Top 25 Tips on Traveling with a baby

Traveling is a favorite pastime of many people. This allows you to take a break from the daily grind, get new emotions, learn the culture of other countries and enjoy their holiday. However, with the advent of children in the family process is complicated. Departure to travel with a child need to clearly plan.

choice of direction

The first thing to determine, which will take the journey with a child. Interview all family members and get their views. This can be done for lunch and dinner, in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss the details of holiday. It is necessary to listen to each sentence, remember already visited places. Be sure to take into account the opinion of the child. You need to plan a vacation together with his son. When choosing, consider the following details:

  • the amount of expenditure;
  • budget;
  • medical records of family members;
  • personal preferences and hobbies.

The most expensive trip with your child will be in the middle of the season. Usually this is the period from July to August. You should choose the date before or after that time. So you can save a lot of money. Cheaper cost transport tickets, Reservations residence, nutrition. The rise in price refers to the time of school holidays. Better get expensive periods in order to save money.

When, if traveling with a child carried out for the first time, should plan a little trip. Children do not perceive the travel and long trips. To avoid the vagaries and excesses on the part of the children of, better to give preference to one resort for the entire travel period.

Recreation area

The first thing is to decide, to which the child will get used to the terrain faster. If the priority of the sea beach, нужно выбрать песчаный – он более подходящий для детей. Baby with allergies or diseases of bronchopulmonary system suitable place, surrounded by pine forest. Once the area is defined and thought out, resort choice is not difficult. The first trip must take place in close to native climate zone. suit Bulgaria, Montenegro or Greece. Too hot countries better get round.Traveling with a baby

If the child has reached a certain age, you can take it on Eurotrip. Young children look at interesting sights, they prefer the beach. In Europe, you can find activities for children of. It can be zoos, aquapark, Amusement parks, aquariums.

travel planning

Traveling with a child should be clearly planned. Be sure to book a hotel. Otherwise, parents will be expected difficulties. Find a good place to stay immediately upon arrival difficult. The process is complicated with young children, which need to be fed, put to sleep, to have a drink or play a game. If the trip is not planned at the resort, as well as trips by car, advance is better to find a hotel close to the airport of arrival for a couple of days. This will help in a relaxed environment do children, plan your route and go to car travel.

Choosing hotel

The choice of the hotel is an important part of holiday planning. Traveling with a child should take place in the best possible conditions for the child and parents. To choose the right hotel, you need to follow the following tips:

  1. When choosing a hotel, the first thing to find out the situation in the room. It is necessary to clarify information about the beds, number of rooms, facilities for children, the balcony, refrigerators, equipment in the bathroom. The presence in the room for cots. Some offer a changing table, in addition.
  2. Pay close attention to the location.
  3. If the tour nature trips to the tourist city, hotel should be close to the center. This will allow access to attractions. Spending on travel and the road will be minimal with this arrangement. In the case of resort business hotel should be located as close as possible to the beach. Children do not have to go for long walks, which will reduce the likelihood of moods and discontent.
  4. Check availability of children's entertainment in the hotel. This may be a children's pool, playroom or entertainment events with animators. Наличие соответствующего персонала – няни или аниматоры.
  5. In the case of a small child's age and the use of wheelchair, inquired about the availability in a hotel elevator and ramps. Clarify the opportunity to take a carriage for hire. This is necessary when planning hiking. Take collapsible stroller may be out of the house. The aircraft will have to pay extra for it not.
  6. To clarify the presence of the children's menu restaurant, meals for special diets and chairs for feeding young children. In the case of baby food needed during holiday, ask about the presence of the store with products close to the residence. The presence of the children's menu at the restaurant is important. It is necessary for children, which has grown from breastfeeding. It is worth to know its contents. Many hotels as children's meals are available only as a fast food hamburger and french fries. If a food is not suitable, you need to ask about dietary dishes for children. It is especially important when a special diet in diseases of mind.
  7. In the case of opting for apartments, to find out from the landlord the presence of microwave, washing machine, dryer, cutlery, crockery, refrigerators. When traveling by car is not superfluous to free parking.
  8. To travel with a child held as comfortable as possible, choose a better hotel "All Inclusive". This will not think about food. If this is not possible, should choose free breakfasts. baby food costs need to plan ahead. Pricing ask the manager.

