Top 27 advice on the selection and application vtirki polish

The nail industry is rapidly improving. Today the popularity acquired vtirka polish. It allows you to realize the most daring ideas. The process of using no different complexity vtirki. After training and studied the top of the best advice on the implementation of procedures, the woman can take her home.vtirka polish

general information

Stirka nail – powder polyester. It has small granules. They can be compared with the shadows or crumbly powder. Actually agent is a particulate pigments. Realization of materials is carried out in jars with screw cap. This increases the ease of use of funds. Powder is able to pass gloss or shiny texture. With its help it is possible to achieve a number of other effects. Using vtirki allows for better effect, than when applying lacquer and the metallic foil using. These materials are difficult to apply evenly.

After the procedure, can achieve lasting coverage. it is water-resistant. The coating is not sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Vtirka does not damage the cuticle and skin. It does not cause the occurrence of mold and irritation. cases, there was allergic to the means in which a person, unknown. The material is easy to use.

types vtirok

Externally vtirki are powder. Master keeps it in a special container. If we consider carefully the means, can be seen, they differ. The powder can be of different meals, have a gloss or imply its absence. However, the only difference is noticeable only on the nails. Carrying out the purchase of materials, you must have an idea, what effect will be achieved as a result of. The most common types are the following varieties vtirok:

  1. SLR. Sometimes referred to as metallic. The outer cover foil resembles. However, the hue may change. Externally, the material looks like a crisp shadows. Normally the size material is used 0,1-0,2 mm.
  2. Multicolored. loose material. It does not shine. Tool allows you to achieve the effect of matte velvet nail. With it performed a gentle, discreet design. The application of powder is carried out on a gel nail.
  3. holographic. Are dry glitter. They do not have any difference from the application process mirrored powder. The holographic material may also be rubbed into the nails. However Glitters is not suitable for use on a classic varnish. They can be used only on the gel lacquer coating. Sometimes the remedy is applied in several layers. In this intermediate result is fixed topom.

The same material can be used to achieve the effect of specular coating or applying sand sparkling. It's comfortable. Wizard will save on the purchase of additional material. It does not have to perform the selection of similar shades. While creating a manicure is possible to perform a portion of the mirror, applying a matte coating, the filled powder. There are other options vtirok.


A classical embodiment performs gold manicure. Usually it is performed, achieving a mirror finish. Option is suitable for everyday and evening out. Sometimes the effect is called liquid gold. The design manages to reach thanks to a golden nail vtirke. Manicure looks stylish. Producing applying powder, We need to monitor the surplus. If they were, deletes. The procedure is performed using the natural soft brush. It prevents scratches on the cover.


In another vtirka polish called chameleon. The material allows you to achieve the, to nails sparkled. After processing the plate body resembles cockchafer. Usually masters use powdered gold and green color. If you look at the nails at a certain angle, they will start to cast a violet. Choosing the basics of color depends on the personal preferences of women. It allows you to design rich. Creative approach manicure give brightness and personality.

Powder itself has a gray tint and beige. The golden or green color can be obtained after a manicure. After performing the procedure can achieve a monochromatic or highlight manicure 1-2 nail. Material used for various drawings. Sometimes a combination of classical and executed matt coating. With the help of vtirki "chafer" and performed a simple moon manicure. Design can be supplemented with crystals and stones. Sometimes used kamifubuki or design used rain.


Prism represents one embodiment specular powder. He finer grind, than other options. This makes it possible to achieve the 3D effect. Kind of like a holographic vtirki. Masters and their customers are confused. But the materials are different. The difference is in the amount of particles. The second embodiment is a single grain of. They can be seen with the naked eye.

Nail design with vtirkoy prism is performed using homogeneous dust. This makes it possible to achieve the effect of the overflow. Nails shimmer with rainbow colors. design option, you can create, only achieving a perfectly flat surface. Outwardly, it looks like a sparkling pearl. The color of the substrate is selected depending on the created image. A woman can choose it, guided only by their own desires and ideas of beauty. This has an impact on the prism, adding manicure individuality. In the classical case, preference is given to black or white color. After application means manages to make stylish and expensive kind of nail plates. Manicure looks impressive.

Northern Lights

Vtirka on nail polish northern lights are another popular option nail art. During manicure apply powder, with the help of which it is possible to achieve the effect of the aurora borealis. Nails begin to sparkle. This gives them a presentable appearance. For sale is a large number of shades, they range from nyudovyh and pastel to dark saturated. If the master performed all steps correctly, be able to achieve an interesting effect. In this case, the use of additional painting is not required.


