Top 27 the best tips on how, how to act, if exfoliate nails

If exfoliate nails, perform beautiful manicure fail. However, it is not only external challenges. The phenomenon may indicate the presence of disease. Treatment varies depending on the cause.exfoliate your nails

how to understand, nails exfoliate?

Nails can stratify different. On the exterior of the plate influences the root cause phenomena. flakes, separated from the total mass, can be of different sizes. Usually they are located closer to the side bolsters in the free edge. However pathogenic process sometimes extends upwardly. Thus there are longitudinal cracks. This phenomenon is called onihoreksisom. The plate may peel off from under the nail bed. This indicates other disease, referred to as onycholysis.

If exfoliate nails, they can acquire a thickened or thinned views. In this case there subungual hyperkeratosis. The situation is clearly visible to the naked eye. Edge continues to be uneven, even after performing the processing of manicure tools. there are notches. Sometimes there is a roughness. If you perform polishing, to achieve a sufficient effect can not be. Layer areas appear again soon. If a person exfoliate nails, there is also a number of other symptoms:

  1. Changes color Plasticines. The nails appear spots of various sizes. Sometimes it is changing its structure. The area may become grayish, yellowish or whitish. Sometimes it completely covers the plate.
  2. Nails lose their glossy shine. They become more dull.
  3. increased fragility. Sometimes, instead of her present excessive flexibility. It touches the edge of the plates.
  4. appear roughness. They can be seen with the naked eye or to probe. Outwardly, they look like bulging or indented grooves.

The exact symptoms depend on the underlying causes of the phenomenon.

The causes of the phenomenon

If exfoliate fingernails, important to understand, why did this happen. The phenomenon occurs under the influence of internal problems or external aggressions. The condition of the plates negatively affects the chemical compositions, used for washing and cleaning, alkali, hot water, and a number of other solutions. And can damage the fingernail extensions during removal of plates. Adversely affect and means for removing lacquer, wherein acetone is present. Nails can start to exfoliate, if there is dehydration, or in the structure is reduced content of fat-like substances.

The disease can be a professional. A similar problem faced by guitarists, artists and pianists. If a man works at the computer, He also gets a mechanical damage of the plate while typing. As a result, the factor provoking lamination nails. If the plates are often subjected to mechanical stress, compressed, it also leads to delamination. Experts recommend to abandon the habit of scraping or pick. It also has a negative impact on nails.

The problem can occur under the influence of external factors. Experts call them endogenous. Normally nails exfoliate due to an unbalanced diet. The plates need to be a whole list of substances. If the body lacks phosphorus, silicon, calcium, zinc, Selena, squirrel, magnesium and a number of other substances, nails may begin to exfoliate even a cat. With the phenomenon is often experienced by people, in which there is a disease of the endocrine system or the gastrointestinal tract. Onycholysis often due to injuries, intoxication or skin diseases.foliation

The underlying cause may depend on the age and. If exfoliate nails in children, It recommended to start treatment with a visit to the mycologist. Commonplace provoke stress, injury, pubertatnыy period, avitaminosis. By the occurrence of the disease can result in fungal infections, weakening immunity, occurrence of problems with the adrenal glands, and metabolic functioning. In adults, the root cause is a little different. Razbirayasy, Why exfoliate nails, it is important to take into account the presence of the following factors:

  1. hormonal changes. Typically, a phenomenon experienced by women. The situation arises during the childbearing, feeding him breast or menopause. There are other cases.
  2. The impact of aggressive environment. Experts advise to not be in contact with household chemicals without gloves, especially if their use is often. washing powder, detergent or bleach can be very damaging nails.
  3. exhaustion. The phenomenon leads to disruption of metabolism.
  4. Cosmetic procedures have been carried out properly. This includes the removal of artificial nails, their capacity, the use of varnishes, containing formaldehyde, as well as solvents with acetone.
  5. Present skin diseases. In nail condition adversely affects psoriasis, eczema, shingles and fungus.
  6. Man wrongly takes care of the nails or permanently injure their.
  7. unbalanced nutrition. The diet lacks vitamins, as well as a number of useful substances.

What kind of vitamins is not enough?

If exfoliate fingernails, the reason in the first place is to look in your own menu. An unbalanced diet is one of the main precipitating factors. Time to full use of food can be missed due to busy work day or dieting. The result is a lack of protein and essential trace elements.

