Why flashing light in the apartment

You have decided to rest at home, Watch TV, but suddenly I started blinking light over and over again. But even if the light is blinking rarely, it's still annoying. And if these blinking take place to be, is it any cause every time electrician? In most cases, with the problem can be dealt with by yourself, And without any risk to their health.

Flashing light in the apartment

Flashing light in the apartment


But still worth to remember one rule forever: if you have no special protection tools and instruments, then disassemble any electrical appliances, even household, in any case it is not necessary. To use the external part of the device can be, but do not want anything to disassemble.

Situation 1. Blinking light bulb lamp in a steady

First, we should ask: where it flashes light? If in a steady blinking light lamp, the, most likely a problem in the wiring, most light bulb or switch. Come closer and listen to the switch, I did not hear any sounds. If you hear hissing or crackling light, the problem in bad contact. But while the switch itself can be serviceable, not excluded, in contact with dust present. Therefore, no harm will be repeatedly flip the switch, after removing the blinking lamp. Bulb it is necessary to unscrew, otherwise contacts burn out completely, and switch completely fails. Did you this method? If not, then consider the following scenario:.

Let's try to replace the blinking lamp on the serviceable. If the bulb is not a new, it is possible to get out of the other lamps. Lamp is not stopped blinking? In such a case, the problem lies in Electroarmature lamp or a wiring. Here it can only help the master.

Situation 2. blinking light, power from a socket

If the lamp blinks, operated sockets, you should try to connect it to another outlet. If he stopped blinking, the case is in trouble sockets, and would have to call the master, which will repair or replace. And if the light is blinking, and all also check for other outlets does not help, the luminaire itself needs in this case to be repaired.

Situation 3 (global). The flashing light throughout the apartment

  • If the apartment at least one room light not flashing, the, probably, the problem lies in the junction box. Independently there is better to do nothing, so will have to call an electrician.
  • Flashing throughout the apartment? Look out the window and look at other homes. If the neighboring houses is the same situation, the problem is a fault in the substation or in the main feeder. In this case you should contact the dispatcher electrical or call the local utility. The background can learn their numbers.
  • In the neighboring houses with the light all right. look, Do not blink at the entrance? If the neighbors have the same problem, then the fault in the introductory panel, feeder from the substation and distribution network. You need to contact the municipal service, as the power houses are under their control.
  • If the light flashes only you, you should check the shield on the landing, possibly, knocked out fuse. If you have a spare, should be replaced. If the plate is sealed, then open it, is strictly prohibited, since subsequent sanctions from energy. And if you still decide to replace the plug, it must be original, and not a fake. Very often there are fires due to fake plugs, which is popularly known as "bugs".

Outdated wiring in the building

In old buildings, built in Soviet times, cable worn, and the walls are formed by fractures. When connecting new electrical appliances is an additional burden on the power grid, wires overheat, and in the home begins blinking light.

Solution to the problem

  • To install a new automatic switch
  • The building is quite old, so you may need a professional inspection of all electrical installations.
  • Completely replace all protective devices and wire.
  • Independently replace the wiring, follow the rules.

Contact wear in public places

When using a large number of electrical appliances contacts wear out quickly. But in order to understand the cause of the flicker, We need to carry out a cursory examination of all devices.

Identifying and addressing the causes:

  • If when you turn on the light blinks and we hear a crash, the case is in a bad contact switch. Flashing a bulb you need to Unscrew and remove all its elements. Then, a light bulb screwed back, and if the flashing is not passed, it means that the problem is electrical fittings and wiring. If any damage were not seen, you will need to help the wizard.
  • If the light is off, and the light continues to flash, it is the result of the simultaneous use of energy-saving light bulbs and normal. To light stops blinking, you need to replace it with the same type of option.
  • If after turning off flashes energy saving light bulb, it is likely, a switch integrated LED lights. The problem is solved by removing the backlight. And if using a conventional switch, it means, it is installed improperly. Or you can call the Wizard, which will deal with all the malfunctions.
  • If blinking fluorescent lamp, then the problem is reduced to the current level of the lamp. If at the end of the lamps there are dark spots, it needs to be replaced. And if the fluorescent lamp still blinks after its replacement, then the produced replacement starter.


As can be seen, in most cases the problem can be dealt with by yourself. And thanks to you the information received, you will help professionals to quickly deal with the situation.

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