Tips for skin care face and neck

The skin of the face and neck are primarily affected by aging. To happen as late as possible and not ruin the appearance, it is necessary to conduct a number of procedures. Skin care of the face and neck should be performed systematically. Tools should be chosen depending on skin type and care of the face and neck

Skin types

To facial function correctly, need to know the type of skin. This will help to make the right plan for withdrawal. There are 4 type:

  • fat;
  • dry;
  • normal;
  • combined.

Oily skin

The hallmarks of this type are clearly visible and enlarged pores. The skin is thicker, has a permanent Shine. The owners of oily skin are more often faced with the problems of rashes and acne, because this type collects more waste from the environment. However, there are advantages. This skin due to the thickness and lack of drying is not affected by the early appearance of wrinkles. Women will be able with proper care to stay young.

Dry skin

Dry skin the cover has a rather thin structure. She is easily irritated, starts to peel off and to shrink, therefore, it is the fastest start to appear wrinkles. This type is very sensitive to rough water and means for removing decorative cosmetics. It must be constantly moistened.

Normal skin

Normal type is the most convenient. There is a balance of water and fat, so usually problems with the skin does not occur. Holders of normal skin remain young. However, care is still required. Cosmetic products should be chosen in accordance with this type.

Combination skin

This type combines the characteristics of dry and oily skin . Typically, the region T-zone has a corresponding Shine, and region around the eyes and on the chin dry. Combination skin type is characterized by sensitivity to cosmetics, therefore, the choice of means must be carefully.

Skin types

Proper care

To ensure the correct care of the skin of the face and neck, it is necessary to observe two basic conditions:

  1. Regularity. Care should be made every day. This should be done by day, and before bed. It only takes a couple minutes, however, the regularity of the process will result. Skin care of the face and neck, you must take the habit, like brushing your teeth.
  2. Equipment. The tools used to care for the skin is applied correctly. This is done by massaging, that prevents stretching and early appearance of wrinkles.

To properly apply a cosmetic product, to do this the pads of the fingers. No need to stretch and apply pressure to the skin. The movement should not be strained, and smooth and soft. So it minimizes the risk of damage or stretch the skin. If she was gentle, as around the eyes, and the cream is dense, it is best to apply it with patting movements. It is best to use ring finger, since it is more difficult to press with unnecessary force. Important full control.

Definitely need to follow massage lines. Make it easy. They go from the center to the contour. The only difference is that the skin around the eyes. There is the line from a corner from the outer side to the corner with internal. If the tool will be applied on the neck, on the front surface of the cream is distributed from the bottom up, and on the sides from top to bottom. Care neck is very important. In this area the skin and eats worse, therefore, the aging is faster. It becomes less elastic and wrinkly. By following these simple conditions, skin care of the face and neck will give the most fruit.

Skin care of the face and neck should be daily. It is necessary carefully to protect, to have a healthy glow. To perform home procedure is in 3 phase:

  • clean;
  • toning;
  • moisturize and nourish.

To perform all three steps need in the morning, and before going to sleep. The only difference is in the third stage. After waking up face must be wet, and before you sleep to nourish. The first two steps you need to perform mandatory, especially in the morning before applying makeup. While a person sleeps, the sebaceous glands don't stop working, so on the face going to waste. If you do not clean it in the morning, a great risk earn inflammation, that will be very unattractive and hard to hide under makeup. So the morning of the cleanse is very important. Cosmetics that is selected on the basis of skin type.


The first and most important stage is cleaning. This is done to remove harmful substances, they later became involved with the cream. Morning is the dirt and bacteria after sleep, in the evening dirt from the street and make-up. The technique of this procedure the following:

  1. Wash hands. It's necessary, not to bring any extra dirt.
  2. Wash with warm water. This will help to open the pores and facilitate further cleansing of facial skin.
  3. First, makeup is removed, if there is one. The first is to wash off makeup from the eye area. You need to use a special tool, which is applied to a cotton pad and hold in the areas of the eye, where there is makeup.
  4. Cleaning cleanser. The product is applied to the fingertips and applied to the entire face and neck. This should be done soft, Pat on lines. The procedure takes about a minute. All the dirt and make-up will fade during this period. After you need to wash the product with water and wipe face with a soft towel. Grind it banned.

When, if there is makeup, be sure to remove it before, how to go to sleep. Sleep with makeup on the face promotes the growth of bacteria and clogging of pores.Cleansing


The second stage is the toning of the skin. It will help to destroy the remnants of cleanser, which was previously applied, and also to normalize pH. Also, this phase will help prepare for the use of the cream. This requires tonic for face and neck. It should be purchased based on skin type. Toning is the following:

  1. Cotton pad soak with toner, and then to wipe his face.
  2. If you use tonic spray, it should dissipate on the face and neck. This is followed by the drive means with your fingertips or with a cotton swab to wipe.