Pearl vtirka polish used, if a woman wants to get to the exit gentle manicure. It adds a touch of romance in the image. Design allows us to emphasize the femininity and sophistication of the owner. It can be used in everyday life or serve option for events. Advantageously looked regardless of the length of nail plates. It involves the use of substrates of white or light-pink color. However, the experiment with brighter shades. Such a manicure can be decorated with paintings, sequins or stickers. Fantasy is not limited to.pearl vtirka


materials, used to achieve the effect, identical consumables, used for other procedures. It's the same sprinkling, consisting of small particles. Sometimes design option called unicorn or a mermaid. Actually vtirka polish is a mixture of 3 different choices of pearl, holographic and “Northern lights”. As a result, possible to achieve a fabulous effect.

liquid diamond

Typically used for events. It allows a woman to shine. design variant is distinguished from other metallic luster. To achieve the effect of different grinding material used. This may be fine powder or flakes.

What you need to know before the procedure?

Vtirka to mirror polish looked presentable, before beginning the procedure worth exploring top of the best expert advice. Initially, the need to perform a manicure. nails are processed, and the desired shape is achieved. Next is working with cuticle. After that, attention is paid to the nail plate. It should be perfectly flat. All irregularities are eliminated. Wizard will save from the surface and chipping. Under vtirkoy they are very visible. Depending on, how well treated nails, It will depend on the final effect. If the procedure is performed at home, it is recommended to lay a napkin. Instead, it is acceptable to use any other material, protecting the surface of the table from dust and dirt. In another situation, a woman risks a brilliant workspace.

Immediately prior to the erasing procedure must perform dispersive layer or cover sticky topom. In that situation will not be possible to achieve a mirror finish. Particular attention should be paid to the nails of extension. Their treatment is carried out with high accuracy. All irregularities are carefully hidden. It is recommended to comply with the requirements for the amount of time, to keep nails under the lamp. Gaps are designed to cover the polymerization. If you violate a specified period and hold nails longer, Apply vtirku fail. Material used directly after, as a preparatory layer was dried using an ultraviolet lamp or ice-. If the pigment is not enough, procedure can be repeated. However, the master will have to re-apply top, wipe material and to fix the transparent layer.

glossy or matte top can be used for work. This makes it possible to achieve an interesting effect. However, if a woman wants to get to the exit mirror surface, It applies solely gloss.

Consumables and tools for the job

Vtirka polish is applied using special tools. In the first place it needs to buy the material itself to perform the procedure. Additionally required applicator or brush. The device used for applying material. Sometimes the applicator is in the set. Alternatively, you can use the ball of your finger.

Experts advise to give preference to that in the case, If the experience of working with materials not very big. Application vtirki using fingertip allow the master to control the force pushing on the nail and realize a uniform distribution of the pigment on the entire surface of the plate. It is recommended to use silicone gloves. Additionally, you must purchase a large fluffy brush. With the help of the master will be able to remove the excess material. We need tools to perform and manicure. Their set is different from the standard.consumables

Under the applied lacquer vtirku. You can use any material. It varies depending on, Whether classic or varnish applied gel nail polish. The answer depends on the imagination of the master. It is necessary to give priority to good quality materials. By studying the top of the best tips for nail vtirke, a woman finds out, that the master is advised to give preference to lighter tones of varnish, If pigments are used Prism, Pearl and other materials, included in this category. This will ensure that, manicure that will look presentable. Other variants can be used under vtirok lacquer darker shades.

acquisition of material

Razbirayasy, how do vtirku on nails, a woman must first acquire a high-quality material. Sources of acquisition depend on the amount of time, who have to wait. So, if enough, you can order a package from China. In one situation need to contact the pro shop. It can operate in offline mode or online. It is necessary to give preference to retail outlets, who specialize in the sale of the materials for nail art.

Referring to shop offline, a woman can immediately assess the quality of the goods. Additionally be able to get a consultation seller. However, prices will be higher. Their price includes delivery, nacenka, Payment of sellers and other costs, who had to bear in the process of purchase and sale of goods. However, women do not have to wait. A few days later I will be able to use the material. Today, the most popular brands, under the auspices of which are available vtirki polish, act:

  • Masur;
  • Nika Nagel;
  • Zoo Neil art.

