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Not many citizens know, how to write a resume so, to receive a call with an invitation to a personal meeting. The document shall draw the attention of staff officer among many other profiles. Jobseeker need to ensure that, that the information provided is consistent with job. Literacy, a common document structure, the correct description of the achievements and even the font size – all the details in the summary should serve the purpose of creation of attractive image of the candidate.

What is the summary of

Create resume"Summary" is a professional document, the purpose of which is to describe the qualities of the applicant for any position. A brief description of their professional qualities and personal merit – this kind of is a specialist in the labor market. How to write a good resume, to conform to the basics of business etiquette and correspondence?

Summary for the device to work – it's a chance to stand out against other candidates. It is the story of one's own uniqueness and the prospects for the company acts as a basis for employment and a guarantee of getting a good position.

Abbreviation CV (lat. – Curriculum Vitae, biography) more commonly used in employment in the arts, movie, Media and other spheres of creativity. It reflects the results, place of work does not matter.

Resume objective - to apply to the selected job, while CV contains a more detailed description of human development as a professional. In the context of our time document, designated CV, It serves the basis for the invitation for an interview.

Summary - paper, which contains valuable information not only for the employer during screenings unsuitable candidates. For the applicant – it is the perfect way to present yourself in the most favorable light.Thanks to the ability to professionally create a resume for a job, the applicant has an opportunity to get a personal meeting, which will fully disclose its merits.

4 the principle of a resume

Principles of resume writing only four.

The main one is to highlight strengths and mitigate the negative aspects, respecting the principle of truthfulness. Non-existent achievements during the interview will be revealed, and it will create a negative image. After all, the recruiter can call on the previous place of work and to check the information, indicated in the summary.

The document should feel the candidate activity. "Speak" words, "I have", "I understand" better talk about the skills, than "participate", "I helped".

Principle # 2 – short. The optimum size of resume - 2 pages (one - a little, three – a lot). AT 80% cases, the recruiter will look just the first two pages, disregarding the rest. To this he will spend no more 2-3 minutes. Therefore, to make the summary better according to the standard plan.

In any case, the selection of candidates is carried out:

  • by subjective evaluation. Summary creates a view of man and the only chance to make a first impression;
  • on objective grounds. valued experience, education, achievements and other job matching criteria.

3 principle - selectivity in accordance with the purpose of summary. It is not necessary to specify the parallel achievements, employer have to introduce only with relevant facts. For example, to get a job Accountant, focus on obtaining a certificate of completion of the course of massage nails do not need. A plumbing skills have nothing to do with honors the Faculty of Economics in the summary.

Principle №4 - specific information about the candidate. The biggest secret summary: need to write a CV not under the candidacy of the applicant, and under the requirements of a particular employer, taking into account the peculiarities of the company's business. And so one of the main rules summary: for each new interview should come with a new resume and never without it.

Basic requirements for the design resume

Summary makes it easy to get the right information:

  • quickly view career stages, without recording the information obtained. This saves time on the assessment of the candidate and the preparations for a personal conversation;
  • Other information regarding the identity of;
  • compliance jobs.

Summary sent to the employer in several ways:

  • visit the company;
  • mail;
  • by fax;
  • can be sent by e-mail.

Placing the most important in the summary is better to make the front page. Under the text on the sheet indicate the continuation. On the second and subsequent pages need to put a number and a name.

Standard requirements for texts, facilitate reading and visual assessment document:

  1. Create and save the best resume format - DOCX. Other extensions or obsolete, or do not allow you to edit an electronic format when making notes recruiters. The name of the file to be sent need to add the name and job title. This facilitates the work of sorting incoming mail.
  2. The summary font is Calibri and Arial. Times New Roman is a bit outdated. A variety of sizes and style of font in the text unreadable!
  3. Small letters are very difficult to read. Best for text documents is considered to be the 12th size, especially in the case of sending your resume by fax.
  4. Summary – this document. No decoration of text is invalid.
  5. The text should be structured by sub-sector, to select subheadings.
  6. Errors and typos are unacceptable. The text summary is necessary to check at least basic services.
  7. The recommended markup: top 2 cm, right 2 cm, bottom 2 cm, left 2,5 cm.
  8. To print a summary white paper of the best quality.

When compiling the document you need to follow a certain structure.

Getting Started resume

The main subtitle is as follows: "Summary (FIO)». For employment in a foreign company practiced the phrase "Curriculum Vitae" (CV, “biography” (lat.)) Below is a brief description of the purpose. No need to write boilerplate wording employment goals, eg, "to realize their creative potential". Only the enumeration of all posts, interesting (2-3 lines).

