Top 15 tips on how, how to cope with stress

Stress is a problem for many people. It impacts on all spheres of life, worsening mood and leading to a nervous breakdown. Razbirayasy, how to cope with stress, to improve health, sports, practice breathing techniques and yoga.

What is stress?

to understand, how to cope with stress, you need to define the meaning of the word. Stress is an internal reaction of a person, provoked by external factors. This can be a problem, the surrounding people, various situations in life, injury. However, before, to address external factors, you need to understand yourself. Without a change inside any new problem again will trigger stress. Each time getting rid of them, will receive new and nervousness will never end.How to cope with stress

The reason for creating stress state lies within the person. Everything else is the catalyst. Therefore, change must happen inside. This will help to stop reacting with anxiety to external factors. The stress will be over forever. It does not mean, what problems will cease to appear. Unpleasant circumstances will only cease to provoke stress. You can easily solve incoming problems and subsequently not to panic and depression.

Types of people

learning, how to cope with stress, man finds, several exercises and methods not enough, to become fully stress-resistant. In real life things are more complicated. Primarily, this is due to the fact, that people are divided into 4 group stress:

  • stress;
  • stressfreien;
  • stresshormone;
  • stressanalysis.

Stress-resistant people quietly accept the changes. Stable and predetermined existence quickly becomes a bore. These people themselves are the source of life transformation. They can lead the movement, however, in the most dangerous moment to step aside. The love change is not love to harm himself. They are effective in a crisis, problematic conditions, work well under pressure, however, it is problematic for them, work in stable companies. For such people, the stress will be just the situation, which are the most similar.

Stressfreien ready for change. However, they should not be global and occur gradually. If changes are too fast, painful, these people get annoyed and depressed. However, the distinguishing feature is the fact that they trenirovannosti. They quickly get used to it and eventually react to a stressful situation calmer.

Stresshormone people have a hard life principles and world view. To rapid external change calmly. They prefer quick and a single change in your life. If stress is a constant, however, sluggish, stresshormone people quickly lose the willpower and give in to emotions.

Stressanalysis people worse than others to adapt to external changes. They prefer stability and peace. Poorly adapts to new external factors. Any adverse event affects their mood. During times of high stress overly emotional, unbalanced.

How to cope with stress?

Psychologists have developed a number of ways, in order to cope with stress. Selection of an appropriate matter of personal preference. Perhaps a combination of techniques.

To figure out the source

There are several ways, to help you understand, how to cope with stress. The first of these is the clarification of the source. When a person is too restless and annoyed, it seems, what problems surround us everywhere. Depression and emotional instability have an impact on all spheres of life. However, the initial cause is often one factor. As soon as it is discovered, it must be corrected before coming to normal. Common causes of stress is a difficult task at work, interpersonal conflicts or unpleasant information, derived from the media.

The change itself

learning, how to cope with stress, people understand, the problem lies in himself. By eliminating an external cause, calm will exist until that moment, until a new catalyst. Therefore, you should start with yourself. First need to get rid of psychological problems. They are often the root cause of stress. It is such problems, as a lack of confidence, stiffness, fears and phobias, different complexes, exposure of rage and anger, anxiety, arrogance, nervousness – any trait of this kind can be the instigator of stress.

Even if it caused concern, it depends on the psychological state of a person. In addition to traits of such catalysts there may be a strong conviction, internal or religious taboos, protests, dissatisfaction. The cause of the stress in this case is the discrepancy between attitudes and events in life.

Effective method, to help you understand, how to cope with stress by exploring yourself, is dealing with the past. This period of time is the cause of this psychological state. Past events that have shaped the personality and influence the life. Problems can arise because of old accidents.

The past can not be changed. To do this there is no need. The only action there must be deliverance from the influence of external events with consideration. This is subconscious. It contains memories of every moment of life. With qualified help the subconscious mind can be controlled and set the study of certain points in the past. This will help to find out, when and under what circumstances, there is a problem. Next, you will eliminate negative emotions these episodes. Will help to destroy the mental material, they created. He is the main cause of personal problems. Includes limiting human beliefs and decisions, inhibitions, phobias, doubt.The conversation with the psychologist

Using the method, should not focus on a particular problem, which seems to be the cause of the stress. In the human psyche are all interconnected. The main problem may be fueled by other bad situations, which have an impact on the psychological state. Therefore, a comprehensive approach is necessary in order, to cope with stress.

