Soup with beans in multivarka

1367856Beans may be mentioned vegetable meat, because it contains a large amount of vegetable protein and beneficial amino acids, many in it of calcium and magnesium. Before cooking should be soaked dry beans on 8-10 hours, so it will be easier to cook, and in addition, This destroys indigestible sugar, which impair digestion.

Soup with beans in multivarka

To prepare the soup with beans in need multivarka:
Bank of canned beans - 200 g, pork - 200 g, bow - 1-2 PC., potatoes 2-3 PC, carrot - 1 PC., tomatoes - 2-3 PC., Bulgarian pepper - 1 PC., greenery, spice, salt, vegetable oil, garlic, Bay leaf.

How to cook soup with beans in multivarka:

1. carrots wash, cleanse and rub on a grater or cut into cubes.
2. Bow, potatoes and peppers, cleanse, all my vegetables and herbs, cut into.
3. Tomatoes and my three on a grater or finely cut.
4. my meat, cut into cubes.
5. In Multivarki bowl pour the vegetable oil and "Baking" mode for 15-20 minutes fry onions, carrot, add the bell pepper, then tomatoes or tomato paste.
6. Put the meat in a bowl, potatoes, canned beans, spice, salt, mashed garlic, "Quenching / Soup" hot water and set the mode to 1,5 o'clock.
7. When serving sprinkle with herbs, serve sour cream.

Cooking Tips:

  • If desired,, the soup can add a little fresh cabbage, cut into strips.
  • If using dried beans, then after soaking it should be boiled until tender in another bowl, and then add to the soup, because it is cooked long enough.
  • Bean soup can be prepared as the chicken or mushroom broth. cm. “How to cook soup in a slow cooker?”
  • Delicious soup with beans in multivarka turns, if instead of meat to take smoked (ham, Ham et al.)

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