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Enjoy the beautiful manicured many want. However, nature gives strong nails only every fifth woman in the world. Lifestyle, ecology, stresses lead to, that quickly break down nail plate. They are thinner and break. To help achieve the desired result is able to nail. It can be performed at home. To a positive result for a long time remained, It recommended to follow the top tips for the best treatments and follow-up care for the nail plate.nail extension

What it is?

Before talking about nail extension and the best advice for his conduct, should explore all the features of the procedures. The method involves increasing the length of the nail plate by applying a gel formulation. Additionally persists existing defects. brittleness is reduced. Chips and scratches on the artificial material are rare. Plate gets a uniform shade. It becomes smooth. You can use the procedure, if a woman wants to eliminate the relief natural nail plate and to make them self-colored.

For the first time began to use capacity in China. Then simulation technology adopted came from European countries. The basic material for the procedure was previously acrylic. Later, the material began to be used less often. He was replaced by a gel technology. Material has earned recognition for its ability to mimic the natural nail good. Gel has elasticity. As a result, obtained by thin nails, but strong. plate, Coating materials, has gloss. This increases the similarity with the natural nail.

Preparation for the procedure

If a woman wants to do nails at home, procedure necessary to prepare. The presence of cracks or mold acts an obstacle to the implementation of. If there are no contraindications, You need to perform disinfection. After that you want to take an orange shovel. With it have an impact on the cuticle. Device will help push it. At the same time cut the cuticles do not need. Then, the glass will have a sawing effect on the upper layer of the nail plate. necessary to achieve, the surface is dull. Next is the Matting. Do not make the shape too sharp or square. It is better, to nail it took the form of soft oval. Next, the primer coated nail plate.

The design and shape

increasing nails, necessary to determine the design. Initially should give preference to simple forms, the list of which includes:

  1. Square. suitable for women, having long aristocratic fingers. Visually shortens the length of the form. In order to achieve its, require direct sawing.
  2. soft square. From the previous form differs rounded corners. It is more convenient in everyday use.
  3. Oval. Experts advise women to give preference to form, have short nails. Form gives manicure gentle tranquil views. Performed better in using saws, made in the form of a crescent.
  4. Almond. Today is the most popular form. Preferred by the owner of the long nails. Almond-shaped advantageous to look at the light and dark colors. Sawdust produced in one direction. It is necessary to move from one corner to another.

If a woman does not go to the master and perform a manicure yourself, it is recommended to learn how to create simple designs. The most popular is considered jacket. This is the classic design. It can be white or a bright color. A first embodiment prefer discreet lovers manicure. Color suit pretty extraordinary personality. To draw a jacket, you must acquire a fine brush.

Advantageous to look pictures. However, their reproduction requires artistic talent. It advocates the use of alternative sliders. They are easy to use. Price sliders also low.

To perform a manicure with a slider, required to cover the nail varnish white. Thereafter, the material is cut in the form of nail plate and down for a few seconds in water. The image is stratified. When this happens, you must put it on the surface and align. Next, the transparent coating topom. Surplus removed using sawing. The ends of the nail plate must also seal topom.

Producing a selection of design, do not get too zealous. It is necessary to strive for accuracy and elegance. Argued, that is too bright causing manicure can scare a man.long nails

variety of treatments

Nail extension can be done with the help of a list of methods and techniques. Typically, gel or acrylic is used. The first substance is considered to be the safest. It has no odor. Regardless of the material, Capacity can be accomplished using forms or tipsov. In the first case fixed ready pavement. In this case nail plate or gel filled acrylic. However, these nails are short-lived. If you plan to build for a long period of time, better to give preference to forms.


If you are acrylic nails, applicable substance, consisting of powder and monomer. When the liquid is added to the powder, it becomes mushy state. This makes it possible to apply the mixture to the nails with a brush. At this, that it froze, it takes about 90 seconds. With acrylic work easier, than with the gel. Therefore, the method is often used beginners. However, the method is costly. A lot of money will have to spend for the purchase of tools and materials. Acrylic is often used to decorate nails. From this mold a variety of decorations. As a result, it manages to create a relief figure and beautiful drawings. masters, giving advice on acrylic nail, I recommend to purchase the following equipment:

  • primer and obezzhirivately;
  • brush and paper forms;
  • means for cleaning and grinding sawing nails;
  • Acrylic Powder and liquidity;
  • decor and soft polishing.

