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Grounding his views

grounding device

grounding device

Modern life is impossible to imagine without a variety of electrical appliances, which greatly facilitate our lives and make it more comfortable. However, this is only possible with proper grounding of all electrical partings in an apartment or private house. certainly, carrying out relevant work assigned to specific organizations, which exhibit a fairly high bills for their services. Therefore, in order to save it is possible to perform an independent grounding device and be confident in the safety of his life.

When carrying out such a plan it is necessary to be guided by the following documents:

  • Safety rules at operation of electrical installations (PTBE);
  • Rules of arrangement of electrical installations (PUE);
  • Rules of technical operation of electrical consumers (PTEE).

When done correctly the ground resistance and current, not exceeding 4 ohm, in checking instances there will be no problems for the independent organization of grounding. However, it should be borne in mind, that in the event of an accident in this case it damages will be absolutely void,. Damage, caused the accident, will be refunded the owner of the property the organizations subject to availability of project work, acts of its implementation, acceptance and commissioning.

Having decided on their own to ground electrical appliances, pre worth delineate for ourselves the concept of protective and working grounding. The essence of the protective earth is to protect consumers from electric shock, and household appliances - from damage in case of emergency. If available there is a lightning rod - the protection is guaranteed, and the consequences of lightning strikes.

If the trouble still occurred, the role of a protective ground is quite capable to perform work. For the purposes of the permanent working ground is only used in industry. To ground the home appliances, will be sufficient to establish the earthing-pin. However, such objects, like a washing machine, Microwave oven, induction cooker and even a regular computer, better ground tightly because of their work in difficult conditions.

Features earthing

Also, when the grounding device in the home should be aware, What is the earthing, and what parts it consists. Earthing - is reinforced in the ground metal conductor. Especially the selection and arrangement of the earthing:

  • the optimal length of the grounding – from 2 to 3 m;

    Grounding in a private house with his own hands

    Grounding in a private house with his own hands

  • about 0,5 m earthing of the entire length below the level necessary to deepen the soil freezing in cold winter season;
  • in areas with warm winters, when the temperature does not drop below 0˚S, – 0,5 m earthing length follows to dig below the drying level, that is, in the layer of soil, which has a stable humidity;
  • distance between multiple earthing, set in the ground, It may be up 1,2 m, excluding permafrost.

If several earthing their upper ends are connected by metallosvyazi - welded metal construction, which is put into the house as a ground bus. Such tires can be placed in the house a few pieces, with one of the tires should work on grounding of input distribution device. Earthing metallosvyaz together and form a single rigid circuit ground.

Separate grounding device also assumes knowledge of, that metallosvyazi Resistor must be less than 0,1 Ohm and earthing is best to install several, because the land is non-linear guide, whose resistance is highly dependent on the voltage and earthing area.

It is important to take into account the fact, Rules that are strictly prohibited device electrical grounding electrical consumers as follows::

  • for any pipeline, including water pipe;
  • consistent way;
  • to connect more than 1 the ground conductor to one contact area with the ground bus.

Grounding of a private house

Arranging ground facilities in the holiday house, care must be taken to install a lightning conductor. This is a much needed facility, as they often built cottages are built of flammable materials, and the pipelines are laid on the lack of depth.

To make a proper grounding of a private house, ground loop can be done in different ways, the main thing - to take into account features of the structure and properties of soils. The most optimum material for manufacturing self earthing - with a flattened tube-shaped tip end. At the lower end of the pipe, about 0,5 m, drill up 10 – 15 holes from 5 to 8 mm in a chaotic manner. During the hot season in the earthing switch must be introduced to maintain the saline solution is normal spreading resistance.

Grounding in apartment

Grounding in apartment

grounding apartments

Can be grounded independently and his apartment. To 1997 Year in apartment buildings electricity was conducted according to the principle earthed neutral. However, over time it became clear, what ground does not cope with the increased saturation of modern houses large appliances, as the neutral current - it is electrical interference.

Therefore, in homes, were built after 1997 of the year, comprising administering ground loop with door-breeding protective conductor. If there is no, it is necessary to install a residual current device, or vanishing. The essence of the device is reduced to, that ground wire down from the floor plate to the earthing contacts earthing-pin. While the device itself can be as three, and biphasic, and work on the principle of differential relay.

Anyway, whatever type of ground is chosen, it is necessary to arrange in accordance with all rules and safety standards and in consultation with relevant organizations.

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