Manufacturers offer customers a wide range of products. This makes it possible to pick up a product, depending on your taste. Today vtirka polish is popular. However, material prices affordable. They depend on the volume of cans, manufacturer and quality. Average 2-3 grams worth 100-150 rub. Masters operate in procurement of large amounts of material. This leads to a substantial difference in the cost of. For home use is enough to get a jar in volume 30-50 g.

Sharing with gel polish

Today, most artists prefer gel lacquers. If the execution is planned vtirki, it is recommended to choose this material. It is considered an ideal basis for further work with the pigment. With gel nail manicure manage to get a mirror. Proper use of the material will allow to achieve interesting overflows. Woman can embody ideas. Vtirka polish is applied during dry. You must perform the procedure in a timely manner. If you pull too, the impact will not be able to implement.

The material held, require gel varnish with a good adhesive layer. finishes, which positively proven in use and had deservedly gain popularity, better not to apply. This can affect how, how well will stick sparkles. The result affects the color of the substrate. With it you can get a variety of colors at the output. One pigment would lead to radically different manicure. It is only necessary to include fantasy.

For vtirki required smooth surface. The rule is especially true, if a mirror material. When the nail plate has disadvantages, Floor accentuate their. It is therefore important, so it was perfect. Experts do not recommend trying to change the color using thick substrates under vtirku. This will affect the value of. It is better to apply 1-2 layer. Above normal looks unaesthetic. Nails may look massively. If applicable mirror and holographic coating, manicure done using a good finish. It should not absorb shine. If the top mat, from its use should be discarded. The material is not suitable for the procedure.

Scooped from a jar pigments better using special sponge. The alternative serves a small blade. Convenient to use sponges or pusher, made of rubber or silicone. Such devices are soft. They can be used for, to apply powder on a mirror nail and gently wipe it. If there are no special tools, requires the orange stick. With their help remove excess material from the nail and the roller.

Detailed procedure

Stirka for nails “Shine” requires careful observance of technology of performance of procedure. Initially, you need to prepare everything necessary for manicure. The woman should choose a suitable design and the desired shade. Completely mirror coating is not always. Usually the focus is on 1-2 fingers. Using vtirki must be in compliance with the following scheme:

  1. The nail is processed. The procedure is carried out by standard methods. The plate is leveled and degreased. Then applied bonder. Immediately after its use is applied base. The nails are dried under a lamp.
  2. Apply a selected gel varnish. He will act as the substrate. Used color material. After that, the varnish is dried. Sometimes, a single layer may be sufficient. In this situation, it made recoating.
  3. A colored layer is fixed topom. It should be sticky. After that, the top slightly dried on a lamp for the subsequent application of powder. It is applied directly to the adhesive layer. Sometimes, instead of stamp used directly gel nail polish.
  4. Produced coating nail plate vtirkoy. To do this, use a brush or applicator. Not worth saving materials. If the bald spots remain, unevenly distributed substance or, it will look ugly.
  5. Pigment rubbed into the nail plate. The process is carried out by means of a finger and using the applicator. The procedure must be performed until the, until the mirror plate begins to shine. Particular attention should be paid to the effects on hard to reach places. In the final, verified the quality of work. Each nail is necessary to carefully examine.
  6. If deficiencies found, nail dried. The procedure is performed within 30 seconds. This is required, sequins stuck to better.
  7. The coating is fixed. For this purpose the top. After that means dried two minutes.

Vtirka polish is a particulate material. After use, of the powder will remain on the cuticle and rollers. They should be removed. The procedure is the easiest to implement with a napkin. It is necessary to moisten. You must treat hard to reach places, deepening. To this end, experts recommend to take a toothpick, winding at its tip wool, and perform processing.instruction

Possible mistakes

Nails with vtirkoy will look unpresentable, If the material will not stick. However, if the master does not comply with the technology, I missed any steps, powder will disappear quickly. As a result, the nail is covered with spots, material or bad lies immediately. In this situation, you must remove the cover immediately. It is necessary to ensure that, to eventually obtain a smooth layer. Otherwise, the nail will look unaesthetic. The list of artists includes the classic mistakes:

  1. Selection of material unsuitable size. It is recommended to take a small or large vtirku. Second Embodiment material applied less frequently. If you use too large particles, they go bad. However, there is a major lack of. They do not dry.
  2. The coating was not dried out. To avoid this error, you need to put nails under the lamp on 30 seconds. If we ignore the rule, when applying glitter stamp will reach for the brush.
  3. Master used the gel nail polish, having poor adhesive layer. Powder simply will not adhere to it.
  4. The coating was applied immediately adjacent to the cuticle and side bolsters. It is advised to withdraw from them at least a millimeter. In that situation the particles will stick to these areas. As a result, the nails will look sloppy.

