Top 25 Tips for applying permanent make-up

Makeup allows a woman to emphasize its features and hide flaws. However, its application takes a lot of time. The process should be repeated on a daily basis. Eliminate the problems is capable of permanent makeup. The procedure makes it possible to be fully armed 24 hours a day. However, permanent makeup does not always live up to expectations. Therefore, it is important to advance understanding of all the features of the procedure before, than to spend it.Permanent makeup

What it is?

Перманентный макияж – косметическая процедура, which can be used to emphasize or modify the shape of the lips, eyebrows and eyes. The process is carried out by introducing a colored pigment upper layers of the epidermis. As a result, unable to hide the visual facial imperfections. It allows you to get rid of the need to apply makeup on a daily 3-5 years old. Pigment is introduced under the skin at a distance 0,5-0,8 mm. By means of the procedure will be able to visually increase the volume of lips. The process is carried out by applying a clear contour. Additionally, you can change their color, make more saturated. Permanent makeup can get rid of the daily application of makeup on eyebrows. The process will emphasize the natural color and shape and make it more saturated. The appearance of the area change completely.

With the help of permanent make-up on the face to create a special image, which simulates standard cosmetics. The procedure is popular among men, who for one reason or another, want to hide the deficiencies or defects. Depending on the area, to which the impact will be, modified pigment deposition technique. So, if performed permanent makeup:

  • eyebrow, use hair technique, shotirovanie and 3D volume;
  • lips, makeup applied with tsvetozamescheniya, stroke contour and 3D technology;
  • century, applying the pigment used mezhresnichnoe, contour staining, tenevaya technique or rastushevka.

The final result depends on the master skills. The customer must correctly explain, what he wants. The details will be discussed suggestions, the higher the chance of getting a positive result. Experts advise in advance to pick up image, demonstrate the desire of the client.

Permanent makeup eyebrows or that area allows a woman to achieve a number of advantages. So, lip color, eyelids and eyebrows become more saturated. The process will make these areas neat. The need for daily application of usual makeup disappear. He maintained throughout the day. When properly selected composition for the procedure, even allergies Access Method. The method allows to correct congenital defects. It gives an opportunity to correct the asymmetry, disguise the scars or marks on the skin, remedy inadequate or excessive volume. Permanent makeup is not washed off with water. After it is not greasy. Even after swimming in the pool woman will look irresistible.

What is different from the tattoo?

Having decided to make permanent makeup lips or eyebrows, woman first begins to seek Unlike tattoo and mikrobleydinga. To find the answer, It needs to study the characteristics of the procedure. From tattoo permanent makeup is very different. The first method involves the creation of art tattoo. The second method is used for applying pigment to the skin in order to conceal the existing flaws and emphasize the beauty. Dates save a positive result are very different. If the tattoo is designed correctly, he will remain almost forever. In this case, will have to make periodic adjustments, to get rid of the strain due to age-related changes. Permanent makeup persists 3-5 years old.

In Russia, the concept became synonymous. Often bathe procedures due to lack of sufficient knowledge about the masters and combines concepts to attract new customers. So, Many salons are ready to perform permanent makeup. In this case, apply permanent makeup offers are not many organizations.

Mikrobleyding advocates a form of permanent makeup. The process is manual and the hardware. In the first case, the procedure is carried out using a special pen. This device, a thin blade having at an end. It does not vibrate. As a result, the master will be able to finish independently on each hair individually eyebrows. If you are using a hardware method, use special devices for permanent make-up. They have needles, which drives the electric motor. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Today salons offer permanent make-up different names to attract customers. Therefore, before the procedure should specify. Sometimes the same method in another cabin, sold under a different name, cheaper. But we must remember that, that not all procedures are performed equally well. Before visiting the master recommended to read reviews.

existing contraindications

If a client came to the procedure, master of permanent makeup to tell about contraindications and warn's client about the possible consequences of non-compliance with the rules. In some cases, performing the procedure may be refused. In some situations, additional precautions apply. Permanent makeup is contraindicated in the presence of:

  • liver disease and kidney;
  • infection, provoked by viruses or bacteria;
  • are present on the skin inflammation;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • neoplasms presence;
  • tendency to scars;
  • febrility;
  • mental disorders;
  • there are problems with the functioning of the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system;
  • present epilepsy;
  • It takes place bronchial asthma;
  • there is ischemic or hypertensive heart disease.

Owners of the skin is too sensitive it is necessary to abandon the procedure. Под запрет перманентного макияжа попадает и период беременности. It is better to carry out his application after the completion of lactation.

