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A balanced diet is a safe weight loss method. The usefulness of the diet and the calculation of calories can help heal the body and improve health. However, you need to know, how to eat.How to eat

How to eat to lose weight?

learning, how to eat, man finds, that a balanced diet helps to saturate the body with all the necessary nutrients. This is especially important, If a person eats junk food, and semi-sweet interested excessive amount. At night the body needs a certain amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Daily caloric needs to be calculated based on the individual energy consumption. Modern food contributes to a set of extra kilos thanks to fast carbohydrates and fats. They stimulate the appetite, which leads to weight gain. If you follow the basics of good nutrition, overweight will not accumulate. To reduce the amount of extra padding, We need to increase physical activity.

grow thin, Following the principles of good nutrition, possibly, if the amount of calories consumed will be less than necessary for the natural processes. Therefore, there are two options. Eat properly and adhere to standards calorie per day, increasing physical activity. Or reduce caloric intake, without additional exercises. Top results show people with enough extra kilos. Them the right food helps to quickly. The system is based on the replacement of harmful products useful and less high-calorie. Limits the amount of servings with proper nutrition is not necessary.

In pursuit of harmony people resort to diet and nutrition regimens for weight loss. They are different – low-carb, ketogenic diet, monodiets. Such a supply method gives only temporary result. Weight back after the diet. The effect can be reversed, people during a diet will worsen health. Therefore, the power during weight loss should be balanced. For good health necessary to provide the body with essential substances. This protein, fats, vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, microelements. In order to bring the body in order, carbohydrate ratio, proteins and fats should be 50-25-25.

If properly calculate calorie foods and follow the rules of good nutrition, a menu will help reduce weight moderately and without harm to health. knowing, how to eat, a person can lose 4-6 kg in the past month.

The benefits of proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is the primary method of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. the vitamins are present in the menu, nutrients and minerals. Diet balanced diet is useful to those, those useful products can be added to the menu, that would satisfy the desire of the body. Usually disguised desire to eat junk food. Desire to use a particular product signals a lack of trace elements. However, it optionally contains in the desired food. knowing, how to eat, We need to replace products to useful, in order to saturate the body, what he lacks. This will not break on junk food. The list includes replacements:

  1. Love for fizzy drinks, fatty food may explain lack of calcium. Get rid of the need to, eating dairy products, beans, Seeds and nuts.
  2. When the body lacks nitrogen, a person wants to use Full-flavored flour products. Instead, you can eat nuts, pulse.
  3. The desire to eat chocolate or cocoa symbolizes magnesium deficiency. Such food can be replaced by cabbage, potatoes, nuts, beans.
  4. When a person wants to use the sweet, organism signals the lack of chromium and slow carbohydrates. To replenish the fruit can be consumed, zernovuyu mess.
  5. About shortage of sodium chloride and calcium says the desire to eat salty foods. It is necessary to replace seaweed, cheese, cheese.belly slimming

To proper nutrition brought maximum benefit, you need to follow the diet. Should be saturation of the body the entire spectrum of nutrients. The list includes:

  1. fats. They provide the building cells, hormone production, metabolism and movement of vitamins and minerals. Saturated fatty acids are harmful for the body. They raise cholesterol levels and can lead to the separation of a blood clot. Should eat unsaturated acids. An example is the omega-3. It enters the body only with food. The right diet is necessary to add the avocado, fish, olive oil.
  2. Protein. It is a building material for cells and enzymes. Proteins assist in building muscle, strengthen bones and improve hair and nail plates. Found in meat, eggs.
  3. carbohydrates. They are the main source of energy for the body, They should form the basis of the diet. This category includes fiber, vitamins, as they are in the carbohydrate-containing foods. Eat complex carbohydrates in the diet are subject to proper nutrition. They are processed by the body for a long time and the energy lasts longer. For breakfast is recommended to eat porridge oats or muesli. Simple carbohydrates will help you quickly get a boost of energy. they need, when you need to cheer up. After a workout, good to help a sweet soda or chocolate. Abusing them is not recommended during the observance of the principles of proper nutrition.

