Top 20 Tips for installing braces

If you need to fix a bite in humans, help installing braces. They allow you to adjust the roughness of the dentition or put the jaw in place, if such a need is present. The procedure is not different high complexity. However, its implementation must deal with highly qualified specialists. Only in this case we can talk about achieving a positive result. the patient may get introduced before the procedure so, what to expect.installation brackets

What it is?

Brackets refer to small locks. They are fixed to the teeth to hold the prosthetic arc. In general, a device called a bracket system. Each lock is connected with each other. The process is carried out by a metal arc. It exerts pressure on dentition, gradually aligning its. The arc is maintained by means of ligatures. They are used for tying the arc on the braces. Dentistry is not in place. Today, it developed a more modern device. It is equipped with latches. This increases the ease of installation and use. However, these devices are characterized by high cost. To fix the locks on the teeth, The doctor uses glue. It applies a specialized structure.

Braces can put children and adults. In both cases the correction can yield high positive results. Selection of braces made taking into account the patient's preferences and individual medical indications. wearing time individually. It depends on a list of factors.

existing types of

Before installing the brackets to choose materials, from which the device is manufactured. Today, isolated 4 type design. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Selection of braces made individually. The accounting is adopted existing problem. The price of the installation of braces should not play a decisive role. The doctor can set the following types of braces:

  1. plastic. It can be any color. If the patient wants, to a corrective device was invisible on the teeth, It is made of white plastic. The material is inexpensive. This has a positive effect on the overall construction costs. However, she has a list of deficiencies. Such braces quickly wear out and break easily. Gradually, they observed turbidity and staining dyes under the influence, which are present in food and beverages. Malocclusion is slow. Wear plastic braces to be 1,5-3 of the year. During this period, often have damage and need to be replaced. Experts recommend installing plastic braces only to children in the case of the presence of minor malocclusions. For the child plastic brackets can be made of bright colors.
  2. metal. Are most popular. Device combines strength, high-speed correction of dentition and a positive result. If correct bite With this system it will be possible for 1,5 of the year. Minus device performs its unsightly. These braces are very visible. However, the device is in fashion today. Therefore, it is perceived in the community better. A number of manufacturers share the braces to the metal and aesthetic.
  3. ceramic. characterized by stealth. In this they are similar to plastic. However, the strength of the ceramic to metal braces nearer. Plus device acts hypoallergenic.
  4. sapphire. They are made of colorless sapphires. Are grown artificially. The material is specially used in medicine. Characterized by a high safety for mucous. Such braces look aesthetically pleasing. However, they have to wear to correct bite 2,5-3 of the year. Sapphire braces fragile. They are expensive. Use special tool is recommended for adults, whose professional activity requires a flawless appearance.

Usually installs metal braces. They can be attached to the outer and inner sides. In the second case, the installation is complicated. This is reflected in the cost of. However, these briquettes is almost not visible.

Set Bereket is possible even in old age. Use of the system will bring a positive result. But experts do not always agree to provide services to older clients. With age, the number of contraindications increases. So, installing braces can not be performed, if there is bruxism, endocrine diseases or absent a large number of teeth. Children with braces installed 7 years old. Action can be carried out even in the baby teeth.types of braces

When performing the procedure is unacceptable?

Installation bracket system involves an initial consultation with a specialist. The physician will perform inspection of the oral cavity. Account will be taken of the jaw structure. In the process of prior consultation determined the presence of disease, and contraindications. If there is to be caries, problems with teeth or gums, as well as the pulpit, initially untreated. While talking with the doctor determined the approximate period, you are installing braces, as well as the cost of the system and possible outcomes.

Installation of brackets is not possible in the presence of caries, somatic and mental illness, an allergic reaction to the materials used, the presence of large amounts of artificial crowns or fillings, enamel defects or patient compliance.

