Top 20 Tips to get rid of stretch marks

The skin condition depends largely on the beauty of women. However, over time and is influenced by a number of factors it changes. Skin can lose elasticity and smoothness. Unpleasant defect are stretching. They can appear after pregnancy or occur in some other situations. To get rid of stretch marks is quite difficult. However, there are a number of methods, which give the opportunity to fix the problem.

To get rid of stretch marks

Because of what appear?

In medicine, stretch marks are called striae. They represent the scars on the skin. Stretch marks may be located in different directions. However, their depth and width are substantially different. Stretch marks are not harmful for the human body. This phenomenon does not provoke pain. The situation only gives aesthetic discomfort. The problem worsens the appearance of the skin. Usually stretch marks occur during pregnancy. During this period, the phenomenon may occur on:

  • buttocks;
  • stomach;
  • the hips;
  • breast.

The process is carried out on the background of rapid weight gain, increase the volume of the stomach or hormonal changes. All this causes distension of the skin. For the elasticity of fibers in the epidermis respond to elastin and collagen. If a woman initially they are quite small, the probability of collision increases with the problem. To cause the occurrence of striae can also increase during adolescence, excessive exercise, the process of childbirth and breast-feeding. If there is hyperextension of the skin, the body can not quickly compensate for the missing cell mass. The result is a thinning of the epidermis. It explodes. In the next place, similarly exposed, filled by connective tissue. Exactly what be scars.

Stretch marks become pale not immediately. Initially they may be red or dark blue. This is due to the fact, what's inside skin tears there are a large number of small blood vessels. Over time, there is their devastation. The result is stretch marks change color, becoming white. This feature of the skin is difficult to eliminate. To allow the epidermis to its original form, you will need to perform a large number of procedures and spending a lot of time.

Experts advise to start treatment immediately, as soon as the woman noticed the appearance of stretch marks. It is easier to heal fresh scars. They are called stretch marks young. Is striae, that came less than a year ago. They are usually a light pinkish color. In some cases, the woman can get rid of them completely. The process can be carried out at home. However, you need to understand, that it takes a very long time. If there are old scars, who purchased white color, you can make them only invisible visual. leather, similarly exposed, tan defies. The fact, that stretch marks the melanin pigment is missing. This leads to, in summer, they become more visible. Therefore, experts advise to pay attention to sunburn.


Stretch marks on the belly usually appear as a result of pregnancy. In this period there is active growth of the uterus, that leads to serious skin stretching. She does not have time to adjust to the new volume. However, the problem may face not only pregnant. If there are vertical striae, it speaks about a strong change of weight in a short period of time. If there was a horizontal stretch, it is a testimony to that hormonal failure. Regardless of the root cause, in all situations observed the deterioration of the elasticity of the skin. To hide stretch marks is problematic.

On the buttocks

On the buttocks phenomena are less frequent, than in other areas. However, the appearance of stretch marks is becoming a significant problem. The fact, to get rid of them is significantly harder. Stretch marks on buttocks can appear, if the skin lacks of Halogens, fats or vitamins. A similar situation was registered in the case of pregnancy, puberty, the use of hormones or lack of collagen.

Water imbalance is another cause, able to provoke striae on the buttocks. Today, experts have proved, the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks are linked. Often this problem is logged in athletes. They are forced to perform complex exercises. As a result, the skin can stretch, that will cause the appearance of stretch marks.

On the chest

Stretch marks on Breasts less noticeable. Physical discomfort they cause. However, for some women, the presence of the problem becomes complex. Stretch marks in this region represent vertical gaps. Initially they're red, however, later become a lighter shade. The reasons for this phenomenon quite a lot. The list includes:

  1. A woman waits for the child or breastfeeding him. In both situations, there is a strong increase of the mammary glands.
  2. The woman quickly gained weight or lost it.
  3. In the skin there is a low level of collagen and elastin.
  4. Have a place to be problems with the hormone levels.

Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks?

