Why can not you drink coffee?

img589Despite the craze for coffee, many (on the recommendations of doctors) We have to completely abandon it, and some to reduce consumption to a minimum.
doctors say, that coffee is absolutely contraindicated in young children, patients with problems of the cardiovascular and nervous system and other diseases. With its limited use in old age and during pregnancy.
Who else is included in the "at risk"? Do I have to deprive yourself of the pleasure of a cup of coffee?

Why can not you drink coffee for pregnant women?

In relation to pregnant doctors are not so categorical, allowing its moderate consumption (1-2 cups per day), but only in the absence of pathologies, taking into account the individual approach.
But could harm the unborn baby of coffee, it acts on the body of a pregnant woman?

  • Coffee has a diuretic effect, that pregnancy may exacerbate the already frequent urination. Will strongly leached nutrients and minerals, essential baby. caffeine interferes normal absorption of iron from food.
  • Coffee raises blood pressure, women should strictly follow his indications.
  • Increased consumption of coffee can cause miscarriage, insofar as causes increased uterine tone.
  • Coffee sensation of hunger, as a result, the woman loses appetite, and the child will not receive the nutrients. The other side of the coin - to drink coffee with lots of cream and sugar, which, although they give the body the calories, but again, not nutrients and vitamins.
  • doctors say, that caffeine is able to cross the placenta, narrowing the blood vessels, the child may experience oxygen starvation, to be born premature or with low weight, get the disease. Besides, Researches show, caffeine, which is contained in coffee, able cause increased fetal heartbeat, what, certainly, very bad.

If pregnant and drinking coffee, then only in minimal quantities, taking into account its own state, always after a meal. Choosing natural coffees with a minimal amount of caffeine, or drink coffee with chicory. But it would be nice to abstain.

Why children should not drink coffee ?

tumblr_lx76r6cEZ41r5397ro1_500Coffee - a sufficiently powerful stimulant because of its composition contained in caffeine. For kids it has negative impact on the still immature nervous system, leading to the whims, giperaktivnosti, to possible against this background, injury, headache, inability to sleep and calm down.
Teenagers take coffee excessive excitement, which is very undesirable, especially in the transition to adulthood. Besides, despite an increase in brain activity, stimulation of memory and, possibly, better assimilation of the curriculum material, Positive effects are reduced substantially to zero.

This happens for the reason, that coffee, including soluble, can affect hormonal system, cause it to malfunction.

Coffee due to the diuretic effect, It accelerates the body from calcium and other nutrients, which is harmful to the growing organism, when the skeleton and the body has formed. Besides, in Children often develop enuresis (urinary incontinence).

Another danger, which lies in wait for children - it is promotion while coffee consumption, the so-called "Pleasure center". It turns out this picture: when a person drinks coffee (and more - cola, beer, or eating chocolate), his mood improves, increases efficiency, pleasure center gets used to the constant feeling, it becomes necessary for life. In adults, these dependencies, when used in reasonable, do not turn into pathological. But if the child's body gets used to it, something to satisfy the pleasure center, may then need to have a stronger influence - alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, in an absolutely devastating volumes.
Of course, if the child is older rarely drink coffee, not more than once per month, it will not be much harm, but daily use is absolutely contraindicated. Organic coffee is better to replace coffee with chicory or drink it with milk.

Why can not you drink coffee elderly?

In old age, frequent problems with heart, vessels, frequent insomnia, hypertension and atherosclerosis. In diseases such coffee is contraindicated. This must be attributed, and diseases such as glaucoma, ulcers and gastritis, kidney disease. Even healthy elderly coffee consumption can cause an increase in pressure, headaches, insomnia. It will require a strictly individual approach.

Why can not drink coffee for weight loss?

Often, in certain diets, we see, that coffee is included in the prohibited drinks for weight loss. This is due to the fact, that several organic coffee slows metabolism, and, acting as a pathogen, negative impact on the psyche, which is already suffering stress state on the application of diet. certainly, several coffee reduces appetite, but the body does not fall, and from it washed beneficial nutrients, which may affect the balance of the diet.
If you are constantly drinking coffee, and it is difficult to give it up on a diet while, then you can drink it without milk and sugar, simply reducing consumption. It is necessary to take into account the fact, that instant coffee, especially aromatic chemical additives, It contributes to the development of cellulite.

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