Doctor, engaged in the installation

Treatment of dental system executes a list of experts. The process may involve the therapist, orthopedist, implantology, surgeon and orthodontist. The competence orthopedic and orthodontic devices is manufacturing oral. Sometimes referred to as an orthopedic prosthetist. He has been creating artificial limbs and removal of dentition defects, if no part of the teeth. The competence of the orthodontist is correction of malocclusion and improper position of teeth. He installs braces, wart, orthodontic plates and other structures.

Before treatment, a specialist will diagnose. It is required for the proper selection of tools. To do this, it made medical history, Study of teeth and jaws, identification of the root causes of diseases and their treatment, if it is required.

Preparing to Install

If a person needs braces, the cost and installation will depend largely on the preparatory phase. Without his conduct put orthodontic device fail. The patient will undergo a thorough dental health. The procedure may consist of one or 3 steps. The following activities are usually carried out prior to installation brackets:

  1. Treatment of dental caries when present. Orthodontic device will exert pressure on the teeth and jaw as a whole. Therefore, they need to be healthy. Set device can be only in the absence of carious areas. If we ignore the rules, Infection can develop stronger. The fact, that the installation of braces entails difficulty hygiene. Between parts of the system can accumulate plaque and bits of food. They are the ideal environment for the development of bacteria. There are cases, When caries appeared after product installation. In this situation, the device is temporarily released. This is done, to facilitate the treatment of. In this case, the installation of braces on teeth dystopic still possible. The treatment will be carried out after, as the crown is in the correct position. If one wants to reduce the total cost of the correction, caries should be treated initially.
  2. The presence of inflammation is liquidated. The emergence of gum disease while wearing braces is not considered very good news. Such surprises is better to avoid. So initially it needs to get rid of even the most minor of periodontal disease. It will also affect the price of the installation of braces. The doctor will perform a less manipulation.
  3. Professional cleaning is carried out.
  4. Specialist teach the patient proper hygiene of the oral cavity. As long as the patient wears system, it is important to closely monitor the, to remain clean teeth. The duration depends on the state of preparation of the oral cavity. Absence of dental diseases and inflammations accelerate the. Recommended timely disease being treated. This will cause, that barriers to the installation of braces is not.visiting the dentist

Price correction dentition

Razbirayasy, how much is the installation of braces, it is important to take into account the state of the mouth and materials, from which the device is manufactured. The most popular are the metal braces. Treatment and setting up 30000 rub. per jaw. Such devices are characterized by high strength. However, many people push their unsightly appearance. If a person wants to maintain a perfect smile in socks during, better to choose a different design.

Installation of ceramic brackets. They are white and generally looks good. The material is not altered by the action dyes. For his work on one dentition to be paid 40000 rub.

Sapphire braces are made of transparent materials. They are invisible on the teeth. For the installation to be paid about 50000 rub. If we combine the sapphire and ceramic fixtures with a white arc, they are actually invisible. Price of construction 60000 rub. You can use the lingual braces. They are installed on the inner surface of the teeth. Such a device does not damage the enamel and the actual invisible when worn. The price of the most expensive systems will be about 100000 rub.

accompanying expenses

Usually, to find out the price of braces, patient goes to hospital staff or study information on the site. The administrator called the approximate cost. It may differ significantly from the final. The fee is charged for all services, which I took advantage of the customer. All necessary additional actions specialist to explain to the patient on the first reception. The price of the installation of braces influence:

  1. Performing professional tooth cleaning. It will be carried out regularly.
  2. Servicing is.
  3. Production radiographs.
  4. Setting the correction device. The system is usually placed at the upper and lower dentition. Its price ranges from 1/3 up to half the cost of the treatment. Sometimes you may need to install additional components. For them to be paid separately.
  5. A visit to the orthodontist. During socks patient will meet with him several times. Each meal is paid separately.
  6. During socks may need to be replaced and pasting arcs. All this is done for a fee, If the integrity of the breach occurred on the patient's fault.
  7. For polishing teeth and removing the system will pay separately.

