Popular destinations for a family holiday in Turkey

Since the beginning of the warm season, many parents think that, where you can truly relax with children. Of the many options for the best possible still remains a family holiday in Turkey, which attracts a comfortable climate and a high quality of service.


The benefits of choosing

For many, Russia and citizens of neighboring countries, Turkey has long been a favorite vacation spot. The rise in popularity of Turkish resorts associated with obvious advantages:

  • visa-free regime gives the possibility to plan travel at the last moment or to take advantage of "burning" the ticket and save some money;
  • unlike many countries, Turkey provides excellent service for a very affordable price;
  • the variety of options for accommodations allows you to choose a hotel according to your taste;
  • for family holidays in Turkey all inclusive is one of the most attractive benefits;
  • according to the cleanness of beaches the country is in the top three in the world;
  • the Turkish spas are famous for the variety of entertainment options;
  • in most of the hotels organized children's holiday programme, which is very convenient;
  • developed infrastructure of active leisure;
  • there is no language barrier, As the hotel staff or stores fluent in Russian;
  • Turkey is rich in unique monuments of antiquity;
  • created the conditions for shoppers;
  • Turkish cuisine, and especially the desserts, the liking of tourists of all ages.

climatic features

The shores are washed by Turkey 4 seas, which creates unique climatic characteristics of each region. Virtually all areas of demand for family holidays on the beach in Turkey, but the resort towns of the Mediterranean Sea allocated to attendance.

South, sredizemnomorskoe, the coast is characterized by a subtropical climate with hot summers and cool winters. season, started in April, It continues until November. In August, the water is warmed up 29 degrees. This stretch of Turkish coastline attracts white beaches, rich flora and fauna, beautiful recreational infrastructure, interesting excursion program.

For westbound characterized by a dry climate. On the Aegean sea beach holiday in Turkey with children to better plan from June to August, just during the school holidays. In the middle of June, the water temperature drops below 23 degrees, and in the next two months it reaches 25-29. July and August heat refreshing sea wind, and the fresh night air promotes healthy sleep.

In the south-west of the country, to the Marble sea summer temperature drops below 25-26 degrees. Due to the shallow depths there is no strong storms, and the beauty of the underwater reef, stretching along the northern coast, attracts diving enthusiasts. Although ports water area polluted shipping products, in resort areas carefully monitored for its cleanliness. Resorts of the Marmara Sea will be the perfect option for those, who prefer a quiet family holiday in Turkey.

The Black Sea coast is characterized moderate subtropical climate. The warmest period begins in June and lasts until September. At this time falls the least rain, and the water temperature reaches 24 degrees. From the east coast of the Caucasus mountains rise, protect it from the northerly winds. There is no well-developed infrastructure for international tourism, thus perfectly preserved unique nature and local culture. Turkish resorts for families, located on the Black Sea, extremely popular with the locals.

Mediterranean area

Mediterranean resorts are varied beaches and features recreation. Selection is determined by location of the hotel and the cost of its services, infrastructure and facilities for families with children.

Holidays in Antalya

Antalya is one of the best resorts in southern Turkey, We offer holidays for all travelers, including children. It has a well-developed infrastructure varied holiday, including:

  • hotels of any category;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • pebble and sand blue flag beaches;
  • wide shopping possibilities;
  • entertainment.

Attractions for children

Family holidays in Turkey would not be complete without a visit to the Museum of Marine Biology. Children learn about the rare species of marine life, exhibits in dried form which are placed under the glass display:

  • "sea angel";
  • shark pig;
  • rohleva scat;
  • sea turtles;
  • different species of sharks;
  • sea urchins and octopuses.

For live inhabitants of the sea can be observed in the aquarium Antalya, where for reliable float glass:

  • these rays;
  • seahorses;
  • octopus and small fish.

Little kids especially remembered for a family vacation in Turkey, visiting the zoo. It is located away from the city center, in the silence of the forest, where you can safely walk around and watch the funny antics of the zoo inhabitants.

The zoo is divided into several zones, one of them is reserved for animals with cubs - goat kids, colts, which can feed or pet.

