Top 25 best tips to fight panic attacks

Fear acts as a protective mechanism. Anxiety and anxiety felt everyone. The sensation signals the occurrence of unpleasant or dangerous situation. To exit the body it is activated. It induces the production of stress hormones. They allow you to use internal reserves and to quickly overcome obstacle. Panic attacks constitute one of the manifestations of fear. They appear suddenly and are accompanied by a list of unpleasant symptoms. It is important to learn to recognize a panic attack in a timely manner and properly deal with it.panic attacks

general information

Panic attack – attack of intense fear. It can occur suddenly. The real cause of panic attacks is often missing. Attack accompanied by disorders of body functioning. They are neurological and cognitive character. This reaction occurs in the human mind visiting. The process is unconsciously. The body reacts to it the release of adrenaline in the blood. The concentration of other hormones also varies. The strength and heart rate increase. The person starts to breathe more often.

A panic attack occurs in 1 of 5 people. However, the disorder is not common. The problem there is more than a year no more than 1% the world's population. Often with panic attacks faced by women. problems peak age 25-35 years old. However, faced with a situation can be a child older 3 years old, teen and old man older than 60 years old.

People, suffering bouts, often unaware, they need to be treated. Often the problem is ignored. The man hesitates to see a specialist. Sometimes panic attacks are considered to psychological disorders and consider, that requires treatment by a psychiatrist. From the meeting are due to, that it is able to influence the social status. Other people underestimate the seriousness of the condition, I try to treat his people's ways or resign themselves to him. secrete 3 type attacks:

  1. spontaneous. By the absence of precipitating factors. It occurs suddenly.
  2. situational. The phenomenon occurs on the background of a situation, caller experiences a backlash or. Her expectation is also able to provoke an attack. So, a person can face it on the eve of the exam, or directly during his delivery. A similar condition is sometimes due to the apprehension of the conflict or during an argument.
  3. Conditionally situational. It can occur under the influence of biological and chemical activator. They can become alcohol, caffeine or drugs. A similar condition might arise as a result of hormonal changes.

Because of what there?

If a person is worried about panic attacks, their causes can be varied. Can lead to the phenomenon:

  1. The presence of phobias. If a person has fears, or something able to catch up with him horror, you need to stay away from triggering factors.
  2. Heredity. It considered the most difficult, long-playing predisposing factor. If the parents of a person suffering a problem, should prepare for a long struggle with it.
  3. Uncertainty. The reason is confirmed by research scientists. In this situation, it is recommended to initially struggle with personal problems. It is recommended to climb the corporate ladder, to be trained and to eliminate factors, leading to feelings of self-doubt.
  4. Disease. Phenomenon provoke processes, associated with inflammation in the inner ear, HYPOTHRYOIDISM, PTSD, Konovalov and a number of other disease pathologies. Panic attacks can occur at deficiency of vitamin B and unbalanced diet. If a person is forced to eat the exact same food, it can become a cause of uncontrollable panic.
  5. The use of strong antibiotics, can be addictive and lead to the emergence of a number of other side effects. Similarly, the properties of Ritalin and fluoroquinol. Faced with the phenomenon, it is recommended to ask the doctor to adjust treatment.
  6. Violation of the psycho-emotional background. By the presence of the phenomenon can lead bad habits, tensions in the family, keeping poor lifestyle, or the loss of a loved one. The feeling of fear is able to suddenly appear and disappear quickly. In this situation, it is recommended more rest, devote time to sleep and relaxing pastime.
  7. The use of alcohol and the subsequent refusal from him. In this situation, there is a strong hangover. man, faced with the state, may be concerned about severe anxiety. In this situation, it is recommended to see a specialist. In some cases, treatment is carried out in a hospital environment.
  8. An overabundance of oxygen in the blood. It occurs, if a person constantly breathes deeply. As a result, the oxygen and carbon rebalancing. This leads to dizziness and heart palpitations. As a result, the attack begins to emerge.
  9. Use of pharmaceutical preparations. Can cause panic medicines, employed on their own initiative and doctor's prescription. Cause such a capable medication, which can not be mixed together.
  10. situation, that people experienced before.
  11. The presence of cardiovascular disease. If there is a pathology, one understands the complexity of the situation and the presence of the risk of death. Fear of possible death provokes horror. Panic suddenly rolls. It is accompanied by other symptoms. To establish the diagnosis, to do a cardiogram heart. It is recommended not to panic in vain.