Hydration of the skin

Moisturizing completes the skin care of the face and neck. It should be done 2 times a day, however, before bed it is best also to feed. Lack of moisture can lead to dry, loss of elasticity and premature appearance of wrinkles. For moisturizing you need to use the cream. It must be suitable to the skin type and age of the person. Young people need a light moisturizer. The older woman, the more rich and nourishing way it should.

The cream should be applied thinly, and then to drive into the skin with gentle patting motions, evenly distributing. If the cream was too much and he sucked, it is necessary to Pat them dry with a regular cloth. Performing all 3 step, skin care of the face and neck will bring the greatest effect.

Skin care of the face and neck type

It is important to choose the correct products for skin type. Otherwise you can cause more damage. In the stores you should pay attention to natural remedies, they are the most harmless.

Oily skin

For oily skin, the following rules:

  • it is strictly forbidden to dry it using the lotions alcohol-based;
  • it is better to avoid the use of nourishing creams with a fatty basis;
  • you should definitely test the product on the ability to form comedones, ie. clog pores.

Following these rules, the skin will be most effective. This type is characterized by constant inflammation, therefore it is impossible to use an alcohol-based tonics. This will only aggravate the soreness of the skin and will not give the desired effect. The cream on the fat content will only increase a characteristic luster, therefore, their use is undesirable.

As such skin is susceptible to excessive clogging of the pores, be sure to check the product on comedogenicity. The pores should be reinforced and deep, to get the appropriate results. Suitable cleansing mask, eg, the famous “black mask”. But to overdo it is not worth it. Owners of oily skin is recommended to clean three times a day.
Suitable means for deep cleansing. You can pay attention on cosmetics from Clinique. The firm offers the whole complex to care for oily skin. Care

Dry skin

The care of dry skin is based on the following rules:

  • do not use low fat care;
  • prioritizing easy, gentle, non-aggressive means;
  • always in caring and decorative cosmetic products must present protection from UV rays;
  • summer is imperative to moisturize, and in the winter to feed on the thick cream-based.

Dry skin is susceptible to weather changes. Therefore, you should especially take care of her in winter and summer. for 30 minutes before leaving the house is necessary to apply protection from the sun in summer and from frost in winter. This will prevent negative consequences.

Dry skin type is characterized by a lack of moisture and low efficiency of the sebaceous glands. He needs to be careful, soft care using appropriate resources. The dry type is very sensitive to pollution and climate change. Therefore, the main emphasis is on hydration, to retain moisture. It is recommended to make nourishing masks, avoid exfoliating more than once a week. Cosmetic products are selected depending on season.

Dry good anti-aging agents, designed to nourish and restore moisture levels. It is better to choose those, composed of sea buckthorn oil or macadamia.

Sensitive skin

In addition to the basic skin types, there is another criterion – the sensitivity. So, it relates to the cover, which is characterized by redness, constant peeling, small rash and exposed capillaries. Not to be confused with frequent allergic reactions. Skin sensitivity may increase. This can result in:

  • constant stress;
  • malnutrition;
  • violation of the water balance in the body;
  • disease.

As dry skin, this type of necessary care depending on the season. Need to protect the cover from temperature changes and climate changes, to focus on mitigation and avoid direct sunlight. Part of the necessary funds should enter the healing and softening oils, which have been derived from medicinal plants. Useful component is wax. It will help skin regain softness and smoothness.

A good option for sensitive type tool, which combines oil, giving protection cover from the influence of the environment, moisturizing ingredient like protein, as well as regenerating substance, eg, lavender extract.

For correct care of sensitive skin you need to follow the following rules:

  • to avoid steaming and wiping ice;
  • to apply cosmetics only after, they were tested on the wrist;
  • to avoid funds unnecessarily rough consistency, can injure;
  • constantly moisturize.

Combination skin

Combined type is a combination of dry and oily areas. This can significantly complicate the skin care of the face and neck, it is also necessary hydration, and remove excess fat from respective areas. A good way will be alternating cold and warm temperatures when washing.

Close attention should be paid to grooming during the summer and winter. In summer the emphasis is on fatty areas. You need to apply light gel for daily cleansing, to do scrub regularly, to use a non-greasy cream with a light moisturizing effect, as well as anti-inflammatory agents. In winter, more emphasis is put on dry areas, otherwise the skin will get too dry. Cleansing in the winter is carried out by milk, and then apply a fatty cream for the best protection. You need to avoid using scrubs more often 2 times per week. Procedures should be undertaken half an hour before leaving. At night it is recommended to apply night cream for better moisture.