Application area

Permanent makeup is usually applied to the lips, eyebrows or eyelids. With the help of various defects are masked or give the appearance of decorative cosmetics. Technology and features of the procedure in respect of different parts of the face are different. However, permanent make-up can also be used for the correction of other areas of the human body.

eyebrow makeup

Permanent makeup eyebrows are advised to carry out, if a woman does not like the shape of, Colour, the presence of large gaps between the hairs in this area. A clear expression of the right eyebrow color will allow a woman to emphasize their beauty and give the eyes expressiveness. The procedure is performed using a special apparatus. To this is attached a container, wherein the pigment is. Needle and ink to the procedure used individually for each woman. Materials are stored in individual packaging and discarded after the procedure. Opening of the container with the pigment should be carried out in the presence of the client. Consumables are masters gloves. They should be disposable and is also constantly changing.eyebrows

Initially, the woman's face is drawn with a pencil will the future shape of the eyebrows. An exemplary result is shown to the client. If a woman does not like it, start of the procedure. Permanent makeup eyebrows will achieve positive results, if the color selection will be carried out correctly. If the girl has brown hair, eyebrow color should be gray-brown. Haired suitable pigments dark chocolate brown color or shades. Blonde or red should give preference to light gray, light brown, reddish-brown or olive-gray color.

During the procedure, quality materials must be used. Carry out the work necessary to entrust a highly qualified master. Only in this way will be able to achieve a positive result. Do not pay attention only to the price. You need to read the reviews. Usually a good job, made using expensive materials, will have a corresponding price.

Elimination of skin defects

If a person has liver spots, scars, freckles, they can be hidden by means of permanent makeup. If you are using this technology, apply multiple colors. If a woman wants to add yourself seductiveness, sometimes drawn fly or a mole.

Application trihopigmentatsii

Technology permanent makeup differs comparative novelty. With it possible to hide the balding process. The action is performed by drawing the hair.

lip makeup

Permanent makeup lips done, if a woman wants to align the contour, give brightness, increase, making it more prominent and refresh natural shade. In addition, the method makes it possible to hide the scars and to get rid of the effect of cleft lip. Permanent makeup has high morbidity. Therefore, the recording must be carried out taking into account the monthly cycle.

must, to the implementation of the procedure fell to its middle. During this period there is a decrease in the pain threshold. As a result, transfer all the manipulation becomes easier. Do not count, it will be possible to buy beautiful appearance immediately after the procedure. Using the method involves the healing period. Therefore, it is not necessary to resort to the method on the eve of important events. It will take at least two weeks on the, to lips acquired the desired shade. During this period, the woman will experience increased dry lips. Therefore, in itself always necessary to have moisturizing balms. They need to be periodically applied to the skin.lips

Correction of nipple areola

Permanent make-up is able to adjust the color and shape of the areola. Treatment is applied, if after plastic surgery or as a result of this situation, there scars, and halo purchased unaesthetic appearance. Permanent makeup will solve the problem.

makeup century

Permanent make age is the application of eyeliner. Additionally, it may be dyed space between the eyelashes. Region has a high sensitivity. Therefore it is necessary to trust only a professional make-up application. If the wizard still not mastered the technique of the procedure, there is a risk of injury, if the needle penetrates too deeply. Dye entered surfactant. However, this does not prevent her to be stored for a long period of time. Effect after the procedure lasts for 8-10 years old.

Withdraw permanent makeup with eye area is almost impossible. Fix something as problematic. Therefore it is necessary to approach the interior as much as possible professional choice carefully. The essence of the procedure analogous features applying the pigment to the eyebrows and lips. However, the method does not involve the use of pain medication. In rare situations, the master used anesthesia. Action carried out strictly according to customer's request. The fact, the skin in this area is very sensitive. The use of anesthesia can provoke skin irritation and increased lacrimation.

The healing period for the care of the area is to approach carefully. It is impossible to remove the formed crust. The healing period is to abandon the use of mascara and shadow. Do not rub on the area or soak it. This further traumatize the skin, causing irritation.eyelids

Preparation for the procedure

In just a few days before the procedure, you need to give up taking drugs, which provoke the increase in blood clotting. Immediately prior to the implementation of the impact can not play sports, drink alcohol, take coffee and smoking. Within a week after the procedure, it is not necessary to schedule important events, holidays in hot countries and solarium. This is especially important, if the exposure surface is large. If a person has a tendency to allergies, offer specialist implement trial drug administration. This is done, to understand the body's response. Additionally, the master assigns the use of antivirals for, to prevent the occurrence of complications and other adverse reactions.

technology implementation

Studio permanent makeup should be selected with increased activity. It must be remembered, that the final result will not be possible. Remove the result of the procedure is also problematic. Therefore, carrying out the manipulation should be carried out within the framework of a visit of a specialized office. At the time of the violation integrity of the skin is carried out procedures. Therefore it is necessary to entrust its implementation to the master, having specialized education. It is necessary to monitor compliance with all the sanitary standards.