The above list is not exhaustive. When the treatment is carried out, Extras cost of manufacture and installation of retainers. This name are specialized devices, allowing to keep teeth straight. Initially, the patient did not report their need. Price retainers with the unit will be 10% from the sum, spent on treatment. then the patient will have to visit a specialist for retainers correction.

The cost of all services develops approximate price, you have to pay for treatment. Most doctors are not able at the beginning of treatment to give an exact cost. practice shows, meaning that typically is much higher performance, than originally stated.

Abroad common system of payment for all treatment immediately. However, in Russia, such a system has not yet received a distribution of. Method The idea is, that the expert reports on the first phase of the exact price of the treatment, which includes all the extras. The price will not change even if the, if treatment is delayed. provision of payment in installments possible.

Using the method allow the patient to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of treatment. Sometimes entered multiplying factors. However, the person it is reported in advance. In Russia, the popularity of the system has not been among doctors. This is partly due to the fact, that at the beginning of treatment, patients enjoyed a small cost, without even knowing the final figure.

The different clinics the cost of braces and installation procedure differs. This is due to the following reasons:

  1. Qualified specialists and popular clinics.
  2. the complexity of the treatment. To carry out the procedure may take longer, than in the standard situation.
  3. provides services. If a person goes to an elite clinic, patients will meet polite staff, the room will attend expensive furniture. Prices for services are appropriate. When contacting the district hospital with an average repair, hard furniture and not so courteous staff can be saved.

Reducing the cost of service

Installation of brackets teenagers or adults is expensive. But there are ways to save. Optional bet on both jaws expensive construction. Lower less visible while talking and smiling. Therefore, it is possible to put the iron braces. Permissible installation invisible clasps only smile zone. This will also reduce the final price. It is possible to combine different variants of arcs. So, acceptable use transparent base snaps together with a metal. This will reduce the construction cost.nutrition

Producing a variety of clinics, important to consider, how the company received braces. If you use a third-party mediation, it will affect the cost of construction. Better interact directly with the manufacturers of devices. Typically, information from customers do not hide.

One-time installation of the system directly on the upper and lower teeth will require large financial costs. To provide the required amount can not all customers. Therefore, a number of clinics includes a list of available services installation brackets in installments. This reduces the load on the one-time watches over. Payment is divided into several parts and is introduced gradually. The presence of installments makes services more accessible. Additionally, organizations are bonus programs. So, when installing the brackets on one jaw may be given a discount on another.

The effect of age

Sometimes necessary to install braces for adults. In this case, the fundamental difference in price is not. Usually the children are set inexpensive metal appliances. They are highly durable. Metal fixes the teeth. In childhood, the jaw is constantly growing. If you are installing braces teens, sapphire or ceramic devices can be used. The process is carried out, If the financial possibilities, and people shy appearance plates.

Disadvantages bite is recommended to correct as soon as possible. This is reflected in the term socks braces. In children, will be able to get rid of the problems behind 5 months. In adults, the period will be extended until at least 18 months. The process of performing a professional oral hygiene in children is also much easier. Therefore, the entire set of procedures for a child costs 2,5-3 times cheaper than in adults. However, everything depends on the particular situation.

stages of procedure

Installation of brackets in the dental system-dependent species. It may be the vestibular or lingual. In the second situation the device is attached to the inner surface of the dentition, It is making it virtually invisible. Vestibular mounted on the front part of the teeth. The method less aesthetic. Surrounding can easily notice the presence of the correction system during a person smiles. Regardless of the chosen system, the patient will go through several stages. However, fixed on the outer side of the teeth is simple. Time to conduct procedures also require less.

If you select the vestibular system, to go through a series of steps. At the preparatory stage, the patient should see a doctor orthodontist and get an initial consultation. Specialist mouth look and perform X-ray. In the presence of carious areas, made their treatment. The increased load from the bracket and labored oral hygiene may exacerbate an existing situation.

