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There is a problem? - There are solutions!

The active users of the ICQ service free instant messaging – is quite often not clear at first glance cannot run the already installed program. To answer the questions, why he does not go in ICQ and what to do, that, finally, appear online, Need to know, what version of ICQ installed on a PC and what are the problems in this client.

The most common causes, why not start ICQ from your computer and mobile phone, and how to resolve them:

installation of ICQ

installation of ICQ

  • if you attempt to go online from the computer, laptop or laptop – you should try to connect another client: qip, Infium or Pidgin or reconfigure the transmission / reception of data in the Internet settings on your computer;
  • if you can not get to log in to ICQ from your mobile phone, possibly, the user is the low quality of the network connection service provider - in this case you can try to change the operator;
  • poor reception the network signal is to change the location of the computer;
  • legacy mobile client ICQ, which is not connected to the server, – you just need to update the client.

Utmost care

If the user is satisfied with the quality of its communications operator, acceptance signal sure and stable, and ICQ client version is updated and is installed according to the instructions, but ICQ is not working, you need to check again, what data were listed in the registration account. In some cases we can successfully resolve this issue, and in some, Alas, will have to register a new ICQ number.

so, What do we have to do, to go to their ICQ:

  • if you have forgotten your password you can order a new; in the absence of the letter in an e-mail a high probability of hacking the account or a temporary problem on the server of the client;
  • to verify the correctness of a password – it needs to be entered in the Latin alphabet and cannot contain special characters;
  • to check attach to email – email to restore access to ICQ;
  • make sure, ICQ servers that do not have suspended the number - it could happen, If from this number the cases of spam. Then the user number assigned to suspended status - and only after 1 days or a few weeks the user can go back to their ICQ;
  • if the room status ICQ – deleted, it means, that the number of the user to remove the server, and it already does not return;
  • check, Do not Bans operator IP-address (restriction data reception / transmission speed may occur due to exceeding the limit of the user data reception / transmission. In this case, it is necessary to turn off the Internet for a few hours and then try to log into your account in ICQ succeed.

In establishing any program you need to carefully fill in all required data, did not have any problems accessing your account.

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