The best tools will be specialized for combined type. They will help at the same time to moisten the cover and remove excess fat. Their composition can include extracts oils, eg, tea tree, pearl hydrolyzate or oil kudzu. This will make the care for combination skin is easier and more effective.

Normal skin

With this type the easiest to apply. Skin care of the face and neck normal form is performed without special techniques, therefore, we need only to do a timely hydration. In the list of rules includes:

  • don't overdry;
  • use protective equipment, the skin was not influenced by the environment too much;
  • use tools, suitable age.

application of the cream

To application as possible use, it should be done right. In a list of rules on the application of the cream includes:

  1. Motion do the easy and smooth. Don't have to RUB your skin, it leads to its stretching.
  2. Initially apply the product on the back of the hand, and then on the face and neck. Before you do that, gently RUB it with your fingers, giving the temperature of his own body for the best activity.
  3. The cream should be spread in small portions, distributing it evenly and massaging.
  4. In the eye area the product is applied exclusively along the bone edges. It is necessary to find and apply the cream around the orbital socket. The eyelid and the area along the eyelashes needs to remain intact. Because of the regularity of the movements of the eye cream to be distributed in this area myself.
  5. The amount used must be acceptable. There is no need to save or use a half can at a time. The cream should moisturize. If within half an hour after applying the tool is not absorbed, so, it was too much. Is wipe face with napkin, to remove excess.
  6. Day cream is recommended to apply half an hour before going outside at least. In winter you should increase the minimum time to hours. So it has time to fully soak in.
  7. Night cream should be applied in 1 the hour before bedtime at least. This can be done before, as the mobility of the muscles will help it to soak. If you do this just before bedtime, the tool is absorbed in the morning and swelling may appear. Girls up to 25 years night cream no need to use, simply by cleansing and toning cover for the face.
  8. As the cream, and the serum should be applied to wet skin. Sunscreen should be applied to dry. RUB the face with a towel is forbidden.

Face cream

To properly apply the product, you need to do it along the massage lines:

  • forehead: upward towards the temporal lobe, with both hands;
  • the area around the eyes: movement to the corners of the eyes, following from the nose, under the eyes of traffic coming in the opposite direction and with both hands;
  • cheeks: from the nose to the temporal lobe;
  • chin: from the center with both hands to the sides;
  • over the lip: from the corners of the lips to the wings of the nose;
  • neck: from the middle to both sides.

Using a scrub

Cleansing is not limited to only using milk, foam or gel. They clean only the dirt layer. Loose particles must be removed using a more rigid texture of the scrubs. Just so the cream can work properly. They will better penetrate and do its job. This procedure will provide an effective skin care face and neck.

The aim of peeling is the pores and skin of dead cells. So further treatments will have maximum effect. Facial scrub or an exfoliation cream will have a mechanical effect. It contains natural products, such as oil of grape seeds, jojoba, kudzu, as well as D-panthenol. Through this procedure the skin will be faster to upgrade. She will be healthier and softer. However, not everyone can use this method of purification. For acne, severe inflammation or irritation apply a scrub banned, as this can only aggravate the disease.

It is best to carry out the procedure 1 or 2 times a week. Pick up the scrub should individually depending on the type and status cover on the face. Exfoliation will help smooth the topography and to deep clean. Apply it is on damp skin, and then RUB gently, avoiding a strong push.
If it is oily, it is better to use exfoliating scrubs. You can use them quite often. But the owner of the dry type should refrain from constant use of this procedure. Thin skin can easily be damaged, therefore, peeling should not be performed more than once a week.

Need to buy in the store. The scrub can be done at home. Recipes can be varied. You can use sea salt, ground coffee or sugar as the basis. Next is to mix one of these ingredients or sour cream in equal proportions.

You can use honey. It cleans the pores, removes dead cells and softens the skin. It is necessary to apply it on the face massage movements, and after, as it thickens, remove with a damp cloth or cotton wool, soaked in herbal decoction. Moreover, it can be used for inflammation, since honey is a good natural antiseptic.

Face masks

In addition to peeling, a useful procedure mask. They improve circulation and purify, and saturate with oxygen. If you use them regularly, face muscles back in tone, and your skin will acquire a healthy Shine. There are several types of masks:

  • cleansing;
  • nutritional;
  • moisturizing;
  • anti-aging;
  • whitening.

The selection mask is carried out depending on skin type and desired effect. The tool should be applied on clean skin. For best effect it is recommended to make peeling.

