Tips for hair care

An integral part of daily procedures is hair care. So that they are soft, beautiful and shiny, necessary to provide decent care. There are many nuances, as well as useful tips on hair bring in proper form.

Hair care

existing types of

Hair has its own structure and the type, knowing that, you can find the right care products. Even if the hair on the head is damaged by staining, sunlight or other adverse effects, knowing the type of hair, You can cope with problems. There are several types of curls:

  1. fatty. Person, having this type of, should avoid washing with hot water head. Ideally, it should be cool, but without kraynostey. You can use a decoction of herbs, eg, aloe, and make a clay mask to reduce the fat content of hair. She is associated with the skin condition on his head, so when using balms and masks is better to avoid the application of these funds to the roots. You also need to give preference to shampoo for oily hair.
  2. dry. Care for dry hair should be done carefully. Owners of this type must follow the washing hair. You can not do it too often, best the extent of pollution, as well as before the procedure, it is best to apply a special mask. Overdry hair is not recommended, particularly by means of various devices. Best would be cool mode hair dryer and curling sparing regimen. A good way to help disperse the blood and nutrients in care means to achieve their goal is to massage the scalp.
  3. thin. When this type is contraindicated frequent washing head. However, the hair quickly become dirty. Therefore it is necessary to provide protection against external factors. In order to achieve the desired volume, You can use various means to increase it and dry hair against their growth. The treatment of this type must be carefully due to susceptibility to damage.
  4. Stained and damaged. So you need to provide quality hair moisturizing and protecting. often women, who resorted to coloring, familiar with the problem of brittle and dry hair. Therefore, they use special tools, masks and oils for colored tresses, as well as avoiding unnecessary use of hair dryers and ploek.

curly hair

Curly hair needs special care. If for straight or slightly wavy relatively easy to care for, then this type requires special attention. Special attention should be paid to cover fortified foods. This can help facilities with natural lipids, examples of which are popular oil, such as shea, coconut oil or black cumin. They are covered with a protective film separately hairs, that perfectly helps keep a beautiful structure. Oils can be used in unlimited amounts.

Because of, that contact with the layer of fat is limited, this type is prone to dryness. The problem becomes less smooth layer of skin on the head with curly hair, and therefore it becomes sensitive to external influences. It is important to properly care for your hair after washing:

  • I need to wrap the hair with a towel, and then lightly press, that it is better absorbed moisture;
  • rub the head with a towel is strictly prohibited;
  • the comb should be with an average density of kinks, to effectively comb the curls and to avoid unnecessary pomp.

The structure of curly hair impairs their ability to reflect light. They often look dull. To avoid this, need to use means on care of hair oil-based. It will smooth hair, will nourish split ends and prevent breakage. For special care you can use glossy mask with amaranth oil, which can cause the hairdresser in the salon.

Curly hair

Shine and health

Dull hair is one of the main problems. The main and most common cause is excessive load. It occurs because of abuse Hairdryers, irons, plates and other devices for installation, which are also cause damage. So daily styling seriously affects the luster of hair along with very dry air. To resolve this problem, important proper care of the hair.

The first way to bring back Shine to hair is conditioning. However, excessive use of it weigh down your hair, It reduces the amount of, and creates the appearance of dirt and unkempt. Suffice it to apply a little conditioner, to give your hair shine. Besides, Water for washing should be barely warm, because hot is one of the causes of tarnish. Particular attention should be paid to the drying towel. You can not rub the hair, otherwise it will damage the structure. Combing hair after washing is strictly prohibited. This can further damage your hair. It is best to use a comb with an average density of cloves. If you need a hair dryer, it is best to use a round tip.

The hair becomes dull also because of shampoo residues and other means, as well as lime from hard water. To avoid this, It must be properly rinse hair after washing, and get rid of the lime on the surface of the strands help acidic mouthwash. There is a simple recipe this means: 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice 1 liter of cold water. After using rinse water is not necessary, should just dry your hair.

It is necessary to properly combine the means of hair care products. They should approach the type and length of hair, as well as meet the necessary targets. So, in addition to air-conditioning, masks and oils for shine, there are means for the volume, recovery and other purposes.

To bring back the shine shock of hair, you need to eat right. will be especially useful those products, which contain vitamins C, E and A. The list includes:

  • oily fish, especially salmon, and oysters;
  • greens, eg, cucumbers or spinach, and carrots;
  • legumes and nuts;
  • poultry meat;
  • eggs and dairy products;
  • wholegrains.

