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man of moods, his cheerfulness and peace of mind depends on the internal state. Flatulence in adults is able to deliver serious discomfort. The problem may be caused by pathological factors and physiological. It is necessary to begin to deal with the state. It is recommended to be diagnosed and to resort to using a number of measures.flatulence in Adults

What you need to know about the disease?

Flatulence in adults - state, wherein in human intestine are a large number of gases. It leads to the development of abdominal distention. In this area focuses pain Expander nature. A person can start to become swollen. Sometimes there are copious flatulence. In practice, the phenomenon occurs frequently. However, it does not always becomes a consequence of the disease. Lead to the development of the state is capable of eating large quantities of junk food. Flatulence in adults develops and malabsorption of food and gas output in the digestive organs. In this situation, couples accumulate in the digestive tract. As a result, a person experiences discomfort.

Because of what occurs?

If there was bloating in adults, reasons vary considerably. The chance of the disease depends on the environmental conditions, the functioning of the digestive system and stomach in particular. Usually the specialists call the following causes flatulence:

  1. Failure of the enzyme system. It becomes the cause of falling in the digestive tract undigested pieces of food. As a result of starting processes of putrefaction and fermentation. The stomach swells. Often enzymatic deficiency causes of malnutrition.
  2. There is a pathology of the digestive tract.
  3. It takes place dysbiosis. The human gut microflora present useful. It is responsible for the partial absorption of gases. If there is a violation of the microflora, bacteria are not able to perform its functions. The result is the occurrence of flatulence in adults. At the risk of dysbiosis also has the effect of nutrition.
  4. products, which uses people. His health is directly dependent on food intake. Products must be of high quality. There are a number of things, which increase the risk of increased gas production. A similar result is capable of eating legumes. It is important to use only food, for which there are no contraindications. So, with lactose intolerance during flatulence prohibited consumption of dairy products.
  5. Man overcomes the postoperative period. With flatulence face adult, who have undergone abdominal surgery. In such a case, a decrease in motility of digestive organs. As a result, there is stagnation of food in the stomach. This leads to swelling bodies. It is necessary to early treatment. If you ignore the situation, It may require new operations.
  6. Psycho-emotional tension and stress. In the process of life people experience recurrent nerve disorders. They are able to trigger bloating. Combating the problem begins with the elimination of the root causes of. A person may be appointed reception sedatives. Flatulence in adults disappear after, how to leave the nervousness and irritability.
  7. Incubation child. Treatment is not required to produce. Bloat occurs as a result of compression of the uterus bowel.
  8. Elderly age. The risk of collision with flatulence occurs after 65 years old. In this situation, there is atrophy of the intestinal muscles.

All causes of flatulence in adults divided into physiological and pathological. The first category does not require special treatment. In the second situation initially need to get rid of the disease, sprovotsyrovavsheho flatulence. In that situation the problem may return.

physiological causes

Medicines for flatulence in adults are not required, if it arose during menstruation. Per cycle corresponds to the hypothalamic-pituitary system. It produces hormones, that affect the ovaries, provoke the maturation of the follicle and corpus luteum. If fertilization does not occur, the normal menstrual cycle. Bloating can coincide with ovulation. However, the woman feels the phenomenon and later. It is not always the process of oocyte maturation runs smoothly. He is complex. Therefore, bloating during menstruation is normal. Regulatory mechanisms are interconnected with each other.

Flatulence in adults and occurs as a reaction to the atmospheric pressure reduction. Separately emit so-called high-rise bloating. When a person is on the ground, intestinal gases are exposed to the atmosphere. When a higher ascent, pressure decreases. As a result of the gases bursting intestine. The volume of gas increases so, as there is a decrease in atmospheric pressure. Often the situation is worried about passengers on planes. They experience severe discomfort. It is accompanied by the release of gases.

