why “Odnoklassniki” do not open the message and what to do?

Today, the most popular are two social networks among active Internet users: “VKontakte” and “Classmates”. And both allow users to virtual communication via text messages. sometimes it becomes the only option for many such communication (if a, eg, two users live in different countries).

Do not open messages Odnoklassniki?

Do not open messages Odnoklassniki?

But many inexperienced surfers began to ask a question: “why not open the messages to classmates and what to do”. So you are not lost when the problem arose similar, we will try to deal with this.

The administration of the site “Classmates” refers to several reasons for this failure:

  • likelihood, that access to your page in the “Classmates” received unauthorized persons. To close them access, you need to start your computer in Safe Mode.
    To do this completely out of the system and run it again.
  • When the monitor is in boot mode with flash on its numbers and letters, you should hold down the “F8”key. With this simple operation you will see the window loading “Windows”.
  • In the list of parameters you need to select the box “Safe mode” and click on the button “Enter”. When the system will display a message box, unable to press “Yes”. It now remains to wait for the computer to produce the boot in Safe Mode.

likelihood, that your computer has visited the virus

To check your PC for viruses and clean the machine from dust, you need to make such actions:

  • First, check with the help of any antivirus program, the existence of viruses themselves.
  • Next you need to open the file “hosts”, which is located on drive C, в папке Windowssystem32driversetc. It must be done with Notepad.
  • Open the file, remove from it all the lines, which contain the text “Odnoklassniki”, and any blank lines or spaces, if any, in the file there. After these steps, the “hosts” file close, do not forget to save your changes.

Now you just need to restart your computer in normal mode

        • Asking “why message to classmates not open and what to do”, just try to clear your browser's cache.
        • To do this, you need to go to browser settings and select “clear cache”.
        • Another reason, for not open message in the “Classmates” may be simply the mismatch of the browser.
        • In this case, you can try to log on to your page, using another browser.
          It may also happen, that you have deactivated the app Jawa.
        • In order to make it active again, you need to go into the settings of your browser and select the menu item “Tools”.
        • In the available settings, choose the tab “Contents”. Next to the line “Use HTML” check and feel free to click on “OK”.

And remember, after any surgery done on the PC resuscitation is absolutely necessary to restart the computer. Good luck to you!

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