Top 18 tips on how, how to make peeling

The skin requires care. However, put the cream on the night and perform washing is not enough. It is necessary to periodically peeling. It allows you to remove dead epithelium, of the accumulated fat and dirt residues. Today there are many varieties of procedures and tools for its implementation. The selection is made depending on skin type and pilling

What you need to know about peeling?

Peeling is a cosmetic procedure, during which the cleaning is performed different layers of the skin. It is performed with the help of chemicals and hardware methods. Women decide to make a peeling, to align and rejuvenate the skin. In English the word "peeling" is rolling and peeling. Today the procedure is often carried out using a special gel and a number of other funds, which allow you to remove dead epidermal cells. Together with them, it is made from skin cleaning dust particles and other elements, that clog pores. The method is characterized by high productivity and safety. This makes it more popular than other methods.

Human cells continually divide. As a result, there is a constant renewal of the skin. It completely changes during the 27 days. However, over the years, the procedure is performed less often. As a result, the cornified layer is accumulated. there is thickening. The skin becomes rough. It becomes an unhealthy color and becomes rough. Increased sensitivity to the sun, cold and external stimuli. appears pigmentation. This is due to the increased perception of ultraviolet radiation. Particles clog pores dead. This results in black spots. Sometimes it may cause inflammation. Lack of maintenance will result in sagging and premature wrinkles.

Indications for

Making peeling is recommended for women middle-aged and older. With the aging of the skin are in need of artificial cleansing. The method allows:

  • remove age spots;
  • rejuvenate kozhu;
  • remove stretch marks or scars, if they are present;
  • align the relief of the epidermis;
  • eliminate inflammation;
  • Recovering protective barrier.

Pre recommended to consult a dermatologist. It will determine the, as peeling will be useful in each case.

Contraindications to the implementation of procedures

there are situations, in which peeling is forbidden to do. Abandon the procedure recommended in the following cases:

  • a woman bears a child or breastfeeding him;
  • present allergy to cosmetic products or drugs, used during the procedure;
  • there is fever;
  • have physical damage to the skin;
  • present psoriasis or eczema;
  • have a place to be pustular lesions, bacterial and viral infections, and herpes;
  • present malignant or inflammatory processes in the skin;
  • a woman identified somatic disorders or atopic dermatitis;
  • there are cardiovascular disease.

Impacting on the human body, procedure enables not only local, but also other regenerative processes. As a result, during the biochemical reaction is accelerated. This leads to increased stress on the heart. If there are contraindications, from the peel is recommended to refrain. You can use other means deep cleaning. They are soft and natural organic scrub lotion. To select a cosmetic product must be, taking into account the available skin type.

Peeling do not immediately after epilation. The procedure should be delayed in the 7-10 days. If the in-depth layered facial resurfacing, purification can be carried out only after six months. If you use deep peels, the implementation of which involves the use of chemicals, perform the procedure at home can not be, effects require anesthesia or local anesthesia. Such procedures must be performed in conditions of clinics.

perform any

Peeling can be done in a salon or at home. Contact a reduced risk of adverse effects. However, for the wizard will have to pay. Perform any peeling reduce the cost of the proceeding. Will have to acquire only the necessary cosmetic products or cook it yourself. You must first become familiar with topom the best advice on the implementation of procedures. This will reduce the likelihood of a collision with errors. Pre-need to see a specialist. It will help to find a suitable method for cleaning.

Today there are several types of peels and more 50 different recipes for compounding for home cleansing the skin. Independent peeling may be performed using masks and cleansing scrubs. They may include salt, acetylsalicylic acid, prodayuschuyusya tablets, or calcium chloride, ampoule which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Make peeling at home without a visit to the doctor is not recommended. There is a risk of harm to the skin.

existing types of

before, doing peeling, it is recommended to choose a variety of treatments. All procedures are divided into three types – mechanical, chemical peels and hardware. In the first case, the effect on the skin turns using scrub cream. They contain exfoliating ingredients. scrub

Food severely crushed and added to the composition of the funds. During the application of abrasive particles roll over the skin. impacting, means clean pores, removing them from the sebaceous congestion and pollution, and also contributes to the removal of dry flakes.

If you use a chemical peel, effect on the skin is creamy groups. The composition includes active ingredients. Usually these are different types of acids. They are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of tissue. After the procedure, there is improvement in skin elasticity.

Hardware method involves the use of special tools, which has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. During the lasers can be used procedure, ultrasonic devices, as well as a gas-liquid apparatus.

Peels differ in the degree of impact. secrete:

  1. Surface. It involves influencing only the stratum corneum. Substances that Deplete the top 0,06 millimeter. If a woman wants to achieve long-term effects of such a procedure,, You need to hold it for a week. impact rate is 1-1,5 months. Surface substances used, if a woman is suffering from acne, there are small pockets of pigmentation.
  2. Median. exposures are 0,45 mm skin. With the method it is possible to remove the effects of acne, smooth out fine lines, eliminate photoaging and age keratosis. Method of improving stimulates tissue regeneration.
  3. deep peels. Using the method manages to perform cleaning of the dermis in the lower layers. The method involves applying a mask. With its help it is possible to deal with facial wrinkles and scars.

homemade recipes

solving, whether to do facial peels, You can perform the procedure at home. Typically, the method involves the preparation of an independent agent for the procedure. The active substance will be able to buy in a drugstore. The home will be able to perform surface cleaning. Sometimes carried median peeling. Deep cleansing carried out without medical knowledge can not. It involves a serious effect on the skin. Violation of technology is fraught with consequences. The procedure requires sterility. Sometimes hospitalization is necessary at the time of recovery. Because the impact is carried out in the framework of the clinic or salon.