In the same category specialists include flatulence, caused by malnutrition. This phenomenon is observed in 80% cases swelling. Physiological causes of flatulence can be called during pregnancy, as well as old age.

the reasons

pathological causes

Cause flatulence in adults capable painful condition, at which there is an increase in gas generation and a deterioration of suction. The phenomenon is observed in the presence of the following diseases:

  • cirrhosis or neurotic disorders;
  • inflammatory processes, occurring in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, or obstruction;
  • atony or infection.

During the course of the above pathologies proteins cleavage occurs slowing. Digestive enzymes begin to form more slowly. Possible violation of the outflow of bile. Sometimes there is a swelling of the deformation endocrine gland. May appear degenerative changes of the mucosa and a number of other injuries. If there is a strengthening of education eyes, it can talk about violation of peristalsis, intestinal microflora imbalance, changes in motility and the formation of toxins. Sometimes the phenomenon represented a deviation from the norm intracolonic pressure. If there are to be stress and frustration, there is intestinal spasms. motility slows. This leads to, that the overall work of the intestine starts to be slow.

How is?

If there was bloating in adults, Symptoms will depend on the cause, provoked phenomenon. And clinical manifestations differ. Experts identify several types of flow metabolism. It depends on the nature of the dominant reasons. Bloating can be:

  1. Mechanical or dynamic.
  2. alimentary. Dependent on food intake.
  3. Tall. Directly related to the influence of atmospheric pressure.
  4. dysbiotic. It arises as a result of dysbiosis.
  5. Digestivnym. may occur, if disturbed digestion.
  6. dyscirculatory. It appears when poor circulation.
  7. psychogenic. When stress and nervous tension.

Typically flatulence flows through one of two pathways. In the first case, the problem arises as a result of dysfunction of intestinal motility. We have to be muscle spasm. The result is the gas delay. They accumulate in the lumen of the intestine. Notice an increase in the abdomen can even visually. When the gases through the anus without departing. Patients concerned about severe discomfort. It is localized in the epigastric region. The person feels pain and distension.

If we talk about the second type of treatment of flatulence, it provokes gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases and dysbiosis. There is an active flatulence. Pain syndrome less pronounced. Patient worried feeling rumbling. There is a feeling of transfusion. Such people are not able to fully participate in social life. Their torment obvious signs of bloating.

symptomatology distention

Funds from flatulence in adults can eliminate concomitant symptoms. Its appearance depends on the underlying cause of the intestinal wall and overvoltage. Typically indicate the presence of flatulence:

  • intense pain, which are intermittent;
  • diarrhea alternating with constipation;
  • person feels heaviness in the epigastric region, he is concerned about bloating;
  • gases depart too often, or there is a delay in their;
  • belly size increases significantly;
  • can be a sensation of rumbling and overflows;
  • patient worries constant burping.

Flatulence in adults has an impact on mental state. Violation may lead to depression. If there is excessive gas to be, problem is sometimes accompanied by extraintestinal symptoms. So, you may experience a burning sensation in the heart, arrhythmia, sleep disturbances, generalized weakness, depression and fatigue.

Access to a doctor flatulence

Flatulence usually develops in adults due to gastrointestinal diseases. So first of all need to visit a gastroenterologist. The specialist has the knowledge and competence. If you get to the doctor narrow profile fails, initially worth visiting local therapist. He will reveal the etiology of the disease. maybe, that the issue has provoked a rare cause. So, flatulence in adults may be due to psychological disorders and

diagnosing the problem

Before, how to treat flatulence in adults, Specialist will identify the root cause of problems. For this diagnosis to be carried out. specialist studies:

  1. Complaints patient with flatulence. Taken into account the time of onset of the disease, the nature of its manifestations, the duration and methods of relief of symptoms, if they have been identified.
  2. disease anamnesis. Taking into account previous treatments, if they were applied, as well as their effectiveness.
  3. The results of examination of the patient, windy. The doctor will take into account the size of the stomach, assess the condition of the skin and mucous, measure body temperature, pulse and respiratory rate.
  4. Laboratory results. patient, windy, will deliver a complete blood count, urine and feces. Additionally appointed research activity of digestive juices.
  5. The results of instrumental studies. You may need to perform ultrasound of the digestive organs, EGD and contrast radiography.