Seeing, that exfoliate your nails, a woman should first consult a dietitian. It will help to correct diet and diversify its, including the required vitamins and nutrients. Follow a prescribed minimum power recommended 4 of the week. However, better, if the course of treatment will be 5-6 months. During 1 Time fingernail grows 1 mm. To restore the entire plate will require weather. During this time it is completely updated. Your nails are healthy and not sloilis, in the diet should be present:

  1. Calcium. It affects the appearance of the plate and its hardness. Normally, the body should do the order 800 mg in a day. A large amount of calcium present in dairy products.
  2. Protein. It is recommended to use substances of animal origin. It is present in chicken and other meat. Additionally substance included in the milk, sea ​​fish and eggs. Normally, the human body must be supplied 1-1,5 g of protein per 1kg weight.
  3. Magnesium. If the substance is not enough, start to exfoliate your nails. Additionally, there is their fragility. The day a person must receive the order 300-400 g of magnesium. However, the problem is that, that consume the daily requirement from food is impossible. Most magnesium is found in meat. However, to obtain the daily micronutrient standards will eat about 2 kg of product at a time. It is physically impossible. Therefore, experts recommend taking additional medications, which contain magnesium.

Important vitamins. To the nails were manicured and healthy, You need to use the following substances:

  1. Vitamin A. It has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune system. As a result, the risk of inflammation is reduced. A large number of substances present in butter, carrots and vegetables.
  2. Vitamin C. The substance is vital. It should be included in the diet without fail. On it depends the condition of the nail plate. If you do not have enough vitamin, a rapid aging. In a lot of substance is present in citrus fruits, berries and a number of other products.
  3. vitamin E. In another substance called vitamin of youth. He is responsible for the growth of the nail plate. in a large amount are present in a vegetable oil, nuts and legumes.
  4. vitamin B. Required to increase the strength. Present in brewer's yeast, eggs and milk.vitamins

how to strengthen?

If exfoliate nails in a child or adult, Treatment will consist of multi-tasking. First of all the factors to be addressed, resulting in damage to the plate. If the phenomenon is triggered disease, initially need to cure it. Next, the surface protection from excessive degreasing, wringing or drying.

Nails need to provide adequate food and hydration from the outside. It enhances tissue elasticity. Next is work on getting rid of the vitamin and mineral deficiency. This will lead to better functioning of the sprout zones. As a result, begin to appear healthy plate. The water balance must be maintained. In addition, should provide an adequate supply of nutrients. The body must have enough protein, fats and carbohydrates.

Restore the damaged areas will not be able. Nails are composed of the horny substance. They do not present cells, capable of regeneration. The use of local funds is aimed at strengthening and surface protection, rather than the elimination of existing defects. However, a number of drugs able to influence the improvement of the adjacent tissues. As a result, the state will improve growing zone.

You can talk about the full restoration of nails, If the affected area is replaced by a smooth surface and functionally complete. However, this is only possible while maintaining a growing zone.

If exfoliate nails, Treatment will consist of a simple set of measures. It needs to have a general and local effects. If there are infectious processes, It needs to carry out antibiotic therapy. The method is applied only after examination and consultation with a doctor. If there are fungal, held antimycotic therapy. Kidney disease, ZHKT, endocrine pathologies or psoriasis initially performed their treatment.

If exfoliate nails due to occupational disease, necessary to eliminate triggers. For this purpose we use protection. If the problem has led decorative manicure, worth the time to give it up.

It is greatly affected by proper diet. It is necessary to make up for vitamin and mineral deficiency. If a person wants to lose weight, do not try to go on a strict diet and cut back on crude product composition. Avoid fats prohibited. Typically, this behavior often leads to problems with the skin and its appendages. negative developments, associated with nails, also occur.

However, even the power adjustment is often not enough. So often carried vitamin. The complex of necessary substances picks doctor. Typically, preferred vitamin and mineral preparations. Their selection is made depending on physical activity, concomitant disease and age. Sometimes it may be necessary laboratory diagnostics. The method makes it possible to identify, what vitamin is not enough. Using home remedies often performs additional methods of dealing with the problem. However, the use is recommended only after prior consultation with a specialist.

home remedies

If exfoliate nails, Home treatment consists of a series of simple procedures. The most ancient and effective method is considered to be the implementation of nutrient baths. They allow you to feed the sprout area necessary substances and to prevent inflammation. Popular baths with sea salt. To cook it, It needs to take a spoonful of the substance and dissolve it in a glass of warm water. Thereafter, lower the fingers in the prepared mass. You need to take a bath for 15 minutes. In order to achieve a positive effect, You need to perform the procedure for 2-3 weeks.