Attitude to the situation

One way, to understand, how to cope with stress, is the change related to the problem. The wrong attitude can become a catalyst for the anxiety. In such cases, the fault lies primarily on the environment and people. Often they are attacking with their opinions and provoke unwanted thoughts. Constant injection can provoke a stressful situation. However, swearing and self-flagellation will not help fix it.

The first thing must change is the attitude of the person. Should get rid of negative emotions, keep the nerve cells. You need to find the positive traits in each situation. This will make it easier to perceive what happened. Do not worry due to the fact, it is impossible to change. No need to take problems and other people's words to heart. You have to look at the positive angle.

Being in a stressful condition, you can miss the most obvious solution. For, to change your attitude to the problem, you can chat with friends and family, make an appointment with a psychologist or to think in a quiet place. It is necessary to solve the problem, if possible. Waiting will only increase the stress. However, if this is hard, conversation necessary. Discussing problems with other, they automatically seem easier and solutions come faster. If the problem is uncontrollable, you need to minimize contact with her. Better to step back for a while from the outside world. This will give you time to think and make the right decision.

The change in the situation

Razbirayasy, how to cope with stress and to improve the lives, is to perform changes in the situation. You need to determine the cause of this condition, and then to get rid of it. Common causes of stress are inadequate wages, picky head, hated colleague at work, however, enough people only to complaints and grievances, but the work they do not go. People are afraid to lose her and not find new, to more or less to get into the team worse. However, don't be afraid to change the life. If work is not satisfied, it is necessary to leave. Continued working on the hated organization only worsens stress. To endure a bad boss is wrong, it is not an indicator of stress.

To cope with stress and change the situation, it is necessary to find time for his Hobbies. You can find interesting pastime, allowing body and soul to relax, and then to make important decisions. It will also help to distract from worries and be aware of the situation. As these studies fit sport, playing a musical instrument, antistress coloring or reading books.

To cope with stress will help the analysis of the daily routine. Need to perform their actions, understand, they bring joy and any closer to the goal. You need to evaluate the time spent on daily activities, how it is beneficial. To get rid of unprofitable activities or to reduce them to a minimum. You can try to pass your classes to other people, which it will bring joy.

To let off steam

To cope with stress, you need to splash out all emotions and to let off steam. It is a kind of emotional discharge. If you keep it all to myself, relieve stress will fail. Person may at any time to break, what will result is not the best way. For this purpose, suitable hitting a speed bag. You can attach an image of, someone annoying, or to get involved throwing Darts and throwing them at photos of colleagues. Any sport will be useful in dealing with stress. This will help relieve the stress and transform negative emotions into physical labor.To let off steam

Breathing exercise

figuring out, how to cope with stress and improve wellbeing, you can resort to the help of breathing practices. This is one of the best ways to calm down in the moment of a critical situation. The easiest way is to breathe deep and slow breaths. To breathe need for 10 seconds, and exhale on 8. This will help to relieve tension in the muscles in the best way. If it's not leaving, you can repeat the exercise several times. Such methods practiced since ancient times. They are very effective and do not limit the human in location and time. The effect is noticeable after the first sample.

The breathing should be full. It includes abdominal and chest together. Thoracic breathing is defective. It previously used for, to facilitate the wearing of a corset girls. However, this leads to insufficient supply of oxygen to the body. The abdominal muscles do not relax. Full breathing will help you relax and relieve stress completely. The method should not cause difficulties. It is with a straight back in a seated position. One hand should be put on the stomach, and the second on the chest. So controlled breathing.

Taking a deep breath through the nose, the person will feel, as the air fills the lower part of the body. Belly, initially relaxed, rises. Continue the action should be slow. So the lungs gradually fill with air. Once they are filled, need to exhale through the nose at a slow pace. Repeat the exercise you need 10 time, to completely remove stress.

It is important to carry out prevention of such respiratory. You need to escape from everyday and devote a little time to breath. It is recommended to focus, observe the movement of air, as it enters and leaves the nostrils. Then the breath is aligned and brings calm.

Listening to music

To help you understand, how to cope with stress and lift your mood, able favorite music. It can affect a person and cause a sense of joy. I can play music with headphones while working, listen to your favorite songs in the car on the move or at home. If worried about a lot of stress or tension, best classical music acts or special melodies for relaxation. Music is very important. It helps to improve the experience over the past day and lift the spirits.

