Lighting design of residential premises

Few can imagine modern apartment or house without artificial lighting. Properly done lighting design can not only get rid of many everyday problems, but also to transform any room. If you select fixtures is not correct or thoughtlessly to place them, you can easily spoil the impression of absolutely any interior, even the most sophisticated and modern.

Lighting - as a design element

Lighting as a design element

thanks modern technologies you can pick the best lighting for every room, So, eg, lighting design of residential premises with the help of fluorescent lamps allows correctly to place color accents, and also impart additional design atmosphere.

Transfiguration light apartment

hard to believe, that thanks to some tiny lamps can dramatically change the flat. In fact, it is so: developed a large number of receptions, designers have been successfully used for this purpose. One such area is the use of a hidden world. This technique ensures a visual increase of close and tight spaces. As a result, it is possible to give a lightness types of apartments. In this technique, the light sources are placed for various architectural elements, such as:

  • eaves.
  • Projections on the walls and the floor.
  • Details of suspended ceilings.

This creates a sense of the ephemeral and the guy, space transformation. More often resorted to such a reception at registration offices and bedrooms, where a not too bright and annoying lighting.

Also popular is the reception, It bears the name of "luminous ceiling". Under this technique involves placing fixtures for plates of glass or plastic transparent or translucent stained glass. This creates an illusion of a natural overhead lighting, which significantly increases the height of the room, which is very important in homes with low ceilings. by the way, it is better not to buy the cheapest fixtures, as they are very unreliable, true, they allow significant savings.

But the most effective method is the creation of targeted illumination of individual objects: vases, niches, paintings, cabinets, etc.. The lighting design of residential premises allows to give objects a very special way and place the desired light accents.

Selecting fixtures

Selecting fixtures

lamps design

Currently, there are a large number of fixtures, but choosing them, we should not forget about the functional features. Thanks to them, you can perfectly fit any light in the room. Kitchen and hallway suitable spot lights or compact models for ceiling. Baby adorn comfortable and not bulky luminaires reserved type and not pretentious design. For the living room will suit chandelier and sconces, allowing to cover all areas of the room.

Pleasant light can be obtained with the help of floor lamps, that will be relevant in the bedroom, and in the living room. As for the rooms, for them the perfect solution would be the acquisition of a table lamp, in fact now in the shops are not hard to find classic models, and hi - tech. However, Getting to the choice of luminaires, you need to consider the overall design, because when you make room in a minimalist style, elegant crystal chandelier is unnecessary.

Secrets of the choice of lighting devices

Creating an optimal level of illumination necessary to approach the selection of lighting products based on their destination. To do this, follow the rule, which states, that more light is needed for the work area, and in places, set aside for recreation, a pair of fixtures will be sufficient. As for the kitchen table, then there can not do without additional lighting.

Light characteristics of various types of lighting devices differ considerably in light emission intensity and flow direction. Regularly distributed accents can create a light transmission, which will assess the harmonious and overall design of the house.

radiators, having a maximum area of ​​the glowing surface, create diffused light, comfortable for the eyes. Such emitters are:

  • Italian lamps.
  • fixtures, having a spherical shape.

    Types spotlights

    Types spotlights

  • Wall lamp with frosted shades.
  • Fluorescent lamps.

All of this is used to create the main lighting, which is similar to natural light.
To create a lighting design of residential premises can be purchased fixtures, reflecting the luminous flux. they are comfortable, allocation for both local beam, and to the general. In this effect have miniature lamps ceiling, installed on the ceiling perimeter, rather than the geometric center.

Lighting spotlights

In that case, If you want to create a directional light, then used spotlights, located on the middle or lower level. Mounted them in furniture, strengthening or near the shelves at the mirror, using the, as a decorative lighting, they will create the mood and emphasize the design feature. In addition, the spotlights allow you to adjust the illumination of different zones depending on the desire to remove eyestrain or the time of day.

Anyway, lighting design of residential premises allows for a more comfortable environment, and with the successful light - emphasize the environment, highlight color and hide flaws.

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