Facts about the problem

With attacks of panic attack encountered more 2% the world's population. In any case, the situation did not lead to death. Fear and anxiety are obligatory satellites of vegetative crisis. Symptomatology pathology is divided into 3 type – emotional, physiological and behavioral. Panic attacks always occur after an overload or stress. Any attack regardless of the severity gradually passes. Human Health between panic attacks does not deteriorate. To alleviate the condition, person, suffer from the problem, must be ready to attack at any time,.

Often panic attacks at night worried man. Attack is preceded by specific symptoms. A person can feel a surge of strength. In this case, drowsiness disappears completely. There is a dehiscence light. Man becomes easy to breathe. The patient may experience spasms and intestinal peristalsis. Then there is a feeling of fear. He rolls a wave. If there are panic attacks, it says inconsistent experience different parts of the autonomic system.

How does?

If there are panic attacks, help to recognize the symptoms leading attack. The main harbinger stands dizziness. Panic attacks lead to the release of adrenaline. Man faced with a strong sense of danger. As a result of this further escalate the situation. Further, there is shortness of breath. There is a strong heartbeat. Blood pressure rises. accelerates sweating.

Scientists have managed to become familiar with panic attacks. Sometimes they can be accompanied by a throbbing pain in his temples, suffocation, incoordination. May cause heartache. The mind is fogged. The man is thirsty. It may vomit. Sometimes there retching. real sense of time is lost. There is a strong emotion. The feeling of fear never leaves.evidence

There is a tremor in the hands, or throughout the body. Man can throw in the heat and cold. Sometimes aching bones. About the beginning of the attack may indicate weakness in the legs and slow deep breathing. There is a decline of. There are flies in the eyes. Not all people are able to cope with the situation alone and cohere. Together with the standard symptoms can manifest secret fears and phobias. In such a situation, a person loses control over himself.

Possible consequences

Panic attacks are self-cure is problematic. They are able to surprise. The attack can lead to the development of psychological problems. People may start to avoid public, unsociable, save the environment and become social outcasts. If you do not exercise to combat the problem, begin personality disorder. If there is no assistance from the, advanced case virtually untreatable. Can develop a strong self-doubt. It can affect:

  • professional field;
  • personal qualities;
  • relationships with spouse and children.

If a person is worried about panic attacks, he may stop to sleep well. In severe cases, people completely refuse to eat. As a result, there is a strong weight loss. Man constantly worried about anxiety. state grows. Lack of fluids and food affects the general condition of man. Violation may occur in the functioning of the vital organs and systems. Man does not want to talk about the state of, fearing their opinions and trying to win their own problem. The result is a disorder of the nervous system.

Top top tips to get rid of panic attacks

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of panic attacks, People must learn top tips on the best implementation of the action. You need to observe a number of rules. So, We need to train the nervous system, and strive to develop resistance to stressful situations. It is necessary to avoid the appearance of fear. If the correct approach to what is happening, Panic attacks can be stopped. Do not engage in self-suggestion, flagellation and winding.

It is not recommended to withdraw into themselves. It is not necessary to spend a large amount of time at home alone. If there was a problem, You do not need to hide from family and friends. They are able to assist. It is recommended to increase the amount of time, conducted on the nature. It is worth devoting time to rest. It is not necessary to go headlong into work. It is recommended to pay attention to relaxation. To help achieve a state is able to view movies, taking a bath or reading.

Music has an impact on the psycho-emotional state of a person. When the compositions are chosen correctly, they may withdraw from depression. Play too loud music composition optionally. The sound can be muted. Listening to music it is recommended to combine a holiday or busy household chores. It is not recommended to sit around. We can not allow, to fully absorb the human depression. Detrimental effect on the nervous system and have bad habits. In particular, they are tobacco and alcohol. Faced with panic attacks, it is recommended to get rid of addictions.

If noticeable, that the situation got out of control, It is advised to seek professional help. To throw out the adrenaline, You need to exercise. You can sign up for dancing, start going to the gym, to ski, commercials, bike or skate, in the summer to swim in ponds. Get rid of the problem can help, and watching movies. However, we recommend carefully approach the selection of films. And that, and the other should not contribute to the development of seizures. It is better to give preference to family comedy. Experts recommend to abandon the militants, thrillers and horror.

