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Skin care can be carried out by means of a list of ways. Fame already earned paraffin. It can be carried out for the hands and feet. The effect is noticeable immediately. Be able to use the method, visiting the salon. However, possibly the execution of paraffin in the home.paraffin

Why use paraffin in cosmetic?

The procedure can not be performed without paraffin. This substance, which is tasteless and odorless. It is produced in the process of oil refining. It can not be dissolved in alcohol and water. The substance has a high thermal capacity. But if you bring the facility to a liquid state, he easily mixed with fats. Paraffin can be dissolved, using organic solvents Nature. The substance has a crystalline structure.

It deserved popularity in cosmetics. Paraffin called special procedure, during which the molten wax is applied. The substance used as a thermal compressor. In fact, during the method of exposure to be done hand mask. The material has a high thermal capacity. already at 53 degrees becomes viscous substance. As a result, it can be applied to the skin easily. The procedure will not be associated with unpleasant or painful sensations.

Argued, that during the paraffin can get burned. So many women refuse procedures. However, fears were groundless. Under the skin layer of paraffin is heated for a couple of degrees. As a result, you can achieve a uniform warming effect. Exposure to heat nicely. After the procedure, there is revitalizing effect. Skin becomes younger. Today sold a special wax for the procedure. It may contain additives unique, emollient and antiseptic effect. The substance can be used to rejuvenate the skin of hands and feet. It will benefit and when used in other parts of the body. So, there are many who applied to the face, thigh, abdomen and legs.

Result after paraffin noticeable almost immediately. The positive effect will continue for a week. The exact time depends on, what kind of work she had to perform. procedure is recommended at least once a week. It is important to use paraffin aid after the manicure. The substance promotes nail plate.

Cooling down, paraffin loses up 10% volume. The substance acquires elasticity. It has a compression effect on the fabric. As a result, the heat can penetrate into the deeper layers. Observed acceleration of lymph flow and blood flow. It helps to remove toxins. The material is heated to 1-5 degrees. The result is an increase in intercellular spaces. Paraffin helps soften the surface skin layer. As a result, there is an active perspiration and open pores. However, the substance has an insulating effect. It does not allow moisture to evaporate. As a result of violation of the water balance of the skin does not occur.

If the provision of treatment required, It applies a special medical paraffin. This white purified substance, having no impurities. It is heated to a temperature 42-46 degrees Celsius. Medium is brought to a liquid state by means of a water bath. When this heating is performed until 65 degrees. Means different economy. It can be used again. However, you must perform a sterilization agent. For this purpose it is heated up to 120 degrees. In this state, you need to hold a lot of 10-15 minutes. If a person wants to improve an old material plasticity, each time to the remains of the used vehicles are added 10-15% new substance. Paraffin can achieve the following results:

  • metabolic products are removed from the skin better;
  • the walls of the capillaries dilate;
  • an improvement in local metabolism.

All the above properties are caused by anti-inflammatory, stimulating and absorbing effect of the procedure. It can be used as part of combination therapy in the fight with a whole list of diseases. The method is suitable for the prevention and. The procedure allows to improve the functioning of the joints, It helps to restore the damage and accelerates tissue regeneration. Today paraffin enjoys popularity at home. The method is also effective, as well as salon treatment. However, you must follow the rules and follow the advice of the best professionals topu.

Paraffin is used in cosmetology and as a thickener of various means. It allows you to get rid of swelling and normalize the skin's moisture balance. The substance facilitates removal of metabolic products from the body and restores the damaged tissue, accelerating their healing. The tool has a lifting effect. With it possible to eliminate the fine wrinkles. Paraffin can reduce pain and reduce inflammation, if there are to be diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

How does?

Paraffin for hands or other body parts is useful due to the high density of matter, his characteristic heat capacity and the ability to decrease in volume during cooling. Once on the skin, tool helps to open the pores, and also accelerates blood circulation. Region, been primarily affected by the wax, sweats. As a result of the elimination of toxins is carried out. On the skin surface a film. She does not let oxygen and does not allow moisture to evaporate. As a result, the skin steams.

Left outside contamination and toxins are not absorbed back. They're going to wax. This has the effect of cleansing, softness and hydration. A positive result is noticeable within a few days. When the wax is applied to brush, he gradually begins to cool. During cooling substance decreases in volume. It has a kind of massage the cabin

variety of treatments

Paraffin in the salon and at home is of two types – hot and cold. The procedure differs substance heating temperature. If you are using hot paraffin, means preheated. Before, as it is applied to the skin, made antiseptic treatment. Applicable special substance. Then, the peeling. With it made removal of the stratum corneum. Paraffin to give a positive result, it is recommended to perform a special cream skin treatment.

