Buying a new building: 10 of things, about which the owners would like to know

You are buying a new building for the first time ? Or, may be, you have already bought a property, but you need advice? We discover 10 advice, about which owners of new buildings would like to know before buying.

This is a guide to buying a new house or apartment, based on reviews from thousands of owners, who left reviews of their property on One of the questions, which we always ask: What would you like to know before moving?»

Мы собрали приведенные ниже ответы в наше первое руководство для покупателей новостроек вместе с советами домовладельцев и специалистов “Этажи”, where collected all new buildings России и всех городов – Ульяновск, Novosibirsk, Mozhaisk, Moscow, etc.

The process of buying a new house or apartment can be confusing.. maybe, you're not even sure, what questions to ask. These tips will allow you to reap the benefits in hindsight, without making mistakes when buying a new building!

1. “I wish I knew more about the developer and property manager”

If you are buying a new home, then the developer will help with urgent problems. But in the long run, it is the property managers who will decide any issues., which you raise. The quality of your property manager can have a big impact on the quality of your life in your home..

What verified property owners advise:

“The property management company is not very responsive, and green areas should be better looked after.”.

“Ask for more information about the management company and how, what to expect from their services. As we did during the purchase process ".

"I wish I knew, that numerous and serious problems with new buildings are common, and that it was so hard to get property managers/developers to deal with them.”.

2. “I wish I knew more about parking”

Owners regularly cite parking as a problem., especially for those, who has more than one car or who has regular visitors. Excessive street parking can make life difficult on small roads, where neighbors don't have enough off-street parking space.

top view of the parking lot

What verified property owners advise:

“…try to find a property with the right amount of parking spaces for your cars! You won't be able to park anywhere else, because all the places are already taken!»

"Everything is fine, when you choose the house with the most beautiful garden and two dedicated spaces, but if it's on a narrow street, and the houses across the road have only one space and no garage, then your places can be occupied by the guests of the neighbors ".

"Not all houses have 2 parking spaces, when every house usually has at least 2 car, and some more, and there is no parking space for visitors and guests”.

3. «Хотел бы я знать больше о качестве сада»

Many buyers have mentioned problems with sewers and gardens. They said, what would you like to know more about, what to expect in terms of topsoil provision and flooding potential, before buying a new building.

What verified property owners advise:

"We discovered, that the quality of the soil, turf levels and quality are not very good. It is almost impossible to dig in our garden, water collects and does not drain. Therefore, the quality of the topsoil and the soil below it leaves much to be desired.”.

"Add a few thousand dollars to the listed price, since you will need to spend them on garden repairs".

“…carefully check your garden, since we discovered, that this is the poorest part of our property. However, then, that we got any grass and paving stones at all, — it's still one step ahead of other developers".

4. “I wish I knew more about polls, attracting attention"

Failed polls were a common theme, about which the owners would like to know before moving. Many tenants, who didn't have them, later regretted it. Leads were the most frequently mentioned topic among property buyers outside the metropolitan area., who answered this question.

What verified property owners advise:

“We paid a professional appraiser, and it was the best money, which we have spent, as they look at things, which we never suspected, that they could be a problem".

“I would like to hire a professional real estate appraisal company. I did not know, what happens".

“We did not contact the appraiser, but the neighbors did, who revealed such things, like soil quality and insulation problems, that we didn't think of ourselves.".

5. “I wish I could view the property at different times of the day”

Visit the house or apartment several times, before making a final choice. Visit at different times of the day, to check the noise level, day/night lighting, road activity, possible floods, mobile signal strength, etc.. d. Wander around the local shops, bus stops, train stations and other amenities, and also check the security around the house and the neighborhood.

What verified property owners advise:

“View property/land at different times of the day, to get an idea of ​​traffic jams, Forests, nightlife, etc.. d.»

“Trains nearby are freight trains, not commuter trains, so sometimes noisy".

"Because our street is very dark, it would be nice to know, that there will be no street lighting”.

6. "It's a pity, that I didn't check the conditions more carefully"

Check your terms and conditions carefully, especially those, regarding service charges and management fees. Service fees - and especially future rate hikes - have been, what many owners said, what they would like to know more before buying.

What verified property owners advise:

"Don't accept vague answers, when asking about the service charge / settlement accounts / additional monthly / annual expenses. They really add up, and they must be taken into account in your calculations, if living in this property is affordable”.

“The cost of services increases astronomically without any liability or limitation. Buying a lease is like writing a blank check, to which they add zeros without hesitation".

“We would like to know more about annual property maintenance costs and how, what do they cover?.

7. “I would like to communicate more actively with the developer”

Check your options for additional features or property settings and quickly fix any issues. If something is important to you, make, what do you have it in writing, before buying!

What verified property owners advise:

“Always report any problems, don't think, that is too little. If it bothers you, then it must be taken into account, and that's their job.".

"Collect every snag like in a house, as well as in the garden. You will not put up with the imperfection of the car, so do not put up with this in the house - push and push, until things get better".

"I wish I knew, that we have more options and updates, to personalize our new home".

8. “I wish I knew more about development plans in the area”

Many owners have said, that they would like to check development plans in the area more carefully, especially in relation to green spaces, social housing and high traffic roads. find out, how much work will continue after you move.

What verified property owners advise:

“I would like to know all the intentions regarding the land around the estate, since the estate, it seems, constantly growing, which worries a little about the state of the road.”.

"Thrice check, what are the plans for green space around your property, and make sure, that management informs you of any plans to change them, before starting work".

"It's a pity, what we didn't know, how big will the development be, which is a complete disadvantage.. As you grow, Unfortunately, there are problems/issues of safety and the general level of development of the area".

9. “I wish I had been more careful in choosing a particular house”

The owners said, that they underestimated the importance of choosing a particular house within the development in terms of its location and orientation. They would like, to take a closer look, what level is it on, which side of the building, nearby roads, garbage cans, entrances, etc.. D., before buying a new building.

What verified property owners advise:

"I wish I knew, that the speed of the road behind us will be 80-100 km per hour, not expected 50 and that the natural drainage around the site was so poor due to insufficient removal of the clay.".

“Try to buy an apartment with windows to the courtyard. There will be less noise from the street".

“Carefully consider the direction of the apartment - in the south / east there are magnificent sunrises, but cooler in the evenings; in apartments, south facing, it will be hot all day. d.».

10. "It's a pity, what I didn't know about local social groups. networks before moving"

Community social media groups can be extremely helpful. They may be active on whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki, in a permanent app or just meet in person. You can use these groups, to communicate with other residents, who moved before you, and learn, what to expect. Of course, reviews on the Internet and YouTube also allow you to find out, what neighbors and area experts say!

What verified property owners advise:

"Connect with your neighbors and the online community, to influence the situation together. Don't wait too long, before filing a formal complaint about an ongoing problem, sometimes these organizations have an unspoken rule, what, if it's not official, It can wait".

“It is very important to join groups in the social. networking, as there is a very supportive community here”.

"A great community is being built here. We have a group of developers on Facebook and a group on Vkontakte, where we communicate regularly”.

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