Top top tips to combat flatulence

ascertaining, What is intestinal bloating in adults, should familiarize themselves with the rules of the fight against diseases. Typically, the problem occurs because of malnutrition. If the reason lies in the, It requires a review of the daily diet. Menu flatulence in adults may involve the exclusion of fried foods. It is poorly absorbed by the body. Long-term use can provoke the problem. If flatulence caused disease, first of all need to consult with a specialist. In this case, the struggle begins with the elimination of the root causes of.

In the presence of lactase intolerance, it is important to eliminate from the diet of milk sugar. Extras will keep to a diet. If there is a pathology, the menu is not necessary to include foods and meals, containing a large amount of calories. The problem may occur as a result of inflammation of the intestinal wall. Help combat the problem of capable products, containing a large amount of fiber. It is recommended to consult with a psychologist and a neurologist. Irritable bowel syndrome is always accompanied by severe pain. Therefore, to combat the problem to be drinking antispasmodics. If there is to be dysbiosis, appointed probiotics. So, help combat the problem, the method Linex. Probiotics course allows to balance the intestinal microflora.

Effectiveness of different reception and absorbents. Drugs normalize bowel function and improve the overall condition of the patient. Disappear pain and discomfort. The most common absorbent is considered activated carbon. However, it is important to avoid overdose. It is fraught with washout of useful trace elements and vitamins.

First aid for flatulence

To eliminate flatulence in adults, it is important to give first aid. Originally required to facilitate the patient's condition. For this cropped main clinical manifestations. You can get rid of the gas. To do this, apply chelators. The category includes activated carbon, magnesium preparations, bismuth, aluminum and other. Able to help and defoamers. This medication, which are made on the basis of simethicone. They could demonstrate good efficacy. Drugs quickly eliminate the symptoms of gas filling. In this case, the risk of collision with the side effects is minimal. Favor can bring Meteospazmil, Disflatil, Espumizan and a number of other drugs.

If a person has preferred sorbents, We need to remember, that they do not have a selective effect. As a result, the body is removed and the desired substance. Medicines contribute to the removal of trace elements and vitamins. Therefore, in the long run you can not use drugs. They are used only as an emergency.

Often leads to the occurrence of flatulence enzyme deficiency. When she was diagnosed, doctor will prescribe the enzyme preparations. It can be Pankreoflat or Creon. Dose selection is determined based on the age and body weight. Before applying the medication it is important to make sure no allergies.

use of drugs

With the systematic occurrence of flatulence in adults can not be expected, until the body can independently win ailment. In this case the medication is carried disease. Help get rid of the problems are capable of the following drugs:

  1. Entyerosgyeli. Once in the body, the drug acts as a sponge. It absorbs gases, bacteria and viruses. As a result, the functioning of the digestive system to normal.
  2. Espumizan. One of the most famous products from bloating today. It allows withdraw excess of intestinal gases. The medicament can be used in adults and children aged.
  3. Lineks. It allows you to fight flatulence. Additionally, it may be used as a prevention of dysbacteriosis.
  4. Motilium. It solves the problem of fermentation. It is produced in the form of tablets or suspensions.
  5. Trimedat. It has a positive effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Tool helps to normalize bowel physiology.
  6. Dyufalak. It has laxative effects. It can be used by adults and children. activates the peristalsis. It has a positive effect on the proliferation of beneficial bacteria.
  7. Bobotyk. It contributes to the removal of gases held in flatulence and normalizes peristalsis.

Before taking this medication you must find out the cause, which led to the emergence of flatulence. The action carried out by a number of studies, conducted by specialists.pills

Traditional methods to combat flatulence

Flatulence in adults can be eliminated, and with the help of the popular methods. Ways to help save money. However, the methods can not always help. So, the use of folk remedies allowed, If resulted in the emergence of bloating effects of stress or poor nutrition. lemon balm essential oil or the plant itself can be used to combat the problem.

