Holidays in Spain - tips on choosing a beach hotel

Holidays in Spain useful information on choosing a beach hotel

Spain has long attracted travelers with its vivid originality. Location at the crossroads of important sea routes, the influence of different cultures and religions and its own rich history determined its versatility. Holidays in Spain - a variety of opportunities, which provide an amazing story and luxuriant landscape.


Benefits holiday in Spain

In recent years, Spain has become a popular destination among tourists from Russia. undoubted advantages, determining the choice, are:

  • a mild Mediterranean climate;
  • sea ​​and ski resorts in Spain, with excellent infrastructure;
  • large variety of beaches, from comfortable to wild and solitary;
  • high level of service even in the three-star hotels;
  • availability holiday in Spain for different categories of citizens;
  • opportunities for active forms of tourism;
  • well connected;
  • wellness resorts on the mineral springs;
  • unique architectural monuments Spain;
  • interesting natural sights;
  • wonderful national cuisine;
  • bright and cheerful festivals;
  • large variety of entertainment for children.

It is difficult to talk about the shortcomings in the rest of Spain. Compared with many advantages, they do not matter. One can only note the bustling nightlife in the big cities or the lack of soundproofing in hotels.

Climatic features of regions of Spain

for Spain, generally, typical Mediterranean climate with regional characteristics. In most parts of the territory does not drop even in winter the temperature is below zero. The climate on the Mediterranean coast, characterized by short mild winters and hot dry summers are extremely comfortable to relax on the golden beaches of Spain. Starting in May, within six months the average temperature is kept at +26 – +28 degrees. In August the water warms up +25.

Northern Spain ispytyvvayut areas of influence of the Atlantic Ocean. There is a temperate maritime climate, with mild winters and fairly warm summers. Average winter temperatures are kept at the level of +8 – +14, summer reach, maximum, +25 degrees. The central areas of Spain feel the little influence of the Mediterranean Sea.

If a holiday in Spain is planned for the central areas of the country, It should take into account the features of the continental climate. It's hot in summer, air is often warm up to +30 degrees. In the second half of summer, falls the least rain. Cold winter, however the average temperature does not fall below 1-8 degrees of heat. Only in the mountains of Spain are fixed to the sub-zero temperatures 8 degrees. Ski resort of Spain begins in November-December and lasts until March.

The climate on the islands of Spain

The Canary Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, near the north-western coast of Africa. They are characterized by a tropical climate, which is formed by the dry wind from the African continent and wet - from the Atlantic. Eventually, on the islands all year round warmth. No wonder they are called a paradise for tourists. While in the northern part of the archipelago is dominated by a humid climate, generally, vacation in the Canary Islands in Spain is comfortable in all seasons.

The Balearic Islands are located in the western Mediterranean. They are characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate. In the hottest months of summer heat softens the sea breeze, and in November water has a temperature +21 degree and more comfortable for swimming. Balearic Islands are famous as a large number of sunny days in a year.

Sunny Beach Andalucia, Spain

The name given to one of the most popular holiday regions in the South of Spain – Costa del Sol. The development of the spa industry began in the middle of the last century in the region, and today it provides over a third of Spain's tourism income. The coastline with sandy beaches and rocky stretches 300 km. Because passing here Atlantic cold water flow is warmed to a comfortable temperature only for bathing in midsummer, and in September already begins to cool. However, a stable, sunny weather and excellent infrastructure make popular holiday on the south coast of Spain.

Andalusia attractions

The southern coast of Spain refers to Andalusia, known ancient city with world famous monuments. Most of them belong to the period of the Arab-Islamic rule of the peninsula. Beginning with 8 by 15 century, almost the entire territory of the Iberian Peninsula, the power belonged to the Caliphate of Cordoba, which is famous for the flourishing of arts and sciences. Architectural monuments of the time of the Caliphate of Cordoba are still admired.

Cathedral of Cordoba Mosque

Many people come on holiday to Spain, to see the great architectural works of ancient civilization. A magnificent example of Islamic architecture, the caliphate became a huge mosque in Cordoba, built in 8 century. Hall of the mosque affects the abundance of columns of colored marble, which are interwoven at the top of, forming an arch. After the conquest of Cordoba King of Spain the church was partially rebuilt and consecrated in the Christian cathedral. The unique architectural structure view different styles, makes it even more beautiful.

Castle Bil Bil

Interesting excursion leisure offer and coastal towns of southern Spain. In Estepona you can visit the Museum of bullfighting, from which the kids will love. At the entrance to the statue of the famous matador, one of the best in Spain. Close to the town is a safari park, A nearby - the southernmost point of Spain - Rock of Gibraltar. The popular Benalmadena Castle Bil Bil, made in Arabic style. In a buiding, built at the beginning of the last century, along with the traditional elements of the Arab decoration, and there are more modern solutions.