Principles of wholesome food supply

Proper nutrition is based on the principles of. They exist and for any diet. knowing, how to eat, man adapts the principles of the diet to the individual characteristics of the organism. The list includes:

  1. Eliminate fatty foods, sugary drinks, semi-finished goods, unnatural sweetness, sausages and canned. Unsubscribe from all food, prepared outside the home. Buying a ready-made food in the store, it is impossible to monitor the ratio of nutrients. Exclude from the menu proper nutrition products, containing glutamate, preservatives, dyes, chemical additives and sweeteners. Products to choose wisely, read the label and composition of a calorie. Limit salt intake.
  2. After waking up first of all the warm water to drink. Its amount should be between 200 and 300 ml. This activates the body's work.
  3. The best method of cooking is steaming. You can bake food, to boil or simmer. Prohibited frying with proper nutrition.
  4. 20% nutrition diet should be fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. It should be almost completely eliminate fast carbs. It is better to replace them with slow. It can be porridge, whole wheat bread, solid pasta, savory vegetables. Natural sweetness of berries, fruits and honey, turn in the morning and the afternoon.
  6. Animal proteins must be ingested from the calculation of body weight. Per kilogram must act 1 g protein with a balanced diet.
  7. The liquid preference is given to pure water without gas, herbal or green teas, savory compotes, Morse. Their intake should not be less than 2 liters daily. It is necessary to drink a glass of warm pure water for half an hour before meals.
  8. Carbohydrate-containing foods should be consumed in the first half of the day, a protein in the second. As polyunsaturated fats consumed. This olive and flaxseed oil, oily sea fish, sunflower seeds, avocado. They should be 20% the diet.
  9. To eat four or five times a day. The maximum interval between doses is equal to four hours. The last meal should be at 3 hours to CH. You can include snacks, but no more than 2. This can be a glass of low-fat natural yogurt, an Apple, dried fruits.
  10. You should not combine the potatoes and pasta with protein. The techniques should occur every day at the same time. Need to chew thoroughly and slowly. It helps to improve digestion products and saturate the body faster. Food intake should not be accompanied by. It should exclude movies and TV series, play computer or other activities during feeding.

learning, how to eat and prepare the menu, People should follow the advice:

  1. Food to take you often, but small portions. It is better to buy a plate of small dimensions, which exactly fit portion. Do not starve. Proper nutrition means 5 meals a day. Be sure to do it at one and the same time, It will help stabilize the work of the body, and promotes weight loss.
  2. Remember calorie products. At first it is necessary to calculate their, but over time it will become a habit. calorie norm depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. To calculate the need to use special calculator. After that, the norm is calculated, Slimming need to remove 20%. If initially you need to take 2000 calories, for weight loss 1600. Needless to cut back on the consumption of food should not be, it would violate the metabolism and cause injury.
  3. To strike a balance in the receipt and expenditure of energy. It is spent on digestion, work, physical activity. eat fats, carbohydrates need to correct. The recommended intake per day – 60 g fat, 75 g protein, 250 g carbohydrate and 30 g dietary fiber.
  4. Observe the balance of drinking. Drink at least 2 liters of clean drinking water per day. The body signals the liquid shortage, however, it is perceived as hunger, which leads to overeating. Drinking regime will help to improve skin, get rid of the constant hunger, accelerate metabolism and cleanse the body. In addition to the daily allowance, for a third or a half hour before a meal should drink a glass of water or green tea without sweeteners. You can drink tea after two hours of ingestion. Not recommended to drink during the meal. Make large pharynx is not necessary. If after eating thirsty, you can rinse your mouth with clean water, or to make two small sips.
  5. Observance of proper nutrition is necessary to combine physical activity. Otherwise, the impact on the lifestyle will be minimal. After the meal is not recommended to be in the upright position. It is useful to go for a walk in the fresh air, or do housekeeping. The emerging desire to rest is unnecessary amount of energy spent on food processing. The body has spent all forces. It should not be.

learning, how to eat, slimming finds, that the intensity of the entire body works in the morning. Tomorrow should be as voluminous and helpful. At noon there is the launch of the small intestine, in the afternoon the body sends energy to the cleansing of toxins, helping sleep. The last meal should be at least three hours before bedtime. Optionally, do not eat after six, If people go to bed after 12. This will increase the possibility of failure due to hunger. Before going to bed is not recommended to load the stomach heavy food. This will increase the discomfort and heaviness, also cause unpleasant smell.

