Top 23 advice on how, how to get rid of age spots

One of the components of a perfect image goes healthy, clear skin. However, age spots can spoil its appearance. You can try to disguise their. However, the use of corrective cosmetics will not eliminate the problem. To get rid of age spots can be. To do this, you must resort to the help of people's ways or go to the get rid of age spots

What it is?

Age spots are the flat or oval patches on the skin, different in color from the pitch. They can vary from light to dark shades of brown. Phenomena arise due to aging, hormonal changes, receiving medications and other reasons,. Brown spots appear unattractive. Their size varies from 1 mm 5 cm. changes, occurring in the skin, associated with melanin. This name is a coloring pigment. Its production is carried out in the deep layers of the dermis. Effect of pathogenic factors or exposure to ultraviolet radiation can be activated. Several distinct types of pigment spots. A person may appear:

  1. Freckles. Usually occur in warm sunny weather. The phenomenon affects fair-skinned people. This is the most common age spots. They can cover the chest and face. Freckles represents a spot of yellow-brown. In winter and autumn, they are less pronounced.
  2. lentigines. Arise as a result of changes, occurring in the body due to aging. Lead to their appearance may metabolic disorders, low immunity. In some spots situations can occur due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. If there were senile lentigines, get rid of the problem is difficult. Any exposure should be carried out with precaution. To carry the fight to gently.
  3. nevi. This is a group of pigment spots, who are called birthmarks. They are located on the body of a man from birth. The phenomenon is considered normal. Each person has at least one mole. They are the result of accumulation of melanin under the skin. Moles represent dark areas, with smooth edges. In some cases, project above the surface of the skin. At the same time they become rough.
  4. chloasma. This large formation. They have ragged edges. Chloasma appear on the face. The problem arises as a result of hormonal failure. In women, it changes during pregnancy or receiving medications. Events can provoke increased pigmentation.

Most often, the appearance of age spots experienced by people between the ages of 45 years old. Senile skin color changes occur on the shoulders, face, chest and back. This is not a malignancy. If there is a need, the problem can be eliminated. Typically, pigmented spots are the result of the causes of physiological and pathological nature.

Partial discoloration of the skin may begin to occur in the third trimester of pregnancy. Such sites usually disappear within 3 months after birth. However, these methods remain dark spots. These hormonal changes result in appearance. Sometimes dark areas may occur, if the body is present shortage of vitamins and minerals. Folic acid deficiency, zinc, iron and 40 Other substances are also able to cause hyperpigmentation.

Some people have too much sunbathing. This suggests the presence of excess melanin. If a pigmentation on the face and freckles, It was hit on the skin to ultraviolet rays of category A and B. The first of these is considered to be harmless. However, they can lead to a decrease in the level of elasticity of the skin, if there has been excessive exposure. The ultraviolet rays are dangerous to 11 to 16 noon. They provoke the appearance of wrinkles, premature aging of the skin and the appearance of pigmentation. In addition, there is the chance of skin cancer. Therefore it is recommended to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight.

Because of what appear?

Help combat the problem will top the best tips on how, how to get rid of age spots. Before treatment should be familiar with the causes of their appearance. By occurrence phenomena lead:

  1. Exposure to sunlight or tanning. Influence factors leads to freckles. These dark spots are most people.
  2. Psoriasis, injury skin, acne and skin diseases.
  3. Lack of copper. The problem becomes a cause of age-related pigmentation. To resolve the situation with the help of the body will be able to saturate a necessary element.
  4. Hormonal disbalance. Most often it occurs during pregnancy or menopause. During this time, there is an active hormonal changes. Violations could provoke the use of contraceptives or hormonal drugs. Thyroid disease also can provoke.
  5. The presence of problems with the functioning of an organ. Causes of hyperpigmentation. Can be examined and treated the problem, because of which there are spots.
  6. Stress, the use of poor-quality cosmetics and improper diet.
  7. The presence of a genetic predisposition, nervous and mental disorders.
  8. allergic reactions, burns and skin injuries.
  9. Disruption of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidney.pigmentation

Contraindications for removal

The appearance of age spots may indicate the presence of serious diseases. Before you start dealing with the problem you need to consult an expert. The use of home remedies or salon procedures must be abandoned in the following cases:

  • cutaneous disease present;
  • a woman bears a child or breastfeeding him;
  • there is hypertension;
  • observed exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • present oncological pathology.