You need to set yourself in a positive way. If the person visited disturbing thoughts, acting precursors of a panic attack, recommended by all means try to switch to something else. It is better to choose a bright and positive memories.

First aid

If a person is worried about panic attacks, symptoms and treatment need to know, to get rid of the problem. Important first aid. Occurrence of attacks scared patient. If the attack by surprise, necessary to resort to a number of techniques, allowing to stop an attack. To do this,:

  1. try switching. With panic easier to handle, if a person does not think about it. For this purpose we switch the focus of active attention. One should try to concentrate on the process and continue the action, followed by an attack caught. Initially, it can be problematic. You can try to count from 100 to 1 or begin to solve mathematical problems. If there is a person close, should talk to him on the subject, otvlechennuyu of it, which provoked attack. When you are on the street or in public transport need to begin to explore the surrounding reality. So, It helps by passing cars, buttons on human coat, which stands next, or other items. You can try to stretch the muscles. It also helps to distract. Recommended massage brush or ears, stretch your fingers. This will enable smooth display of attack.
  2. regulate breathing. During hyperventilation may attack. This leads to disruption of the gas balance in the blood. The result is shortness of breath. For a second attack it is necessary to normalize the oxygen balance. It's worth to his mouth to press a paper bag. If it is not near, it is recommended to fold their hands in a Cup and apply it to similar in the area. Breathing must be continuously. This will allow to normalize the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood.
  3. Implement autotraining. During the attack it is recommended to assure themselves, that it will take a few minutes. It may be recalled, that people will not die. Panic attacks do not cause physical harm to the body. No one has going crazy, from panic attacks do not die.
  4. Try not to focus on what happened, if an attack occurred to someone from relatives. It is necessary to turn away from the excitement and exercise patience. You need to keep yourself calm and confident. It is recommended to take a man's hand. It is necessary to speak in an even voice, that soon all will end happily. It is recommended to invite him to perform one of the first aid techniques during a panic attack.


To begin to live without panic attacks, necessary to deal with the problem. Help get rid of them is able to use drugs. However, their appointment should be made only on prescription. The uncontrolled use of medicines capable only worsen the situation.

Good help prevent panic attacks infusions of medicinal herbs. It may be St. John's Wort, valerian or motherwort. Soothing herbs or extracts added to tea. Action must be performed in accordance with the instructions supplied. The positive effect is felt almost immediately. Herbs are considered safe. However, the abuse of drugs can not be. This can cause a number of side effects.tutsan

The positive effect is observed after 20-30 days from the start of medication. During this period it is recommended to avoid situations, that can lead to the appearance of attack. Sedatives have a calming effect and can eliminate insomnia. The efficiency demonstrated Percy and Novopassit.

Able to help and tranquilizers. Is the name given sedatives, have a strong therapeutic effect. Their purchase is carried out only by prescription. Medicines should not take correctly. If avoid provoking panic attacks factors, means can have a positive effect on the central nervous system.

The problem often occurs in people, prone to depression. If the presence of the disease is confirmed, Specialist appoint antidepressants. In the classical situation they are used rarely. However, if there is depression, Medicaments will differ high efficiency.

psychological tricks

Stop panic attack capable right mood. must be repeated, that man is strong and purposeful. Experts recommend to start recording success blog. If you are unable to prevent a panic attack, it is recommended to put a plus. This will allow to realize, that man is stronger attacks.

But we need to pay attention to rest. Panic attacks often occur on the background of chronic fatigue. You can take a bath with aromatic oils and devote more time to rest. If the other steps do not help, it is recommended to go on vacation. The method helps to eliminate problems 80% cases.

You can take the emotion. The process is highly efficient, but it requires a psychological effort. It is recommended to realize what is happening and to find out, why there was panic. Mentally you need to eradicate the cause of not allowing the situation to seize the mind.


If a person is worried about panic attacks, home treatment may be supplemented meditation. The method has proved highly effective in combating neuroses. Exercise is recommended to perform in a relaxed atmosphere. Meditate recommended in silence. Today, there are many ways of meditation during a panic attack. To resort to the exercise, you need to close your eyes. Hands at the same time straighten along the body. Before the mind's eye should present the image of the entire body.

