He lost his voice as a treat - People technique

voicelessWhen the cold weather, many people have a problem - how to treat lost his voice? Each patient in this situation it would be desirable to recover in the shortest time.

Regardless of the chosen method, initially, doctors recommend to stop talking. In this situation, the vocal cords are in need of complete rest. You can not even speak in a whisper. The course of treatment is generally 5-10 days.


In the treatment of throat and neck ligaments need to be warmed heat. This will require a soft neck wrap scarf. Effectively will use warming compresses to the neck. It is recommended to put on the chest and back mustard, including regular hover legs.


calefacientAnother important point in the issue of how to treat lost his voice is the observance of a specific diet. For fast healing is recommended to use in the diet of certain foods. From the patient's power to exclude acute, rough, hot and cold food, since it can lead to additional mechanical damage of the larynx. In addition, the patient must give up alcohol and smoking. It is recommended to eat fatty meals, as they protect the ligament.


Treat missing voice need using rinses. These procedures have a direct impact on the affected area of ​​the larynx. For this purpose different compositions, from modern solutions of pharmaceutical components and ending folk:

  • special herbal tea can be purchased at the pharmacy. He insists on the instructions,
  • the use of freshly squeezed potato juice,Medical examination
  • use chamomile sage, who poured boiling water,
  • applying warm alkaline mineral water,
  • application of onion skin decoction,
  • application beet juice, diluted with lukewarm water.

Any such means should be used within a few hours 2-3 days.
Treat the vocal cords can be through a variety of exercises. Erroneous considered opinion, that this method is only effective for people, are engaged in singing.

The use of folk remedies

Therapeutic effect on the throat and ligaments have some folk remedies, which should be used inside:

  1. beer with honey given proportions 100 g on beer 2-3 honey,
  2. 50 g wine or brandy,
  3. to include in the diet of warm raspberry jam,
  4. drink warm milk with honey, holding it in the mouth for a long time,
  5. tincture of horseradish juice with honey,
  6. garlic consumption,
  7. drink warm milk with soda,
  8. a mixture of a butter with honey.


If there is a home nebulizer recommended therapeutic inhalation. Inhalations can be and the old method, heavily on ferry. For this purpose, such herbs, how tumbles, eucalyptus, briar, tea tree oil, anise essential oil.Inhalation about voice loss

Often lost his voice because of the underlying disease: aphonia or laryngitis. Laryngitis - an inflammation of the throat or a cold infectious genesis, that manifest loss of voice. In this situation, the answer to the question "how to treat lost his voice?"Is taking antihistamines, boosting the immune system of the patient. When the manifestation of the disease should immediately seek medical advice.

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