Bil-Bil Castle

Beach holidays on the shores of the Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is considered one of the most prestigious for a holiday in Spain. However, along with the luxurious resorts and there are more affordable options. The largest number of luxury hotels and villas located in the coastal area "the Golden mile" area of Marbella. Older couples and families with small children will like Fuengirola, in the coastal strip a lot of playgrounds, and the nearby water park.

hotel Alanda 5*

Spacious apartment five-star hotel is perfectly equipped and suitable for a comfortable holiday in Spain with the whole family. The cozy living room is furnished with modern furniture. The kitchen is fully equipped with a full set of accessories. The hotel is located next to the pine forest on the outskirts of Marbella. On its territory there are several pools, one of them heated, playground. AT 200 meters from the sandy beach, one of the most comfortable on the coast. The hotel offers a babysitting service for kids, a children's animation.

Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa 5*

One of the best hotels for a holiday in Spain with its own beach. Its luxurious apartments with panoramic windows overlooking the furnished terrace or in the cozy courtyard. In the picturesque garden, among lush flowering tropical vegetation, scattered small artificial pond with graceful bridges. The hotel's recreation area are swimming pools and tennis courts with clay surface. playground for recreation for children, a kids club. It offers the hotel SPA with exclusive treatments.

Rocky coast of Catalonia, Spain

North-eastern part of the Mediterranean coast of Spain to relax choose tourists, who like to combine beach activities with extreme. The relief of the Costa Brava is formed by wild cliffs, hanging above a picturesque bay with a white sandy beach. Mountainsides coated pine and fir timber, which fill the air with the smell of pine needles, mixed with sea freshness.

Attractions Costa Brava

Catalan town is famous for many monuments of ancient civilizations, attractive for cognitive rest in Spain. Among them - the ruins of ancient castles and monasteries, majestic churches and old mansions. Many attractions are associated with the life of Salvador Dali.

Cathedral in Barcelona - a unique example of Catalan Gothic. Despite its massiveness, it seems flying up due to a variety of fine turrets. Above the central portal flaunts a traditional outlet. It impresses with its splendor and the interior attractions.

The sightseeing holiday in Spain be sure to include a real pearl of the architectural style of Art Nouveau in Catalonia - house Casa Navas. A three-storey house with two balconies, richly decorated with marble and ceramic decorations. Most ornate exterior and interior have a plant and flower theme, because of what the house was nicknamed "Stone Garden". Until now, it remained a luxury interior and carved wooden furniture, tailor-made specifically for mansion.

Beach holidays on the Costa Brava

Holidays in Spain, on the Costa Brava attracts mild weather in the middle of summer. No sweltering heat and burden of acclimatization. Many seaside towns are oriented on a family vacation with children. They have a special certificate, indicates the presence on the beaches of playgrounds and children's clubs, animation programs. In many hotels operating system "all inclusive".

Hotel Delamar – Adults Only (+18) 4*

Included in the category of cheap hotels in Spain for holidays at sea. Is in 50 meters from the beach. The bright, spacious rooms with a kitchenette equipped with modern amenities and have excellent sound insulation. The interiors are characterized by restraint and simplicity, characteristic minimalism. It offers an outdoor pool and fitness center. The library is open to everyone.

Hotel Mas Tapiolas 4*

Great vacation awaits guests Spain Mas Topiolas 4*. It is located in an old farmhouse 13 century. Spacious apartment with floor to ceiling windows open onto a large terrace, spuskayuschuyusya garden. Each of the rooms is individually decorated. It offers guests two swimming pools, one of which - indoor, heated, golf course and tennis court. The spa offers a range of treatments and massages.

Gold Coast Spain

The Catalan coast has long been a favorite holiday destination in Spain. And families with children especially like the Costa Dorada, which is famous for its golden beaches with fine sand. The coastline stretches from Barcelona to the mouth of the River Ebro. The region has ample opportunities for a variety of types of tourism, which, combined with affordable prices makes it extremely attractive for recreation.

Costa Dorada

Attractions Kosty Dorada

Most seaside towns of Costa Dorada grew out of ancient settlements and can offer excellent sightseeing program along with the rest on the beaches of Spain. Tarragona - the main town on the Costa Dorada, It was an important political and commercial center in the days of antiquity. The city has many ancient monuments, among them the Roman circus. according to, archaeologists, Landmark was built in 1 century and was used for horse racing chariot. Often held in the arena and theater performances. Construction took a huge area - to 37 thousand. quarter. m. To the present day it is well preserved underground part of buildings, as well as the stone facade with arches.

Besides sightseeing holiday, popular in Spain are the active forms of recreation. In the central part of the Costa Dorada it is one of Europe's largest amusement park. The park is so big, that come here to relax their families for a few days. During the summer season are colorful festivals, fireworks Competition, which turn into bright holidays with the participation of local residents and tourists. In small bays arranged excellent opportunities for fishing or spearfishing.

A wonderful way to an active holiday in Spain is diving. For novice divers work training courses. Especially attracts divers coastal waters of Tarragona, where wrecks have formed an artificial reef with abundant wildlife. Not less attention and enjoy the nearby underwater caves with internal transitions. Every year, on the Costa Dorada in Spain held championships in underwater sports.