Once the choice is made, You need to book the selected place of residence. This can be done with the help of travel agencies or on their own. Should read the reviews on the Internet, ask friends and acquaintances. In the case of preference apartments you can go to the forums for parents. there are cases, when the trip was canceled suddenly and the family offers to take over their rent. Traveling with a baby is not without surprises. They need to be prepared.

acclimatization child

Traveling with a child can not do without acclimatization. Most children tolerate it well and quietly. However, you must follow a few tips:

  1. It is the most dangerous period of re-acclimatization after returning. Children's body moves difficult transition from warm to cold weather. This is especially important for winter vacation. The first week of the return must pass with a minimum of walking on the street, being in crowded places. Should be afraid of hypothermia. The first two weeks before and after a trip to vaccinate prohibited.
  2. It is better to travel in the summer. Organism calmer transfer insignificant change in temperatures.
  3. To avoid thermal shock. In the early days it is recommended to lower spending time outdoors. Most heat peak in the period from 12 to 4 noon. It is better to spend time in the room. Should be wary of excessive use of air conditioning.
  4. Required attribute is a sunscreen for children and a hat.
  5. Drinking regime. The baby needs to drink as much water to avoid dehydration.
  6. There is food acclimatization. It is associated with a change in the menu. This is reflected in a small upset stomach in the early days. No need to worry, enough to give a child activated carbon or smektu.

Time Zones

Child organism can tolerate hard jet lag. If it's a small difference, the internal clock of the child is not to be transferred. However, a sharp change will require adjustment of the regime of the day baby. The older the child, the better it will bring a similar change. baby, which has no year, it is recommended to prepare to jet lag for a week or more before departure.

The disease is in the journey

Traveling with a child can result in failure due to his illness. In just a few days or weeks before the trip is best to limit his contact with strangers. Should avoid walking in the cold season and cold drinks. You need to dress for the weather. That the disease is not caught up with the child during the holidays, you should definitely take a first aid kit.

If the offspring ill, you can go online. This is not recommended in normal life, as the self-test only increases the panic. However, during the rest can on the contrary to reduce it. Such action will help to understand, seriously whether or not the children of the disease. It is worth to find out information about drugs, foreign doctor prescribed.child is sick

Pediatrician should take a phone number in his hometown. We need to agree on the possibility of consultations by phone. This will facilitate relaxation and sedation would be for parents. Before the trip, be sure to visit the pediatrician person and specimen collection. The child must be healthy at the time of departure on a journey, because to be a long flight and acclimatization. A doctor can determine the possibility of your baby.

It is important to children's kit. It must necessarily be antipyretic, medicines for the treatment of gastric disorders, headache tablets, Spray for burns and for the treatment of allergies. Important to remember, that drugs can dramatically differ from the usual foreign pharmacies. Many of the medicines are sold only by prescription from a doctor.

Medical insurance

When planning your trip, be sure to take out health insurance. It is necessary to clarify the list of hospitals and clinics, who cooperate with the insurance company. It is better, if it is a multi-hospital meant to facilitate the process of getting to the pediatrician. Family doctors in hospitals rarely provide qualified pediatric care. A detailed study of the list of exclusions in insurance.

Meals on the trip

Traveling with a child greatly facilitated, if he is breastfed. Then there is no need to worry about his power. If a child is on artificial feeding, mixture recommended to bring. At the airport, there will be problems with the transport of baby food in the form of porridge or mashed. They can also take a plane. No need to take too much, stores in other countries, too, can buy baby food. However, it can be several times more expensive.

For more healthy eating is better to stay with a kitchen. So the necessary dishes you can prepare yourself. However, not everyone wants to deal with cooking while on vacation. Some products will have to take with you. Groat, the former Soviet Union is quite difficult to find. Rely on the children's menu in the hotel restaurant should not be. In most cases, it means junk food. For a healthy diet will have to be ordered from the adult menu or prepare their own meals.

The choice of transport

Traveling with a baby is better to carry out with the help of aircraft. Children seem to tolerate flights, than the long journey shivering in the train or in the car. If possible, avoid trains and automobiles. Tickets are better off buying yourself the airline or bundled with the hotel in a travel agency. It should clarify the availability of baby food on board.