If the woman noticed his body stretching, we must not tarry. The problem can be combated. However, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances, to consider:

  1. We must not tarry. If stretching pink, red or purple, it is considered fresh. Such phenomenon is quite easy to repair. Stretch marks begin to fade after six months after the occurrence. The situation is due to the fact, what starts the natural process of dying capillaries. If stretching is on the skin for an extended period of time, to get it completely does not work. The essence of the methods of influence will be to ensure, to make the problem less visible to the naked eye.
  2. To get rid of stretch marks, will have to use a combination of methods. If you use several methods, this will increase the chances of a successful outcome in the fight against stretch marks.
  3. Don't stop. Impact on the problem area needs to be systematic. The effect of the procedure or exercise is not immediately noticeable. The first changes may appear only after several months after the beginning of exposure. Because a woman have to be patient. If recourse to one or another method from time to time, it will not give positive results.

Scrub for stretch marks


Try to get rid of stretch marks you can use a contrast shower. The essence of the procedure is to alternate the pouring of problem areas hot and cold water. The process must always end with application of a cool liquid. Due to the method will be able to increase the elasticity of blood vessels. The result is improved skin tone. Additionally, the method helps the fight against cellulite.

Session duration should not exceed 5 minutes. The treatment begins with warm water. Then it is recommended to start gradually to reduce its. Each approach takes no more than 40 seconds. When exposure is completed, you need to use a special cream. It needs intended for combating cellulite or stretch marks. Previously recommended to consult a specialist. The use of a contrast shower has a number of contraindications. So, while carrying the child from the use of the methods should not be.

The use of massage

To get rid of stretch marks using massage. To combat the problem applies to several types of mechanical impact on direct skin. So, can be made vacuum massage. During the procedure, the impact of the exposed upper layer of the skin. Performing the vacuum massage has a serious irritant effect. This helps to speed up cellular metabolism. To carry out this variety of exposure is recommended only in the cabin. The procedure is as efficient. Stretch marks will begin to fade after a few sessions. However, there are contraindications. To refuse use of the scheme impact is recommended, if problem areas are observed inflammation, people are affected by hypertension, he is allergic to additional funds for a massage, if they apply. Pregnancy also hampers the implementation of impact.

Another effective way, to get rid of stretch marks, acts honey massage. For his conduct will need to take a liquid med. A substance must be heated in the palms, and then patting movements to have an impact on the area, which includes striae. The procedure does not take much time. Exposure shall not exceed 15 minutes. When the activity is completed, it is recommended to take a contrast shower. To perform massage several times a week. The procedure is repeated until, until the desired result is achieved. The list of contraindications for exposure coincides with the list, current for vacuum massage.

One more variety of ways of dealing with stretch marks is the massage Garcia. Method is not similar to other methods of influence. Its difference lies in the fact, the holding of this variety of massage are acceptable even on the chest. Going through the process, woman will not face unpleasant sensations. The essence of the impact consists of easy probing and stroking. In the result, the cells begin to actively updated. The process may be performed daily.

Compresses with vinegar

If a woman wants to get rid of stretch marks, you need to take a cotton cloth. Alternative acts linseed matter. You will also need vinegar. It will dilute. You need to use two tablespoons of liquid 200 ml of water. Matter it is necessary to moisten in the resulting solution. You will then apply it to problem areas.

To have an impact over a long period of time is not necessary. It is sufficient to apply a compress for one minute. When exposure is made, need to RUB the skin and wash the body. In Apple cider vinegar contains acid. She has a lightening effect on the area of the stretch marks. Gradually they will become less noticeable. The vinegar helps fight the cellulite.

The seaweed wrap

If a woman wants to get rid of stretch marks, you can try to resort to using cold wraps using algae. You will need to purchase a few plates. The exact number depends on the physique women. Bought kelp should be placed in pre-prepared dishes. After that, the algae filled water. You need to use liquid, the temperature which corresponds to the room. Plates should be left in the liquid 30 minutes. This is done, so they soaked.

Conventionally, in order, to bring algae to the state, suitable for use, need to pour a liter of fluid. Sodden algae are superimposed on the problem areas. Previously recommended to carry out the peeling. The procedure can be carried out, using natural scrubs. So, an example of one of them is a coffee scrub. On top of the algae is to put the polyethylene. The procedure will need to spend about 1 o'clock. Use the procedure recommended to 2 once a week.


The use of Shilajit

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of stretch marks on thighs, a woman can resort to the help of a cream with mumie. Prepared independently. The tool can be used with essential oils or without. To prepare the cream you will need to acquire Shilajit pills and crush them into powder. During the procedure used 10 tablets. In a separate jar need to give a tube of baby cream. It is recommended to give preference to the bold means. Additionally, you can buy a special cream for stretch marks.