When sea salt is not available in Access, suitable ordinary. The mass can be supplemented and iodine. It uses five percent the concentration of the substance. The weight down three tablespoons of salt and one teaspoon of iodine. After the bath the fingers move in oil. The procedure takes about 15 minutes.bath for nails

Has strengthening properties and potato decoction. It is also used for cooking trays. Help combat the problem can dissolve, prepared on the basis of gelatin. This was dissolved in boiling liquid. Means should be used after, it cool. When this happens, in weight should omit fingertips. The procedure takes about 15 minutes. It is recommended to perform twice a week. Bath is best done before bedtime. If a person wants to improve the result achieved, better wear special gloves.

Treating the layer of nails on the hands may be accompanied by the addition of olive oil menu. It has managed to demonstrate the validity of. Means is to strengthen the plate and saturate its nutrients. The oil is recommended to add a few drops of lemon juice and vitamin A. The substances are mixed, after which the weight is applied to the fingers. Then they turn around in cellophane. From above it is recommended to wear cotton gloves. Such a procedure is called a mask for hands. It can be done in a few hours. The procedure should be held once a week.

If exfoliate nails, it is important to their hydration. However, it needs not only the plate itself, but the cuticle. The area is necessary to saturate the power. To do this, apply rubbing vitamins A and E. For the procedure used means of capsules.

If strongly exfoliate nails, able to help sealing wax. The procedure is quite complicated. During its implementation applies lotion hot manicure and nutritious oil. Initially, the nail plate must be sawed. Thereafter, the bath using lotion. Further there is a mixture of massaging nails. The substance consists of a melted wax and vitamin oils. During the procedure, apply a suede polishing nail file. Particular attention is paid to the tips of the nails.

Help combat the problem, the method and the easy peeling. It is carried out in the form of massage. The procedure is highly usefully. it is nice. The method makes it possible to update the cuticle. In addition, improved nutrition. Blood starts to flow better into the nail phalanx. Sometimes the procedure is called nail massage. It is performed with the application of nourishing oils. Experts advise to use olive. The procedure is used once a week. During its holding hands smeared with oil. Thereafter, the massage. It has positive effects and avocado oil. It is able to make the nail plate more elastic. The substance promotes hydration and. The tool can be combined with lemon juice, lavender oil and rosemary.

Changing diet

If the nails exfoliate and break down, necessary to reconsider the familiar food. Initially, the diet should satisfy animal protein and amino acids. In the menu, it is recommended to add a marine fish, eggs, red beef and turkey meat. Strengthening nail plates contributes magnesium. To strengthen nails recommended vitamin complex. For the growth plate required and calcium. It is found in dairy products. Every day is recommended to include in the diet of various types of cheese, milk and cheese. Favor carries and sulfur. It is present in eggs, cabbage, Garlic and ports. When the diet is rich in, you can use, and therapeutic methods.

Visiting the salon

If strongly exfoliate nails, You can refer to the salon treatment. Cosmetic clinics offer clients a list of innovative ways to strengthen. So, It may be accomplished coating biogel. To remedy this thin layer is applied to the nail surface. His pre-prepared. The product includes a list of active substances. They have a strengthening effect on the inside and the surface is saturated with the necessary materials. To restore the nails have to visit at least four procedures. If treatment is performed Biogel, subsequently can be applied to plate or otherwise coat lacquer.

Professional tools for strengthening

If exfoliates fingernail, you can enlist the help of cosmetic preparations. They allow you to bring back the natural beauty and the power of even a weak and brittle plates. Popularity managed to earn:

