Wiring in the apartment with his hands

In apartment buildings of the old buildings with wiring problems are common. Moreover, it can happen at the most inopportune moment,. This is due to the increase in modern household appliances, used in apartments, because of which increases the load on the wiring. At some point, the aluminum wiring in the apartment can not withstand heavy load and simply burns. Therefore, it is important to promptly upgrade the power supply system, using the copper wires with a suitable cross-section.

What to look for when replacing wiring

Replacing the wiring

Replacing the wiring

Wiring can be replaced with your own hands. Therefore, it is not necessary to invite for professional electricians, which you have to pay a lot of money.

Important! In no case do not get to work on the replacement of wiring in the event of doubt in their abilities.
When planning the wiring must be replaced:

  • to choose a cross-section of copper cable, which is easy to cope with the increased workload;
  • make the transfer of some wiring accessories;
  • organize power line loads for individual appliances.

What parameters should have new wiring

types of wiring

types of wiring

When choosing a three-core copper cable, new wiring focuses its cross section. For field wiring is best to use wire marks VVG and NYM. With regard to section, then a standard set of household appliances, used in flat, cable cross section is sufficient 2,5 mm². In the presence of consumers, characterized by an increased capacity, for laying individual lines can take the lead, whose cross section is 4 mm².

How to transfer sockets and switches to a new location

In some cases, eg, because of the overall transposition of furniture, It requires the transfer of individual outlets and switches to a new location. Therefore it is necessary to think in advance of installation option of wiring accessories in new positions. To do this, you can punch a hole in the wall under the new outlet, or you can use a simpler method, which is the installation of open type of products. Their attachment is carried out by means of dowels directly to the wall.

Important! The height from the floor to the outlet must be 30-80 cm. With one outlet should fall on every 6m2, that is written in the fire safety rules.

For wiring in the apartment will need the following tools:

  • Tester Multimeter;
  • passatiži;
  • screwdriver;
  • bokorezy;
  • knife assembly;
  • level;
  • drill;
  • bur on the concrete 16-20 mm;
  • core bit 90-100 mm;
  • Drill for concrete;
  • set of drills for concrete;
  • Bulgarian with a circle of stone;
  • soldering Iron;
  • alabaster;
  • putty knife;
  • portable electric.

    Tool for electrician

    Tool for electrician

Preparation for wiring replacement

Wiring in the apartment must be laid exclusively at full power outage. but tools, used in this, usually, power, therefore it is necessary to provide power, what will need to perform the following works:

  • on a prepared piece of durable plastic, or a plate attached double or tee;
  • here the machine is mounted on a piece of cable 16A, whose cross section should be 4 mm²;
  • torn out the plug or turn off the machine housing;
  • Near counter small portion hollowed out to output wiring from him;
  • outputted to the wire connected vremyanka, then isolating joints;
  • We hold the power in apartment, then you can start to work.

Important! During this operation, do not touch wires of body parts and clothing, tool at the same time to keep entirely separate parts.

shtroblenie walls

Grooves can be direct, horizontal, vertical, but, in any case, not curved or angled.

Important! Shtroblenie - work is very noisy and dusty, therefore, it is useful to discuss in advance with your neighbors during the meeting.

To begin, the Bulgarian border is done to a depth Stroebe, equal to the diameter of the corrugations, and width - punch bit. After this bit is knocked through the groove. Inside corner is cut, then knocked out hole. At the same time within the walls of brick it is done with the crown, and concrete - bit.

Laying copper wire

First, pre-metered piece of cable is drawn into the corrugation. This should be done on a flat surface. Thereafter, the wells, in which the pre-made alabaster pillows, set Enclosures, and Stroebe fit corrugations cable. The ends of each cable at the plant in Enclosures.

The next step Enclosures and Stroebe smeared alabaster. In this case, you need to cover up Stroebe pieces every two feet.
After this introductory ends of the corrugations are inserted into the opening panel and lubricated with a conductive paste. Finally, you must grab a tin collar on the screw, and he connected to the grounding screw terminal.

Introductory plate is applied and fixed in place by dowels, then de-energized apartment on and off vremyanka.

Important! All wires, coming from the counter, carefully isolated and placed in the flap housing.


Before you begin plastering Stroebe, Enclosures stuffed in foam, and the opening flap is closed and the counter piece of plastic film, avoid shearing the seals. Otherwise, do not avoid the problems with energy. If the damage could not be avoided seals, the problem immediately reported in the energy service.

sockets, switches, lights installed after the, how podrazetniki will be thoroughly cleaned from the remnants of plaster.

The final stage

The opening in the connector panel is going to power supply circuit, wherein each branch is checked for a short circuit tester. Thereafter supplied flat and search phase and zero, which extend from the counter. Now you need to remove power and dilute pigtails for terminal blocks. After rechecking for a short circuit is energized when the circuit breaker is turned flat and the main breaker.

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