Top 15 tips on eyebrow mikrobleydinge

Not all women have naturally thick eyebrows correct form. Typically, to achieve the ideal result comes with the use of cosmetics. Its application requires a lot of time. Get rid of the need for the daily conduct of the procedure will mikrobleyding eyebrows. The method allows to preserve the desired shape and color for 1,5 years old. The procedure is performed in a specialized beauty salon.
eyebrow mikrobleyding

A bit about the method

Microbleeding eyebrow – tech design, allowing to maintain pristine appearance for a long time without any additional procedures. Mikrobleyding eyebrows manually. This improves its quality in comparison with hardware methods. Wherein the difference consists in technology and possible execution result.

To perform the procedure, Wizard performs on the client skin small incisions. They are made using a special blade. After the resulting wound is put under the skin pigment. The result is very similar to natural hair. Therefore, the skin looks natural. Drawing is carried out separately for each threadline. This increases the demands on the professionalism of the master of. Also required a lot of patience. In modern cosmetology method used around 10 years old. Initially, the procedure was invented in China. It differed from the method, which is used today. The method was adapted by European masters in the field of eyebrows Design.

The method is considered safer, than other varieties of tattoo. If you are using a standard eyebrow correction technique, often resulting color acquired a bluish or greenish. Moreover, a similar effect could not be corrected. Application mikrobleydinga solved this problem. Method added thickness eyebrows, allows for natural color, draw hairs there, where they do not exist. If mikrobleyding eyebrows performing professional, you can easily eliminate the asymmetry and achieve the ideal form. Properly implemented procedure makes the area well maintained. Eyebrows look natural.

The procedure allows to save time in the daily application of cosmetics. After him the need to use crayons, shadow and other cosmetics eyebrow correction disappears.

Differences from the tattoo

If you are tattooing eyebrows, in the client's skin is a pinhole. It is produced with the help of special equipment. On a strictly predetermined depth introduced pigment. It is placed within the epidermis. The procedure is very painful. The body reacts negatively to it. After removing tattoo, It noted the appearance of redness and the presence of edema. However, the positive effect may persist for up to 2 years old. eyebrows, inflicted by this method, seem more rude. They are fused together and look unnatural. Application to the hair tattoo technique involves plotting each of filaments. The process is performed by means of microdots. However, to implement such a master is able to every.

Mikrobleyding eyebrows carried out by means of the blade. Master puts hairs close to each other. Strokes look natural. The effect is increased, if the technique is performed in 3 directions. In this injury exposed surface layers of the skin. Because of this, the final result is less resistant. However, the use of such equipment makes the process not so painful, and swelling and redness disappear within days. The procedure is done strictly by hand. When applied permanent makeup machine. It is intended for pigment coating strictly for one depth. As a result mikrobleyding eyebrows can be more traumatic. It all depends on the master. So, if he did not produce a professional skill, possible random drawing of deeper cuts.

Tattooing requires periodic adjustment. The result of the meeting is retained for a lifetime. Adjust the appearance of the eyebrows will be possible only by means of a laser. And the woman will visit 8 sessions, which are held once a month. Eyebrow Mikrobleyding removed easier. It is less resistant. However, after the scars may remain.mikrobleyding and tattoo

types mikrobleydinga

Today emit several types mikrobleydinga eyebrows. The process may be performed using the following techniques:

  1. Tenevaya. Sometimes referred to as the method of shading. In this case, the master did not draw themselves hairs, and produces shading pigment. As a result, the shadow created by the hair. This makes it possible to increase the density of the eyebrows and give them a rich shade. The method is suitable for women, who have blond hair.
  2. hair. The alternative name of method – European appliances. In this situation, there is a sketch of the hairs. If the color is picked up naturally, and master has sufficient skills, the final result looks natural. The method makes it possible to change the shape and position of the eyebrows.
  3. East. Sometimes this technique is called Japanese. The method is similar to the European, but the hairs are drawn in different directions. As a result, the final effect seems more natural.

Additionally, the salons offer to resort to using 3D equipment or 6D. However, cosmetologists recognized, it's just a gimmick. In this situation, the master carefully draws every hair. Strokes are placed in different directions. As a result, an effect of naturalness. Actually is also the Japanese method. However, the master more carefully study every detail.

I make hurts?

Microbleeding eyebrows – not the most pleasant procedure. It is associated with the occurrence of uncomfortable sensations. However, you can not call them unbearable. To get a straight line at the exit, the master can use a ruler or a template. A woman in the process of applying the strokes will lie with closed eyes. The coating process takes about 1,5 hours. When applied eyebrow mikrobleyding, performed disinfection. For this exposed area is treated with special medication, preventing the occurrence of infection and inflammation. To speed healing, Master squirts on the eyebrows special spray.