To give hair shine, you need to use the correct brush. For short hair suit brushing across the head and in all directions, Using the most ordinary comb. Owners have long hair comb to buy a round for greater efficiency, but the bristles must be long enough. You can check this, screwing a lock on the brush. If bristles emerges, so, it is true to length, which will create an even layer of the cuticle. It is best not to use plastic, a natural bristle. It will be more expensive, but the effect of it is better, since there is a uniform distribution along the length of fat.

shiny hair

Funds with lecithin

on hair care products may contain a variety of substances, eg, lecithin is a substance, which is synthesized as animals, and plants. This basic substance in the cell membrane. Eggs and vegetable oils contain the largest amount of lecithin. It is also found in seeds, eg, in soybeans, sunflower and cannoli. for fragile, overly dry and damaged hair, especially good fat lecithin.

Lecithin in the means for hair care helps them to look healthy and shiny. Interacting with other substances in the product, it moisturizes and helps restore hair. Lecithin along with unsaturated fats supports the regeneration cover, that can help in slowing the aging process. Shampoo with egg yolk will help to regenerate the hair from the inside and give the hair Shine, silkiness and softness. Lecithin assists even in advanced cases., helping to restore hair, and is used for straightening hair.

Styling and drying

To restore the natural Shine, after washing, it is best not to dry your hair, but wait, until they dry themselves. If there is no time to wait, need regular protection before styling and caring for hair after it.

The curls will hold their shape when cooled. Irons are used for straightening and creating sleek strands. A Curling iron can help you create beautiful curls. However, these devices are heated to high temperatures, what harm hair. It is therefore important to correctly care for the hair before and after styling.

There are heat tools, by which damage is reduced. To create a fashionable and beautiful hairstyles, you need to follow several rules:

  • the pad can only be used on dry hair. Straighten wet forbidden, tk. this can lead to the destruction of the upper layer and strong damage;
  • apply the heat necessary to damp hair, it should then distribute evenly with comb;
  • it is necessary to abandon stealth, Bobby pins and other metal stuff when creating styling, as this will exacerbate the effects of UV rays on hair.

Split ends, brittle, dryness – the consequences of the abuse of heat styling. Therefore, a need for heat tools. They will help to ease the styling process and prevent overheating. The product must be applied before each installation. The right tool plays an important role. Ironing is best to choose with a special coating, that will ensure no overheating. It is best to choose a ceramic coating, since the contact with the metal of hair damage can be critical.

Protection from high temperatures should be individualized. Exist as products for styling straight hair, and effective styling curls. Correctly chosen software will help to cope better with high temperatures and ensure proper care of hair. The composition of the heat-protective sprays, usually, contains natural proteins, vitamins E and B5, extracts of various medicinal plants. This not only helps to protect hair from high temperatures, but give them a healthy Shine and volume.

For better volume, you can use special sprays. Spraying should be at a safe distance, about 20-30 cm, a cloud of evenly distributed on the hair. It will provide beautiful styling. The optimal distance can be individual for each spray, therefore, always read the label.

To maintain the elasticity and Shine, tools for drying should be chosen properly. First of all, the model dryer. The temperature should be regulated, as the velocity of the air flow. The dryer should have at least two settings, and definitely the ability to enable low temperature. Too long use a hair dryer or too hot air can damage strands. So the cold mode is necessary. Otherwise, hair will become brittle and dry, the ends will start to split, and the scalp is irritated.

In addition to heat tools, safe hair dryer will help to ensure sredstvami funds:

  • flat brush;
  • nozzle-diffuser for hair dryer;
  • great clip.

To ensure proper and maximum safe drying, you need to follow these tips proper drying:

  1. It is not recommended to use the highest temperature possible. This can cause damage to the hair. To check this, enough to direct a jet of air on the back of your hand. The temperature should be comfortable.
  2. The distance between the Hairdryer and the hair should be twenty cm. It would not be too strong effect.
  3. To thin the curls were not in the end too confusing, air speed select the low or medium.
  4. Strands should be dried separately, guiding them from the roots to the ends. This will allow the cuticle to remain smooth, to provide hair a healthy Shine.
  5. To avoid overheating any particular portion, the dryer should always move. The best strategy is to divide your hair into several sections and secure them with the clips. You need to dissolve a section of your hair, dry it, and then consolidate again and drying next, starting from the line of growth and ending at the crown.
  6. To speed up the drying process, you need to not increase the temperature of the air, and the rate of flow.
  7. Heat protection spray should be used every time. This should be included in a regular hair care, because without it, it is easy to damage the hair, even if the tool was used in all previous times.
  8. Before, how to dry your hair, it is best to dry them, making a turban out of a towel and leaving such a minute 15. Then you can start blow-drying. This will allow the hair to gain strength, as well as will save the time and temperature effects.
  9. To evenly distribute the air flow and not allow the strands to overheat, it is best to use a special nozzle-diffuser.
  10. When drying with warm air completed, it is recommended to cool down a bit the curls with cold air. This will help to give them flexibility.


