activate the growth of new eyelashes. The final result in this case is maintained for 2-3 weeks.

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