Sometimes women want to put mikrobleyding eyebrows, photos which can be found in the article, the old tattoo. Masters agree to perform the procedure only if, if exposed to a layer not exposed to, a pigment changed or faded color. In any given situation is performed prior removal. The process is carried out with a laser.

If the woman decided to make eyebrows, mikrobleyding require healing. The basic process takes a few days. However, the resulting color will be able to learn only through 3 of the week. And with 15 by 30 day will go to the correction. In this period the master will cause additional strokes. Without manipulation can not do. The procedure takes less time and is associated with less uncomfortable sensations.

Indications and contraindications

Today masters, professional performing the procedure, very little. Action includes a number of very fine work. The master must have a steady hand, It is focused throughout the procedure and have increased attention. All this is reflected in the cost of the procedure. It is recommended to carry out in the following situations:

  • It takes place asymmetry, that a woman wants to adjust;
  • client hopes to change the color of the eyebrows or edit an existing form;
  • there was hair loss, and the woman wants to restore eyebrows;
  • in the eyebrow area is present scars, which do not grow hair.

Having decided, choose a tattoo or mikrobleyding, a woman must meet existing contraindications. Abandon the procedure it is necessary under the following conditions:

  • childbearing or breastfeeding;
  • we have to be poor blood clotting;
  • woman suffering HIV or hepatitis;
  • During the year, radiotherapy or chemotherapy;
  • there is an exacerbation of herpes infection;
  • client suffers panic attacks, or takes place convulsive disorder of any origin;
  • present keloid scars;
  • there is an infectious disease, or diabetes mellitus;
  • are present on the skin tumor formation, even benign nature.

If a woman is the owner of oily skin, the use of the method is also recommended to give. Such customers keeps the pigment worse. He is able to spread, and lose shape eyebrows.

wizard Selection

Deciding to make the eyebrows mikrobleyding, the woman should choose a suitable master. The final result depends on the professionalism. The specialist must be able to make the pigment the same depth and producing process neatly. Selection of specialists is carried out by the following algorithm:

  1. Searches for the right person. It is necessary to study the work and reviews. Attend should master, the final result of which is like, and customers are saying about him is positive.
  2. Before recording, it is recommended to observe the work of the selected specialist in general. We need to find, how ideas of beauty are the same. You can talk personally with the girls, who performed the procedure specialist.
  3. to record. The day of the visit is worth paying attention to the study. As it should be clean and sterile. Care should be taken by the pigment and blades. They should be for each client its. If the rule is not respected, by the procedure recommended to refuse.
  4. It is not necessary to exercise choice, guided by the price. It is necessary to take into account the feedback and results. Typically, the master, performing quality mikrobleyding eyebrows, asking for their work a large sum.mikrobleydinga procedure

Preparations for the

ascertaining, It differs from mikrobleyding eyebrow tattoo, a woman should prepare for the procedure. Such interference is not the operation. However, the violation of the skin still happen. Preliminary operations will reduce the morbidity of the procedure and bleeding. for 2 days prior to the implementation of the actions necessary to stop drinking antibiotics. Pre-advised to consult with a doctor. Alcohol use is also contraindicated. If the rule is violated, antibiotics can lead to reduced survival pigment. If we ignore the rule about alcohol, ichor will be released in large amounts. This will affect the final result and make the job of the master.

Before the procedure, you can not use a solarium. Other methods of application are also contraindicated tan. Tweeze eyebrows you should not. If a woman will carry a tan before the procedure, skin can not absorb the pigment. In the second situation, the correction will complicate the work of the master. To deal adequately mikrobleyding, Specialist must see natural eyebrows.

On the day of the procedure should not drink coffee. Fall under the ban and harmful products.

performing procedures

Mikrobleyding eyebrows lasts until 2 years old. Arriving at the salon, a woman should first talk with the master. During preliminary consultations the result turns out, who wants to reach the client, also determined the presence of contraindications. If they are, specialist can refuse to perform procedures. If a girl under the age of 18 years old, you may need permission from their parents or their presence. when it became clear, that the age of the client allows the impact, and there are no contraindications, It begins the implementation of the procedure. Originally performed cleansing. Then, the area around the eyebrows disinfected. At home mikrobleyding not carried out. Independently apply pigment on the eyebrows using this technique can not be. However, there are masters, who work at home. They will perform a soft peeling. Exposed exposed herself hair growth area and the area around it. The action is taken to remove the hard skin. If the process is not complete, produce staining will be problematic.