Washing head

Hair should be washed as pollution. Pollution-prone scalp and the hair at the base. There is accumulating dust, sebaceous secretions and dirt, which impede the free breathing and obtaining roots of nutrients. It is important to wash away dirt, to normalize the hair growth and condition. To properly wash your hair, you need to follow the following tips for hair care at home:

  1. Use shampoos. Special attention should be paid to the, you can use daily. This is usually written on the label. These shampoos as neutral as possible, delicate, possess hypoallergenic properties, but their composition is not aggressive. So daily washing with these shampoos will not damage.
  2. The frequency of washing. You need to choose it depending on the type of strands, water quality and speed of pollution. If girls greasy curls, then a long break, will lead to the accumulation of excessive amounts of sebaceous secretions, what could be the cause of the inflammation. The regularity and the correct frequency will provide good care for hair.
  3. The correctness of applying the shampoo. The amount used depends directly on the length of the strands. The tool should not be applied directly on the head. This will be the reason, it will be difficult to control the amount of shampoo, a separate section would have too much money. The tool is first applied to the arm, and only then massage gently on your head.
  4. The corresponding algorithm for shampooing. To wash was the most efficient and thorough, before the procedure it is recommended to comb your curls. So washing would be easier. The direction should be from ear to ear, observing the imaginary line, after which you can proceed to wash the strands at the nape. When applying the funds, you need to perform the massage movements with fingertips, avoiding contact of the scalp with nails. Failure to comply with the rules could lead, that the person will scratch the skin. Massage is useful for scalp and improves blood circulation.
  5. The amount of damage shampoo. It is calculated from the frequency of washing and degree of soiling. If daily washing is no point in applying means a second time. If a person washes her hair twice a week, it is best to apply shampoo again. However, the second time amount must be less than twice.
  6. Water temperature. It is strictly forbidden to wash your hair with hot water. It activates the sebaceous glands, which ultimately increases the fat content. The optimal temperature in the range 40-50 degrees. This mode has a favorable effect on the dissolution of sebum, promotes easy removal of dirt and improves blood circulation.
  7. The completion of the procedure. To wash had the maximum effect, procedure must be completed a cool or even cold shower. This helps to normalize blood circulation and adds Shine.
  8. Hair mask after the procedure. To hair acquired a healthy glow, recommended after cleansing, apply mask. Frequency of use depends on the condition and type of strands, effect, which you want to achieve, and the mask. Apply the mask every day it is recommended to owners of damaged curls, in need of more care. However, after 8-10 procedures is to cut back on the frequency of use. The result by that time it will be noticeable. If the mask is needed only to prevent, the optimal frequency will 1-2 times a week.
  9. Balm. The tool should be applied after, as the strands were cleaned with shampoo. Balm stabilizes pH levels, creates Shine and silkiness. The effect is achieved due to the fact, the funds are easy reflectors of the substance. The tool also helps to smooth the cuticle of the strands, which open upon exposure to alkaline solutions. The list of such products includes shampoo, excessively hard water and paint. The balm should be applied along the entire length, including the roots. However RUB it into the scalp should not be. It is fraught with loss of volume. After that, as the application is completed, you should leave it on 5-10 minutes, and then carefully to rinse hair. Balm definitely need to wash out.
  10. Procedure after shampooing. When the activity is completed, apply a special oil or spray. The process should be run based on the type of curls. The oil is applied mainly to the tips, especially on damaged or weak areas. It should not be too much, otherwise the strands will priobretat too Shine. Can be applied on damp, and dry curls depending on funds. for example, essential oils are more effective, if they are applied to wet hair.Wash hair


Hair suffer from too hot or cold weather conditions. In the warmer months, the curls can be very discolour. In the cold season the main problem provokes the constant presence of the heated rooms. Because the air is dry, the curls are dried and become brittle. That hairstyle wasn't ruined, you must carefully hair care. A woman can begin using a moisturizer.

