Himself an electrician: sockets and switches

How to become an electrician, a self-taught?

good day! Today I would like to pay attention to this issue, as the performance of electrical work with their own hands. In fact, does not necessarily cause electrical home for, so he repaired the wiring or plugged purchased the appliance. In most cases, just enough to get acquainted with the relevant instructions on the Internet, most to solve a particular problem. That is why we offer you to get acquainted with the project, as a site samelectrik.ru. On this site you can not only learn, independently carry out the wiring in the house or apartment, but how to make economical electric heating with his own hands. In addition, we have tried to provide the most useful tips for choosing, Repair and maintenance of household appliances in the house. electricians team will also help you with the problem, which can be described in detail in the comments or the relevant section. Generally, If you decide to become an electrician, a self-taught, we strongly recommend you to follow new content Yourself Electrician and any electrical work will You!

There are a few ideas on how, how to increase your home's value, selecting the appropriate sockets and switches in the apartment. With such a wide range of electrical appliances, used for different purposes, the main selection criteria are the two parameters - the style and functionality. Wherever installed socket: whether in a dry place, or there, where high humidity is present, most importantly - the right to choose the right product.

Connection and fastening the outlet box or circuit breaker by means of simple measures, such, as a waterproofing and drywall suitable for all purposes.

What select sockets and switches

built-in appliances

built-in appliances

When purchasing switches or electrical outlets, make sure, I made the right choice, satisfying all the requirements:

  • eg, connectors range includes one- and two-pole sockets, as well as non-switched (three phase) and Shaver;
  • among the outlets are open type products with a waterproof coating and mount, which can protect your home power supply system even in adverse conditions. They serve the same purpose in the blind sockets, installed in the children's rooms;
  • in addition to the standard range of switches are added to a special device. These include, eg, dimmers (dimmers), offers an easy way to change the atmosphere of the room and a simple touch of your finger to move from the bright and utilitarian light to soft, romantic.

Essential and appearance, which have sockets and switches in the apartment. If you are installing a completely new wiring system, usually, choose the same type of switches and sockets for each room, to create a sense of continuity.

Elegance and style even in small things

The most popular are for modern interiors sockets and light switches with finishing polished chrome, provides an elegant and modern look. There are also other options for metallic coatings: black nickel, matt chrome, blueing, which are best suited for classical interiors.
Excellent choice and will be plain white plastic panel sockets and switches, They harmoniously fit into any decor.

Besides, There are details of appearance, It is also considered in the selection of style and function: shape and profile, presence illumination switch plates or sockets and the like.

How to choose the right socket or switch

  • To choose the right socket or switch is first necessary to pay attention to their performance parameters, that is, the values ​​of current and voltage, which allowed them to. In many older homes still installed Soviet period sockets, calculated on 6A (or 1,2 kW). For a modern standard of living that is not enough: the amount used in the home requires eletropriborov 10A, and in other cases, and 16A.
  • IMPORTANT. Unsafe plug 10A or 16A socket 6A in the network. In this case, there is a risk of overloading and tripping circuit breaker, what, ultimately, lead to failure of the fuse or, worse, fire. The exit from this situation – to try to lay an additional line and install the machine more power.
  • second, than you need to guide the choice of outlet, its IP(XX) at. The first digit (from 0 to 6) talks about her protection from dust, second (from 0 to 8) - from moisture. clear, that the smaller figure, the less protection.
  • Normal household socket has two phases, but it happens the need for a three-phase outlet (sometimes referred to as "earthing-pin") for three-conductor wiring.
Wiring diagram for a triple switch

Wiring diagram for a triple switch

Socket for three-phase connection

In appearance, these sockets offer extra hole or a T-shaped hole.
IMPORTANT. Connecting a three-phase sockets, or rather the ground wire, best left to professionals, otherwise you can run into trouble, and, quite dangerous for the health and safety of property, and for life itself.

Any manufacturer to prefer

In this regard, opinions differ. Odno undeniable: all household sockets and switches are divided into three price categories.

  • In the first, the lowest, It is electrical fittings, which price is not exceed 1 $. Often, These products are manufactured according to the old technology and does not have particularly good quality, so when you purchase should carefully examine them for the presence of all the necessary components. These include products of TM IEK (Russia), ASKO (Ukraine) and some others.
  • second (medium) price category - products from 2 to 3$. This is primarily Russian and Wesson Gusi,Ukrainian TM "Elektromaks", Turkish VICO, Gunsan, blemish, Ania(TM France), Contact Simon (TM Spain, but it made in Poland or Turkey) and some others. Not prityazaya on exquisite design, their products are quite reliable to work for ten years.

AND, finally, the latter category, which gets the product from 5$ and higher per unit. European manufacturers of products one series, regardless of, they stand 5 or 100 $have the same internal stuffing. The difference in price provides design, other "trifles", as, eg, Silver plated contacts, gaps accuracy, triple layer of protective varnish and the like impact on the price has, and sometimes quite considerable, but does not affect the service life. Therefore, if the price threshold 5$ above does not interfere with sleep at night, you can trust this brand with confidence, that it is not trying to replace any of the Chinese or Turkish forgery.

How to install or replace the socket or switch

Mounting socket

Mounting socket

Need wire cutters wire strippers and flat-blade screwdriver. To install or replace the outlet or switch you need:

  • to turn off the electricity;
  • to cut power cable, the right to an outlet in the place, where you need to install the outlet or switch, remove primerno5 cm shell, revealing a white and black insulated wires of each side inside the cable. Strip the insulation from about 1-1,5 cm;
  • loosen the screws on the outlet (switch). Screws on the one hand, "silver" switch, on the other – brass;
  • to put the bare ends of the wires (White - "silver", Black - "Brass"), Tighten the screws with a screwdriver, to wire held in place; connect the wires, leading to a power source on the other side of the socket (switch);
  • to install the socket in place and secure it;
  • to check the socket (switch), including power supply;

Tips & Warnings: Never attempt to work with is not de-energized electrical circuit!

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