Then applied anesthesia. Commonly used drugs, possess analgesic effect. In some situations it may be administered under the skin by means of injections. This increases the analgesic effect. The desired shape of the eyebrows drawn with a pencil. Sketch agreed with the customer. If a person is satisfied with the chosen form, made removal of superfluous hair. Then the area is disinfected, anesthesia is used. When she will work, Specialist begins to put the finishing touches. Micro incisions are made a special device. With it, a coloring pigment is applied to the skin. Each incision is made delicately. Eyebrow Shape is created manually.

When the process is completed, performed repeated disinfection. Then healing agent is applied. After that, the client can go home. Results immediately after the procedure would differ from that, who will be able to get in the end. Healing cuts takes several days. The process involves the formation of crusts, which is strictly forbidden to remove. It will disappear in a few days. Happen and change of pigment. It will become more natural.

On the fifteenth day of the thirtieth will see a specialist again. During this period of correction is performed to get the result. This is done due to the fact, that entered the skin pigment partially washed off. Master painting work, that will make a woman eyebrows groomed. It will allow to remain flawless for longer.

The healing process

If you have made mikrobleyding eyebrows, healing will take several days. Over-exposed areas should be maintained. Immediately after the procedure, the color may seem too dark. When the rehabilitation period is over, color closer to its natural. Weight is reduced by 20-50%.

On the first day after the procedure, you should not soak eyebrows. The ban also applies to the application of the cream, and even to touch hands. Physical activity and exposure to direct sunlight and contraindicated. For washing is recommended to wipe the face lotion or micellar water. In this area, has been handling, avoided. We can not allow, these solutions or liquid put on eyebrow.

During the healing required chlorhexidine. first 1-2 days allocated sanies. This is a normal reaction to the damage. The woman will have to carry out the rub. Process be undertaken often enough. Action must be repeated until 5 time. On the second day, the skin starts to dry out. There is a sensation of contraction. In this case, darken hair. crust formation 3-4 day. They were strictly forbidden to remove. Rub the area also should not be. If a woman is concerned about the severe itching, It recommended to use the ointment. With the crusts to be held around 2 weeks. Then the color of the pigment becomes dimmer. The final result becomes a noticeable 3 of the week. It is believed, that in this period of time to fully heal eyebrows.

resistance procedures

mikrobleyding eyebrows procedure is highly resistant. But to say exactly how, how long it will last the final result, impossible. Typically, the master informs the client that, that they can take from six months to a beautiful eyebrows 1,5 years old. In some cases, partial response seen after the procedure is possible and through 2-3 of the year. The exact duration of the individual. The final result is better quality tattoo. However, the woman will have to carefully take care of the exposed area.mikrobleyding

How many will have to pay?

Microbleeding eyebrow – expensive procedure. This is due to the fact, that fulfill its quality can only professionals. For their services experts will be asked to 4-10 thousand roubles. The exact price depends on the chosen technology. Taken into account and the fact, whether you want to perform complex manipulations, to carry out reconstruction and produce change in shape. Further correction is required. For it will have to pay separately. The price is 2-3 thousand roubles.

It depends on the city, in which the procedure will be carried out. So, Moscow residents will pay 5000-15000 rub. In regions salons asking for much less. The price is usually around 4000 rub. In Minsk, the cost of the procedure starts at 159 Br. There are proposals and at a lower cost. However, we must not forget the need for treatment only to the professionals. In that situation the woman is risking.

Today, many masters are trying to save on rent. To do this, they begin to provide services at home. This is reflected in the cost of services. The price of the procedure is reduced to 2-3000 rub. Correction is also charged separately. However, we should bear in mind the effect of the duration of the procedure. Contact has only a competent master, ability to perform quality procedures. If there are doubts, from the application of the method is to give. You need to pay attention and to the safety and disinfection. Negligence may cost the customer master health. Therefore it is better to perform the procedure in a salon or clinic.

Additional features

Result mikrobleydinga eyebrows depends on the woman to do with for-exposed areas of care. So, you can only wet eyebrows 5-7 day. The exact date is different. His prompt beautician. Exposed area in need of treatment. Usually expert reports, what cream should be used. If this does not happen, generally recommended for use Bepanten or Panthenol. Application of funds should be carried out after the termination of the expiry of ichor. During at least six months before going out recommended processing zone sunscreen.