The wage level – an optional paragraph summary. However, the employer will be only too happy, if you see such information. A generic method: to specify the number on 20% more than the current salary. To help in determining the cost of your labor can the Internet. The study of vacancies, offers from other employers, demand for the profession in the region will allow you to request a reasonable price for their work.

Further, in summary, made contact details:

  • name;
  • address (it is enough to specify the city, the metro station);
  • phone number (just one);
  • email (personal email address). Its name is an additional opportunity to show your professionalism and to please the employer. Good impression is only the name and surname of the candidate in the title, instead of characters in video games or other inappropriate words.

The presence of families and children – the extra information in the summary and did not belong to the topic of job search.

Recommendations from former applicants is a reflection of Western trends. In fact, they are of no interest to hold an in-person interview. And, therefore, create a resume without recommendations.

Successes and achievements

The sample further contains a description of the education. But there is one secret, how to write a summary, which will not go in the trash. To begin with achievements, this is the most "delicious" part for a recruiter.

Real facts and say about the candidate much more eloquently, than theoretical knowledge. Subsection summary of professional achievements, which is placed before the main part, guaranteed to provide a reading of the entire document. This critical information will increase the chances of a personal invitation for conversation.

Digital performance indicators have to be specific, measurable, impressive and match posts. The use of the verbs "have developed", "saved", "increased", etc. with indication of results – a big plus for a candidate. Example – "for the first quarter 2018 year increased sales by 40% (vacancy – store Manager)».

Information about studies

The main part starts with a summary of information about education.

For the student or graduate to create a resume with no experience can, including subjects, prizes in contests and competitions, etc. Will be a big plus availability of scientific publications, development, inventions.

That is reflected in this unit:

  1. High school (faculty, Department, while studying). Definitely need to decipher the name, the word "state" has great appeal.
  2. Courses, training in the specialty. Thus it is necessary to clearly distinguish between learning something in a hobby and increase the level of professionalism in the specialty.
  3. Specifying a language school or after-school with a medal.
  4. College (indicated only in the absence of higher education)

Professional skills

The young man, who was busy studying, attended classes and additional courses, work experience is usually absent. In summary of the graduate can include information on training, courses, training and practice, as well as all of the jobs.

It is undesirable to arrange work experience in the form of a table. Many recruitment agencies use the reader, the structure of the table will be broken.

For simplicity, specify responsibilities and achievements in last place (it interests the employer in the first place), a few points on the previous 2-3 works. For the summary is taken to be the time interval last 10 years of experience. All previously performed the duties are not necessary to describe in detail (only the name and position). Moreover, it is not meaningful to provide details on the work, not related to employment at this place.

Data on employment history in a resume should contain:

  1. Time period of work at the enterprise.
  2. Name of employer and city. Legal name may not be known. It is better to make summary with a reference to the widely promoted brand, eg, branch of Coca Cola company is little-known plant for the production of this beverage. To give the scale of the enterprise, you can specify in brackets the number of employees. Additional description 3-4 words will enhance the effect (eg, "leader in sales of beverages in the region").
  3. Position (necessarily reflected the increase within the same enterprise). Sometimes the position on a labor contract is not consistent with the scope of work, performed by the employee. for example, marketing Manager of a certain product, it is logical to rename the "brand Manager" in summary. Everyone will understand the scope of activities, besides, the name "brand Manager" sells more, what is the "marketing Manager". If the entry in the workbook sounds like "head of sales", and the officer subordinate to the Director General, supervised 100 people and negotiated with key customers, it is actually a "commercial Director".
  4. Job description. This information should be alive and interesting. To compose a resume, it is possible to examine the requirements for similar vacancies. You need to arrange in ascending order of their value to the company: important first steps (strategic development, budget allocation, brand development, etc.), and then, eg, preparation of reports.
  5. Success.

An indication of the reliability of the employee considered his activity in the company 2-3 of the year. About 70% HR weed out applicants, employment history which is replete with the names of companies. It is recommended to create a resume with an indication of the same names and General dates of operation, if changes are related to different divisions of the same holding, movements within the company, change its name. In this way, visual cursory inspection summary will not have the feeling of frequent changes of places of work.

additional information

It mentions skills, not related to jobs:

  • the ability to drive a car, right;
  • knowledge of foreign languages (specifying language courses);
  • computer knowledge (the list of familiar and intuitive programs).

Important rules partition of seniority: the maximum amount of information, which relates to vacancies and just the facts without the elements of self-glorification.