Deciding to start doing peels, possible to use glycolic acid. It has an effect on the upper layer of the epithelium. Under the influence of the substance is burned dead cells. Glycolic acid is a fruit. Its use allows superficial peeling. The deep layers of the skin are not affected. Removal of the upper layer causes the, that new cells begin to actively grow. If a woman wants to use methods, It recommended to buy a professional set. Its members usually include gel, Milk and converter. The latter product is required to remove the acid. In addition, the kit includes a restoring serum. All drugs should be used in conjunction. They complement each other. The method allows to get rid of redness, peeling, dryness, tracks, left after acne, and freckles. The procedure does not cause discomfort.

At home, use and calcium chloride. He helps to reduce inflammation. After his exposure observed skin tone. metabolism speeds. The pores narrowing. they cleared.

peeling, during which the use of potassium chloride, It leads to the formation of pellets. They accumulate all skin cells. Additionally, the calcium oxide is present spools. They are the result of interaction between alkali and acid soap. Sharing resources leads to the formation of a chemical reaction. The result is the removal of keratin scales. Feature allows you to achieve the desired result. It is recommended to carry out the procedure once a week, if a woman has oily skin. If the dermis dry or normal, do a better impact no more than once in 15 days.purification

Peeling can do using retinoic acid. It allows the average surface cleaning or. In the first case applies synthetic substance, and in the second the natural. Peeling with retinoic acid differently called yellow. The procedure is called because of the color, which becomes the skin after exposure. The effect persists for several days, then passes. Because of skin yellowing procedure involves the rehabilitation period. It takes two to three days. Then the skin will regain its normal tone. Produce an average peel is recommended for persons, reached 30 years old. This is considered a radical method, It allows you to remove scars, wrinkles and pigmentation.

yellow peeling, performed using the natural acid, It is considered to be more gentle. It is suitable for women of any age. Acid is derived from turmeric. Plants grow on the banks of the Amazon. Peeling is recommended that no more than once per month. If applicable synthetic acid, period is increased to once every six months. The method involves the application of acid to the skin for 10 hours. After this old skin starts to climb round, red and scaly. Similar phenomena are considered normal. They disappear within 3 days. After method happen complete skin renewal. It will look younger. wrinkles disappear. A woman can get rid of the redness. However, the high cost of the procedure is different. The recommended method is carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

Make peeling at home and be able to use mandelic acid. This fruity substance, is prepared from bitter almond. She has a gentle effect on the fabric. The method can be used in relation to persons, has a gentle sensitive skin. Allowed to carry out the impact even in the summer. In this case, there is no risk of hyperpigmentation. Following topu best tips and completing the peeling right, a woman can get rid of wrinkles, rosacea, narrow pores, remove oily seborrhea and restore tone and elasticity of tissues.

Acting on the skin, mandelic acid leads to destruction of the bonds between the keratinized cells. As a result, the face is easier to clean them. There is a lifting effect. Cosmetic product leads to improved production of elastin and collagen. As a result, the facial skin is renewed. The facility has anti-inflammatory effect. Due to this we are able to remove small pimples and heals wounds. There is a whitening effect. Mandelic acid confers protection skin. As a result, the environment has no negative effects on the fabric. In fact, almond peeling is a medical mask. After its application, actively regenerate skin. Means heals scratches and frame. Therefore, almond peeling can be carried out, if available. Achieve a healthy smooth skin will be able to have a few procedures.


Professional way to be able to use in the clinic or beauty salon. Typically exposure is performed by chemical means or hardware exposure. In the first case it is carried enrichment tissue acids. As part of the salon or clinic usually done medium and deep peels.

The median procedure is performed using salicylic, retinoic acid and phytic. It allows you to remove the entire layer of the epidermis. Use is not recommended, if the woman is younger 30 years old. Refuse to carry out the action necessary during pregnancy, infant feeding and in the presence of individual intolerance of components used.

The deep peeling is performed by means of trichloroacetic acid. concentrated substances. The procedure differs soreness. During her skin removal takes place at a deep level. The effect is achieved by a chemical burn. It is necessary to carry out the impact only in a sterile cabinet. Subsequently, the patient is hospitalized. The impact involves a long period of rehabilitation. He will take up 1 of the month. After the deep peeling face becomes purple hue. On 15 day exposure to begin to form a crust. Gradually they the cabin

After the procedure, the upper skin layer coming together with spots and other imperfections. After a deep peel the skin becomes smooth beautiful color, also rejuvenates. The procedure is considered to be a major influence. It can not be carried out in a period of strong sun exposure. This can cause the development of pigmentation. Therefore, a deep peel is recommended in November and December. If there is inflammation and pimples, to resort to the action can not be. Deep peels are contraindicated, even in the presence of individual entities. There is a risk of spread of infection throughout the body. The procedure requires prior consultation with a specialist.

