Homemade wind turbine for home and garden

Our country is rich in wind power resources. Russia has always been famous for its open spaces, huge areas, endless plains. In general, the main area is flat, without hillsides, mountains and winds full expanse. But they are both very slow and low potential in densely populated areas, and wild outback. If you want to get a wind turbine on the farm household or in a private house, it is quite possible.

Before purchasing or manufacturing this device we must think well over, for which purpose it is necessary it will be and what type will be more successful. Also, in order to begin to choose a homemade wind turbine for home and garden need to get acquainted and learn the basic concept of this device.



basic concepts

  • First and foremost, the importance of KIEV, i.e. wind energy use factor. If it is calculated for the mechanical model, it equates efficiency rotors of wind power plants.
  • Important efficiency, more often it is through the efficiency of wind power plants. It is calculated from the oncoming wind power generators to terminals or just the amount of water, which is pumped into the tank.
  • To the minimum operating speed of the winds is the speed, at which the wind begin to supply current to the load.
  • To the maximum speed winds are speed, in which the energy will be discontinued. Automatic generator automatically disables or removes the rotor in the vane. Also, the rotor can stop itself or APU collapse.
  • From the starting wind speed will depend on the ability of the rotor to rotate without any additional load. Also the rotor enters the operating mode and then you can turn on the generator.
  • A negative value of acceleration affect the launch of the device at different wind speeds. For this to be a wind power plant.
  • The starting point affects the ability of the rotor to create a torque on the shaft, occurs due to the stagnation of air is forced to flow.
  • The wind turbine rotor is a wind power installation, where wind energy is converted into rotational moments at a select shaft power due to the rotation of the rotor in the air stream.
  • Under the operating speed range of the rotor refers to the difference between the maximum speed and minimum operating speed during operation at nominal load.
  • An important indicator of low-speed wind turbine. Here the linear speed of the rotor will never exceed the wind speed, a dynamic pressure itself will be transformed into a lobed thrust.
  • Indicators of the speed of the wind turbine will rise to the linear speed of the blades, and the rotor will form its own air circulation.

The formation of the energy flow - the process is not easy. Having a basic understanding of the basic concepts and indicators can always find the right model for wind turbine. Homemade wind turbine for the home and garden - this is not a science fiction novel object. You only need to focus on the appropriate model and can translate our plans into reality.

How to choose a generator

The choice of the generator

The choice of the generator

The main purpose of the generator for domestic purposes - electric power generation in a large range of speeds and be capable of self-starting without additional automatic devices and without the external power source. If you used to be windmills with the promotion, that possess high efficiency and the use of wind energy, the generator should be also reversible. His work should be similar to the operation of the engine. If satisfied with the power to 5 kW, the suitable electric machines with permanent magnets, which based on niobium, ie Supermagnet. If you need a generator of higher power of 0,5 to 0,7 kW, then the foundations for the need to use steel or ferrite magnets.

A good engine that, whose power of 0,3 to 1yly 2 kW, at the base is used in alternating current oscillator and a built-rectifiers. To date, these devices are most. Their advantage is, that they are able to withstand the output voltage from 11,6 to 14,7 In in a large speed range without using external electronic stabilizers. Also, if the voltage on the windings will reach about 1, 4 The flint valves open themselves, and when a voltage of the low generator "will not notice" load. therefore, work to be an active generator initially it should be how to untwist.

Typically oscillator connected to the high-speed shaft of the wind turbine without gear or belt transmission. It is only necessary to choose the number of blades and speed. Often high-speed turbines tend to have a zero starting point. For the operation of the rotor is not important, it loads without outages could well get loose and do not need to wait, when the gates will open and the generator will give the current.

Choosing a generator, depending on the wind

From choosing the model of the generator is important to know a little about the state of the winds in the area, it is necessary to get acquainted with the local aerology. Well if the area is often windy weather. Usually on the map you can see the area:

  • gray-green,
  • yellow-green
  • red.

For gray-green areas, ie windless not do without sailing wind turbines. In such circumstances, you need stable power supply, so it is necessary to use the booster, charger, powerful battery, inverter. This pleasure can get a pretty penny, but in such cases does not get a good result from the wind turbine.

For yellow-green areas or slabovetrennyh, need a device with low-speed vertical wind turbine. They are available in different models and at her work not inferior lobe generators industrial manufacturers. If you plan to buy a ready-made device, for this climate it is better to look for a sailing wind turbines with rotors.
For the red zone, ie windy good all homemade device-vertikalka and industrial sailboats.

Wind turbines with their own hands

Wind turbines with their own hands

Wind turbines with their own hands

If you decide to make a homemade wind turbine for home and garden, to begin with it is necessary to accurately calculate all. It is necessary to determine not only the average, but with a maximum power. Moreover it is important to know about the consumed average power, peak power house and it is necessary to determine the required capacity of batteries.

Skilled craftsmen do not recommend the use of car batteries, The generator was cheap. They are not durable and can not always maintain the charging mode and discharging. Difficult for them and myself care. It is necessary to constantly monitor the level of electrolytes, It has to be aired several times a day room, observe the temperature regime.
From manufacturing wind turbine, it is necessary to take into account the, that it is not only safe, but also practical.

Install a wind turbine on the site, where winds are predominant direction. It is better, that this place was not near home and not near the tall trees. If the terrain is flat, the device is installed at a height of 1 to 1,5 m, but even better, if it used the mast, a height of 6 up to 10m, possible and above.

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