If the skin appear fresh tan, should postpone the procedure. Any effects forbidden in the presence of acute infectious diseases.

Precautionary measures

Determined to get rid of age spots, caution should be exercised. If a person plans to use their own means to deal with the problem, It needs to verify the absence of allergic reactions. This requires to take a small amount of product and apply it on the skin. Typically used space on the crook of the elbow. After the procedure is recommended to monitor the state in a short period of time. If no response, you can safely apply means. However, if there are any changes, discomforts, flaking or other phenomena, It is required to refuse to perform the procedure and to visit a specialist.

If there is a violation of integrity or epidermis takes place a large number of inflammatory skin, procedure is required to move up the date of their recovery. You can not have recourse to the popular or professional tools, if there is an increased sensitivity of the skin. In this case, the selection method, to get rid of age spots, It is carried out together with a specialist.

Top tips for combating pigment spots

Today, there are many ways, allowing to get rid of age spots. Beauty salons offer to take advantage of the latest technology. Pigmentation may disappear after a few treatments. There are traditional methods. They are cheaper and allow at home to get rid of age spots.

Folk remedies

folk remedies, allowing to get rid of age spots, many. They vary depending on the complexity of the problem, purposes and the amount of time a person, which is available to combat the problem. So, there are recipes, making it possible to get rid of age spots quickly. However, most irritates the skin. If a lot of time, better to give preference to other recipes.

Having decided to use the method, you can enlist the help of celandine. He is able to lighten the skin on the four tones. Agent is mixed with a very high-quality vodka. must 50 ml of liquid. To it is added 10 ml juice. Spot is necessary to treat 3-5 once a day. influence the course of three days. It is possible to produce in advance the composition for several applications. Some tools are stored in the refrigerator. Acute Effects obtained by intensive use. The course can be made more gentle. It is recommended to reduce the number of applications to the mixture 2 every day for 2 weeks.

Ointment can be prepared from parsley. The plant is considered to be harmless. Its use does not cause discomfort. To prepare the agents take a few sprigs of plants. It needs to be refined to a state of pulp. Add the additional ingredients do not need to. The resulting mass is applied on the affected area of ​​skin. The layer must be dense. Tools left on 15 minutes. The procedure can be repeated twice a day. The course lasts for 1 week.

There are more gentle ways to get rid of age spots. In this case, the duration of exposure will increase to 14 days. In the summer you can use the mask of black currant. Need berry plants. They are grinded to a pulp. The resulting oil applied to the skin. Must pre-clear it. The procedure is recommended to perform in the evening. The funds must be left at 4 o'clock. When the time ends, wash off the mask with warm water. To do the mask necessary for 20 day.Mask of black currant

An alternative application performs cucumber. It is considered an ideal way, if you want to carry out facial skin care. Vegetable also used to prepare the mask. You need one cucumber. It should be ripe. Vegetable rubbed on a fine grater. From the resulting slurry must be slightly squeeze the juice. Then it was applied to the skin. It is necessary to distribute the weight of the thin layer. When the operation was, means left to 30 minutes. The mask is recommended to perform twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The course duration is one month. The method does not remove the dark spots quickly. However, it can be used for sensitive skin.

If the spot is localized to the skin around the eyes, Apply the mask with horseradish and apple. Fruit peeled and rubbed on a fine grater. Then, the latter procedure is performed in respect of horseradish root. Then take one tablespoon of each ingredient and applied to lentigo. Mass held at the area during 15 minutes. The formulation is then to be rinsed. To do this, use warm water. When washing is complete, applied to the skin moisturizer. It is recommended to give preference to Drugs, containing aloe juice. It is necessary to make a mask once a day. The course lasts for 2 of the week.

