Homemade machine-listogib

Master, working on a construction site with additional elements of the roof, downpipes, may be not
only to save a decent amount of the family budget, but also significantly increase the welfare of the family, making machine – sheet bending machine with your own hands. Prices for finished goods is significantly higher than the cost of the material used. Homemade machine – bending machine will become an indispensable assistant master tinsmith in the manufacture of various High quality products.

History of the appearance of the machine

Press brakes first appeared in the XIX century in the United States, when there was a need for large quantities of metal structural parts. Manually bend the metal sheets is very difficult and time-consuming. The first mechanical listogiby were extremely traumatic, massive, uncomfortable and consumed a lot of electricity. In the 60s of the last century there were the first models of hydraulic machines. The equipment was improved, It is becoming safer, convenient and easy to use. Today, machine-listogib can be made independently.


Bending machine

Bending machine

The press unit, generating bending strips and sheets of metal of varying shape and thickness, It called bending machines. With the help of the equipment made with their own hands the sheets can be bent, without violating their flatness, different angles. The craftsmen use tools for working with sheets of the different metals.

Products of excellent quality are obtained, without deformation of the sheet and practically no different from the products, manufactured industrially. The price is considerably lower. Silicone inserts on the bending beam allows flexing painted sheets, without disturbing the coating. The design of the machine is adjustable processed sheet thickness.

Working on a homemade machine – sheet bending machine master receives products, fully comply with all requirements. There are models of equipment, which can not only be bent sheets, but also to perform their cutting. The construction of machines used for manufacturing Duct, roof, roof trim, ventilation shafts, tides and the skates for windows, sheeting elements, metal and metal siding.

Equipment for bending sheets used in the furniture industry, in the air- and shipbuilding, for the manufacture of spare parts and car bodies in mechanical engineering, in electronics.


Metal cutting directly on the object machine is equipped with a cutter. Homemade-listogib machine consists of the following elements:

  • roller blade. For the manufacture of knives used the highest quality and durable steel alloy. The most resistant to loads is a knife with a special design grained powder.
  • The rear table is designed for placing worksheet. During operation, the sheet is moved in the right direction and is charged to the fold. In table supports attached cutter and tucker material.
  • Stand is made of wood and it is necessary to place the desktop. The height of the stand can be adjusted, and saw great moves on wheels.
  • The front stops are required to adjust the slit width sheet. The design of the stops freely rotated 180 degrees.
  • Angle stop and measuring the folding plate. Emphasis is needed for quick installation workpiece bending angle. Also it can flex independently without metal fixation.

machine assembly

The unit consists of a base, two clamps, pressing and crimping punch with lever. To assemble machine – sheet bending machine, required:

  • electric welding;
  • quality corners No. 3 and No. 5 without deformation;
  • 50 See channel №8.
      Presser, allowing to perform high-quality deep bending of the workpiece, made of parts. By welding area №3 amplify №5 corner strength. To obtain a hard nip better prepare areas with 5 mm thickness shelves. length of the base must be at 7 cm more pressing. №3 from the corner pieces are attached to the ends of the clamping brackets.
      For the treatment of corner edges, contacting a metal workpiece, use file, giving them a position parallel to the base. In the center of the corner-shelf bracket do 8 mm holes.
    №5 area suitable for the device crimping punch. The length of the punch on 10 mm shorter nip length. Steel rebars arch bracket and the obtained lever, which is welded to the punch. Of 5 mm of the steel sheet are cut shchechki, and drilled into them 10 mm holes.
homemade machine

homemade machine

On the corner of the punch with the end-edges for fastening the axes of steel removed chamfer size 5x30 mm. Welded axis parallel to the base edge, which also removed the chamfer size mm 6h32.
To carry out pre-assembly equipment in the bench screw securing the punch and the base so, to open U-bracket shelf necessarily arranged the same horizontal plane. Cheeks are placed on the punch axis and pierces to the base by spot welding.

For the trial bending is taken soft sheet. Blank holder is fixed from above and simultaneously attracted to the ground clamps. Doing bending test, check the position cheeks and, if necessary, once the adjustment is carried out. When the optimal position is selected, held their rigid attachment to the base.

Clamps are made as independently, using the corners 3 number. After reviewing the drawing, press – bending machine, you immediately realize, that the production of the machine is not particularly difficult, and the power of each master.

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