After that, should concentrate on certain parts. Initially, it is recommended to pay attention to the shoulders. The meditator should think about, they relax. Gradually moves to the other parts of the body. Run the process easier, if to say to myself,, what happens in the body. Then should submit, he suddenly heavier, and fell down. At this moment, a person must feel the change of state or chills. When the exercise is completed, We need to count to 10 and back.meditation

proper breathing

Attack panic attack will be able to stop quickly, if a person is breathing correctly. Vegetative crisis always begins with, that blood is thrown great amount of adrenaline. As a result breathing becomes more frequent, and the heart rate increases. The blood accumulates too much oxygen. It does not allow the body to function normally. Carbon dioxide is too small.

That all systems have begun to function as standard, You need to increase the amount. To do this, you need to reduce hyperventilation. It is recommended to hold your breath. However, during an attack carried out actions difficult the first time. Therefore, the need to practice in calm conditions. At the moment it is recommended to do all 4 inspiration. For this purpose it is to glance at the clock and produce 1 every breath 15 seconds. In this case, you need to breathe air soon, and exhale slowly.

It will help to create additional bends torso. You must strive to achieve the full sense of the air outlet. A person can pull your stomach or start to push the contents of the chest muscles. Exercise can be repeated not only at home. It will fail and elsewhere, because the attack can reach anywhere.

It is recommended to have at hand a paper bag. If there was an attack, you can start to breathe into it. As a result, the carbon dioxide concentration rises. This makes it possible to cope with an excess of oxygen in the blood.

Physical exercise

If you are having panic attacks, treatment can be supplemented by physical exercise. They allow you to get rid of adrenaline, which is the active hormone exposure. The natural reaction of a living being with an increase in its concentration in the body becomes increased physical activity. Modern people move a little. During the attack is recommended neglected behavioral patterns and think about my condition.

If you started a panic attack, you can speed up the pace and run. And other suitable physical exercise, if there is a desire to fulfill her. The action required to carry out in order, to get rid of a lot of adrenaline in the blood. It is recommended to give yourself physical activity every day. This makes it possible to reduce the overall stress. If there is no desire, should enroll in a gym. It is better to go walking a certain distance or climb stairs without using elevator.

Tea and panic attacks

If a person treats panic attacks at home, you can enlist the help of soothing teas. They include common herbs, who will be able to buy in a drugstore. To prepare the drink, would need:

  • Melissa;
  • lime;
  • mint.

Herbs of panic attacks are mixed in equal proportions. After that, they poured boiling water. It is not necessary to consume the drink immediately. It is recommended to give it brew for 20 minutes. Soothing tea is recommended to drink after a meal. You can add honey. The drink is recommended for use instead of the standard coffee or tea. If there is an allergic reaction, Herbs can be taken separately. So, popular in the struggle with panic attacks enjoys tea with mint. To do this, taken a tablespoon of one ingredient and brewed cup of boiling water. Beverage brewed within 15 minutes. This tool can be used at any time. To sweeten the drink, it is recommended to use honey. He added to taste. A similar method of preparation have other herbs.herbal tea

Chamomile, copper and valerian

Razbirayasy, how to cope with panic attacks, you can start taking chamomile. The plant has proved higher anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Buy chamomile in pharmacy can be. It is used as a tincture. To cook it, You need to take one tablespoon of herbs. She poured a glass of boiled water. Means necessary to push for 1,5-2 hours. Then filter liquid. The drink should be consumed in the morning and evening. If required, you can add the sugar. It is impossible to procure the means at once on a large amount of time. You need to use a decoction of the fresh plant.

It has sedative properties and valerian. It is used for panic attacks. In pharmacies sold root plants. To deal with panic attacks need to purchase a vehicle and take one tablespoon of herbs. Then she poured boiling water. Would need 500 ml of liquid. Then the weight is placed on a small fire and boil for 10-15 minutes. The drink should not be consumed immediately. You need to give him a brew. If a person is worried about panic attacks, means it is recommended to consume one teaspoon 3 times a day. Valerian can be used to prepare a relaxing bath. The broth is prepared similarly. The tool then filtered and poured into a prepared bath. The water should be warm. Such procedures are recommended to be done every day before being sent to bed.

Help combat panic attacks and is capable of acacia honey. It is used together with the seeds of fennel and valerian root. Last resort is crushed. Then, take one tablespoon of seeds and two tablespoons of the root. Plants are filled with boiling water. The liquid is necessary to insist within days. After this infusion of strain. In it is added for the previously acquired medical. Means to be mixed thoroughly. The resulting infusion use one tablespoon. The action is taken for 30 minutes before meals.

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