  1. CND. Preparations for the recovery of nails. It has healing properties. Means having an impact on the structure of the nail, effectively restores it. The result is rich in vitamins and minerals. There is a revitalizing and firming effect. The drug is used, if the implementation of an intensive recovery requires. Means must be applied until the, until delamination completely disappear.
  2. Mavala. Under the brand sheeting produced. It is suitable for weak nails. The facility can be used as a basis for any manicure. It has a revitalizing effect, can strengthen plate 13 desired material and to prevent stratification and fragility.
  3. Delfi Nail Care. This name is nail enamel. It contains calcium. The release of funds involved in the Spanish manufacturer. Cosmetic product has a restorative effect on the nails. He is able to help, even if other means failed to demonstrate effectiveness. The manufacturer assures, that the composition is capable of in a short time to make your nails strong and healthy. It is possible to achieve due to the substances, consisting product. In this includes the active complex reducing agents. Apply enamel need for preformed nail plate. After using, it is covered with varnish.
  4. Frenchi. This strengthener for nails, which is used as a basis for manicure. The structure means includes ginseng extract. Impacting the nail plate, it prevents its fragility and exerts influence on the supply structure. Means able to endow nails strength and improve their growth. Experts suggest using the composition immediately before the manicure. The substance is applied in 2 layer. The drug is approved for use three times a week.

The use of pharmaceutical agents

If the nails exfoliate and break down, treatment may consist in the use of pharmaceutical agents. They are able to replace the salon treatment. Cosmetic products help to strengthen the nail plate. Experts advise to use

vitamin complexes. They are best taken regularly. Means enriches the organism active substances. As a result of an improvement in hair and nail condition. After the use of vitamins have improved the state of the skin. The substances have a strong antioxidant effect. They are able to stay young.

  1. Burr oil. Plate increases the strength and provides a moisturizing effect. Means is recommended several times a day. It is applied to the nails using massaging movements. Burdock oil has a high anti-inflammatory action of strengthening and. It is a natural antiseptic.
  2. vitamins E, BUT, C. Funds can be used separately. Vitamins purchased at a pharmacy. They must be taken in accordance with the instructions. Means used inside. Sometimes they are sold in the form of oil capsules. In this case, such means is used for lubrication of nail plates. The substance surface and promotes saturation of the required elements.
  3. Sea buckthorn oil. The composition of matter has a large number of vitamins and minerals. Oil makes nails strong and healthy, nourishes and strengthens their, and prevents brittleness. Experts advise to use the tool several times a day.Nail oil

If the nails exfoliate due to fungus, use special medicated ointment. Application should be carried out after a preliminary medical consultation. The drugs have an effect directly on the pathogen problems. So, All treatment is carried out under medical supervision. Help get rid of fungus capable of Candide, Mikospor Nizoral. impacting, medication can get rid of pathogenic microflora. As a result, polish durability returns. They acquire a healthy look. The use of ointments in accordance with the recommendations of the treating physician and the manufacturer. Remedy is applied to the nail. It has anti-inflammatory effect. As a result of the infection is eliminated. The use of an ointment to reduce the risk of re-infection. To self-medicate is not recommended.

Top best tips for proper care

If exfoliate nails, and were treated, which will get rid of the problem, in the subsequent need to apply a series of preventive measures. Take care of the nails must be properly. The impact should be comprehensive. In the first place it is recommended to perform fortified baths. The impact is on the fingertips. The procedure is carried out using the essential oils, and various herbs. Have a positive impact chamomile and aloe. Use of herbal medicine to reduce brittleness and give strength nail plates. Healthy and neat appearance fingertips gain after a month of treatment. To nail fragility and stratification disappeared, Care must be carried out on a daily basis.

In order to remove the cuticles, You need to perform warm baths. Water has a warming effect on the skin. As a result, it can be removed atraumatically. Positive effects of a prophylactic use of salt baths. After that, the procedure is performed, it is recommended to use a nourishing cream. If a woman performs manicures, the use of devices, have a traumatic effect on the nails, necessary to give. It is recommended to purchase a special manicure set. He will reduce the risk of injury to the nail plate.

It is recommended to use a special liquid, conducive to strengthen nails. She applied for a manicure. Periodically worth giving yourself a break from the lacquer coating. Experts advise to abandon self Cuticle Remover. Carrying out the procedure should be conducted by trained master. He will not admit mistakes. If a manicure is done in compliance with the established rules, it will reduce the risk of brittle nails and bundles.

If the nails are still exfoliate

There are cases, when a person has complied with all tips, corrected power, and nails anyway exfoliate. In this situation, the need to see a doctor. Changes may be associated with diseases. comprehensive survey will be conducted. If abnormality is detected, It is given treatment. Get rid of the problem will help the implementation of a package of measures. Experts advise to avoid fatigue, give up bad habits and try to minimize the amount of stress. Comprehensive care for the region must include facials, balanced diet, the use of vitamin complexes. All homework should be done with gloves. Competent approach allows you to quickly get rid of the problem.

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