Potato patties in multivarka

IMG_9748Cakes with different fillings like all. Cook the cakes made from potato dough, it's easy and quick. Because, First of all, potato dough easy to prepare, and secondly, fry patties in multivarka - a pleasure! Filling for the potato cakes can be any: cabbage, meat, mushroom, eggs – choose the, that soul!

Potato patties in multivarka

To cook potato cakes in multivarka, we will need:
Vegetable oil for frying, breadcrumbs, 1 egg.
for the dough: 0,6 – 0,8 kg of potatoes, 2 eggs, 1-2 Article. l. flour, salt.
For the mushroom stuffing: 400 g fresh or 100 g of dry fungi, 1 bulb, salt, pepper, greenery.
For the stuffing out of eggs: 5-6 PC. eggs, 2 PC. bulbs, greenery, salt, pepper.
For ground beef: 0,5 kg meat or minced chicken, bulb, vegetable oil, salt, pepper.
How to cook potato cakes in multivarka?pirozhki-iz-kartoshki-12
1. prepare stuffing.
For ground beef - lightly fry the onion and minced, add green, salt and spices, mix.
For the mushroom stuffing: dried mushrooms soak for several hours in milk, Fresh clean and wash, cut mushrooms, fry onions, add salt, spices and herbs.
For the stuffing out of eggs: boil eggs, cool and cut, fry onions, Add eggs, and put chopped herbs, salt, Spice up, mix.
2. for the dough: Peel the potatoes, Cut and boil in multivarka to "Cooking" mode until soft. wipe, cool, season with salt and add the eggs and the flour until the consistency of a soft dough, mix well.
3. Molded patties from both normal test, laying in the circle of the filling and closing up the edges carefully.
4. In multivarka set program "Baking / Roasting" of 30 minutes, if necessary, extend the time. Patty dipped in egg and breading, then fried to a crisp in a preheated oil approximately 5 minutes, possible under the lid open.
5. Serve with sour cream or mushroom, tomato sauce at the discretion of.

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