Why does not the torrent

In modern times the major share of internet users switched to download files via torrent trackers. Reasons on the mass, main of which – high speed file transfer. But many people from this number, I do not know, how to use the customer and are often caught in a bad situation. This article will consider, Why does not the torrent, and analyze the main reasons for failures, and find the right solution.

so, here is a list problems, may prevent upload material:

  1. Problems with internet and ISP.
  2. Installed the wrong software settings.
  3. No people, to distribute information (seeds:).

Why does not the torrent

To answer such a painful question, necessary to understand the working of the structure of the program. As you already know, torrent file is collected information about all the people, which distribute the material. I.e, If you want to download something from a regular online resource, you join directly to the server and will download the entire file. In his time with the help of the torrent you will receive a small piece of information with each sida. In this way, if there is not enough people are handing out, download speed will be limited, if not disappear.

If the problem is not in this, it is likely that you will properly configured torrent client. How to set the correct parameters, you can find on our website in a special class.

Why does not the torrent

Why does not the torrent

Also, the problem can be covered on the Internet provider's server. In this case, you need to find customer service phone number and call back. Ask any questions, on this topic, you should talk to a professional, who knows all the technical information. To understand more less, he wants to bring to you a programmer, you must know some terminology.

Why does not the torrent. terms

  1. Led – man, which you downloaded the file to it with this torrent tracker and began sharing it with other users.
  2. PIR user, download files. Sid becomes a feast automatically after complete downloading material.
  3. The torrent client program, which allows you to open torrent files. It installs on your computer and allows you to work with its graphical user interface.
  4. tracker (server) – online resource, in which all the torrent files are stored. The most famous representatives torrentino.com or rutor.org.
  5. BitTorrent – a P2P Protocol, It allows the exchange of information.

Now you know, Why does not the torrent, and will be able to take all necessary action.

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