In Antalya has an amazing miniature park, where children become familiar with reduced copies of the most famous architectural landmarks of Turkey. All models to scale 1:25, compliance with the high precision in the smallest details.

hotels in Antalya

The best hotels in Turkey for a family vacation in Antalya offer a wide choice of entertainment for children, including:

  • entertainment;
  • a variety of water parks;
  • children's pools and playgrounds;
  • games and entertainment;
  • Babysitting for toddlers.

Antalya has many hotels of different levels with spacious comfortable rooms and a consistently high quality of service. Most of them has a system of "all inclusive", including a children's menu.

Barut Lara 5*

One of the best hotels in Turkey for family holidays – Barut Lara 5* – a magnificent hotel complex, located in 15 minute walk from the sandy beach. It offers spacious apartments, the interiors of which are individually decorated by professional designers.

Tourists with children are provided with additional children's beds or cots. In the morning the children gather in the mini club, where they are waiting for games with animators, small paddling pool and many attractions. The restaurant is equipped for them a separate table with a children's menu, and in the fruit fresh juices served throughout the day.

Sherwood Breezes Resort Hotel 5*

Family holidays in Turkey for budget travelers will be comfortable at the Sherwood Breezes Resort Hotel 5*. The complex offers rooms of different price categories - from compact to 2-3-room suites. They are all equipped with modern amenities, until kitchenettes. For small children are available blenders and heaters.

children 5 years to take a mini-club, where they are engaged animators. The hotel's garden and on the beach, under the tent, There are children's playgrounds.

resort Alanya

The most affordable for middle-class is considered Alania. Its popularity is associated with the long beach season – from late April to mid-November. But for children the most comfortable weather in June and September, when there is no sweltering heat. Regardless of the number of stars, Almost all hotels provide services on an "all inclusive". For families with children in Turkey Alanya and interesting excursion program.

Alanya attractions

For older children will be interested in natural caves, washed rainwater in the rocks. One of them, Cave Dim Magarasi, located in the vicinity of Alanya, It formed about a million years ago. Go to her, you can through the pine forest, growing on the slopes of the gorge. length of the cave - more 400 m, downstairs, Visitors enter the great hall, at the end of which there is a small lake. ladders and bridges laid for ease of movement, the backlight, Create a fantastic picture of frozen stones.

Visiting attractions make a family holiday in Turkey, more fun. And children, and their parents will be remembered for a fascinating trip to the local dolphinarium Sealanya Dolphinpark - the largest in the country. Every day, it passes a vivid picture of trained marine animals, after which the older kids 4 years can take pictures and swim with dolphins in one of the pools. In another small basin live, harmless to humans, sharks. The most intrepid tourists are allowed to swim and take pictures with them.

hotel infrastructure

For a family holiday in Turkey with children cheap hotels with animation most in demand, playgrounds and a variety of swimming pools. They are, basically, the first or second line, and provide for children a great choice of entertainment.


Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa 5 *

It offers comfortable double rooms, decorated in soft colors. The bedroom opens onto a spacious balcony, furnished table for tea. It offers a magnificent view of sea expanses. This room features a kitchenette with fridge and kettle. Cozy family holidays in Turkey offer a huge hotel located on the territory of the water park and a seawater pool, sand beach, amusement park. Across the road is a zone with attractions.

Delphin De Luxe Resort 5 *

The hotel offers spacious apartments overlooking the beautiful garden with lush subtropical greenery. Interior spaces, executed in pastel colors, It creates a soothing atmosphere of relaxation. The rooms have all the accessories, if necessary, can further request cot or pot. In the hotel complex 7 restaurants with the system "ultra all inclusive". A separate table for children with adequate food. Relaxing family holiday in Turkey contributes to the skillful organization of entertainment.

Rest in Kemer

Blooming resort town, nestled between mountain slopes, covered pine forest, and sandy coastal strip. Kemer mountains protect from the cold air mass and precipitation, providing, predominantly, sunny weather. The many attractions Kemer, designed for young travelers.

interesting sights

A few years ago in the coastal forest zone Dinopark opened with the amazing "inhabitants" - 28 huge dinosaurs. Figures stir 20-foot tails and limbs, open mouth, growling. The most daring kids can ride on the back of a giant animated. Under the direction of children and animators:

  • color pictures of the dinosaurs;
  • participate in the excavation of ancient animals;
  • ride on a boat on the water;
  • visit the planetarium or the cinema;
  • jump on the trampoline.