Then the wax is placed in a tray. Herein means warmed to the desired temperature. After that, the capacity dropped his hands. Here they should hold within 15-20 minutes. Manipulations are carried out several times. Then the hands are placed in pre-cooked mittens. Through 30 mass removed minutes. Then, a protective cream is applied. It may be noted, the skin becomes smooth and velvety.

The usual cosmetic paraffin contains additional substances. Make a selection simple. It is recommended to give preference to assets with natural oils. This can be oil, obtained from wheat germs, cocoa. If a woman is planning to rejuvenate the skin, necessary to stop the choice on vitamin E. To perform a hot paraffin, You can use oils of coconut and almond.

Hot paraffin is useful not for everyone. To conduct necessary to refuse the presence of eczema, varicose veins, hypertension and open wounds. The presence of spider veins also acts contraindication for impact.

Cold paraffin differs from the hot, that the main active ingredient is not exposed to heat. While the final result is exactly the same. However, the thermal properties of the wax will not possess. Application of the method reduces the list of contraindications. Additionally, there is no need in a special bath. Cold wax is used, if you want to get rid of cracks on the skin, moisturize and soften it. It means simply applied to the area, and then washed off after a few minutes. To do this, use warm water.

Paraffin can be performed at home or in a salon. In the second case, the customer will be offered to use a whole range of services. It may have recourse to:

  1. applications paraffin. The method consists of applying a substance on his hands. After that provide a means to cool slightly. Then the next layer is applied. They were then wrapped in foil and placed in a terry mittens.
  2. Naslaivanie. Paraffin is heated to 50 degrees. The tool then applied to the arms. Initially area sheltered film, then warm blanket. In this position, the hands are left on 15 minutes. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and soft.
  3. Paraffin and fish oil. Sharing materials enriches the skin with vitamin D. During the procedure, mixing is performed with an oily liquid paraffin. Thereafter agent is applied using a track sprayer. The positive effect persists for 4 day.
  4. Bath. Performed applying hot wax on hands. Then they wrap film. After that, his hands placed in the tub. This enhances the thermal effects on the skin. As a result, the pores open up better.

Indications and contraindications

Paraffin is used in cosmetics and is used for the treatment of various diseases. So, doctor will prescribe the use of the method, if deposition is carried combating salts, lichen planus, diseases of joints and spine, that occur with pain. The method is used to eliminate the effects of wounds, ulcer healing and in the step of thermal burns. Beautician will advise resort to the method in the following cases:

  • in the presence of edema the person or double chin;
  • in case of wrinkled and aging skin;
  • the presence of post-acne, sebaceous plugs or acne;
  • if a woman has a rough and dry skin of feet, they present Corn, cracks and calluses, there is swelling of the feet;
  • It is present on the hands wrinkled, shelled, dry skin, microcracks, or brittle nails observed.

The method is particularly useful in spring and winter. However, home paraffin has a number of contraindications. They are relevant for salon procedures. Renounce the use of the method must be in the presence of:

  • sunburn, tuberculosis or diabetes;
  • individual intolerance of components of the composition, acute examinations or hypertrichosis in women;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases, open wounds, pustular skin lesions, acute inflammation and rashes;
  • hypertension 2 or 3 stage, rosacea or acute inflammatory processes;
  • oncological diseases;
  • skin lesions in the area of ​​the procedure;
  • severe telangiectasia.

What kind of equipment and supplies required?

Paraffin in the salon is expensive. Therefore, we can carry out the procedure at home. The method was simple. However, you must follow the guidelines carefully and adhere to the top of the best professional advice. Performing the procedure will take no more 40 minutes. The method allows to moisten the skin of hands and saturate with nutrients. However, paraffin in the home will require the acquisition of a number of devices. To perform the procedure, We need to get:

  1. Apparatus for paraffin. It is a tray, having heated. Device will be able to buy in stores, engaged in the sale of consumables and instruments for manicure. Let's order the device online. If a woman does not want to spend money on the purchase of specialized equipment, you can get a standard pan. It should be deep. Cosmetic wax can be washed from the crockery without difficulty.
  2. Paraffin. This is the main tool for the procedure. Requires special cosmetic material. Its heating is carried out at a temperature 50 degrees. Therefore, the tool does not harm the skin. normal paraffin, It used to produce candles, to perform the procedure will not work.
  3. terry mittens. Instead you can give preference to rag gloves. Alternatively, the permissible use of towels.
  4. polyethylene gloves.process