Cleansing mask are mandatory. They need to be done once or twice a week for greater effect. Before applying it is recommended to make a steam bath for the face. You should use essential oils or herbal decoctions. This will help to open the pores for better cleansing, as well as remove toxins. However, if the woman suffers from rosacea, to carry out this procedure is strictly prohibited.masks

The biggest cleaning effect has a mask of cosmetic clay. The need to consider the type of skin. For the combined fit white clay. For oily type would suit blue or green. Owners dry need to give preference to red clay. After the procedure it is mandatory the use of tonic. This will help to remove remnants of the mask, to close the pores, and also give a person the freshness and evenness of color. You can make a mask from gelatin and honey.

Mask you can buy in the store, to do at home by yourself. However, you should consult with a beautician or consultant in beauty, to learn, which mask is suitable to a specific person. The mask should not be applied on the eyelids and eye area. Also while wearing tools, it is recommended not to talk and is in a calm state. This will help better with the mask to do its job and not be stretched. To wash it is with a cotton swab, soaked in warm water, or just water. You can use a special sponge for removing funds. So as not to injure the skin and does not leave the face red spots, wipe is carefully and accurately, not much rubbing.

A hydrating mask is best done after using the cleansing. They will help to nourish the beneficial vitamins cover. Nutritious masks at home will be cheaper to do so, what to buy in the store, and more efficiently. Should definitely consider the skin type and follow the instructions for each of them.

To rejuvenate good natural oils. The list of such products include oil:

  • argan;
  • Helichrysum;
  • rose light cream;
  • evening primrose.

Funds should be applied in the evening to wet the cleaned cover. The movement should be smooth and massage. Above is to apply a moisturizer. So the skin care of the face and neck will have maximum effect.

Selection of cosmetics

The choice of cosmetics should be approached very responsibly. The, correctly matched funds, the success of skin care face. After that, as defined type, you need to purchase the following products:

  • tonic;
  • lotion for removing makeup;
  • facial wash;
  • mask and scrub;
  • cream for face and neck.

Special attention in selection should be paid to the ingredients. For many types it is important to avoid using the funds for care, which include the alcohol and eucalyptus. They are especially harmful for young skin. It is not necessary to trust the advertisements and loud cheers. There is no tool, which would at once eliminate all skin problems. Visible effect after the first application impossible, as the process of recovery and care takes time, and it doesn't happen instantly.

Also important is the shelf life. It depends on the specific funds. The deadline will be indicated on the back next to the application instructions in the form of an open jar with a number on it. Number is the number of months, during which is safe to use after opening. It is strictly forbidden to use expired cosmetics, including decorative.

Professional care

If the skin care of the face and neck at home is not helping properly, you can turn to professionals. For this you need to go to a beauty salon and make an appointment to the beautician. Now there are many different procedures, the effect which can be seen fairly quickly. At the moment popular:

  1. Cleaning using ultrasound. The procedure consists in the fact, that water penetrates waves deep into the skin, and then sucked together with harmful substances.
  2. Kalevala. Treatment is a deep cleansing of the skin at the cellular level. It tightens pores and helps fight wrinkles.

These procedures have a positive effect on the deep layer, improving it.

first, what to do, this is a cosmetic cleaning of the face. This will restore the respiratory function of the skin, as well as to stimulate metabolic processes. This procedure is very popular and gives good result. Cleaning can be performed by a beautician how to manually, and with the help of application devices. The list includes:

  • ultrasound;
  • vacuum;
  • brushing.

In addition to cleaning, in the beauty salon to do professional peel. It should be done regularly, therefore, it is recommended to combine with home use of a scrub. They can be mechanical or with the use of the equipment and chemistry. In the salon you can make three types of peeling:

  1. Soft. He is the most gentle, as it is made superficially and without the use of harsh cosmetic products.
  2. Average. This type of peeling is aimed at a more deep cleansing. Helps to get rid of wrinkles and even out skin tone.
  3. Deep. Cleanses deep layers. During the procedure uses acids with significant concentration. This peel can help to get rid of wrinkles, scars. Professional care

In addition to peeling, beauticians recommend face massage. This procedure will help relax the muscles, rejuvenate your skin and nourish it with nutrients. Besides, massage has the following useful actions:

  • has the effect of rejuvenating, giving the skin a fresh appearance;
  • the adjustment circuit;
  • wrinkles;
  • improving blood circulation.

Another procedure is biorevitalization. It affects deeper layers of the skin intensively. Used drugs can rejuvenate the skin, to give it firmness and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is the main drug. This substance must be injected under the skin. This can be done using:

  • injection:
  • current with low frequency;
  • laser;
  • ultrasound.

However, even using professional care, it is impossible to neglect daily procedures. Only combined effects can give a result.

Skin care of the face and neck is a daily procedure. It is designed to cleanse the skin, toning, to nourish and moisturize it, and also to deal with problems in the form of dryness, wrinkles and fat. To care was the most effective, you can apply masks and scrubs, and also to contact the salon for professional help.

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