The specialist should be knowledgeable about the features of the application of a local anesthetic. In an extreme case, you can trust the master, passed the relevant courses. It is necessary to approach the selection of a specialist seriously. Do not be shy to request to provide the relevant documents. If you ignore the rules, a woman can understand the frustration.

In the introduction of pigment under the skin it will be carried out during the procedure. He is brought to a depth of 1 mm. The dye is made of plant-based. The procedure is performed in multiple sessions. The first of these lasts about 2 hours. The second session is conducted through 3 of the week, when healing is complete, and will be visible outcome. The correction is carried out to achieve the desired effect. The execution of re-exposure is reduced. Typically, the procedure takes less than an hour. Spend time searching for shade and a choice of form field will not have corrected. At the initial stage, the following steps are performed:

  1. The client chooses the salon, studying reviews, and then recorded on the holding procedure.
  2. At the appointed time a person comes to the master. Held a preliminary discussion. During her revealed contraindications, if they are present. If there are no obstacles to carrying out procedures, We discuss the results, which the client wants to achieve.
  3. Region, which will be exposed, It is treated with an antiseptic solution. – это делается для минимизирования риска возникновения заражения.
  4. On the client applied to the skin Sketch. He performed a special marker or pencil. Then, the result obtained is approved by the client.
  5. The skin is covered with cream and anesthetic. Sometimes instead used painkillers injections.
  6. The pigment is injected under the skin. The process is carried out using dermopigmentation. Outwardly, it resembles a pen.
  7. In the area, be exposed, to apply a special cream. It prevents inflammation and prevent the ingress of bacteria into the damaged areas.

The success of the procedure depends on the administration technique pigment. This feature affects the safety of. The depth of the puncture depends on the professionalism of the master. Therefore, it is important to be trusted only to professionals, had time to earn the positive feedback from customers.

performing procedures

Permanent eye makeup or that area require further rehabilitation. After the procedure the woman may experience irritation, pain and swelling. Usually the unpleasant symptoms have a small degree of. They are fairly easy to remove. The process is carried out by means of creams and ointments. Inflammation is removed using an ice cube. Positive reputation carried broths, made from medicinal herbs, and cold compresses. We need to restore 7-10 days. If after this period on his face an expression of edema, or inflammation does not go away, should immediately contact the webmaster, perform procedures.

On the first day should be periodically rinse the face. To carry out the procedure using pure water. It should be cold. Extras will begin to apply the wound-healing ointment. They are applied to the affected area with a thin layer. After the procedure, you can use bepantenom, aktoveginom, Methyluracil and e-pantenolom. Care should be taken, to ultraviolet rays do not fall on the exposed portion. If the procedure is done in the warm season, before going outdoors should treat skin cream, having a protection factor 30 SPF. Additionally, it is recommended while staying under the direct rays of the sun wear a hat or a hat with a wide brim.procedure

During the healing process, a thin crust. It should not try to remove your hands or wipe scrub. Violation of the rules can lead to the appearance of scars. Gradually, the crust will disappear on their own. During 4 days after the procedure is prohibited to visit the saunas and baths. Do not take a bath and. If the skin is constantly steam out, this will prevent healing.

If exposures are lip area, you need to cover them hygienic lipstick. On the eyebrows and eyelids to apply sunscreen. Body parts, exposed, primates natural beautiful view only through 2-3 of the week.

hurt if?

Permanent makeup implies skin damage. This leads to the natural discomforts. They are strong enough. Therefore, anesthesia is used during the procedure. Permanent makeup should be applied to high-quality equipment. The master should have several options for medicines, allowing to carry out anesthesia. If anesthesia is chosen wrong, during the procedure, the patient may face the attacks of sharp discomfort.