If there are reasons for concern for the stability of vtirki, better to err. It is recommended to initially use the base, applied to the shiny powder. Thereafter, drying is carried out coating. This will lead to a thickening of the nails. However, the density of the layer will increase.

Vtirka the classic nail polish

Some artists still continue to use the classic nail polish. On it vtirka polish and looks gorgeous. However, it is necessary to apply in a timely manner. If you plan to use the pigment on the entire hand, recommended treatment of each nail one by one. The process is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Preparing a nail plate produced for subsequent work on it. Nail tip is attached to the desired shape. If a woman has recently used the cream, better perform degreasing.
  2. apply varnish. No need to go to far. 1 layer missing. However, it should not be thin. If there is a need, You can apply a second layer.
  3. Wait, until the material is dry. However, care should be taken, that he has hardened completely. To fix vtirku, required adhesive surface.
  4. Produced application vtirki polish. To do this you need to drop the nail in the jar with the powder. Apply the product and can be applied by brush. Alternative acts sponge or spatula. You should not skimp. The layer must be large.
  5. performed vtirka. The procedure is carried out using a sponge or the end of a finger of the other hand. You must perform the exposure until, until it becomes completely flat and smooth.
  6. Remove balances. The procedure is performed with a dry clean brush.

manicure accuracy can be improved. For this purpose, fixers. They are applied after vtirki. After that, they are well dried. When applied vtirka, recommended two to three hours is not wet nails. Falls under the ban and the use of fat cream. However, Cuticle Oil is an exception to the rule. This region after the exposure may not look very nice, and requires treatment.

Removing the vtirku?

Remove vtirku polish easy. A special device is not required. Used classic set for removal of gel polish.

Cotton pads must be cut into small pieces. The size must not be more than the nail plate. Each piece of the disk is impregnated with a liquid, for removing coating. After that he puts on the nails. The skin around the nail plate should be treated pre-fat cream. Required in order, to reduce the risk of drying out. Further, all fingers turn foil. You must use the pieces of material 10 on 10. you must wait 10-15 minutes. After that, the foil is removed. Gel lacquer is removed with vtirkoy orange chopsticks. After that, the cream treatment.

If deposition were performed vtirki erroneously, procedures required to start anew. To do this, simply moisten a cotton ball in nail polish remover and could move over the surface until the complete removal. If you want to, cotton pads must be changed. Then you need to wash your hands again. To clean the used warm water. Then the cream is applied.

Top the best tips from the pros

To vtirka polish getting better, you need to follow a few tips to perform. In the first place it is recommended to use high-quality materials. When you try to save the result can be unpredictable. If the application vtirki use brushes, it is recommended to give preference to the adaptation of natural cloth. This will allow better to lay material to cover. It will pull behind brush.vtirka

Appearance manicure dependent on pigment particle size. If they are small, lay them on the nail will be easier. As a result, get a manicure chic. If you are applying two layers, recommended material of different sizes. Usually prefer the particles to the master 1 and 2 mm. The final result will look more interesting. From manicure, You need to immediately prepare a whole set of tools. This will simplify the process of applying vtirki. This is especially important, if the manicure is done at home.

suitable design

Today there are a large number of designs, allowing to create a manicure with vtirkoy. Considered a classic one-color cover. To this end, the material is applied to all the nails. As a result each plate will sparkle. A woman can ask the master to focus. In this situation, vtirka applied to one or more nails. This will allow focus. Manicure looks interesting. He is able to attract the attention of others.

Using the material can create patterns. Vtirka complement drawing, attracting the attention of. This will give your nails expressiveness and brightness. Thus vtirka rarely used as a basis. Variegate composition can stones and crystals. This will get a luxury manicure. He looks rich. design option for a hike on the solemn event. Sometimes it is necessary to give preference to classics. To do this, run the wells. If you run a French manicure with vtirkoy, will achieve an unusual effect. Metallised holes will allow a woman to stand out from the crowd.

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