It is necessary to give preference to drugs, which contain active moisturizers. Their acts hyaluronic acid, chitosan or aloe Vera. Additionally, the composition should contain minerals, vitamins, collagen and amino acids. In cream, you must add the previously prepared tablet of the mummy. The resulting mass should be thoroughly mixed. You can then add essential oil. The choice of a suitable depends on personal preferences of women.

So, the procedure can be used 2 drops of oil of grapefruit, rosewood or orange. If a woman prefers sandalwood or rosemary oil, to the cream add one drop. The positive effect and neroli. Need to add two drops. The mass is allowed to make additional oil depending on personal preference. The cream should be stored in the refrigerator. It is designed for daily use. The composition should be rubbed into the skin in those places, where are the stretch marks.

The use of scrubs

Razbirayasy, how to get rid of stretch marks after birth, need to resort to using coffee scrub. It is useful for skin. This remedy has cellulite. Additionally it allows to get rid of stretch marks. The kind of scrub is recommended to be applied daily. The process is carried out during taking a shower. After that, as the woman put the body soap or gel, need to fill in a hand of dry ground coffee.

You then start to RUB the substance into the problem areas. Clockwise rotation. One area you need to pay 3-4 minutes time. You can cook and other exfoliating substances. To do this, take half Cup sugar and half Cup of salt. You will also need a Cup of vegetable oil.

Visiting the salon

Salon procedures, to get rid of stretch marks on the legs or other areas, quite a lot. Experts will help woman to choose a method of exposure, which is right for her. So, to fight with stretch marks mesotherapy helps. Its essence consists in the introduction under the skin the special composition. His selection is subject to the individual characteristics of the client. Substance, injected subcutaneously, almost natural. Today there are two varieties of treatments – the traditional and hardware. In the first case, the introduction of substances is performed using special thin needles. The procedure is not the most pleasant. The method is not suitable for people, who are afraid of injections.

salon treatment

If you are running hardware mesotherapy, painful sensations do not occur. Experts recommend to resort to the help of this method, in the case, if the stretch marks are capturing a larger area of the body. The substance penetrates under high pressure. The result after the procedure there is swelling and bruising. However, recourse to the method not always possible. To unsubscribe from mesotherapy must, if a:

  • a woman bears a child;
  • is the place to be infection or blood disease;
  • people suffer gallstone disease;
  • present cancer.

For, to achieve a positive effect, you need to perform 5-10 procedures. The value of the indicator may differ depending on individual characteristics. It is recommended to perform the procedure once a week. After that, as implemented mesotherapy, you need to temporarily abandon the pool and sauna, as well as getting a sunburn.

Ozone therapy is similar to mesotherapy. It also involves the introduction into the skin of specific substances using a thin needle. However, the composition is radically different. Is introduced under the skin the active oxygen. It improves the metabolism and blood circulation. Additionally, the cells eliminate toxins. All this leads to increase in elasticity and firmness of the skin. The result is stretch marks starting to smooth out or even completely gone. The course lasts for 10-15 sessions. The procedure should not bring discomfort. Ozone therapy is not carried out, if the person has seizures, intolerance of the active substance, bleeding regardless of the origin, hemorrhagic stroke, hyperthyroidism and increased blood clotting.

For tightening use masonite. The process is used, if there is a violation the production of collagen. Leverage is one of the most safe. The fact, that it used only natural materials. Threads are injected under the skin using very fine needles. Six months later, the material breaks down and excreted from the tissues. The principle impact is based on the characteristics of the formation of elastin and collagen. Connective tissue begins to grow around the material, which was introduced. This increases skin elasticity and smoothes stretch marks. The procedure is not recommended in the presence of inflammatory diseases, reduced immunity, Oncology or of continuously elevated temperature. The session is performed without anesthesia. During its implementation a woman should not face the pain.

To get rid of stretch marks helps and peeling. The essence of the procedure consists in removing the upper layers of the skin. If sessions are held regularly, this promotes acceleration of collagen synthesis. The implementation of peeling is a serious stress to the body. Because to perform the procedure is strongly not recommended during menstruation, diseases of the cardiovascular system, in the case of the presence of wounds and inflammations on the skin, if there are infectious diseases during pregnancy or breastfeeding, if you have individual intolerance to components, which are an integral part of the means for peeling.

secrete 2 main types of treatments – chemical and laser. In the first case, the impact of the divide on the middle and outer. At a superficial peeling effect on the skin is performed using a special apparatus. It directs the air along with fine sand on the epidermis. The result is a grinding. This leads to, that stretch marks become less noticeable. With an average peeling skin smeared with a special acid, which penetrates into its deeper layers. The procedure produced once in 10 days. To noticeable result will in 10 sessions.