How to Choose?

Making peeling is necessary only after selecting the appropriate procedure. producing action, It is required to take into account the top of the best tips. If in 20-30 aged woman is the owner of dry skin, should use the funds only, recommended by the beautician. The procedure is performed once a week. If a mature woman has a greasy or normal skin, Scrubs are recommended for permanent use. However, in the presence of a thin dry dermis from their use better to refuse at all.

Peels are sold in pharmacies. Means may have a more aggressive action. Therefore to begin their application too early is not recommended. So, aging prevention 25 years, you can start to use ana-acids. Even at a young age if you have problems with the skin is allowed to use weak or salicylic peels Jessner. If a woman were executed 25-30 years old, and it has a greasy, problem skin, it is recommended to start using a peeling. when executed 35, should start to use retinoic cleansing. If the skin is thick and porous, You can use the peel 25% and more. The procedure is forbidden to conduct home. It can only be done during visits to beauty parlor.

solving, some peeling to do, pay attention to the type of skin. If it is oily, It has large pores and a sufficiently thick, daily cost of producing cleansing. Periodically allowed to use chemical purification. This uses a soft tool aggressiveness. The procedure requires humidification. If the skin is dry, peeling is carried out on a weekly basis. The course consists of 6 procedures. For purification using mandelic acid and glycolic. They allow you to maintain optimum humidity. When the procedure is completed, you must use the creams, containing polyunsaturated acids.

If the skin is normal, apply a mild detergent or cleaning products age. It is better to use them twice a week. Conducting any peeling requires a test for allergic reaction. For this means is applied to an elbow bend and left for a certain period of time. If after completion of the reaction has not followed, You can use the.

Preparation for the procedure

before, doing peeling, you need to prepare. The procedure is no different complexity. Before exposure recommended to align the stratum corneum. In addition, apply the cream, containing fruit or glycolic acid. To prevent the occurrence of hyperpigmentation, made leather processing sunscreen with SPF 15. Performs actions, warning the occurrence of skin diseases relapse. It is especially important to perform exposure, if the procedure affects the skin, which is prone to rashes.

Top tips for the best procedure

Initially, you need to remove makeup, produce removal of sebum dirt. To perform an action uses a standard tonic or lotion. Further, peeling is produced applying means. After a certain period of time it is washed away. If you are middle peeling, it may be easy hyperemia. The next day there is peeling. It will pass through 3-5 days.

After performing the processing procedures required to produce the impacts healing agents. Sometimes apply sunscreen cream and low-fat. The middle and deep peeling is best done in the fall or winter. In this period of time the sun appears less, and reduced the risk of hyperpigmentation. It is better to conduct peeling in interior conditions. If a middle or deep cleaning is performed independently, there is a risk of chemical burns.clear skin

Top tips for follow-up care

dismantled, how often do facial peels, worth exploring top of the best tips for subsequent skin care. It is better to try to avoid the influence of sunlight. For this purpose we use a wide-brimmed hat. If you ignore the rules, there is a risk of burns and subsequent scarring. By the use of cosmetic products are recommended, provides healing effects. It is better to choose the means, custom Aloe. Going to bed, it is not necessary to apply a large amount of the cream. This increases the risk of, that the pores are clogged. As a result, the access of oxygen to the skin may deteriorate. She will not be able to fully relax. If a woman has caused too much money, It recommended to wet his cosmetic tissue.

Do not use lotions and tonics, containing alcohol. The substance in the evaporation process affects the skin. All kinds of peels are banned, if a woman is about to leave the house. After the procedure, the skin becomes more vulnerable. If you exit to the street is planned for the winter period of time, fall under the ban and moisturizers. It is better to use nourishing products. It is necessary to make a peeling based on individual characteristics.

possible results

The procedure takes a few minutes to 1,5 o'clock. Duration of peeling depends on the selected mode of action and skin. As a result of the procedure manages to normalize the lipid balance of the dermis, reduce the number of deep and eliminate the number of fine wrinkles, get rid of scars and acne results. The method activates the metabolism in the skin. As a result of fatigue symptoms disappear. Improves complexion. The skin gets a fresh smooth appearance. The treatment stimulates collagen production. This name is a natural protein, contributing to improve skin elasticity and firmness. From the amount of collagen depends on the outline of the face. Impact promotes elimination and other defects, arising as a result of age-related changes.

However, if the woman is young and has a healthy skin, it is not necessary to perform the chemical cleaning of the face. The dermis does not require additional purification. Reduction processes take place in her own. Peeling is not necessary to use for the prevention of. Several procedures species affects the deep layers of the skin. As a result, it is applied to microtrauma. Such exposure is beneficial to mature skin. The treatment stimulates collagen production. This building elements of the dermis. Similar effects on young tender skin can lead to the development of dermatitis and redness. It increases the risk of irritation.

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