Tips for beginners, or What are the search engines

Bots are fantastic invention. They filter information, extract data and help us find, we're looking for an incredibly diverse range of subjects. However, not all search engines are created equal. Each search tool brings a new experience, although it is not always pleasant and convenient.

search engines

search engines

If you compare the search engines with the machine, they all, having a primary common "skeleton", significantly different details and mechanism of action. Therefore, by setting the same parameters, using a variety of search engines, you can get very different results. What are the search engines?

Here are a few search engines, which can be completely trusted, to get not only a valuable research experience, but also the necessary information. They act quickly, easy to use and produce consistently relevant results. It is worth to try them all, to choose, some of them correspond to the individual needs.

  • for example, English-language search engine Wolfram Alpha, It is positioning itself as a "processing core system". In fact, it means, that will be answered by an independent inquiry. Interest calculations complex mathematical problems, statistics for every country in the world, conversion table, Information on the chemical elements? If you are in need of such data, the Wolfram Alpha - is the place, where you should turn.
  • LinkedIn is not a technical search engine, but, if you look at it from a different perspective, it definitely has its own niche and provides peer-reviewed Job Search, networking groups and professional relationships.
  • Bing - one of the youngest on the list of search engines, but he, certainly, making up for lost time, thanks to the impressive power of Microsoft, behind him. Bing offers a simple search in real-time with the most relevant and necessary information.
  • According to estimates, more than 900 million registered Facebook users, It is the largest social network in the world. Although Facebook is not technically billed as a search engine, but more and more people are looking for information from friends and relatives in the pages of this community.
  • If you've ever watched a video "Online", this, probably, confirmation of your visit YouTube, the world's largest and most popular video search site. Hundreds of thousands of video - Sports, movie trailers, video cat antics and other uploaded to the site every hour.
  • Short flash information, millions of times per hour? It - Twitter, fire hose connection, used by millions of people to spread information. You can find all sorts of information here or via Twitter starch engines.
  • Pinterest - one of the fastest growing sites in the history of the Web. And it's something he's talking about, given the nature of the instrument. Millions of people, mostly women, We created an online album for their favorite topics, which are then made available to other users search. This popular site has become a valuable resource for those, who aspires to creativity and looking for inspiration, and can, both of them.
  • Yahooligans offers not only the filtered results for children, but also entertainment, music and movie news, but, Besides, helping with homework. Unfortunately, yet the Russian version.
  • Google is the most popular search engine and satisfies millions of searches every day all over the world. Do you want to dive into the advanced search or just started to work, you make, what is it – useful and versatile tool for searching information.
  • AND, of course, it is impossible to ignore the Russian search engine Yandex and the world multilingual encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Here in brief is not an exhaustive overview of the answer to the question: What are the search engines?

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