Top 20 Tips for choosing a profession

The choice of the profession – the responsible thing. It is necessary to analyze all the options. The wrong decision will lead to years spent training, implementation of actions for a living, provoking dissatisfaction and fatigue. We need thorough approach to the question of, how to choose a profession.
How to choose a profession

How to choose a profession after school?

Before, how to choose a profession, We need to assess the potentialities and talents. Predisposition to simplify the implementation of the activities of labor duties. Spending time on the unloved occupation will not benefit. Success will be difficult. Years of training will be spent in the shuffle. The rule is not always true. If a person has no predisposition to the selected activity, but there is a great desire, persistence can help to achieve results. But before, how to choose a profession, the student must be prepared to work hard. If a person decides to stop halfway, to achieve the desired will not work.

Chosen activity should fit the interests and aspirations of the human. If a student does not know, how to choose a profession, ask for help from friends and parents can not be. People close to advise a variety of labor, based on their own beliefs and aspirations. Student may not be suitable. In the following activities will not be fun. No need to choose the kind of work just because, that a lot of pay in this area. To succeed in business, you need to feel satisfied. Performing horoshooplachivaemoy, but unloved activity will cause fatigue and dissatisfaction.

It is recommended to give preference to activities, doing that, there is a feeling of joy and satisfaction. Today, students have access to all spheres. After graduating, will be able to get a job in a company or run a business. Most occupations require training at the University. Without higher education is difficult to achieve success. Employers prefer not to take employees, not trained. Competitiveness contestants reduced.

Razbirayasy, how to choose a profession, Students make mistakes. The wrong choice is made as a result of:

  • entrainment part workflow;
  • the choice for the company for training with friends;
  • a misconception about the physical characteristics of the;
  • equating success in school subject to the specialty;
  • view, that activity is life without the ability to retrain;
  • selection, on the basis of sympathy for the representative;
  • attention to the prejudices of people about the nature of the specialty, her indecency, unworthiness;
  • overestimation or underestimation of personal qualities, abilities, skills.

A study of talents and abilities

studying, how to choose a profession, people need to take responsibility for knowledge of the available information. To begin the process of making the choice to the individual need analysis. Occupation may seem promising, but not to approach the man. Work in this area will not bring success.

Finding the right activity for future employment should start with a study of personality characteristics. Is to evaluate the possibility, hobbies, personal and physical qualities. The study will help:

  • personality tests;
  • conversation with a psychologist;
  • Talk with parents.

Should go to bookshops and buy collections of tests, psychological literature. Books should be directed to the knowledge of the personal qualities. At first, the better to avoid targeting selection scope for further employment. Books with a list of options at the end better not to take.

The popular test for career guidance can give unpredictable results. At first it seems impossible. The test may be considered, that there are more appropriate scope of work. After examining the personal qualities, you can open a new, including interest in specialties. Literature will help to understand the causes of failures in the spheres of.

A conversation with the psychologist will help to discuss the knowledge after reading the books and to ensure correct conclusions. The doctor will determine the quality, inherent in man. Talk with parents will help in getting moral support. However, the mother and father should not impose an opinion. The task of parents to guide the child, allowing you to choose the right path.

The conversation with the psychologist

It helps to plunge into childhood. At a young age are not burdened by the thought of public opinion, worries, prejudice and other negative factors. The child thinks openly, It lends itself to the true desires. Exercise will help you learn, how to choose a profession. To perform the manipulation to be:

  1. Stock up on sheet of paper and a pencil.
  2. Find a quiet place. No one should bother. You need to take care of the absence of distractions. Focus helps relaxing music.
  3. After you create the atmosphere, it is recommended to proceed to Exercise. Write on a piece of interesting specialty. No need to think about, whether they are suitable.
  4. When you are finished writing, should proceed to the next stage. About each business person should indicate the pros and cons. Positive and negative characteristics to help identify priority specialization.

The path to the choice of specialization

How to choose a profession? To make a decision a person to go through a number of stages:

  1. explore options. Need to give priority to sought-after in the region of residence specialties. If a student does not feel the desire to engage in the activities available, should prepare to move. To realize themselves in the big city easier, but difficult to achieve targets. The move is related to financial costs.
  2. Explore the personal qualities, assess the health of, knowledge level
  3. Selected specialization is necessary to thoroughly examine. You need to familiarize yourself with the program training, make the formula work professionals. Student to be clarified working conditions and requirements. If a special approach, You can apply to the university profile.
  4. Need to know, how you can start to work in the profession, find career prospects. Can help practice. Mugs school, internship in the production.
  5. The data obtained should be compared to the possibilities. It is recommended to discuss the choice of specialization with close, teachers, friends, psychologist.
  6. When the choice has been made and there are all the necessary information, receive proper education. Education at the university is not always required. A number of companies requesting passage rates. To work as an engineer, without higher education do not.
  7. For success in your academic career, it is necessary to remember the main goal, be persistent and master the skills to perfection.
  8. Have a backup plan, that may be implemented on failure or loss of interest.


helpful hints

It is not necessary to abandon the profession, considered prestigious enough or serious in the public eye. This applies to creative people. person, disappointed in the specialty, selected path office plankton. citizens believe, that being an artist is not serious. they, who work in the pet sector and are committed to, what do you like, get more money, but the joy in life. Their kind of activity is not considered as prestigious. If the matter is the soul, to achieve success, including material, simpler.

