How much traffic eats Skype


The most valuable megabytes

We have a limited amount of Internet traffic is particularly urgent this question. In this article, we unveil the veil of secrecy and tell, how much traffic an average flow rate of each type of communication on Skype.

bandwidth consumption Skype program depends on the type and intensity of communication.

When communicating using Instant Messaging Traffic can not be considered, since only the transmitted text information, that does not take up much space.

voice video chat without spends about 50 kb / s. ie. one minute "weigh" talk about 3 MB.

when making video call traffic is consumed at a rate 500 kb / s. ie. minute live communication will take about 30 MB.

Besides, and on the amount of traffic flow also affects people in your contact list, since the program regularly updates information about them, and this, too, spent precious bytes.

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