For a family holiday in Turkey Kemer can also offer:

  • well-equipped Dolphinarium;
  • informative excursion to the ecological Park Eco Park Tekirova;
  • trip to Goynuk canyon;
  • familiarity with the local culture in the ethnic Park Folklorik Yoruk Parki.

Hotels in Kemer

Kemer Hotel offers a broad base of different price categories, from the class "luxury" to budget mini-hotels. four- and five-star hotels are located close to the sea, provide menu baby food and offer a lot of variety of entertainment for kids.

L”Oceanica Beach Resort 5*

Family holidays in Turkey can be performed in a comfortable hotel with a private beach and spa. The bright, comfortable rooms are cozy and clean. Panoramic windows overlook the wide balcony, where you can admire the beautiful panorama of the National Park, on the outskirts of which the hotel is located. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning and TV. Children have a friendly animation team, kids club, a mini-pool. By request babysitting services, children's games or movies.

selcukhanhotel 5*

Affordable family holiday in Turkey offers SelcukhanHotel hotel 5*. Besides the large outdoor swimming pool, it has a child, with water slides, and 100 m is a private beach with a gentle entry into the sea. It works great animation team with a varied program. Rooms are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay - air conditioning, fridge, phone. The balcony offers unique views of the mountain range and orange trees.

Holidays in Side

An excellent choice for a quiet family holiday with children in Turkey - Side. Outside the family hotel there are no special children's entertainment. However, older children can go on an excursion to the neighboring town, and a great entertainment infrastructure was created for kids in their own territory hotels. Beaches with a gentle slope and shallow waters off the coast are suitable for bathing children. In the hotels organized an interesting animation program, a children's pool and playground. Particular attention is paid to their diet, restaurants have a separate area with a blender and a microwave for self-catering.


Holidays in Belek

Many tourists prefer to families with children in Belek Turkey. The resort is located in a natural park area and is surrounded by lush vegetation of eucalyptus and pine groves, closely approaching the sea. The aroma of pine needles, mixing with sea air, creates a drug cocktail of smells, favorable for the body.

Clean beaches with fine and coarse sand suitable for swimming with children. On the coastline of Belek lay eggs turtles, indicating that their environmental friendliness. In Belek travel tourists, willing to pay for comfort, so the price of a family holiday in Turkey is much higher.

Hotels in Belek

In Belek there is a wide variety of excursions for children, but their leisure time well organized on site, and visitors can go to the zoo or dolphinarium, nature reserve, or explore the city. Most of the hotels are located close to the shore and have extensive, great requisite infrastructure for recreation area. The mini-clubs there are groups by age, they take children from 4 to 11 years old. Child up to two years can enjoy babysitting.

Belconti Resort Hotel 5*

Family holiday in Turkey can be held in one of the best hotels in Belek – Belconti Resort Hotel 5*. It consists of several low-rise buildings by the sea and the vast green area. It offers luxury apartments, fine furnishings and equipped with modern amenities. From the windows and balconies offer wonderful views of the landscaped gardens with exotic plants. For children animators work, There is a club for teenagers. In addition to two outdoor pools, and has closed, heated.

Siam Elegance Hotel & Spa

A lively family hotel for families with children in Turkey. It is distinguished by an unusual architectural style, characteristic of East Asia. Interior bright, airy rooms with wooden floors and elegant, simplicity. On the wide balcony in the evenings you can arrange family tea, enjoying the scent of a blossoming garden. The hotel has excellent infrastructure for a variety of sports:

  • Golf course;
  • tennis court;
  • Bicycle rentals;
  • gym.

Holidays in Fethiye

Wonderful option a family vacation with children in Turkey is Fethiye. The city is located in the south-west of the country, there, where the Mediterranean joins the Aegean. sea, mountains and pine forests form a soft comfortable climate, Established in conjunction with the crystal clear water and comfortable beaches ideal conditions for recreation.