With the localization of problems in the forehead or chin, You can use onions. It is used as a mask. You must take one small onion. The plant is rubbed on a grater with fine mesh. The resulting mass is applied to the skin. It must be held within 15 minutes. Next, you need to wash. During the procedure, you should use cold water. Next, you will apply a nourishing cream. The method is recommended to use once a day. To whiten lentigo, you must repeat the procedure 15 days.

Owners of oily skin can help mask viburnum and egg yolk. Used plants berries. needed 1 a handful of berries. Of these, squeeze the juice. In parallel to whip two egg yolks. Prepared ingredients are mixed and applied to the skin. Mask should be left to 30 minutes. Thereafter means washed with cool water. The procedure to be performed 2 times a day. it is recommended to complete the course through 10 days. The mask is able to have a positive effect when applied to the chest area.

salon treatment

figuring out, how to quickly get rid of age spots, a woman can take advantage of salon treatment. Institutions offer a wide range of services. Before the procedure, you must familiarize yourself with the list of restrictions. Help fulfill combating pigment spots capable of the following methods of influence:

  1. ultrasonic peeling. The method makes it possible to perform deep cleansing. It removes excess sebum, pollution, the remnants of cosmetic products. After treatment, the skin will be able to get enough oxygen. peeling moisturises. As a result, recovery is accelerated. It allows you to fight with mild pigmentation spots.
  2. cryotherapy. The method is the absence of uncomfortable sensations in the patient at the time of exposure. The method does not require large expenditures of time. With it possible to remove the stratum corneum and dermis excess melanin. Specialist produce skin treatment liquid nitrogen. Exposure is carried out for several minutes. Method can benefit patients, on the skin where a small amount of pigment spots.
  3. camouflage. This procedure already earned universal fame. The method consists in the introduction of the corrector, neutralizing color. A similar technique is used in the case of, if you want to remove the tattoo.
  4. photorejuvenation. For the procedure uses a laser. He is able to even out complexion, wrinkles and eliminate dryness. Acting on the skin, laser stimulates collagen production. The result is a refreshing. Usually it helps against poorly defined age spots. If they are bright enough, It may take several procedures.
  5. chemical peeling. Brown spots are removed by exposure to acid. It has a more concentrated composition, than the home product. Chemical peels should only be done in a cosmetic clinic office. Should produce effects pro.
  6. laser resurfacing. It involves exposure to a laser beam on the epidermis. Carrying out procedures allow smooth wrinkles. The skin becomes monotonous.
  7. microdermabrasion. The method is prescribed, if there is a strong dermal. Carried out resurfacing of the face. For the procedure used surface, containing aluminum crystals. Under the influence of adaptation is performed removing the top layer of the skin.ultrasonic peeling

Creams and ointments

If you want to get rid of age spots, can help bleaching creams and ointments. A positive effect have the following means:

  1. Cream Retin-A. It reduces the amount of melanin. As a result, spots on the body disappear.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. Solution was applied at a concentration 3%. locally applied. Means must be applied on the spot. Care should be taken, the skin is not to traumatize. Used in conjunction with the lemon juice. The substance is combined in equal proportions. The peroxide can also be used for whitening teeth.
  3. cream Ahromin. It helps reduce age spots. It allows you to get rid of skin aging. It helps protect skin from the sun. However, funds can not be used for children, less than age 12 years old.
  4. cream melanativ. Characterized by high impact velocity. Tool removes blemishes and reduces the risk of re-occurrence.
  5. Tsinkovaya paste. It has a gentle effect on the skin. Pasta capable of eliminating wrinkles and acne.
  6. Pharmacy cream with mercury. It can be used only for a short period of time. It is recommended to use only on prescription. It means prohibited for use during breastfeeding and pregnancy.
  7. Skinoren cream. It is believed one of the proven means. It consists of azelaic acid. To remedy has had a rapid effect, It recommended to use it twice a day. It is necessary to take into account the presence of contraindications.

Determined to get rid of age spots with the help of pharmaceutical creams, you must observe a number of rules. Initially, you need to clean your skin. Only after this is done applying means. Receiving used until the disappearance of the problems in accordance with the instruction and expert recommendations. Means applied to the pigmentation zone. The frequency and duration of treatment may vary. It depends on the product composition and the degree of damage.

