Dishwasher: set their own

In a series of, that can make a woman free from small household chores and truly happy, strong place occupied dishwashers. Therefore, wanting to please your favorite and get rid of the need to wash the dishes, We put the dishwasher.

Features installation of dishwashers

Place for dishwasher

Place for dishwasher

Installing a new dishwasher or replacing its old - a procedure analogous to, except, that the old must first completely remove. This may require a prior power failure and water. Besides, there are some differences in the installation of machines different brands, so you need to carefully read the installation instructions, attached to the machine.
There are three major conclusions to the dishwasher:

  • hot water;
  • electricity;
  • drain hose.

IMPORTANT: before, than to drill holes for the installation of equipment, make, that the dishwasher in the housing intended for her cabinet, will be free to open.

Standard Dishwasher, having 60-61 cm of width and height of the base body, It requires approximately 2,5-4 cm on the side for free door opener. It is nothing special, it's just a gap between the cabinets, which must be considered, when we put the dishwasher.

The only connection, which, usually, comes with a dishwasher is free - it is the drain hose (hose length will dictate, how far away from the sink, you can set the machine). therefore, you need to purchase a set for installation, which includes steel braided hose into the drain elbow and.
All the connection points of the machine it is better to withdraw under the sink.

Required tools and materials skills

so, the necessary tools:

  • pliers groove-joint,
  • Phillips screwdriver,
  • 5/8 inch wrench
  • adjustable wrench,
  • pipe cutter,
  • drill with 1 ½ bit (possibly, it is needed, but will not prevent).


  • the water strainer;
  • flexible hose about 3/8” of plastic or a metal braid, a hose will allow you to connect the machine to its final installation and eliminates the difficulties of combining holes;
  • the drain pipe: sometimes required to extend the discharge line, if the car is separated from the drain connection point, at a distance of more, than the length of a standard hose;
  • different fittings, if they are not supplied with the machine (tee with a threaded ¾ ", drain siphon with hose, Ball shut-off valve, cuff, seals, clamps and so on.);
  • electric wire in accordance with the instruction to connect the dishwasher, three-phase socket, machine 16A.

IMPORTANT: because the quality of domestic water - a worldwide problem, it is better to use brass or bronze ware, since silumin products can unexpectedly break up due to corrosion, with all the consequences.

How to connect the dishwasher

How to connect the dishwasher

Required skills

The ability to do simple plumbing and electrical connections.

Step 1. before, you install a new dishwasher line is necessary to bring water- and electricity. To do this, drill holes in the wall cabinet in diameter 2,5 – 4 cm.

If you delete the old machine, to establish a new note on some of the nuances.
IMPORTANT. After switching off the water supply, make sure, that the machine in the bath water does not remain. Remove residues can be, running water discharge cycle.

The next step - turn off the power and disconnect the electric line, then drain.
Disconnect the dishwasher from the cabinet frame and pull it out.

IMPORTANT. This operation is not so easy, as it may seem. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the floor, and take action, so as not to damage the floor.

Step 2. Bring the water supply line to the required distance and make sure, that the drain hose to length. also make sure, that the cable length is sufficient, to get to the junction box, built-in dishwasher, and that it does not hit the corners of the dishwasher in order to avoid damage to the insulation.

Step 3. Connect all communications to the dishwasher and insert it into the hole of the cabinet, making sure, that the end fittings are not twisted into a ring or bend.

IMPORTANT: connect the drain hose has to pass through the air loop, this will prevent the ingress of sewage into the dishwasher.

Push the machine in a cabinet far enough, So, so you can see only the decoration of the door. If this does not happen, then pull it out again and make sure there are no obstacles.

Step back and check, whether there is bias in the machine position with respect to the body of the cabinet and countertop. If necessary, align it. stir car, to see how strongly it is supported by all four feet.

making sure, The car is in the correct position, Open the door and locate the mounting tabs (usually, they are located on the upper edge, sometimes on the sides). To avoid the passage through the drill countertop, screw on it a piece of tape, noting the depth of the hole, where you need to stop.

Insert the short screws into the holes for fixing the dishwasher.

IMPORTANT. There is some danger, because of the loads during operation of the machine screw can fall out of the nest. It is therefore recommended not to use mounting holes, and by means of brackets, located in the upper part of the machine.

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