If you follow tips on acrylic nail, woman will be able to perform the procedure on their own. The disadvantage is the need to work with his left hand. Over time, it will be able to get used to such. The easiest way to build acrylic nail by nail. To do this, use camouflage or transparent substance. for 2-3 the day before the procedure is recommended to perform a manicure. This will reduce the risk of delamination of acrylic. At the time of exposure required to produce a partial removal of the cuticle. It is in these places, the substance will gradually peel off. Immediately before the procedure is better to give up bathing and performing manicure. This leads to excessive hydration of the nail plate. As a result, you need to remove the liquid using a primer.

Next, the removal of the light. This is done by sawing. You must purchase a tool 180 grit. The author's job is to remove the Shine and rough plate. It should be treated plots at the cuticle. When the operation was, fixed paper forms. Apply degreaser. Means applied one layer. Next, the primer treatment. The means may comprise acid. Such a product is able to burn the nail plate. Therefore it is necessary to make the work with care, or stop using it altogether. Means do not allow bacteria to multiply under a layer of acrylic.

It is necessary to wait for complete drying. Then you can start to build up. If the procedure is performed for the first time, it is recommended to cast a bit of liquidation in a glass and pour a teaspoon of acrylic powder in a glass container. You will then need to moisten the brush. Surplus funds should be removed. Then the brush is placed in the acrylic powder. We must begin to rotate in a circular motion. As a result, it will gather in the small ball. He transferred to the nail. It is not necessary to waste time. Plastic mixture should begin to be pressed in the form of pat.

Experts recommend starting to work with the free edge. Modern forms have a special mark, with which to perform a nail to the desired length. It is necessary to choose the length and by means of this mark applied down to the nail. Do not use too much money. The resulting plastic beads need to significantly flatten. The procedure is recommended that after application of each drop. The final process is required in the area of ​​the cuticle. We can not allow, substance to flow into the space at the side bolsters and the cuticle. It wants to keep a small distance. Its size should be 0,3-0,5 mm.

On the accuracy of the application of acrylic directly depends on the amount of time, which will need to spend for the next sawdust. Until, until the substance hardens, necessary to give the nail a natural bend. Manipulation is performed using a pair of tweezers. During registration, you can use the tube. Before, as a means to fully harden, you must make the shape and start sawdust. The procedure is performed using the router or manually. Initially, it is recommended to use a coarse nail file. In the final stage applied buff. Cuticle oil lubricated. Thereafter, coated. To decorate the nail plate, possible to use acrylic paint, glitter and foil.acrylic extensions


The gel does not need to prepare an additional. It can be immediately used to build. Means sold to banks. The consistency is similar to jelly. After that, as a tool applied to the nail, it hardens independently. To occur polymerization, necessary to use ultraviolet rays. Deciding to perform nail gel, We need to acquire the following materials and devices:

  • primer and degreaser;
  • gel, base and finish;
  • forms, brushes and alcohol;
  • saws, Buffy and materials and tools for decoration.

To perform the work with the gel harder. Produce requires applying a viscous mass gently. The surface is smooth, It needs to perform a thorough stretching every drop of substance. Work is carried out with a brush. As a result, it is necessary to achieve perfectly smooth nail. The material was then placed under a lamp. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays polymerisation. Scheme capacity also differs from the use of acrylic. Will perform the following actions:

  1. Perform preparation of the nail plate, perform processing primer.
  2. apply a base. It is applied with a thin layer. The base is necessary in order, to nail gel and better engage with each other.
  3. The base is listened by means of an ultraviolet lamp. Then, the removal of the adhesive layer with alcohol.
  4. Installing form. Thereafter, master models the next nail using gel. The material is applied in 2 phase. Initially applied substrate. The gel was then dried. Then a final layer is applied.
  5. Master shoots used form. Next, the polishing. During the procedure removes all irregularities arising.
  6. Apply the finish. Then the nail finally dried under a UV lamp.

Typically, the work performed in three phases professionals. If the gel nails is performed at home, it is recommended to use a versatile material. He suggests the use of databases and the finish. As part of the funds already contains all necessary substances. As a result of the artificial nail immediately obtained strong and durable. Application of the method makes it possible to reduce the time, spent on building. The cost of a single-phase gel varies from 200 to 800 rub. average. product manufacturing company engaged Lina, Cheats, Global, Village and a number of other firms.