Buying wax

To perform the procedure, will buy paraffin for paraffin. The use of conventional wax is strictly prohibited. It is fraught with burns. During the procedure, used special cosmetics. It is purified of harmful substances and enriched with nutrients. As a result, damage to the skin is not applied. Usually cosmetology pure paraffin is not used. It is complemented with plant extracts. They confer additional properties substance. To give paraffin delicious flavor, use perfume. Use of such mass nicer. Paraffin can be painted in different colors.

The composition of essential oils include means. List of substances used is varied. This may be peppermint oil, peaches, aloe, lavender and jasmine. Also possible to use other esters. They also increase the list of properties of paraffin. So, Calendula has the ability to reduce inflammation, and olive oil has a softening effect. However, the presence of additional components causes, it ceases to be hypoallergenic paraffin. It is therefore important to study carefully the composition of funds.

By purchasing paraffin, it is important to pay attention to its composition. A number of additives capable to provoke an allergic reaction. Some of them may have a detrimental effect and. If a woman is just starting to make their own paraffin, better to give preference to net funds. If a person is still interested in supplements, they have the following properties:

  1. chocolate. Improves cell renewal and enhances the regenerative properties of the skin.
  2. vitamin E. It rejuvenates the skin.
  3. citrus additives. Nourishes the skin with essential nutrients. Additionally means restores its tone.
  4. Tea rose. Applied plant extract. The substance has an influence on color. It becomes even. In addition, there is an increase of elasticity. The skin returns its former tone.

If you want to buy paraffin for paraffin, you can familiarize with offers of online stores. Find tools and be able to trade points for nail artists and beauticians, as well as in pharmacies. Sale of the cosmetic product is made in plastic jars or plastic bags. Sometimes just being implemented in the form of a spray. Usually this form is worth more than all. It will be possible to reuse. Price ranges from paraffin 300 to 4200 rub.

The choice of vehicle

If a woman spends paraffin often, without having to purchase special tools can not do. Using pot or other ware becomes another wasted. In the market there are a large number of devices for paraffin. They are able to enhance the comfort of the procedure. Producing equipment selection, it is important to take into account the following criteria:

  1. types of paraffin, which are recommended for use in containers. The list should include the necessary material, which is planned to use.
  2. The size and volume. Tray for paraffin can be very large. The volume depends on, on any area of ​​the body will be affected. So, If you plan to conduct paraffin for hands, sufficiently vessel volume 1500-2000 milliliters. If a woman wants to perform the procedure, and for the feet, better to give preference to larger volume of the bath.
  3. Power consumption. The smaller the value of the index, the unit is considered to be more economical.
  4. heating rate. Value is from 40 minutes to 4 hours. It is better to give preference to the bath, which has a smaller index values.
  5. Material, of the inner container portion. The manufacturer may use the metal, aluminum or plastic. The first option is considered to be the highest quality. However, such baths for paraffin will cost more. Top Teflon coating can be applied. It facilitates the process of cleaning the equipment.
  6. The presence of the thermostat. It is necessary to maintain the optimum temperature. Good, if the equipment has a heating indicator substance.

Separately, experts distinguish design and packaging. These numbers depend on your personal preferences. making selection, it is important to take into account the recommendations and their own intuition. Pre-worth exploring the most popular models. The average price of paraffin baths varies from 2500 to 4500 rub.

Top tips for the best paraffin

paraffin, appointed doctor, pursue a course. They usually consist of 12-20 procedures. Each of them is 30-60 minutes. Previously recommended to consult a specialist. By resorting to the method of exposure, you need to give yourself a holiday. Its duration is a minimum 30-40 minutes. A method of applying a substance may vary. It depends from the body portion, is exposed. If the area is rough and small, applied layering. When it comes to the limbs, used bath. If you want to apply the wax on a flat surface, used application method.applique