Eat in a calm and measured atmosphere. It will be more useful. The table should not be annoying things – odors, loud music, working TV. It is better to give up eating a bad mood, very tired, stress. Before taking better rest, so that the body digest food and later learned nutrients.

During his illness the body pushes a large amount of food. Therefore, the appetite disappears. All the energy is directed at fighting disease, not digesting food. It does not mean, during illness to fast. You need to eat small portions, the body is easier to digest. You need to use as much fresh fruit can, which contain vitamin C.

In order to avoid a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen after dinner, necessary to reduce portions. people overeat, their stomachs are not able to digest the amount of food eaten. Once saturation comes after administration, you need to get up from the table and not eat up leftover food. Ignoring the fact of absence of hunger allows bacteria to grow in the intestines and produce goiter. In the case of continuous overeating possible omission of internal organs and circulatory problems. This will reduce the mental performance due to the deterioration of blood surging to the brain, slow response. To heal the body, We need to fully pass on proper nutrition.

knowing, how to eat, People will listen to the stomach. So you can understand, what foods the body is poorly tolerated. This will help avoid the heaviness in the stomach, allergic reactions, poor condition after a meal, make a balanced menu with a maximum of vitamins and minerals.

Basics menu

proper diet menu should be varied. The daily food intake should contain a certain amount of fat, carbohydrates and proteins. There are one and the same food every day, get involved in meat products is not recommended. The daily rate of fat should be half-animal origin, half vegetable. As a first suitable fish and meat. Body will get the essential amino acids and nutrients. Vegetarianism is a bad method, the body does not receive animal fats and amino acids.

Vitamins and minerals should be present in the diet nutrition. They help to improve and maintain health. It is necessary to ensure that, what foods contain essential vitamins. With their lack of can be consumed vitamin complexes, that you can buy in a drugstore.

The main food should fall on the day, compose 65% of the daily ration. This lunch, and dinner. Dinner is not heavy, should help to improve digestion. It is also necessary to monitor the health of the digestive tract. The stomach should not be full or empty. It is necessary to use the method of fractional power.
Main meal

knowing, how to eat, people understand, raw food diet craze that will not bring benefits to the body. Most of the products in need of treatment, This will help to better absorb the substance and fiber. Do not overdo it, Refried or overcooked food can significantly reduce the product value. It is necessary to regularly clean the body. To do this, you can use olive oil on an empty stomach, salad of raw beets and cabbage, in extreme cases, use an enema. It is not necessary to go to far. With cleansing displayed nutrients. This will lead to dysbacteriosis. It is recommended to be cleaned two or three times a year, depending on the lifestyle.

Authorized products

figuring out, how to eat, man finds a list of required products. They help maintain the balance of nutrients in the diet. In the menu you want to include the following products:

  1. Cereals. It is necessary to include in the diet of porridge and muesli. They are rich in slow carbohydrates and saturate the body.
  2. Vegetables. They must be fresh. It is best to eat carrots and cabbage, they provide a fiber body.
  3. pulse. They are rich in vegetable protein.
  4. nuts. They are sources of omega-6 and omega-3. A beneficial effect on the body walnuts and almonds.
  5. Sour milk and milk products. Necessary to use low-fat natural yoghurt, yogurt and cottage cheese. This will help to cleanse the body, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and get enough calcium.
  6. A fish. Marine species contain protein and omega-3 acid.
  7. Fruits and berries. They have a lot of vitamins. They will help improve the immune system and the health of skin and hair.
  8. lean meat. It is a source of protein. Better to eat chicken, rabbit and beef.
  9. From drinks to prefer non-carbonated mineral water, natural Frechet, green tea and freshly squeezed vegetable juices. The composition should be no preservatives, dyes or palm oil. As a replacement for sugar, you can use natural sweeteners. They contain no calories and are harmless.