When, if traveling with a baby will take place not only at the beach, but also includes excursions, a wheelchair to take care in advance. Especially it concerns the use of public transport. If there is no possibility to take its own, rent it at the hotel. It is necessary to specify in advance before booking. However it is better to rent a car. On the Internet to find a local agency and arrange in advance. Haste increases choice. It is better to give preference to well-known international car rental companies. They guarantee the quality and the absence of problems with the vehicle. A small local company can not guarantee that such. Always worth to clarify the need for children's car seats.

flight difficulties

Traveling with a baby is not without difficulties during the flight. Малыши громко высказывают недовольство – плачут, kapriznichayut, satisfied with tantrums. Important time to calm the child. This makes it difficult not only to parents, but also other passengers. People will treat with understanding, however, it is not necessary to run child. It is important to entertain him and reassure.A child on the plane

The main task of the parents is the ability to organize the time your child on board. We need to entertain him and not to give weary. Children have different personalities, so one does not fit all. Better stock up on all possible ways, allowing to reassure crying son. It may be a toy, the tablet, food, drawing. To better organize the child's entertainment, you need to follow the following tips:

  1. Food is an excellent method to calm the children. Passengers with toddlers and allowed to carry the liquid mixture. Therefore, we can take advantage of this privilege and to take a favorite food of Chad. It can be dried, fruits, mashed potatoes or biscuits.
  2. The plane is not always fully loaded. It is to ask it during check-in. If there are empty seats in the salon, You may be asked to leave a seat vacant beside. This will help avoid the inconvenience of other passengers, and your child.
  3. Laying the ear is one of the most frequent problems. Toddlers up to a year are usually not prone to problems during takeoff and landing. older children are advised to make a sucking candy or drink. It is not necessary to use drops for the ears. On board the plane it can worsen the condition.
  4. Prepare small gifts for a child. It is not necessary to get them immediately. This will help distract him an unexpected surprise. You can buy a new book, a stuffed toy or sticker.
  5. When, if a woman is flying unaccompanied, it can ask for help from other passengers. Older women will be happy to help and play with the kids.
  6. The flight may be canceled or severely delayed. In that case, you need to have their own baby food. At airports, you rarely get accustomed to children of food. Many of them are equipped with a special room mother and child. There's a crib, changing tables and other amenities.
  7. Better to choose a night flight. This will help to adjust to the new regime. Get rid of hysteria in mind provisions for bedtime.


Traveling with a child can not do without a heftier. If alone parents could take a large suitcase for two, with the advent of the baby in the family need to take further with a pram, baby food, diapers, toys. It is possible to buy or rent on the spot, but becomes tedious search for all sorts of local shops. Do not neglect these things for the sake of reducing baggage.

Be sure to bring a change of clothes. Underpants, socks, warm clothes, blouse, the shoe, комбинезоны – всё может пригодиться в отпуске. Children often get dirty, so spare clothes must be many. Things to pack separately, and to take as hand luggage on board the aircraft. In the case of breastfeeding need to wear a special bra and a comfortable top.

With him on board is required to take the entertainment device. Games, tablet or a book. This will help to entertain baby. From the plane the child should leave well fed and previously visited the restroom.

Fatigue travel

Traveling with a child does not mean relaxation. Will not be able to sleep off, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant with a glass of champagne, go on a long shopping or diving. With that parents need to reconcile. The child is constantly tired at high activity holiday. If you want to see everything and everywhere in time, you need to properly plan. This will help avoid fatigue baby. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • not hope to visit and see all the sights;
  • that pre-plan a campaign in certain places;
  • parents can enjoy excursions, long sleep, alternately go to a restaurant;
  • babysitting services in the hotel;
  • take a journey grandmother;
  • adjust to the day the child mode;
  • try to entertain the child and not leave one.

travel Price

Traveling with a baby, which no 2 years old, a positive effect on the budget. He did not need to buy a separate ticket for the flight and hotel accommodations. However, traveling with a baby can mean additional costs. Will have to pay extra for comfort. The kid would not stand 4 transplants to save on tickets. It is not recommended to spend the night at the airport, You must select a suitable hotel in case of spending the night. But the kid is not an obstacle to the release abroad. The resulting problems can be solved. The main thing to have the desire and financial ability to hold travel.

You need to plan in advance. Do not waste all your money on travel. However, it is not recommended to save much. This will limit the possibilities of entertainment for parents and child. At the last such may affect badly. None of the family members do not get the fun of travel. To maximize savings on travel, you need to consider every detail. It is necessary to consider all possible expenses and take additional funds. Child may always want ice cream, new toy, beautiful souvenir.

What to take a child?