Paraffin can be used and prescribed by a doctor. Usually it is used in the presence of burn or wound surfaces. In this situation the agent is applied by spraying. Usually used drug for treatment, Supplements containing. So, aloe has softening properties. Essential oils, green tea and vitamins are able to saturate the skin with nutrients. Before, how to apply the wax on the skin, it is necessary to dry. This is done, to prevent burns. If you want to apply the cleanser on the hair of the body, pre-shaving or hair is smeared with Vaseline before, how to apply the wax.

paraffin hand

Carrying paraffin varies depending on, where a procedure is performed at home or in the salon. In the second situation, the procedure carried out as follows:

  1. Hand treated with a special substance. It has disinfecting properties.
  2. Applied cosmetics. They possess moisturizing properties. The selection of products is made individually.
  3. Paraffin is melted in a special bath. The client puts his hands in the mass. The wizard will alternately perform their massage.
  4. Hands are placed in warm mittens. Here they hold about 20 minutes.
  5. When the established time period ended, mittens remove. Then remove paraffin. The procedure is performed using the wet wipes.

Paraffin in the cabin is carried out before applying manicure. For the implementation of the procedure will ask the master of the 500 rub. and higher. In winter and spring of the human body badly needs vitamins. Therefore, the procedures, which are not performed by a specialist appointment, it is recommended once a week. It is better not to use paraffin therapy twice a 7 days.

Conduct paraffin can be at home. Pre-need to buy a ready set of tools and consumables in specialized stores or the Internet. Price is usually set 3000-5000 rub. The most expensive component acts tub. Better just to buy a good instrument. In addition, should get a paraffin cream or grease hand. It is worth buying and scrub. Some sets include our electric gloves instead of mittens. Saving instruments is not necessary. Subsequently, they will be repaid with interest.

To perform at home paraffin, prestage require consumables. For this it is placed in a tray and heated to the desired temperature. In parallel, hand washing. To do this, apply the scrub on the skin. Further wax coating is performed. Application of the hot treatment is carried out with a brush. Then hands wrapped in a film and placed in mittens. Next, you put the cream and gently remove the wax with a damp cloth. Hand skin moisturized with a special means.

Between the salon and home procedure are practically no differences. Perform any mode of action will save. However, it is important to have a range of skills, not to make a mistake. The positive effect is seen immediately. After the procedure, the skin is tightened and becomes velvety.

paraffin Foot

Additionally, it may be carried paraffin for feet. The method is also performed in the cabin or home. After the meeting area becomes an instant smoothness. The method makes it possible to deal with cracked heels. Paraffin can be carried out with or without shellac him. In interiors exposure method is carried out by the following scheme:

  1. Produced Foot cleansing. Additionally performed cuticle nail treatment. On plate applied nutritious oil.
  2. Areas of scrub. Specialist carries applying means, impacting light massage. Then apply a moisturizing composition.
  3. The foot is placed in a pre-prepared liquid paraffin. The process is repeated several times. Then the area is covered with foil and a towel. In such a situation leaves on foot 25 minutes.
  4. Produced removal wax. Then the area is covered with a protective cream.

The method allows to get rid of the problems with the skin of the feet. However, stable positive effect occurs with regular use of the method. Paraffin eliminates the flaking and cracking. The skin acquires a healthy look, and the skin becomes soft. The average price of salon treatments 400-1000 rub.

Foot Paraffin can be done at home. However, if a person had not resorted to the method of, 1 Session better perform in a professional. Then the method of exposure will be able to perform at home. In the first place you need to buy all the necessary tools. List of consumables and tools is a little different. Also needed and paraffin bath. In addition, costs to acquire film. Suitable conventional nutritional agent. Alternatively, you can use plastic bags. Additionally needed towels, peeling and nourishing cream. The requirement to meet the same bath, and that for the hands. It must be easy to operate, fast heat up and have a thermostat. However it is better to give preference to larger volume capacity.foot treatment

The first heating is performed paraffin. It is necessary to heat it to a temperature 40-50 degrees. If the special tub is not, the procedure is performed in a water bath. However, care must be taken in order, to not get into the substance water. Next, the cleansing of leg skin. Initially used soap, and then scrub. Thereafter applied paraffin. Feet are dipped in a bath several times. The procedure is carried out until the, while the size of the layer will not be 2 cm.

Then you need to wrap the legs with cling film and cover with a towel. To enhance the effect, it can be replaced terry socks. In this position, will spend 20 minutes. The tool then rinsed off using warm water. Later the skin smeared with cream. The procedure is recommended once a week. The course is 1,5 of the month. This will improve the beauty of the feet. It is important to act, following the instructions.

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