Special attention to proper nutrition should be given to prolonging the life of the products:

  1. apples. As part of a lot of trace elements and vitamins required by the body. Eating apples improves the cardiovascular system and improves immunity. Quercetin content provides apples antiinflammatory properties, reduces the rate of cancer cells. Eating fruit is a prevention against senile dementia.
  2. A fish. It contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Three times a week it is necessary to replace the usual meat Marine fish. This will reduce the risk of heart attack. Useful properties of the product provides a fatty acid omega-3. Sure its inclusion in the diet of proper nutrition.
  3. Garlic. It increases immunity and anti-inflammatory action. Regular consumption helps to cope with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, protect against heart and vascular pathologies, cancer.
  4. Strawberry. It contains a lot of vitamin C. High iron content in the berry helps in the fight against anemia. The richness of oils and substances enables the formation of useful enzymes. This is especially important with proper nutrition.
  5. Carrot. Due to the content of beta-carotene product consumption will help to neutralize free radicals. Eating on a regular basis carrots help to cope with skin diseases and vision. Fill salads with vegetable cream is better for better absorption.
  6. Chilli. Eating spicy foods help in speeding up the metabolism, resulting in loss of extra kilos. This is due to the content of capsaicin. Gastric juice is produced with greater speed and prevents the growth of parasites.
  7. Green tea. It helps to improve the metabolism and weight reduction. You need to drink at least four cups daily. Unlike black tea, green contains bioactive substances, that help the natural processes in the body. Drinking a beverage protects against atherosclerosis.Saturated fat meal

prohibited products

Learning, how to eat properly, followed by the rejection of a number of products. The list includes:

  1. Sweet drinks with gas. They add a huge amount of sugar, preservatives, artificial colorants and flavors. Drinks are not quench thirst. They irritate the stomach and lead to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, weight gain. It is contraindicated in nutrition.
  2. Deep-fried. From such food should be completely abandon. French fries in fast food, chips and crackers, fried onion rings or kalmarovye. Everything, that it had been prepared using a large amount of oil, It should be excluded from the diet with proper nutrition. In such products, there is no beneficial substances, a large concentration of fat.
  3. Hamburgers and hotdogs. The food is a combination of the white bread, mayonnaise and sauces insalubrious, meat of dubious origin, seasonings and salt obscure. Foods high in calories when combined. Thanks to the use of fast food appear fatty folds. The goal of proper nutrition is to get rid of them.
  4. Mayonnaise and sauces based on it. It should completely eliminate shoplifting sauces from the menu. They block the taste of a dish, increasing appetite, contain only fat and preservatives, stabilizers, harmful substances. Top cooking sauces at home from natural products.
  5. meat preparations. This category includes sausages, frankfurters. They do not contain nutrients and questioned the presence of meat. As the last used skin, skin, fat, hryashti. It should completely eliminate them from the diet, proper nutrition.
  6. Energy drinks. Caffeine combined with an excessive amount of sugar and preservatives makes drinks are hazardous to health.
  7. Fast food meal. This category includes the mixture in the form of noodles, mashed, soups. According to the instructions they are sufficient pour boiling water. Nutrients not detected. The products contain simple carbohydrates, salt and spices, flavor enhancers and chemistry. They are prohibited with proper nutrition.
  8. Pastries and sweets. These products are of high calorie. The combination is particularly dangerous, instantly affects the human figure. Nutrients little. Better to use dried fruit or natural honey.
  9. Juices from the store. There is a high concentration of sugar. Does not contain a sufficient amount of natural products. Juices should drink only natural and fresh, subject to proper nutrition.
  10. Alcohol. In addition to damage to the central nervous system and body as a whole, Alcoholic beverages contain calories. They increase appetite and prevent digestion. If excessive use destroy body. It allowed the use of dry red wine in limited quantities.

How to eat during breakfast?

figuring out, how to eat, slimming finds, that breakfast is an important meal. It provides energy for the whole day. If calories during the meal is not enough, a man does not remain forces in the usual classes. In the case of an excess of all the forces sent to the processing of food, leading to the sleepy state in the first half of the day. So for Breakfast it is recommended to use products with a long carbohydrates – porridge, boiled in milk. An alternative could be whole grain bread with a slice of cheese. Products must be of high quality. quick cooking oatmeal contains nutrients, it will harm the body. Cheese should be selected durum, greasy, digestible.