The pain threshold of the female organism varies greatly depending on the cycle. So, it is not necessary to visit a specialist at the time of ovulation or before the onset of menses. At this time, a woman's body has high sensitivity. It is important to achieve a psychological contact with the master. The patient must trust the specialist. This will allow a woman to relax. Nervousness decrease. As a result, it will be easier to transfer procedure.

makeup correction

Permanent makeup requires periodic correction. Gradually he begins to fade. In addition, there is a slight, but deformation of the skin. Wizard errors can make itself at once. The procedure does not require substantial costs. It can be accomplished by:

  1. color change. On the market today there are a large number of different formulations. And not all of them quality. Therefore, the color gradually eyebrows or lips may be unnatural. aware of the situation, When they become green, purple or brown fur. The struggle with the problem of not complicated. Performed the selection of the desired color and its reapplication to the area.
  2. correction circuit. The procedure described above in this situation only applies to the most edges of the field. Around it is carried out under the skin administering remuvera. Correction of poor-quality work can be done all at once, if the application of permanent make-up was carried out recently.
  3. The use of camouflage. In carrying out the procedure under the skin of the customer is entered flesh colored pigment. The result is a camouflage spot. It is able to cover the problems, appeared on the skin area. The method can be applied only on small surfaces. If the application requires a camouflage lip area, It may turn out unnatural bright contour. This occurs because of incorrect color matching. Therefore, the application of the method must be treated with caution.

Removing make-up

Permanent makeup can not always correct. Sometimes this procedure is not able to hide flaws. In this situation, it remains only to remove traces of the unsuccessful operation. Today, however, surgical techniques and grinding thing of the past. The process of getting rid of an unsuccessful operation occurs by means of more gentle methods.

Permanent makeup is removed by laser. The method is considered to be the most effective. Positive effect becomes noticeable after the first treatment. The essence of the procedure consists in treating an area of ​​skin Lazarenko. Its wavelength is 1064 nm. He is able to penetrate the skin to a depth of 0,5 cm. Laser affects capsule crystallized pigment. It collapses. Easiest treatment is carried out, If you want to delete cool colors. This blue or green. However, the method is almost does not help, if warm colors have been used.

Advocates the use of alternative remuvera. This is a special biochemical composition. To remove permanent makeup, Master will introduce a means for the client skin. By acting on the capsule colorant, biochemical composition does not destroy them, and stimulate the elimination process. Removal is carried out at the expense of the functioning of the lymphatic system.

The method has a high efficiency. However, after healing it is carried out at least 3 of the month. means hypoallergenic. However, there is a risk of scarring. increases the likelihood, If the treatment is subjected to a large area. Price of the drug is low enough. However, it fails to remove permanent makeup Century. In this situation, there is a risk, that the affected eye.removal

The choice between options is not always dependent on the preferences of the client. Master takes into account contextual factors and uses them to make a choice in favor of one or another way. It was during the implementation of action taken into account:

  1. Features client organism, its specific reaction,. So, some people have individual intolerance to a number of substances or have a very sensitive skin.
  2. Prescription applying permanent make-up and the depth, on which was placed a pigment.
  3. The type of dye, its properties and nature.
  4. skin, which caused permanent makeup. Typically, the biochemical composition used, if you want to treat small areas. It could be the corners of the lips or eyebrows edge. The laser is used, to bring permanent make-up completely.
  5. professionalism, who will carry out the procedure.
  6. The equipment and the amount of material, with which to work.

If a woman has decided to remove the permanent make-up or follow his correction, worth the time to choose the master and procedures. Both methods of exposure does not bring discomfort. It is possible to achieve through the use of anesthetics and analgesics creams. However, the psychological expectation can provoke discomfort. To avoid this, it is recommended to resort to using valerian tincture. However, to use the tool is only recommended for doctor's permission.

The possible consequences and the price

Permanent make-up requires the passage of the recovery process. In this period will heal, dye fully manifest. On the implementation of the procedure will take about 3 weeks. Moreover, depending on the particular pigment deposition zone recovery may vary. So, if the exposures are:

  1. eyelids. A woman may face a feeling of sand in the eyes. If a pigment is introduced into the lower eyelid, capillary mesh may be damaged in the course of the procedure. As a result, you may receive a small swelling. On the healing will take about 7 days. Pigment changes with the discharge of crusts. When she no longer, the light will be on 30% lighter.
  2. eyebrows. The risk of the appearance of edema is minimal. Redness and seldom. Primary crust begins to peel off during 7 дней с момента процедуры. Исчезновение вторичной корки осуществляется еще через неделю.
  3. lips. After the procedure, there slight swelling.

The price of the procedure depends on the chosen material and the qualification master. Therefore, the simple answer to the question of, how much is permanent makeup, must not. So, Lip, this figure varies from 3000 to 15000 rub. For permanent eyebrows to be paid by 4000 to 15000 rub.. To apply makeup on the eyelids, You need to pay from 4.000 to 15000 rub.

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