The substance used as a beverage. For its preparation is necessary dried lemon balm. The plants are placed in a bowl. The vessel is then put on a steam bath. When the procedure is completed, melissa pour hot water. Acceptable application of boiling water. A water bath tank with liquid need to hold at least 20 minutes. After that, strain the broth. For the implementation procedures can be used cheesecloth. Then it was allowed to stand overnight. Is ready for use. It is recommended to drink on an empty stomach. The drink should be taken in small sips.

The positive effect of flatulence in adults and has a wormwood. The substance is considered to be the best folk remedy in the fight against parasites and viruses. Therefore, it is recommended to apply, If flatulence is the result of the above reasons,. It is necessary to prepare a decoction of wormwood. It needs dried plants. It is poured boiling water. The mass is then necessary to insist. Container with liquid is placed in a dark place. The duration of infusion should be at least 12 hours.

Infusion to prepare before going to bed. In this case, it is left for the night. When the desired amount of time has passed, You need to drink drain. Filtering through cheesecloth. The resulting liquid is divided into three equal parts. Take medication three times a day. At one time should be consumed half a glass of drink. To get rid of bloating and flatulence, treatment should be 1 week.


Diet for flatulence bowel in adults provides a reduction in food, containing roughage. Excluded from the diet legumes, as food, leading to the emergence of fermentation. This dangerous food. They can lead to a deterioration in the functioning of the digestive system. Taken into account the individual characteristics of. So, if there is to be lactose intolerant, removed from the diet of milk sugar. The total number of calories is also decreased. Next, the individual

Exercising from flatulence

If flatulence occurs in adults, bring benefit and exercise. The most effective method of getting down in the supine position. Then you need to pull up the foot as much as possible to the chin. The head is lifted at the same time. It is necessary to try to bring to knees. Permissible rocking on the back. However, the rule applies only if there is no problem with the spine. This body position gases may leave the organism without difficulty.

Flatulence useful and a number of other exercises. So, You can perform the slopes. The allowable twist, bending back their abdominal breathing. You can start to sway on her stomach, while in the prone position. enhances intestinal motility any physical activity. The process promotes peristalsis. If a person is engaged in sedentary work, to take a break every hour or two. When, flatulence in adults when not provoked by the disease, organize enough food and to add physical activity. This allows you to quickly solve the problem.

Conducting massage

When the menu for flatulence in adults corrected, you can proceed to the application of massage. Manipulation allows you to activate the intestinal peristalsis. As a result, unable to relieve symptoms. Before the procedure the patient should lie down on a flat surface. It should be possible to compress the legs. To a man it easier, placed under the neck roll. Massage is done by the following scheme:

  1. the stomach is warming up. To do this, the therapist performs a circular motion with palms. The impact is throughout 3 minutes.
  2. A similar procedure is carried out below. From the navel back a few centimeters.
  3. Masseur affects the region, alternating strokes with pressing deep into the belly.

Flatulence worried constantly

Flatulence in adults may worry constantly. Sometimes the symptoms disappear. However, the absence of stable long-term results should alert. Faced with the phenomenon, it is important to follow the rules. So, Food intake should take place in a calm atmosphere. Do not rush. You must have measured, well-chewed food. It is not necessary to follow strict diet. The menu should be excluded food, It has a stimulating effect on flatulence. It is important to try to minimize the amount of stress. It is necessary to take measures to normalize the intestinal microflora. All of gastrointestinal disease should be treated in a timely manner. In order to prevent their recurrence, It will require prevention.

The method of treatment is selected depending on the underlying cause. The only way to achieve lasting results. It is crucial to consult a specialist and undergo diagnosis.

preventive measures

If a person does not want to prevent the re-occurrence of flatulence in adults, must be respected preventive measures. Must adhere to the rules of proper nutrition. Additionally, should carry out regular medical examinations. If signs of disease are observed, do not ignore them. You need to seek immediate medical attention. This in itself does not bear the danger of swelling to the human body. However, it causes severe discomfort. If a person is often faced with the phenomenon, It recommended to be screened. The earlier the disease is detected, the easier it is to get rid of him.

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