If a person for a long time neglected the morning meal, it is difficult to start breakfast. to reorganize, First, let's have dinner for 4 hours prior to departure to sleep. This will help to sleep and increase the likelihood of hunger upon awakening. Better wake up early, to prepare high-quality breakfast. food aroma is able to awaken the appetite. Before breakfast, you need to drink 200 ml warm clean drinking water to activate the metabolism.Breakfast

Acceptable snacks

learning, how to eat, slimming finds, snacks that are not forbidden. They do not interrupt your appetite, if you do not abuse the amount of food. Stay hungry in between meals threatens overeating.

Snack must be properly. It should be of moderate size and amount 10% the daily calories. Snack should be wholesome, unsweetened. As such a food reception may use a little nuts, hard cheese or natural low-fat yoghurt, prepare a portion of a light vegetable salad with olive oil. Be sure to use water. This will help fill your stomach.

To eliminate the temptation to get rid of the junk food in the house. This is a different chips, bars, chocolates. They can become a potential snack, however strictly prohibited principles of proper nutrition.

Dinner and supper

Lunch is the saturated meal. be consumed 45% from the daily norm of kilocalories. Lunch should be a wholesome. It is not necessary to overeat, it will lead to excessive sleepiness. consume soup, meat or fish dish, to use wild rice as a side dish, buckwheat porridge, or fresh vegetable salad. Dishes get enough help, give strength and contribute to digestion in combination. Complex carbohydrates will not feel hunger. Worth doing lunch food delicious and varied reception.

you need to eat for dinner 4 hours before bed. Before, going to sleep, you need to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt. During dinner, you need to eat protein easy dish. Turkey, steamed vegetables or oven, lean fish, low-fat cottage cheese combined with herbs or a small amount of fruits and berries.

General tips

To make the transition to proper nutrition was easy and implemented properly, you can follow a few guidelines:

  1. should not starve. If hunger has overtaken during a break between meals, you can consume fruits low in sugar, nuts or dried fruits. For proper operation of the body can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.
  2. Drinks should be useful. You can diet eat endive. He has a positive effect on the body's work. Green tea with ginger has a positive effect and facilitates the transition to proper nutrition.
  3. Diet need to diversify. A lot of useful products, which excludes food the same food every day. It is important to combine micronutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  4. Flour and sweet you can eat for breakfast. So it is likely to spend time in daily activities resulting excess calories. This pampering, rather than regular use. There are natural products worth. If you like sausage, you can replace it with a meat, canned fruit – fresh.
  5. You need to expend calories, is consumed. To ensure proper functioning of organs and maintain muscle tone requires energy. If we neglect the energy balance, fasting and eating a lot of food in the evening, overweight will accumulate. There must be regular and small portions of the same. To facilitate the transition to a diet of proper nutrition, you can make the menu in advance and accurately follow it. It soon becomes a habit.
  6. Breakfast should be quite nutritious and hearty, to enrich the body with the necessary energy. Food intake starts your metabolism and helps to improve your mood. This is the foundation of good nutrition.
  7. Lunch should fall between 1 and 4 hours of the day. Should give preference to the second dishes, eat soup. Last help improve intestinal activity and maintain water balance. If lunch at risk of being missed, I may use a protein bar. He will help fill the energy and stretch before dinner.

Mandatory physical activity. Without adherence to the principles of proper nutrition is pointless. The higher the degree of load, the more calories consumed and improves the condition of the organism. You can arrange a jog or go to the gym. If sports are not possible, can be replaced by their active cleaning the house. Recuperate after physical activity will help fresh fruit or soda. Fast carbohydrates in these drinks can help restore energy at high speed. Do not forget about, that the daily rate with proper nutrition is no more than sugar 50 g. For the sweetness of the beverage to be watched. For fruit juice is better to choose citrus fruits.Drinks and load

Drinking regime is mandatory for compliance with the regime of proper nutrition. It is important for health. should eat 2 liters of clean drinking water per day, you can count the individual number based on the formula 30 ml for each kilogram of body weight. Increase the intake of water costs during heat or after sport. It is not recommended to maintain the water balance using sugary drinks. It is better to give preference natural unsweetened juices, Morse, green tea. They will help to saturate the body and quench thirst, without disturbing the proper nutrition.

Do not expect results immediately nutrition. Changes in the body takes time. Proper nutrition is being regularly can improve health and eliminate the problem of excess weight for good.

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