The best recommendation a man as a personality – social status: clubs, companies, awards etc. Political views and religious beliefs have no place in summary.

Hobbies: success in the sport, intellectual achievements – optional item. But they can create the impression of energetic, active and interesting employee.

At the end of the document put the date and signature. Finish summary accepted phrase: "Thank you for your attention and I will be glad to meet, to answer your questions!». It is possible to specify the name, telephone and e-mail asking me to call.

To create a resume in English (or any other) it is only necessary in the case, if you are considering a job in foreign companies or ownership of language is considered the main criterion. You can prepare a description of the translation. However, the best option is to make summary in two languages.

practical advice

To get the job done is not enough to write a standard phrase. There are some nuances, which will help the applicant to prepare an effective resume:

  1. Thoughtful wording. for example, "created by the script, reducing errors on 10%, what has brought the company additional income 45 000 rubles" instead of "helped get rid of bugs". Or "implemented a new program for 2 day" instead of "quick study".
  2. Short and activity. for example, instead of "responsible for" – "fulfilled".
  3. Positive. "Hear the complaints of the customers" should be replaced by "helping the customers", "prevented the decline in the share of sales" "increased potential of the product".
  4. Special attention should be paid to the achievements. Lowly the phrase "worked there for three years" should be replaced with "within 3 years perform work in time".
  5. Use in summary of the best words to characterize the professional level: implemented, headed, researched, controlled, coordinated, provided, founded, organized, planned, suggested, developed, reorganized, decided, led, created, increased, eliminated, participated, taught, etc.

The employer will assess the personal qualities of the candidate. They are usually included in the section "About me". In recent years there has been a tendency to increase the importance of this criterion in the recruitment of staff. Of particular value have the following personal qualities, as the accuracy, care, discipline, perseverance, optimism, consistency, enterprise, dedication, tact, honesty, energy, etc.

Instead of "responsibility" and "punctuality" in summary, it is better to write "in good faith to the performance of tasks" and "always keep it in the promised time". The essence does not change, but filing personal characteristics looks more presentable.

If earlier the candidate could compile a summary of, the pattern is on the machine put the right words, today it is not just the sound. From the author of the document will need to confirm the presence of these qualities. for example, energy: "the volume of my sales for 2014 the year was 30% above average unit," or the ability to handle stress: "successfully negotiated with the client, which refused seven managers, and signed a contract with him". The facts themselves in the modern world is more valuable, than words.

The development of the form and content of self-presentation can be trusted with professional agencies. But, when the applicant decides to create a resume (is free), it is important to pay attention to the nuances:

  • not to write the date of the last dismissal;
  • include questions about layoffs;
  • footnotes, comments – additional information. To write a summary is to indicate the facts, dates, achievements;
  • not to use forced, long phrase;
  • use the summary incomprehensible abbreviations, abbreviations, unnecessary words will annoy the hiring Manager.

How to avoid mistakes

Experienced HR without hesitation to weed out candidates, not job of self-presentation for employment. The most gross form of the error – to download the form from the Internet, where will be seen a reference to a resource source or website logo. A negative decision based on reading the summary can be accepted in the following cases:

  • when work experience or education is not suited for the jobs;
  • formulaic language. for example, the phrase "freely making conversation with customers" looks better, than the banal word "sociability";
  • the lack of a coherent explanation for the temporary break in work;
  • when summary little information. This creates a perception of lack of knowledge and experience for the selected position;
  • frequent dismissal and the lack of explanation on the matter;
  • for a long time there is no development in the profession;
  • many of the passed training courses;
  • the abundance of in summary extra information, humor, inappropriate thoughts;
  • the desire to settle for any position. This commitment is rarely taken seriously. When you plan to choose between 2-3 vacancies, better for each to make a separate summary. This will allow you to differentiate the information depending on the selected position.

How to explain the reason for dismissal

Question explain the reasons for dismissal – a rather sensitive subject.. Many come to a screeching halt, without knowing, answering questions HR officer. No need to mention when writing your CV and interview:

  1. Conflicts with colleagues. The team is a special society, which is created by human interaction, responsibilities. Person, which is not able to establish good relations with superiors and other people, sooner or later be forced to resign. A new employee always focused on the long term. Therefore, the inability to get along with others – a common cause of failure.
  2. Low wages. It is always alarming. Because originally the person arranged a financial reward.
  3. The work overtime. Every Manager expects from their employees performance. There are times, when the work is urgent, you need to stay, to go out on the weekends. So not the best option to make a CV and to write about the continuing delays in the same place of work. "Unsustainable" or "not included in job description" duties, which may arise in any enterprise, also it is not necessary to specify the reason of dismissal.
  4. Low stress tolerance.
  5. Insufficient level of competence, the inability to solve a problem situation.