It is not necessary to focus on the relevance of the specialization. Analyzing the labor market, graduates prefer specialties, which is required now. This ensures that employment and decent wages. However, the situation during training at the university may change. Released the student will not in demand on the market.

Always worth assess the state of health. You can not select a specialty, not knowing the capabilities of the organism. Man will not be able to work in the industry, where drugs are used, provoking individual allergic reactions.

Before the final choice, you need to find out about all the specialty. Reality does not always live up to expectations. When you have to start work, there are realities. This applies to actors, TV presenters or journalists. For tinsel glory, filming, flicker on the TV stand hours of hard work.

Do not choose a specialty, on the basis of personal sympathies to the experts – parents or idols. They went to the employment consciously, they liked the prospects. If a person does not feel the zeal, you should choose something else.

It can not be engaged in realization of the dreams of their parents. Adults try to implement through children unmet goals. Children have their own desires and goals. It should listen to the advice of their parents, but to make the decision about the choice of their own.

Asking for help in choosing those, who are not sufficiently confident. Specialties are complex in enrolling in and attending. However, the specialty are welcome and cherished. It is necessary to gather strength, become confident and not to give up the dream because of fear of failure.

demand for specialty

The selection criterion is the demand on the labor market. Work better in, where there is a high salary. Economic benefits plays a big role in getting pleasure. Demanded specialties in Russia:

  1. manager, whose responsibility it is to find buyers and the sale of goods. It manages advertising, of raising awareness of the company in society.
  2. One skilled in the field of oil and gas. High wages in the field can boast even logistics, master mining and drillers.
  3. A specialist in the field of computer technology. The duties of the employee includes the protection and safety at the information level. It creates and maintains databases, configures software.
  4. Coach or Consultant Business. It helps citizens and companies in matters of business, providing assistance in solving problems.
  5. The chef in the restaurant. One of the creative professions, which is highly paid. Cooks can achieve fame and recognition in the society.


Above the Ad Hoc, which are occupied by men. For women demanded and are often highly paid:

  1. The auditor. It will analyze the success and efficiency of labor organizations and companies.
  2. Accountant. It is engaged in financial and calculations.
  3. dentistry.
  4. Logistics. Experts are coordinating the transport of goods, organization of cargo transportation. commerce market is actively developing, this leads to an increase in demand for logistics.

The choice is not influenced by gender. Important interest in the field, determination and desire to achieve success.

applicant desires

Another method is based on their own desires and preferences of the person. Some types of work brings pleasure of achievement, there is a feeling of satisfaction. Others are not interested in. For the success of a person is indifferent.

People tend to do, what they like. It brings more benefits. Pay attention, what I like to do. If a person gets enjoy working with kids, it can work as a teacher, teacher. If you like helping people, suitable medical profession, psychologist. Gifted in the technical field people can become engineers. Fans prepare well in Cook's career.

Examples of a great variety of. It is worth to pay attention to their own desires. it tells, what profession to choose, It helps to learn more about themselves.

Test for choice of specialty

If the choice is to do your child, You can refer to the tests. they are not reliable, are suitable but an inability to analyze itself. The tests given in school. You can find information on the Internet. The tests are suitable not only to schoolchildren. They can take advantage of those, who decided Change activity.

There are two most popular test:

  • test TECHNIQUE. BUT. Klimova;
  • test according to the procedure J.. Holland.

Klimova technique is, that the subject will be presented two options to choose from. They relate to a particular sphere. May be asked to choose: help the sick or plant flowers. When the answers will be given, determine the system, which area has been given the greatest preference.
test J.. Holland used for vocational guidance at school. The method is a classic. The subject is given a choice of two professions. From them, you can choose one. for example, actor or engineer. When the choice is made, the system analyzes and indicates the preferred scope.

The final way to

In addition to tips on how, how to choose a profession, a useful method. When chosen profession, you need to seek out a man, working on a specialty. the scope of the representative may be from the inner circle. The challenge is, to get in touch and ask for help.