The use of color therapy

learning, how to cope with stress, people will encounter such a thing, as color therapy. Along with music, colors have a positive effect on the human nervous system. The best way would be to combine both methods. Colors can have a positive impact on the chemistry of the human body and reduce stress. Better to choose pastel tone. You should avoid cold, they provoke depression.

The simplest way to improve your mood and relieve stress is the right combination of colors in clothes or interior. Color therapy is a new direction in psychology. She investigates the effects of colors on emotional location. Method really works. Preference is blue or pink color. These colors evoke peace and tranquility. However, you need to choose calm pastel colors, we are not talking about bright fuchsia. The best solution would be to use powdery pink shade. In one experiment, it was used to reduce aggression in prisoners in jail. It reduces their anger and irritability. Therefore, in the case of testing such emotions, you can use a lipstick of similar shade.

Hand massage

Massage is one of the most effective ways to cope with stress. This applies both to conventional massage for the hands, that can be performed during 5 minutes independently, and the whole body. Especially true for those, who can't afford a visit to the Spa. Hand massage has a good effect on the biochemistry of the body, allows to rid of anxious and depressive feelings. You can do a similar procedure at work, to get rid of stress. However, it is better to visit a therapist and make the full procedure. This will help to completely relax, and also remove the tension from the muscles.Hand massage

A visit to the zoo

ascertaining, how to cope with stress, a person finds a relationship with a animal time. It has a therapeutic effect. Communication with animals helps to relieve stress and improve mood. In one study, the results showed, the walk with a pet or visiting the zoo helps in releasing certain hormones. This allows for a more positive look at things and feel better. If it is not possible to go to the zoo or in the absence of the pet, you can watch video with animals. It will also help you to relax.

Embrace other people

Hugs are the most popular method of getting rid of stress. They have a positive effect on the nervous system and a person's mood. If, within 10 moments holding hands or to hug a loved man, then will come the calm and improve mood. This is due to a fall in blood pressure, the release of hormones. Besides, it is useful to conduct such therapy with a particularly strong anxiety. Support in the form of a hug from someone close will help to get rid of depression and feel the confidence in a positive outcome. This can be compared to psychic chat or visit a psychologist.

Correct posture

Even back affects stress. People, who have good posture, to effectively get rid of stress and relax better. It is especially important to monitor the position of the back while working at the computer. If this is not done, posture will be broken and people will be more prone to stress. Correct posture will help to work out in the gym. You can sign up for Pilates or yoga. The latter will give you a back RUB, will help you relax and improve mental state. Yoga is especially good in the fresh air.

Forgiveness of the perpetrator

Razbirayasy, how to cope with stress and make life easier, should develop tolerance. It must be remembered, everyone has the right to be wrong and my point of view. People are different and there is no need to prove his mind constantly. This will only exacerbate the emotional state and waste power. If the arguments are important, to listen, you must make sure it is ready. The arguments you need to present calm and measured, and then give time to think. Before, like trying to convince people of the correctness, you need to understand, whether you need it and what can prevent him to realize a different point of view.

Emotional boundaries

Surrounding people often become a source of stress and anxiety. It could be a colleague at work, head, nasty neighbor, rude employee in the service sector, a bad driver, annoying cousin. It is necessary to minimize the communication with such people. They suck the positive energy and puts stress on the other person. Is not rude to refuse to communicate. You need to do it as politely, however, to make it clear there are more important things.

Trip to travel

Razbirayasy, how to cope with stress and relax, you can go on a trip. This method is one of the most pleasant, but expensive. Preference is peaceful and quiet places, avoiding the busy resorts and tourist cities. Better to go in a single trip to the mountains.The journey to the mountains

Have the opportunity to go on such a holiday with a yoga class. This will help not only to relax the soul, but to train the body. Journey should not be stressful, therefore, it is necessary to plan carefully and not to take people, which can obviously ruin the event. If the choice fell on the resort, you want to avoid the noisy beach, and often spend time on the various procedures.