Fethiye attractions

In addition to a variety of hotel entertainment held in Fethiye and other interesting events. If you plan a family holiday in Turkey at the end of April, it is possible to get to the Festival, which is held in honor of Children's Day. Take part in the festival come children from different countries. They are placed in the homes of their peers to explore the life and traditions of Turkey. Bright, happy holiday lasts 10 days and accompanied by music, dances, Procession in traditional costumes. The festival ends with a gala concert, where each group presents folk songs and dances of their country.

Family holidays in Turkey will long remember the wonderful tour of the Valley of the Butterflies. Point of interest in a natural park with evergreen pine forests. The way to the Valley of the butterflies begins in a picturesque bay, from which the mountain path need to climb to the top. Number of insects pestrokrylyh, bright carpet covering the grass and trees, simply amazing. Here you can see almost all kinds of butterflies, living in the Mediterranean region.

Fethiye hotels

Fethiye resort oriented, mainly, on European tourists, so the family vacation in Turkey «all inclusive» are not available in all hotels. On the shore, near protected areas are located hotels of higher class. Budget hotels and hostels can be found in.

Hillside Beach 5*

It offers cozy and comfortable cottages, located in the forest area of ​​the mountain slope. They offer stunning views of the quiet bay. beach area, which is just a minute's walk, for convenience is divided into three zones. The middle portion is designed for young children. The hotel's animation team, and the restaurant – children's buffet with a separate menu.

Mediterranean Beach 3*

Turkey budget hotels for families, in spite of the limited services, provide quality service. Akdeniz Beach Hotel 3* a small number of large, tastefully furnished rooms. Panoramic windows allow you to admire the stunning mountain and sea views and flying paragliders. It works good team of animators. Although it does not have the variety of dishes, in a stellar hotels, but prepare delicious and satisfying.

Aegean Sea

Aegean Coast is famous for its natural beauty - lush green forest, the charm of the small coves, swift mountain rivers. The swimming season is much shorter - from June to September. From the resort towns of the Aegean coast of Marmaris for a family holiday in Turkey is considered the best option.


The city has a well-developed hotel base. When choosing a hotel for a family holiday is better to give preference to hotel complexes, Marmaris located in the neighborhood of - away from the lively center, taking into account the:

  • distance to the beach;
  • the state infrastructure for children's recreation;
  • the proximity of youth nightlife;
  • the level of popularity of this hotel for a family holiday.

Among the attractions of Marmaris you can choose interesting excursions for children of different ages:

  • the beekeeping Museum with collection of ancient tools and tasting different varieties of honey;
  • CubucakParki natural Park with playgrounds and camping;
  • boat trip on the river with a visit to the wild turtle beach.

Mramornoe Morel

On the coast of the Marmara Sea and its islands are a lot of resorts. Most of them are attractive for families with children in Turkey, but a special place occupies the island of Marmara. Its shores are washed by three seas, and the island is located in the two parts of the world. In the southern part of the best beaches and modern hotels. There are no noisy entertainment or special attractions, the island has to calm, contemplative recreation.

The oldest of the Turkish resorts of the Sea of ​​Marmara is Erdek. It boasts comfortable sandy beaches. Nearby is the nature park Kushdzheneti, where in the migration period, going huge flocks of birds.


Black Sea Resorts

In July and August, when the Mediterranean is hot, the best place for a family holiday in Turkey will be the Black Sea coast. There is not a developed tourist infrastructure, both popular resorts, but already established a good hotel base, a number of interesting attractions, no less.

Among the most popular resorts in the Black Sea province of Rize can be identified, where rest is possible throughout the year. In winter ski resorts, attract affordable prices. Summer vacationers waiting warm tender sea and beautiful sandy beaches, and in the vicinity there are thermal springs.

Sinop to offer:

  • budget and five star hotels with quality service;
  • reasonable prices;
  • beautiful beaches;
  • water parks and other entertainment;
  • interesting excursions.

Regardless of the direction of a family vacation on the Turkish resorts, for reviews, always an interesting and high-quality.

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