Help is in the conversation. A person can tell about everyday life, on activities at work. You can invite himself to work, to see clearly, what does a professional. This will help to get better acquainted with daily needs. You can learn about the privileges provided by the company. it bonuses, salary prospects, insurance, business trips.

You can learn about other professions, if time. In the case of the full satisfaction of the everyday professional life, we can safely abandon the search. If something does not suit, should take up the following option. Knowledge, derived from the practice of, will be useful.

The method may take more than one day. Thanks to him, learn, What is the profession in reality. Graduates nourish false hopes, and stepping on the threshold of adult life, aware of the error. Specialist shares experience

Top 7 Tips for parents

For many students question, how to choose a profession, current. Not everyone can choose their own master. Important support and help parents.

According to Rosstat, 40% Russian residents work function obtained by. Many of the graduates spent time in vain, obuchayas ago, that life is not useful. Free in Russia, you can learn all time. Entrust responsible decisions-schooler is not necessary. Need help parents. It is necessary to take into account the predisposition, wish, the ability of the child.

Not all parents know, how to do it. Below is a list of tips, that will help push the child to the right choice.

The independence of the child

It is necessary to instill in the child a sense of responsibility, independence. This should be done with the deepest childhood. If the moment is missed, education can not give up independence. In the choice of profession is the rule – the child should make the decision himself. Only he knows, that suits him, like that and there is no. The responsibility will fall on him.

The demand on the market

The next step is the definition of demand. Pay attention to the prestige not necessary. It is important to conduct its own investigation. Parent and child must obtain individual information and can compare data, discuss their. You can search for jobs, View reviews, ratings, View company websites.
Often, the child initially wanted to go on the "prestigious" way, Not understanding, which means demand. To consult the scope, where specialists are needed, given the ability of the child. Browse Jobs and requirements will help it to determine. Studies at the university is not enough. It should show the child jobs, that had the best performance.Browse jobs

weekdays specialist

If there are those in the circle of acquaintances, who work in the field of interest of the child, you need to contact them. They can tell the, why not learn from the Internet, – the everyday things, profession features. You can ask to teach the necessary skills, which will be useful in the work.

Companies hold open days. You can come to the event with your child, to ask questions to representatives. They have to be right – about the device, Requirements for employee, routines.

This applies to professions, of which only a vague idea. It is important to know, what will go. If the outcome is not satisfied – choose another activity. It should clarify the criteria for health. This will help you understand, Is the child able to work in the field.

Cities and countries

Consider the need to universities and prospects in different cities and countries. The university is a different list of programs and opportunities. Many ignore this and teach it, that there is a local university. This can not be done.

A child can find a suitable career. However, you can only learn in school in another city or country. Worth seeing entry requirements. They may be higher, what successes have children of school. The University may require the passage of additional courses. It is necessary to know in advance to prepare.

a child moving to another city requires moral strength and material resources. But do not miss the chance.

Tests and school subjects

It is not necessary to focus on the results of tests for career guidance at school or online. The result is invalid. The choice of a profession can not be based on test. You can walk it for self-discovery, but not used for the final decision.

Do not confuse a trade with the child's favorite school subject. If he is good at math, This does not mean the future engineer. Under the desired specialty to customize knowledge on subjects. After all, the profession chosen for making money, not a favorite lesson.

Right in the University

Encourage your child after school to go to get higher education can not be. It can ruin his future and does not give a chance to learn to be free in the future desired profession. There is nothing wrong in a couple of years of work, to save money for education. The choice will be deliberate in adulthood.

After school, you can choose a college. It helps to get a secondary education and profession. After graduating with honors, you can go to work for a good position. Exams there easier, easier to do.
If a parent make the child go to university against the wishes, it can turn into a pitiable. He will receive a diploma without the knowledge and skills. The paper will be useless. No one will return spent years and money.

completed education

Should not be forced to graduate, if the child does not want to. As students become older period, knows the taste of adult life. During training, he is aware of the uselessness of the profession. A person can find another field of interest, learn about development opportunities. You should not settle. Optional finish up education.

Originally selected path does not put an end to other specialties. At any time you can change the priorities, do other. It is important to bring it up to the child.

parent Help

To provide assistance to the child in question "How to choose a profession?”, you need to follow the rules:

  • not to insist on preferences, desires;
  • give the child the freedom to choose;
  • did not realize the unfulfilled dreams through child;
  • to tell about popular specialties;
  • offer interesting options for child;
  • not to focus on tests;
  • to give information about different areas;
  • to talk about the areas of employment, which child does not know;
  • not to get immediately go to get a diploma.

The choice of sphere of activity the. To bring joy and specialty possible to obtain decent wages, you need to know personality better, assess the possibility of, consult with family, explore the labor market and in practice to get acquainted with the employment sphere. The action will help to understand, how to choose a profession.

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