The laser peeling is reduced to a vacuum sanding stretch marks on the skin with a special beam. The method makes it possible to completely get rid of the problem. To the procedure need to prepare. Before it is necessary to use a special cream, which contains large amounts of vitamin C. During the procedure, may be used in analgesia or anesthesia. Funds depend on the size of the treated area. The number of sessions is determined individually. After that, as the complex procedures, it is necessary to abandon the sun for a few months.

To fight against stretch marks using the exposure apparatus d'arsonval. The device promotes the synthesis of collagen. While diseased cells are gradually eliminated. The effect is soft. During the procedure, patient discomfort is not experiencing. Selection of nozzles individually. During the procedure, it is necessary to observe their feelings. They should be pleasant. To use the device alone is not worth it. There is a risk to hurt yourself. If a woman feels a slight tingling during the process, it is a standard phenomenon. The device has an impact on the cause of stretch marks, does not fight with its consequences.


To get rid of stretch marks teenager can help exercise. They change depending on, what region has stretch marks. So, if they are localized on the abdomen, you need to get down on the floor and put your hands behind your head. The legs bent at the knees. In the second phase of the exercise is necessary to raise the body, stretched out in the upper part of the body forward. You must then press their chest to the knee. The exercise is performed in three sets of 15 time.

If the stretch marks are localized in the chest area, in the fight against the problem will help push UPS. You need to stand in the standard position for push-UPS, uperevshis palms on the floor and standing on his toes. The back should be straight. Then you need to bend the arms, down. Next is lifting. While it is necessary to reach the top point and straighten one of your hands. You will then return to the starting position. The process is performed according to two approaches 15 reps.

With the localization of the stretch marks on the thighs and buttocks, you must fall into a chair and straighten the back. In this case, the hands need to lean into the seat on either side of himself. And then will begin to move my legs up and down. The impact is performed three times 25 reps. To ensure the effectiveness of, you need to exercise daily.

Massage stretch marks

food rules

To get rid of stretch marks on stomach at home, need to pay special attention to nutrition. It must be balanced. You should not eat too much food or, conversely, there is little. This will trigger a set or weight loss. This phenomenon will only aggravate the situation. The diet must include fish. She should be not fat. Additionally it is necessary to add in the daily menu of beef, chicken breast and seafood. Increasing protein in the diet will improve the production of elastin and collagen.

However carbs daily should be sufficient. So you need to eat more vegetables and fruits. It is better, to plant food were present for Breakfast, dinner and supper. It is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits fresh. Completely abandon fat is also impossible. In the menu you need to make unrefined olive or sunflower oil. Benefits and nuts. But flour, sweets and alcohol are prohibited. Better to completely eliminate these foods from the menu. They interfere with normal metabolism. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity.

Surgical removal

If a woman wants to get rid of stretch marks, without spending a large amount of time, may require surgical removal. Surgery is cosmetic. They are assigned only in extreme cases. Usually by the way of influence people resort, who have formed a deep old stretch marks. The method has a large number of contraindications. It is capable of harm. Therefore, it is recommended to weigh the pros and cons before, how to make the final choice.

How to prevent the emergence?

To get rid of stretch marks is hard enough. Them easier to prevent, future deal with them. So, doctors advise not to resort to strict diets. The fact, they provoke drastic weight loss. The skin does not have time to follow the volumes. The result is stretch marks. A significant limitation of food leads to a deficiency of certain substances. It also affects the condition of the body. It is better to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. This way of losing weight effectively. It will reduce the risk of stretch marks and prevent the re-return pounds.

From the daily menu, it is recommended to exclude flour and sweet. The amount of salt better to reduce. The expert recommends replacing these foods with vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Do not forget about water. She needed a human body for the flow of all processes. Per day should drink at least 1,5 liters of fluid.

To get involved in strength training is not recommended. They are able to provoke stretching. During childbearing it is better to use a bandage.

In addition, you should make regular gentle massage. Is performed using special oil or cream. It is recommended to change the usual schedule. It is necessary to make the charging and the holding of a contrast shower.

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