Why “Classmates” inhibit?

However, for all its popularity and demand “Classmates” are not always pleased high speed.
Users of social networks are often puzzled, why “Classmates” inhibit?

Hover page Odnoklassniki?

Hover page Odnoklassniki?

Let's try to find out the reasons hovering social network and find solutions.

Among the most frequent can be identified such problems:

  • Slow speed is your provider. In this case, you must contact the operator of your Internet provider and ask what your rate is. If the speed of your Internet connection is quite low, it is possible to change the rate to a higher and faster just in the phone mode,.
  • If you are trying to figure out, why “Schoolmates” brakes, try to check the status of drive C. The fact, that many people are a huge number of video and photo files stored desktop, who hold the disc memory, whereby a computer can podvisal.
  • memory disk can be cleared in this case, moving and memorable necessary files to another drive.
  • To solve the unresponsiveness of “Classmates” you can also clean the registry, Using CCleaner program. For this, running the program, press “register”. Before you pop-up window, in which the need to check the entire list. After push the button “search problem” and wait. The program itself will find all the trash, which prevents the correct operation of your computer. Click on the button “fix” and enjoy the cleansing and renewal of the machine.
  • Another reason, which may hang on a network is incorrect operation of the browser. Solutions to this problem can be achieved by using a different browser. Or simply reset the current.
  • Troll social networks can also occur due to the fact, simultaneously open multiple complex programs. Especially complicate your computer open image editors and games. You can try to close all active applications, refresh the page in the “Classmates” to try and surf on net again.
  • And remember, that the correct operation of social networks depends on installed on your PC flash-player. If necessary, check all upgrades and run again.
  • Check also your computer and on the presence of various viruses. This can be done by using antivirus software, installed on your computer. At the same time, ensure, the program runs all the updates on time and protects your PC
  • Well, of course, never forget, that the very social network may experience some technical issues. In this case, we can only wait, while webmasters social networking sites will lead the system in order.

Important: after each perfect actions reanimation your PC it is necessary to reboot.

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