When the preliminary stage completed, a specialist suited to the main. At the time it is carried out directly installing braces. Applicable special gag. It is needed in order, the specialist can quickly view all the teeth. Enamel subjected to polishing. Then it is processed by special reductive composition. Then dried the teeth. Only then begins installation of braces.installation bracket system

Specialists use a very strong glue. With it holds fastening clasps. Appearance and consistency of glue similar to the material, which is used in fillings. When the first part of the system is installed, made connection orthodontic arch.

Installation takes about braces 1-1,5 o'clock. In some cases, the procedure is extended. Its execution may take up to three hours or more.

If you are using lingual system, procedure changes. The first stage is identical. Initially, the expert being treated caries formation and inflammation. Amount of time, it will take for the procedure, It depends on the number of affected teeth. After that, with the cast of the jaw is removed. On the basis of its dimensional model will be prepared. It should be possible to repeat the patient's teeth. Therefore, the creation lingual systems performed individually. Stage takes about 1-2 weeks. Sometimes the procedure can last up to a month.

In the third phase, the installation of braces. All of the teeth are pre-treated and polished. Then enamel with a special glue attached steeping. Then it joins the arc. It will move the teeth in the desired direction. The installation process is more laborious system lingual. The procedure takes 1,5-2 o'clock. it can sometimes last for three or even 5 hours.

Top tips on the best care braces

When the installation is made braces on teeth, the patient may experience severe discomfort. Therefore, it is important to give preference to the liquid food, hygiene. Sometimes the reception is required analgesics. Supplied brackets can begin to injure the inner surface of the cheeks. In this situation, the damaged area temporarily laid medical air or wool. The wound heals in a day. Thereafter, the sensitivity decreases. Teeth should be cleaned after every meal. Cleaning exposed and braces. The procedure is performed using a special brushes Ultrasound. Before going to bed you want to seek the help of Yorshik. They are sold in specialized stores. The patient will have to purchase:

  1. orthodontic brush. It produces a clean teeth above and below the arc.
  2. single-beam brush. Needed for clearing the cervical portion of the tooth and bracket.
  3. tooth brush. It is required for cleaning the arc.
  4. A thread. With it clears the side surfaces.

The paste will also have to change. Apply special means for cleaning teeth, containing fluorine. Extras will start using mouthwash. Better to give preference to products, having antibacterial activity. It is important to review the daily menu. Sticky and hard foods can harm teeth. Therefore, their use should be abandoned. No need to eat too hot or cold drinks and meals. Fall under the prohibition of hot meals and tea, carrot, ice cream, iriski, apples, candies and nuts. Eat sweet and not worth it. It is better to refuse to accept dye products, chips, waffles and biscuits. Small pieces of a food stuck in the teeth braces.Oral hygiene

term socks

Adults wear braces 6-36 months. The minimum period of time it takes to cure a minor defect. If you want to correct the more serious anomalies, wear braces to be at least a year. Usually the term is increased to 2 – 3 years old.

If set lingual system, correction period is reduced almost 2 fold. Using the internal system increases the impact on the dentition. universal fit, suitable to all, does not exist. The account settings specific client accepted. Therefore, the manufacture of braces made individually for each patient. This increases the efficiency of the system. Achieve a positive result manages faster.

Removal system

When the correction is completed, brackets must be removed. The procedure is performed in reverse order. Originally produced exemption of locks. After that, the arc is removed. Then shot themselves braces. The action is performed with special tongs. The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes. Part of the adhesive can remain on the teeth. To bring in the original appearance of the enamel, Specialist performs cleaning. If there are signs of locks around demineralization, calcination or further performed fluorination.

Remove the braces on their own will not be able. This laborious procedure, which requires special knowledge, tools and precision. Ideally, removal should produce the same specialist, who install. The doctor knows the patient's tooth rows. It will be easier to perform the action.

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