We can not say, that the price depends on the quality. Today, there are masters, using the inexpensive materials. However, they achieve excellent results. making selection, should pay attention to the consistency of the gel. Single-phase liquid usually. As a result, to carry out the work more difficult.gel capacity


During the procedure, the material is used, by the method similar gel processing. However, the substance has a more natural appearance. It is less traumatic for the natural nails. Means is hypoallergenic. It has a relative flexibility. However, if a resin, manicure cost increases. Run build or correction alone will not succeed. It is recommended to constantly visit the same master. The need for this leads to difficulties in carrying out manicure while traveling. The procedure should be performed only on healthy nails. They must not have been previously damaged. The material used to build less, than acrylic or gel.


The method is one of the varieties of increasing gel nails. Silk is used for laying between layers of the material. As a result, possible to achieve an interesting texture or pattern. As an alternative, used a synthetic silk and linen fajberglass. As a result, possible to achieve a beautiful appearance. If you use other methods of capacity to achieve such an outcome will not succeed. Method can be applied even in the case of, if nails are damaged. However, the result is sufficiently rough compared to the escalating gel. The method characterized by all the disadvantages of the gel method.


If you are biogelevoe nail, the procedure will be performed under the same scheme, on which the work with the conventional gel. The material is distinguished from other. It has a number of features, which make it one of the best security products. Biogel good operation. Individual sensitivity to the product is extremely rare.

Biogel does not have a damaging effect on the natural nails. It allows you to strengthen them. Harmful substances in the medium does not contain. nails, made of biogel, very soft. Scratching them can not be. Removal of extension nails is carried out under special conditions. The procedure is no different complexity. Biogel can be worn for a long time. He is stronger than standard gel analogues. However, the product has a high cost. To carry out the work only the master can with him, having a high level of professionalism and qualification.

on Tipsy

Nail extension can be carried on tips and forms. For customer specific differences between methods do not exist. Wizard will make a choice, from the shape of nail client, their condition and of their skills. Tipsy called plastic models of the nail plate. They are attached to the nail plate with a special adhesive. By the same token fixed standard false nails. Then, the grinding. Procedures necessary for erasing the border between the artificial nail and the present. Next, give the necessary form. Thereafter, the capacity. Tips are sold in the shops of cosmetic products. They are packaged in transparent plastic box. The method favored in the following situations::

  1. Woman chewing on fingernails. Before the procedure, the master will align their. However habit results in damage to the nail plate. Without the use of artificial nails Naroscheny nails will not normally hold.
  2. The nail plate is too narrow, or are inconvenient side nail wall.
  3. Female mows too short nails or nail is the owner of a small plate on the nature.
  4. The form, which wants to make women, It does not fit her natural nails.
  5. There is too high hyponychium. This name is nail growth area.

on the forms

An alternative to the use of artificial nails nail acts on forms. They are platelets, made from paper or foil. Top mold Teflon coating is applied. Visually it resembles a piece of paper, in which there is a box in the middle. It placed the nail. Form easily bend. This makes it possible to achieve, to the natural nail was in the hole.

In this portion of the mold placed under the nail plate regrown. At adapting superimposed material to build. At the same time in the form of presence of special marks, allowing to determine the approximate length of the next nail plate. Form is required before the solidification of the polymer, used to build. When this happens, it clean. Thereafter, an adjustment of the nail plate by means of sawing.

Today, most of the masters carry on nail forms. Choice in their favor is, if a woman is the owner of the nail plate, curving down. Capacity on the forms is done in the case of, if the client is often in contact with household chemicals, water, or form, a woman wants to achieve, It can not be achieved with the help of tips.decoration

Contraindications to perform

Nail extensions can not always be carried out. From the procedure, it is recommended to give in the following situations:

  1. Cuticle too grown a. In just a few days prior to the building you need to visit the Manicurist. This is required, to the cuticle of the nail does not interfere with the processing of produce. Experts do not recommend to process the cuticle just before escalating. The skin should have time to recover. Therefore it is better to carry out the procedure for 3 day to build.
  2. A woman waits for the child or breastfeeding him. Some varieties of materials, used in the process of building, can release toxic substances. They may adversely affect the health of mother and child.
  3. You are receiving antibiotics, hormone treatment or chemotherapy. Metabolism while taking a number of medications changes. As a result, securely attach the artificial nails fails. There is a risk, they disappear. Similarly, the risk is increased during menstruation.
  4. There is nail fungus. If the capacity to perform such a plate, the fungus will be able to freely reproduce. On top of it will be protected artificial turf, that hampers treatment. As a result, the disease can cause serious harm. Before, how to do nails, should ensure their health.

