The reasons for the delay menstruation, how to call monthly at a delay and whether to do it

Как вызвать месячныеMany do not even know, that the reasons for the delay menstruation, in addition to the emergence of a lot of pregnancy. So do not jump to conclusions, which may be premature, much less make any rash actions. It is better to take a closer look to their health and try to understand what is happening. So, first of all, We need to find: delay may occur for whatever reason still monthly? whether or not to cause their own monthly? And if so, the, How can I do that?

The reasons for the delay menstruation

First of all in order to understand and take notice malfunction of the organism, and even more delay menstruation is necessary to very carefully, and most importantly the right to monitor their menstrual cycle, to later do not make a mistake in the calculations. In that case, if you still found, that menstruation did not come in time, the reasons for the delay, you must first understand the monthly and understand them. Therefore, every woman will be useful to know, any reasons for the delay there. All the causes of such a small problem can be divided into two main groups: Natural and pathological.

natural causes not belong to the category of dangerous, since their origin is based on the normal processes, taking place in a woman's body. These include:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Lactation.
  • pubescence.
  • Alteration of an organism before menopause.

pathological causes is reasons based on the occurrence of any pathology, ie variations in health. These include:

  • Gynecological diseases, endocrine system, as well as obesity and degeneration.
  • Prolonged use of antibiotics or other potent drugs.
  • A recent abortion.
  • Strong physical exhaustion or overexertion.
  • severe stress.
  • alcohol abuse, tobacco and Drug.

How do you have time to verify the causes of the delay of menstruation are quite a few, and some of them are quite alarming and dangerous to health. Therefore, the first step, that needs to be done, finding delay, it take a pregnancy test in the case of a negative answer to make a special survey.
First of all, you can make uzi, well, if necessary, and more in-depth review of your health, namely:

  • Tested for sexual infections such, sexually transmitted as a: chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplazmoz, gonorrhea, etc..
  • To do with scraping of the uterus for histological studies.
  • get tested, eliminating or confirming the occurrence of pituitary disease.
  • Explore the body's hormones.

Do not try to call their own monthly, if the delay causes a:

  • pregnancy,
  • the occurrence of any disease.

In the first case, if nevertheless emerged pregnancy is not desirable, attempts to interrupt its own and cause monthly home, very dangerous not only for health, but also can cause death. Therefore, in this case it is necessary to see a specialist, remembering, that abortion can be done only in the early stages, as well as about, that abortion is also harmful to your health.
In the second case, however, should be considered, that the retention of menstruation is not treated separately, and it is done only in conjunction with the fight against the disease itself, since it is only a consequence any disturbance in the body. Only by eliminating the cause, namely, the disease itself, It can help the body to restore the menstrual cycle. And just in case, if menstruation delay occurred due to overwork or stress, you can still try to recover and use cycle, eg, folk remedies.

As trigger delay periods when folk remedies

From time immemorial herbal treatment, Yes, and all the folk remedies considered one of the most effective, provided, that all the components are selected to his right in relation to the individual case and the man.

Как вызвать месячные при задержке народными средствами

And has its own methods in folk medicine for the recovery of the menstrual cycle. The following recipes are for this case:

  • Preparing a mixture of valerian, camomile drug and mint. To do this, take chamomile and mint in equal amounts, and Valerian on 1/4 part is smaller and everything is mixed, and then take 30g of the mixture and fill it with 250g of water. We urge for 20-30 minutes. You must take half a cup twice a day.
  • Make a collection of the following four herbs: liquorice root, herb St. John's wort, fruits and juniper. Then a small pot with two cups of boiling water add 2 tablespoons of the drug collection. Then we put a vessel in a water bath and boiled for half an hour. The solution is filtered and taken 1/3 cup three times a day.
  • mix 60 g chopped parsley and 30 grams of rue and 250 gram of water, after which the mixture was insist on a water bath quarter hour. Infusion taken cold in the morning and evening before a meal.
  • Two tablespoons of the collection of the following herbs: rosehip, elecampane, nettle, radiograms pink, yarrow and oregano, pour a liter of boiled water, wrap the pot with a mixture of a towel and put it stand overnight. The finished mixture should drink during the day.
  • Make an infusion of parsley, the effect of which is to come within three days.
  • It is also believed, that helps good cause for a delay monthly very strong infusion of peels of onions. Drink onion infusion is necessary in the morning on an empty stomach a glass and preferably within seven days.
  • mix 4 g with ruty 0,5 cup boiling water in a small dipper or saucepan and put on a slow fire for a quarter hour. Ready-mixed drink in the morning on an empty stomach and only once. Upon receiving the infusion is not recommended to eat at least 5 hours.
  • To restore cycle is also helpful to drink the infusion, made from 2 liters of water, 7 Article. l. rosemary and 2 st.l. buckthorn and rue. He takes three times a day: morning, at lunch and at bedtime for two months.
  • Fill in a thermos 250 g only boiled water and added to 30 g calendula. insist 15-20 minutes and take before meals for 2 tablespoons.
  • Preparing a mixture of medicinal herbs such as the: birch and blackberry leaves, milfoil, buckthorn bark. Then take 1 Article. spoon of prepared herbs, her fall asleep in a thermos and fill it 250 g boiled water. The infusion is prepared in half an hour and drink sip on throughout the day. Besides, it is a means of helping to restore cycle, it also contributes to the removal of unpleasant pain during menstruation.

The above recipes are effective, but all the same it is necessary to take into account the, that each organism in its senses and reacts to traditional medicines, so what, that helped one person may not help another. Besides, herbs, causing monthly, They can have their contraindications, Consequently, before you use any of the recipes suggested above, it is very important to carefully read the instructions, attached to each component, entering into a recipe.

Drugs and pills, causing monthly with a delay: benefit or harm?

Препараты и таблетки, вызывающие месячные при задержке

In addition to folk remedies, there are also special tablets, causing monthly with a delay. it, eg, such drugs, as: eskapel, postinor, mifepristone, pulsatil or djufaston. But most of them are used mainly for, to provoke abortion, that at home and make their own incredibly dangerous. In addition, these drugs are not very beneficial effect on the endocrine system and can significantly disrupt hormonal balance in a woman's body.
Challenge with delay periods may also, the, who regularly takes birth control pills. In this case, the adoption of tablets just temporarily stops and after about menstruation should begin three days. But in this case there is a threat to the health of the body, until the occurrence of bleeding.
In this way, before using any medications, or folk remedies, helps bring monthly, it is very important to consult with your gynecologist, for, not to further harm your health. In any case, you should always remember, that any treatment, appointed himself alone without professional help, and even more, when it comes to the menstrual cycle, It can adversely affect all vital processes, occurring in the human body. Therefore, before calling for a delay in the monthly home, strongly recommend to think carefully and to understand, To understand whether this decision will harm or benefit your health.

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