The employer loyally enough will apply to dismissals for the following reasons:

1. Downsizing. Of course, this must be a real situation, because employers can easily figure out the deception.

2. The lack of prospects for career growth. The situation with restriction of movement on a career ladder is fairly common. The reasons may be different: limited payroll, an established team, not provided for staffing etc.

3. Change of activity. For young girls who wishes to improve skills, to acquire additional knowledge or new skills. However, not every Manager can send on training courses, to provide another job or delegate authority. Sometimes it is a deciding factor for a job change. In such situations, you can safely create a resume, putting the desire to learn a new activity as the reasons for the dismissal at own will.

4. Neutral reasons: crossing, change of address of office, the arrival of the new Director with his own team.

Allowable items Art

Create a resume with the observance of a certain form is a means to facilitate the work of the personnel office. A specialty (accountant, engineer, driver) require clear instructions. Besides, turning to the recruitment Agency the applicant in most cases will receive standard completed form summary, making clear rules.

If the employer is looking for a creative employee, these standards are justified, the user will appreciate this approach.

How to write a summary for the device for this job? To emphasize your originality, and you, eg, the pictures, text font. an epigraph.

3 the reasons, which is recommended to attach your photo to resume:

  1. This increases the interest in the personality of the candidate.
  2. Allows you to get an idea of appearance on the basis of summary.
  3. The employer is sufficient 3 minutes, to make a decision on the granting of work. And often decisive role played by the appearance. Providing your pictures will allow you to stand out among other applicants, get a chance for a personal meeting. But even with the mismatch of the external parameters to make a photo especially beneficial to the applicant. After all, if his candidacy is immediately rejected, it will save a lot of time and nerves, spent on a visit to the empty interview.

The standard rule of conventional summary is to use pictures from passport or other personal identity document. It should be small size (3,5 on 4 cm). Photography is a means of attracting attention. Create a resume and apply business, neutral photo on a light background, ideal for attracting attention. Sharing pictures in skimpy clothes, and even more pictures from get-togethers in the club or in the family circle, invalid. This rule is simple respect for the employer, creativity is neither here nor there.

Change the font in the summary can be used to emphasize important points of the biography.

The epigraph. Well-chosen expression of their or other people's thoughts need to be used carefully and in the subject.

Transmittal letter

This document is intended to stand out among other applicants on the basis of their inner beliefs, attitudes and ideas about professional activities. The document is issued in one sheet and located in front of the main summary. The first thing the employer reads it cover letter.

It usually begins with a welcome phrase: "Hello! My name is Kondraty Stepanov and I am interested in your vacancy of city mayor".

In a new paragraph (3-4 suggestions) a brief overview of the achievements and key skills ("led by the Department", "participated in the projects" and so on).

Third paragraph — the key to the heart of the recruiter. It explains, why candidate wants to work in the company and why he considers his candidacy a suitable. Platitudes will not help. for example, the phrase "work in your company, consider the opportunity for further development". This formulation will force the recruiter to suspect, that the candidate not only decided to create a resume for free (and download), but too lazy to look for the information about the features of the company. One should not copy the same cover letter for different jobs.

A good example: "I am particularly interested in your projects in Telecom: I 4 years working in b2b sales and meet such customers".

How this document differs from the subsection "Purpose" in summary? It explains the motivation, the answer to the question "why people decided to apply for the job", what motivates them to look for work. In the section "Objectives" reflected his expectations, not motivation.

What to do with the finished resume

When the document is ready, several times re-read with the aim of eliminating unnecessary information and correcting errors, it can be sent to the employer. If you do not select a certain company, the summary is sent to the recruitment Agency. For job search it is better to choose a few organizations.

Many experts, working remotely, prefer to create a resume online on the sites of employers. The electronic version can be placed on resources to find employees, a lot of them (starting with the professional – and ending with the ads on Avito). Important to remember, that the employer mainly looks at new proposals from applicants. Therefore, it is advisable once a week to send summary again.

If the employer specifies in the request to search for a phone specialist, you can call him, to introduce myself, Express a desire to work in this company and inform them summary.

The main purpose of the CV is that, to the employer for two or three minutes understand, if the candidate. Only after that he will proceed with more detailed study information. Professionally create a resume - it get this assistant in the search for decent work. Therefore, it is desirable to continuously develop the skills of self-presentation.

However, the summary is the only document. It does not replace the richness of personality, which can be demonstrated only on a personal interview and interview.

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