Pilaf with feta cheese in multivarka

45745575Pilaf with feta cheese is typical for Moldovan and Slovak cuisine. The combination of tasteless rice and salty cheese is quite harmonious and, certainly, deserves, to prepare such an unusual pilaf. It can be prepared with vegetables, mushrooms or meat, to your notice. Try to cook it in multivarka, quite possibly, that such pilaf will be one of the most popular in your home menu.

1. Pilaf with feta cheese in multivarka

To cook pilaf with feta cheese in multivarka, we will need:
rice - 1 c., water - 2 c., cheese - 100 g, tomato paste - 2 Article. l. (or tomato - 1-2 PC.), butter - 3-4 st.l., salt - to taste, greenery, bow - 1 PC., carrots – 1 PC., spice (red and black pepper, turmeric, Zira and others.)
How to cook risotto with cheese in multivarka?
1. Cheese must be of excessive salt soak, dry and grate.
2. Onion peel and finely chop, carrots grate. Figure rinse thoroughly, replacing water several times, until it becomes clear.
3. Melt the butter and fry on him an onion and carrots in "Baking" mode with the cover open to Ruddy (about 5-8 minutes), in the end, add the tomato paste or fresh, chopped tomatoes, continue to fry for another 3-5 minutes, from time to time to be stirring zazharku.
4. Add the rice, sprinkle with cheese, spices and pour hot water salted.
5. cook "Pilaf" mode before the end of the program, Mix and, if desired, add more butter.
6. Serve, sprinkle with herbs.

2. Pilaf with tongue and cheese in Moldovan in multivarka

To cook pilaf with tongue and cheese in Moldovan in multivarka, we will need:
Beef tongue - 1 PC., Figure - 1st., onions and carrots - on 1 PC., parsley root - 1 PC., butter - 5-6 Article. l., cheese - 100 g, water - 2 c., salt and spices - to taste.
How to cook risotto with tongue and cheese in multivarka?field
1. Language poskobrit knife, and thoroughly wash, put in a bowl and cover with water Multivarki, that it covered the full language. Add salt, cleaned and chopped onion into pieces carrots and parsley root. Cook "soup / Quenching" mode 2 o'clock.
2. With boiled tongue to remove the skin, pre showering with cold water.
3. Cut the tongue medium cubes and lightly fry in 2-3 st.l. of butter in a frying pan or in multivarka in "Baking" mode, stirring. Language removed from the cup, disable mode.
4. Figure rinse well and fry in a bowl on Multivarki 2-3 st.l. butter 10 multivarka minutes in the "Baking" mode. disable mode.
5. Fig pour hot water, add spices and salt the, Stir and sprinkle with grated cheese.
6. Cook in "pilaf" mode to signal.
7. submit, Stir the contents of the bowl and place on a plate, top to put the pieces of the language and garnish with greens.

Cooking Tips:

  • The language can be replaced by chicken or turkey. Bird pre-fried in vegetable oil with onions and carrots (you can also add paprika, tomatoes) in "Baking" mode until ready, about 15 to 30 minutes (whichever, used poultry fillet portions). If desired,, at the end add sour cream or broth.
  • Rice with cheese boiled separately, Technologies recipe №2, fed chicken and sauce.

3. Pilaf with cheese and mushrooms Slovak

To prepare the risotto with cheese and mushrooms Slovak, we will need:
0,4 kg of mushrooms, 3 st.l. vegetable oil, Bulgarian green pepper - 3 PC., bow - 1 PC., tomatoes - 3 PC., Figure - 1 c., water - 2 c., cheese - 100 g, salt, spice, butter - 2-3 st.l.
How to cook risotto with cheese and mushrooms Slovak?
1. Mushrooms washed and cleaned, if necessary,, cut into slices. Onion peel and cut into cubes, Wash tomatoes and cut into small pieces. Peppers remove seeds and cut into strips.
2. cheese soaked, if it is heavily salted and grate or cut into cubes.
3. Onions fried in vegetable oil in the bowl in Multivarki mode "Baking / Roasting" until golden brown, then put pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes, mix.
4. Placed on top of rice, having leveled the surface, sprinkled with cheese and pour hot water, season with salt and add the spices.
5. cook "Pilaf" mode to signal.
6. Add butter ready pilaf, Stir gently and bring to the table with greenery.

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