In the summer the sun's rays create an unnecessary burden. With the wind also exposes ultraviolet light damages the lipid layer on the hair. The impact is not immediately noticeable. Neglecting sun protection can lead to rigidity and dryness of hair, and fading. They will resemble the straw. The sun's rays destroy the pigment in the hair, what strands lose their color. Summer hair becoming blonde shades. The color has not changed, need to protect the curls. Special attention is paid to care for colored hair.

There are protective means, to help deal with the problem and to prevent bad consequences. To use this tool is recommended for the entire summer, even if the weather is not too hot. This will help to get used to the permanence of the procedure, and also provide extra care and security. Apply sunscreen is recommended after washing. It must be applied as a normal oil.

You can purchase the tool as a spray. It is easy to apply before going out or going to sea, during active rest, or immediately after returning home. The spray will provide care to the hair more thoroughly, as it covers each hair with a protective sheath, which also contains no fat. The spray effectively protects against UV rays. It is better to evenly apply the spray half an hour before leaving. After application you need to distribute the agent throughout the length of the hair brush or comb.

Protection from sunlight is lacking and scalp. It is sensitive and will quickly burn in the sun, if it is not processed beforehand. Therefore, the tool should be applied to the hair roots, the skin was also protected.

In addition to using special tools, there are still a few rules for hair care in summer. The list includes:

  1. Definitely before the summer you need to trim the ends, especially if they are cut. otherwise, under the sun, section may extend the entire length. Fresh tips healthier and not so much subject to external influence.
  2. After each bath need to be sure to clean the hair. This will prevent salts and of chlorides. You just need to rinse the head with fresh cool water. If there is no shower nearby, you can also dampen the curls of mineral water without gas. To apply other liquid is not recommended.
  3. After a long stay under the sun need to use only mild shampoos. This will provide gentle hair care.
  4. It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the skin. Her condition could be said about many things. If the skin is too tight, so, needs hydration. Weekly you need to carry out recreational activities. They hydrate and restore moisture balance. To impact need based on the type of curls.
  5. If the hair is already damaged from sun exposure, faded, became lifeless and lost its color, they can be saved. To do this, you should use the tool for straightening. It moisturizes as hair and skin, but will also make them more flexible.
  6. If you have previously performed bleaching, the sun will make the hair more bright. Besides, chemical reaction with copper ions or chlorine can lead to, that hair will be a beautiful green hue. To prevent this, is there a good home method. Enough to dissolve the aspirin in water and wash with this solution your hair after you swim.
  7. You need to eat more vegetables and fruits. This will help to obtain the nutrients and vitamins. Additionally, you can take vitamin complexes. Their selection should be carried out in conjunction with a specialist.

Dry air is one of the main problems with the scalp in winter. The reason lies in dry air due to heating and the weather outside. Humidity goes down with temperature. So in the winter hair becomes drier and more unruly, and also have problems with skin. With decrease in the temperature deteriorates the sebaceous glands.

Oil for hair

If the street is -80 Celsius, they are no longer working. Because of tight hats can cause irritation on the scalp. This will require visits to the doctor and use of medications to normalize the condition of the skin. So the winter is important soft, but care. In order to provide, just follow the advice for care of skin and hair in winter:

  1. Due to poor water balance, the hair becomes unruly and electrified, what prevents stacking. Help can consumption of fatty fish, special em
    olsii to hydrate. Professional hair care in salons also welcome.
  2. If you remove the electrification an urgent need, you can use the classic method. The varnish acts as a perfect agent with antistatic effect. Just apply it onto the curls at a safe distance, and then distribute on all length of hands.
  3. To strands in the street is not subjected to harmful effects, need to use protective sprays and oils. They will not allow the hairs to break because of the cold or wind. Suitable for this leave-in hair care products as serums. You need to nourish the hair masks and oils with protein and vitamins.
  4. Repaint strands in a darker shade. Winter blondes and light brunette to prefer shade darker in tone. It will look softer and more natural. Lightening better not to. This will make the strands dry.
  5. Head massage. This is great help to improve blood circulation, which prevents tarnishing and weak roots. Enough to massage a couple of times a day.

Hair care is an important part of daily procedures. With proper care hairstyle will always be beautiful, and the scalp healthy. It is especially important to follow the rules of home care for the hair and skin in the winter and summer periods, as well as to wash, to dry and style your hair.

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