To calm down after stress

dismantled, how to cope with stress, need to calm down after it. The modern pace of life rarely allows you to relax and pay attention to himself. The human body is accustomed to nervous attacks. However, the CNS suffers. It threatens diseases and pathologies. Therefore, after stress, we need calm. This is especially important for those, who find it difficult to avoid stress. In addition to calm, you must learn to resist such. There are several ways to reassure nervous after attack. The list includes:

  1. Do not take to heart trouble and strife. No need to take offense on all people, which offended or insulted. It makes no sense to grieve over trifles. Torn pantyhose can be replaced, a broken nail can restore manicurist. Emotions need to take control. Try not to be offended or freaking out, calmly talk about the situation.
  2. You need to relax. The best way will be good to sleep in. Often the cause of stress is fatigue at work or school. Therefore, a good sleep has a positive effect. You need to take a day off and do nothing. You can watch TV shows, read a book or spend all day on the couch. If there was to be a serious stress, you need to take a week off and go traveling. This will help to minimize the effects of stress.
  3. Breathing exercises. They help you relax during the test stress, after getting rid of him. Will be a good prevention. As soon as will advance stress, you need to take deep breaths for a few minutes. This will help and meditation.
  4. Address to the psychologist. If the problem is serious and frequent, maybe you need a visit to a professional. This will help to better understand the causes from within and to Express all their problems. It is often easier to speak to a stranger.
  5. sport. How to cope with stress, and to calm down after it will help physical activity. Especially works well treadmill. It is possible to purchase a home and to run a few kilometers after a stressful situation. You can instead jog. Fresh air also has a positive impact. In addition to running exercises will help Boxing. Simply beat up a punching bag.
  6. Darts. You can attach a picture of the main stimulus and throw Darts at it. It serves as emotional release. Help bowling. It is also fun, you can spend in good company.
  7. To calm down after stress helps performance a quiet and nice place. Have to close my eyes, taking a few deep breaths, imagine the waterfall. Clean water will help to flush all the insults, dissatisfaction, negative energy and stress. Do not have to go to the shower, you can spend a few minutes for a similar exercise at work.
  8. Walking. Nature has a positive effect on emotions and mood of a person. You can go to the Park or forest with access to the river. The place should be scenic and peaceful. Need to listen to the birds singing, the noise of leaves or water. If it is not possible to go for a walk, to include these sounds in your headphones and sit at home.
  9. Massage. This will help how to cope with stress, relax and relax your body. You can go to the procedure, combined with a sauna or pool. Fit the addition into the bath of aromatic oils. Especially a good effect lavender and other light scents.
  10. Tea. To calm down after stress will help mint or any other herbal tea. You can dilute it with chocolate or candy in silence. But stress-eating is strictly prohibited.

The prevention of stress

To not have to constantly cope with the stress, it is necessary to prevent. Without appropriate treatment, the anxiety will come back every time. If you don't rest after stress, it will accumulate with every further frustration or a difficult situation. It is therefore important even in calm periods to prevent. There are several ways:

  1. sport. Regular physical activity not only distracts from everyday life, but also improves the whole body. It is not necessary to overwork or build muscle. Will be quite complimentary yoga class, Pilates or other classes, helps to relax in everyday life. Helps swimming in the pool. It improves the functioning of all body systems, it helps to get a beautiful figure and
  2. proper nutrition. on, what feeds people, depends on the state of his nervous system. To exclude junk food, leaving her only in extreme cases, give preference to vegetables and fruits, greens and nuts. Especially helps eating bananas. They contribute to the secretion of the hormone of joy.
  3. Intimacy. The absence of a partner is having a bad impact on the health and nerves. In view of failed intimate life leads to more stressful situations.
  4. Sleep. Definitely should go to sleep. Low duration of sleep causes irritability, lack of sleep and fatigue. Must be at least 8 hours, to the morning not to feel like a vegetable.
  5. Mode. Need to make a clear schedule, by which certain actions will be performed at the same time. This revival and the administration in bed, meals. The hard work to perform better in the first half of the day with a fresh mind. All projects must be completed in time, because approaching deadlines are the main cause of stress at work. Dilute information, which gets brain. You need to alternate working and watching the series, reading of literature.
  6. Hobby. An interesting exercise for the soul will help to avoid stresses and right time. This can be a sport, drawing, dancing. You also need to spend more time in the fresh air. Combine these two items for greater efficiency. You can play sports on the street or to paint landscapes in the fresh air.
  7. Pet. Communication with the pet will help to get rid of stress and depression. It is particularly important to tolerate failures in dealing with people.

Aromatherapy. The house must be a pleasant light smell. You can add essential oils while taking a bath, to buy a scented candle with a light fragrance. You also need to listen to pleasant music, which soothes and relieves fatigue.

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