Myths about escalating

Nail extensions fanned by a large number of myths. Many of them are associated with reasoning about the state of their own nails. A number of women's opinion, that under the material layer of the nail plate is not breathing. However, not all so simple. The nail plate is about 100 horny layers of keratin cells. Moving from the trough to the free edge of the growth, cells lose fluid. As a result, they die. In simple terms, nail plate is a layer of dead cells of, not in need of food. In this case, the living cells are not affected. They continue to function normally.

A number of women refuse extension procedures, counting, that it harms the nail plate. However, experts say, that the damage does not use gel, acrylic or other materials, and improper removal. If the gel pieces torn off or removed by drunk too, This is reflected in the surface of the nail. As a result, it becomes thinner. If a woman wants to keep longer the nail plate beautiful and healthy, you need to properly perform the removal procedure.

It is believed, the gel and acrylic can be dangerous for the body. In fact, it is not so. Not quite right, and the assertion, that in the interior can be caught. Today, craftsmen perform very powerful processing tools. The risk of infection appears only in the case, if the master in good faith about his work and ignores the generally accepted rules.

A number of women confident, that produce a correction can only, when required. The opinion is erroneous. Experts advise to visit the wizard at least once in 3 of the week. In that situation nails will look unattractive. There is a risk of infection of the natural nail plate.

Top tips for artificial nails care

For artificial nails should be maintained. First of all they can not gnaw. The ban gets too strong pressing on them. It is forbidden to sharply print, to tidy up the house, wash dishes and do other work, increases the pressure on the nail plate. Wash dishes only recommend using rubber gloves. If the build-up performed for the first time, It recommended twice to bring the correction procedure. You can then carry out the action once a month. Before visiting the master recommended to consult a doctor. Specialist help detect the presence or absence of contraindications to the use of acrylic, gel and other means, can not do without during the buildup.nail care

During socks recommend taking a break. Experts recommend to rest your nails at least once a 2 of the month. Capacity is also having an impact on the natural plate. There is the risk of fractures and degeneration. There is a possibility of getting an infection. Therefore it is necessary to monitor the implementation of tools and disinfection carried out its own, if the procedure is performed at home. It is recommended to lubricate the cuticle special oil. Additionally worth spending soda baths. To prepare the need to take 250 milliliters of water and dissolve them one tablespoon of baking soda.

Grafting of nails at home is easy to perform. However, we must listen to topu tips and pay attention to detail. It is recommended to select the input method of the procedure, to determine the material and design. By following the recommendations and improving the skills of the woman will be able to achieve a positive result.

term socks

A period of extension nails different socks. It depends on several factors. Care should be orderly. Opening the door of the car or public transport, it must be ensured, so that the nails do not get stuck. There is a risk to break them. It can be very painful. Keep your hands near the fire is also not recommended. material blacken. It is necessary to carry out timely correction. It is held every 2-3 of the week. This will allow to always look perfectly.

Conveniently you?

After training nail and studied the top of the best tips for the procedure, a woman can carry it home. However, the presence of long nail plates will be reflected in everyday life. There is a lot of action, which are easier to perform without long nails. Particularly problematic to engage in the gym, a lot of typing, Housework, deal with a child or write by hand.

It is unacceptable to perform nail extensions, if the job requires increased sterility or involves the interaction with small objects. Long nails complicates lifting coins or dostavanie tablets from the pack. Experts do not recommend to acquire long nail plate, if a woman is employed in the medical or chemical industry.

Undesirable increase in the case of execution, If lifestyle is associated with an increased risk of injury. So, if a woman is often moves around the city by bike, there is a risk, that at the drop of the fingers can be broken nails. Hiking or rock climbing will also be problematic. In other situations, the procedure will give the hands a woman grooming and catchy view.

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