After the procedure, do not remove the crust. A visit to the sauna banned 1 weeks after the procedure. The same rule also applies to the swimming pool. Do not walk on the beach or in the solarium is recommended for a month. Cost mikrobleydinga depends on skin color and age of the client. If mikrobleyding eyebrows was made a woman over the age of 40 years old, the effect will disappear in a year. The same rule applies in respect of owners of oily skin. At the same time continue to maintain Estheticians, effect that the durability is maintained until 2 years old.

advantages of the process

If a woman wants to perform mikrobleyding eyebrows, should refer to the highly skilled craftsmen. This will provide a positive effect, who saves the girl from the daily application of makeup in this area. Deletes unnecessary hairs, who had escaped for the design line. Drawing strokes look natural.

The greatest positive effect can be achieved due to the fact, that the master performs a drawing hand. Healing takes less time. Swelling subsides by the end of the first day. Rule applies not always. After mikrobleydinga observed lasting results. He looks natural. Cuts are shallowly. it is less, than in a classic tattoo. Procedure easier to tolerate women, with sensitive skin.

eyebrows, decorated using mikrobleydinga, They look natural. If the working professional, they are virtually indistinguishable from natural. Longer-lasting results, after the procedure is recommended to temporarily abandon the use of masks and cleansing sauna. The method performs a real boon for girls, with scars on his eyebrows. The procedure can help women, that have light rare or eyebrows.before and after the procedure


If a woman wants to rid themselves of the need to perform daily makeup eyebrows, mikrobleyding able to help her in this. Positive effect lasts for six months. Then he disappears. If a woman is constantly processing area scrubs and perform purification in the eyebrow area, the positive effects disappear quickly.

The price of the procedure is also high. Not every master is able to perform a professional mikrobleyding eyebrows. Drawing done by hand. This increases the influence of the human factor. Inaccuracy movement capable of causing a deep wound. The process may be followed by the release of large amounts of blood. The method associated with discomfort. The procedure takes about 2 hours. Not all women are capable of withstanding the process. If the result is not like, get rid of it is problematic.

Mikrobleyding eyebrows associated with prolonged healing. The final result will be able to see only a month. Then, the correction. For it will have to pay extra. During the healing imposed bans on a number of actions. So, a woman is not able to use the swimming pool, sauna bath or. The first two days to the eyebrows is better not to touch.

correction method does not fit all. So, holders of oily skin actually spend money for nothing, because the result could spread and will be short-lived. There is a large list of contraindications. You may experience side effects. Before performing the procedure it is recommended to visit the doctor.

Possible consequences

Mikrobleyding eyebrows Woman is able to deliver on the need for daily makeup. However, not always the procedure ends positively. In some situations it can lead to negative consequences. Some of them can be persistent and irreversible. The procedure can cause:

  1. Occurrence of edema and inflammation. The phenomenon occurs, if a woman has developed an allergic reaction to the individual item, or client ignored protivopokazaniyami. The inflammatory process is dangerous for the body. He is able to lead to a list of serious consequences. Swelling results in a temporary, but sufficiently severe tissue deformation. This prevents the coloring pigment is properly positioned under the skin.
  2. Mikrobleyding able to provoke precipitation of eyebrows. Moreover, after removing the results hairs procedures can not be restored. This is due to the fact, that the impact of irreversible damage hair follicles.
  3. Sometimes there are unexpected color defects. It depends on the master, perform procedures. If it does not take into account the individual characteristics of the skin or made the wrong choice of coloring pigment, possible unexpected effects. Taking into account the costs and the level of liquid. Failure to comply can lead to the appearance of unnatural colors. There are cases, eyebrows when purchased or bluish red shade. Estheticians, able to perform the procedure so poorly, are rare. However, there is a risk of collision with them.
  4. After mikrobleydinga may remain scars. Method traumatize the skin. As a result, may appear on the eyebrows ugly note. Slight damage to heal quickly. However, deep wounds, appearing due to lack of professionalism or violations technology, can not disappear ever, turning into scars or scars.

Whether to perform the procedure?

Mikrobleyding eyebrows allows the girl to get rid of the need to apply makeup on a daily basis. Technology makes it possible to get a realistic result. A positive effect can persist for up to 2 years old. In this case the client would have to produce only removing hairs, vybivshihsya for the specified line of the master.

However, you may experience a whole list of negative consequences and side effects. If the woman still decided to carry out the procedure, should apply only to the professional. Trying to save can lead to an unexpected outcome. After the procedure, can remain scars. From the negative effects will be difficult to get rid. Therefore, experts recommend to weigh all pros and cons before, making a final decision.

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