Shtroblenie walls for guiding his hands

If you decide to do repairs, and at the same time you visited the idea to replace all the wiring, you will have to Stroebe walls for the new cable. To save a little family budget, we suggest you to cope with this type of work yourself. In order to to cope with the task, You may have read some of the principles of, which will allow you to produce shtroblenie walls under the wiring with your hands.

Shtroblenie walls under wiring

Shtroblenie walls under wiring

Basic principles shtrobleniya

Before you begin the process shtrobleniya walls, it is best to jot down on paper all the preliminary sockets layout, switches and wiring itself. So you do not have to improvise during the labor-intensive activities.

And be the best plan, based on the following rules shtrobleniya:

  • The most important thing, what is worth knowing for proper shtrobleniya - is the location of the grooves under the wiring. They should only be placed horizontally, or only vertically.
  • The maximum distance of horizontal grooves from the plates of the ceiling shall be not less than 1,5 m.
  • The vertical grooves should be placed at a distance of not less 1 m from doors and windows. If the pipeline is near, the distance from the groove should be at least 4 m.
  • Depth order to achieve better shape 2,5 cm. A continuous length of one horizontal Grooves must not be more than, than 3 m.
  • All load-bearing walls is strictly prohibited stroebe horizontally.

An essential tool for shtrobleniya

Tool for shtrobleniya

Tool for shtrobleniya

Shtroblenie the walls with his own hands under a wiring can be made in several ways, but, so, and the tool can be useful to the most diverse.

  • Chisel and hammer will help you realize the cheapest way shtrobleniya. Unfortunately, This method takes a lot of effort, time and nerves, how your, and neighbor.
  • An angle grinder will do the job much faster, but it forms a lot of noise and dust.
  • Impact driver or drill, make grooves, though not very smooth, but fast and clean enough.
  • The chasers is an ideal tool for creating perfectly smooth grooves for a short time (if you can afford it buy a tool).

Prepare the surface by shtroblenie

  • To produce shtroblenie walls under the wiring correctly and to protect yourself from possible injuries, you must first work through the entire surface of the walls for the presence in it of the old wiring. To do this, use the special tool. This approach will allow you to avoid contact with live wires.
  • After that, as the entire wall is investigated, can be carried out according to the layout previously drawn plan.
  • To ensure that construction dust did not overcome adjacent premises, it is best to close all openings or film, a damp cloth.

Carrying out work in different kinds of tools

  • If you decided to choose the easiest way of chisel and hammer, then we will tell you, how to do everything as quickly as possible. First of all you need to do in the way of all marking small holes using a hammer and chisel himself. Deepening needs to be done on the top and bottom most target furrow. After that, a chisel, put across Stroebe you can do itself a recess. But it is worth remembering, that this method is unacceptable if shtroblenie concrete walls. The tool is simply not up to the task.
  • If you will make grooves with the punch, we recommend you to use a nozzle with a wide brown, the same item with the short element and borer - scapula. The first thing to do for the entire length of the small holes marking depth 2,5 cm. Arrange them better at a distance 15 mm different from other. Thereafter, by means of the blade may be formed Stroebe, placing it along the marked line. And remember, shoulder, installed across the future Stroebe, threatens to split the extra pieces of wall.
  • If you decided to use a construction angle grinder is, we recommend that you buy for her disc with diamond coating. Such a tool will cope with this task quickly and easily. Just make nadpily grinder around the perimeter of the markup (up and down). After that, you can knock out the remaining pieces of the wall punch or a hammer with a chisel.

Remember, that when the grinder you have to fight with a huge amount of stone dust. The aid may be invoked in this case, building cleaner, which should keep the partner in the immediate vicinity of the forming grooves. This way you can collect all the building dust, without even allowing her to settle.

  • The chasers is the perfect tool for forming grooves in a future posting. The principle of the tool device allows forming Stroebe once in its entire width and depth. So, located opposite each other two diamond disk contribute to obtaining a perfectly flat Stroebe.

Moreover, the device has a special construction for fastening the vacuum cleaner tube. This means, you do not have to breathe the dust of construction.

A disadvantage of such tool in its high cost. Moreover, even with the use of wall chaser formed Stroebe still have to knock out the remaining pieces of the wall, that interfere to form the desired channel depth.

The final work

Formed Stroebe must be cleaned of dust and stone construction material residues. For this purpose, it can be used as a vacuum cleaner, and an ordinary broom. After Stroebe soil and laid the necessary cables.
Filled wiring Stroebe close with cement, plaster or gypsum mixture. Your new wiring ready for operation!

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