Going on a trip with the child must be properly.What to take a child

With a necessarily need to have the following things:

Children's kit

Means are needed for the treatment of damage, such as fleece, bandages and plasters, Ointment healing and hydrogen peroxide. It is worth to take a remedy for stomach. It can be activated carbon and probiotic. Необходимо запастись средствами от аллергии – Тавегил, Fenistil gel bites. Стоит взять жаропонижающее – Нурофен, Aspirin. Обезболивающие средства – парацетамол, costumes-pa, ibumetin. It will not prevent motion sickness remedy and bryzgalki nose. Traveling with a toddler will need anesthetic ointment in case, if he will cut his teeth. Besides medicines, needs thermometer, sedatives, sunscreen.

Personal hygiene

You need to bring a towel, shampoo and shower gel, baby soaps and creams, sunscreen, toothpaste and brush, napkins, powdering, diapers, disposable pots. Such a product is not always possible to buy in your local store. This is especially true favorite brands. Abroad, they may simply not be. On towels or hygiene in the hotel at the child can begin allergy. Better to take these things with you.

Baby food

The first thing you need to buy accessories. This food containers, bibs on the chest, children's dishes, dishwashing liquid, bottle and brush for cleaning them, thermos. In the case of artificial feeding be sure to take a bottle with mixtures. You need to take care of sufficient quantities of food during the holidays. You can not always buy it in a shop abroad. If your child is fussy eating habits, This is particularly important. It is very different in different countries. To the taste of drinking water sensitive children. Better to take plenty of water with you.

for baby clothes

Do not take too much. Be sure to put in the luggage underwear, Shorts and T-shirt, pajamas, warm jacket, trousers, several pairs of shoes, headdress, swimsuit and swimming trunks, light cloak. Clothes you can buy on the spot. It is therefore not too much recommended to take.

Kids toys

We need to take the child's favorite stuffed toy, book, sand set. In addition to this it is necessary to take a lap swimming, towel for the beach, extra diapers.

Other features at the time of travel

Traveling with a child can be very tiring for the children themselves. Therefore, you must make a plan for entertainment. This will help to diversify the activities of parents and offspring. Their usual pace of inspection points of interest should be reduced to three times. Walk with the child should not be too dynamic, measured and calm. This also applies to visits to museums.

The child can several times a day to want to visit the restroom, eat, a drink of water or go to sleep. It is important to take breaks between visits to different places. Even if time is short. This will help to regain strength and be less capricious during a walk., increase interest in what you see.

Photos of the trip

Traveling with an aged child 5 years and older can be accompanied by photographing. At this age, it may be interesting for a child to take photos himself.. Don't be afraid to give him a camera. This will increase interest in, what he saw. You can invite your child to start a photo album. There he will put the printed photographs taken with his own hand., collect stamps in it or paint travels. It could be a book or an online blog.. This method will significantly increase the interest in travel..

Always have a snack with you. The child may suddenly want to eat and throw a tantrum about it.. You should not take soup in a jar or cutlets, however drinking natural yoghurt, favorite fruit, muffins or sandwiches will help hold out until lunch. This is especially true when walking around the city for a long time or visiting amusement parks.. High activity in the child quickly played out appetite. To quench it to a full meal, only a small snack.

Road Trips

Traveling with a baby on a city car has its difficulties. It is necessary to indicate the presence of the baby when renting a car. This will allow the owner to provide a child seat and a suitable model. Travel costs from the very morning. Then the sun is not too strong. It is better to make frequent stops. This will help the child does not get bored, stretch their legs and visit the restroom as needed. The machine must be:

  • medicine chest;
  • drinking water bottle;
  • snack;
  • seat;
  • toys.

Before starting the car journey, make sure the vehicle serviceability. It is worth checking the tank to fill. If necessary refuel. Traveling with a child in a car safety is important on the road.Traveling by car

Excursions with a child

Traveling with a baby is not complete without a tour. It is worth to discuss in advance with the child plans for the holidays. When planning trips in advance, must take into account the age and preference of his child. Otherwise, the rest does not bring him any pleasure, or parents. Talk about interesting places, that you can visit. During most trips you need to confirm its interest in a variety of interesting facts about the host country. If the city is a major vacation, you must buy it CityPass card. This will facilitate the walk, optimizes costs, will get discounts on museums, Exhibitions, amusement parks and other places.

Many activities require spending money. You can walk through the beautiful streets, Free visit amusement parks, walk with the baby to interesting shops. In many museums entrance for small children free. It should be clarified in advance of this fact. For many students in the presence of a discount certificate. In museums there are free days. This enables all family members to visit him without payment. To do this, the information necessary to look at the official site of such places.

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