The use of creams and ointments makes it possible to lighten spots on 2-3 t. In some situations, it manages to get rid of them altogether. Tool helps to improve the tone of the face and reduces the risk of recurrence of the phenomenon. Lighten age spots and can help with home treatments. To get rid of the problem completely, need to resort to cosmetic procedures. This can be mesotherapy, peeling or removal by laser.

Performing peeling

Peeling is a cosmetic procedure, making it possible to have an effect on the deeper layers of the epidermis. This makes it possible to get rid of the accumulation of pigment. Today there are several types of effects. Selection is carried out in dependence on the skin type and the type of pigmentation. The following types of peeling:

  1. laser. It is considered the fastest way. exposure method differs painless. During it, is the removal of the upper layer of the epidermis. When this pigment is destroyed. A method practically has no contraindications. A chance for the development of complications in the future is minimal. However, the method involves influencing light area. This can lead to increased melanin. As a result, the situation will worsen.
  2. Chemical. It has an active influence. Reduced the risk of recurrence. It allows you to completely remove age spots. A process cheaper than other. However, the risk of side effects increases. This is due to the fact, the method involves the use of corrosive solutions.
  3. radiowave. Exposure of the skin by means of high frequency radio. Also involves the removal of the upper layers of the epidermis. During the procedure, the pigment cells exposed, which leads to their destruction. As a result, the complexion is restored.

peeling, allowing to get rid of age spots, It should be carried out using special equipment. Follow the procedure can only specialist, A high qualifications.

drinking regime

If a person wants to get rid of age spots, specialist advice will apply to change drinking regime. If you do not eat enough liquid, increased skin pigmentation tendency to develop. Every day is recommended to drink two liters of water. This allows the body to remove toxins in the urine or sweat. If the fluid is not enough, to cope with the task body can not. This will affect the condition of the skin. It is recommended to start the day with a glass of clear cool water.

Aloe vera

Use of funds is considered one of the best ways to get rid of age spots in the home. plant juice has healing properties. It is used for various skin diseases. He helps to remove dead skin cells and the growth of healthy. Juice of the plant must be treated the affected area. Next, you need to leave it on the skin and wait for the order 50 minutes. The procedure must be performed once or twice per day to achieve the desired result.

Used to combat the problem can be grown at home or aloe acquired in the market. Buy plants should be in a specialty store. Means has a good effect on sensitive skin. It can be used in the composition of the gel. Usually it is left on all night. means residues are washed off in the morning. You must apply the gel once a day for 2 months. To improve the result, in means you can add liquid honey.aloe vera

prevention of

If you get rid of age spots could, you must try to prevent their re-occurrence. It is recommended to get acquainted with topom best tips for prevention of occurrence of the phenomenon. The person should follow some simple rules. They aim to protect the face and open parts of the body, preventing loss of skin elasticity, premature aging and dehydration. To protect your skin, must:

  1. Every week carry out a deep cleansing of the dermis. The procedure is performed with a home peeling. Method diseases shtadyashtiy, than salon treatment. Today there are a large number of recipes, allowing to carry out impact. The method helps to remove dirt, accelerates skin renewal and normalize cell respiration. Selection of a prescription should be carried out taking into account the individual characteristics and the type of skin.
  2. The diet must be enabled products, containing a large amount of vitamin C. He contributes to maintaining skin beauty, her youth and health. Vitamin C enhances immunity.
  3. One should try to get rid of bad habits. They accelerate skin aging.
  4. In the mornings and evenings, it is recommended to wipe the face with milk. The substance promotes cleansing dermis.
  5. It is necessary to give preference to the use of creams, protect against UV rays. Where this is necessary to pay attention to a note SPF. Significance in winter time interval should be 15, and in the summer of 30 and higher. It is recommended to wear wide-brimmed hats, protect from direct sunlight.
  6. If a woman bears a child, or has a tendency to the appearance of age spots, It advised not to visit the beach and tanning.
  7. We need to try to avoid stressful situations. During the difficult period in my life or in the presence of the nervous work to visit a specialist. He may prescribe a sedative.

It is necessary to ensure adequate nutrition, protection against external factors and deep cleansing.

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