Choosing hotels on the coast

Most of the beaches of Costa Dorada Sand, with shallow waters near the shore, that draws on holiday in Spain, family with children. A kids' club with animators. Hotels are characterized by a variety of categories and prices, depending on the distance from the sea, arranged territory, availability of entertainment venues otlyha. The most popular option is living apartments for rent. Their choice is wide enough - from luxury villas to cozy cove to private homes around the resort.

House Bofranch

Relaxing holiday in Spain for all the family hotel provide Sasa Bofranch. Cozy four-room apartment is located in a private garden with swimming pool. The interiors of the bedrooms and a living room decorated in a rustic style and create an atmosphere of peace and quiet. Rooms are filled with the scent of fresh flowers. The hotel provides a kitchen with all accessories. Being away from the city bustle, you can rest easy, enjoying a delightful rural landscape.

Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel and Spa 5*

The magnificent resort in Spain for a holiday by the sea, Housed in a historic building of the early last century. Spacious rooms with high ceilings and arched windows open onto balconies with sea views. A two minute walk from a private beach with water sports. On the shaded terrace you can relax Hospitality Club, admiring the magnificent scenery of the surrounding area. The landscaped garden is an outdoor swimming pool. Wellness center.

Costa Delio-Maresme, Spain

Holidays in Spain, on the Costa del Maresme, attracted by the beautiful natural environment. The coastal mountain ranges protect the coastal strip from the north winds, whereby the sea warms in early summer. The beach season on the coast lasts until October. Perfectly oiled recreational infrastructure provides opportunities for fun for everyone. mountains, around the coast, attract hikers. Fans of a beach holiday in Spain waiting for a broad coastal strip of golden sand.

Attractions Costa del Maresme

On the coast, a lot of interesting sights, architectural and natural. In the historical center of the seaside town attracts the attention of old churches, beautiful mansions, magnificent palaces of later buildings. In the old town of Pineda de Mar has remained a small church of Santa Maria, built in 11 century. Subsequently attraction was reconstructed in Baroque style. Stands the church facade, sgraffito decorated in the middle of the last century.

Happy Holidays for children in Spain offers one of the largest water parks "Marinelend". A vast territory in 40 thousand. quarter. m occupy not only water attractions. Nearby there is a mini-zoo, regular performances of marine animals. During the summer holiday season on the coast often hosts vibrant festivals and fairs, which involve and vacationers. In the Costa del Maresme many mineral springs, which are located near the health resorts.

Hotel Coast base

Costa del Maresme stretches for tens of kilometers, which are divided into four resorts. Of these, the best resort for a holiday in Spain with children is considered quiet and cozy town of Santa Susanna. For lovers of water sports and nightlife popular Malgrat de Mar. In any of the resorts you can choose affordable accommodations for leisure nearby sandy beaches.


Gоlden Taurаs Park Resort 4*

comfortable hotel, Located on the waterfront. To the sea only two minutes walk. Spacious family room with floor to ceiling windows decorated in contemporary style. Cozy bedrooms open onto a balcony overlooking the sea or the landscaped garden. three swimming pools are on site, children's animation. Nearby is a water park.

Riviera hotel

The hotel Riviera holidays in Spain will be comfortable and pleasant in all respects. Located on the seafront promenade of Santa Susanna, just 100 meters from the equipped sandy beach. Comfortable, bright rooms offer views of the waterfront and the surrounding park area. The sunbathing around the pool can be taken during the day. Children will not be bored a professional team of animators. A spa with a Finnish sauna.

Costa Blanca, Spain

Costa Blanca is famous for a record number of sunny days. Thanks to the mild climate, holiday in Spain, On the Costa Blanca resorts, interest at any time. But most tourists going here in the summer. shoreline, stretched on 200 odd kilometers, annual visits to 6 million. people. A rich history has left in the ancient land of Valencia traces of different peoples. In the old coastal towns many unique attractions, attractive for fans of cultural activities in Spain.

Attractions Costa Blanca

Popular attractions can be identified Altamira Castle in Elche, a fine example of medieval Arab architecture. It was built by the Moors in 12-13 century, during their rule of the peninsula. Before stone arches, leading to the castle area, guests are met wonderful cascade of fountains. The central part of the composition is solid square tower, to which later powerful wall with a circular watch tower was added. Today, in the halls of the attractions located Archaeological Museum with a unique collection of exhibits.

Holiday on the Costa Blanca in Spain - it's a great opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of local handicrafts. At summer fairs can buy a beautiful lace and ceramics, wicker souvenirs of straw and wonderful embroidery.

Noisy and fun to celebrate traditional holidays in Spain on the Costa Blanca. Each city hosts theatrical performances and festivities, which gather many tourists.

Kids vacation in Spain can vary Kaktuslandii or visit Mundomar amusement park. Kaktuslandiya covers an area of 50 thousand. quarter. m, which grows more than 650 rare plant species. Among them there are real giants, and original copies, and tiny thorny balls. Between the rows of cacti is a huge figure of the dinosaurs. They move and menacing growl, creating the illusion of reality. In the park there is a cinema, where children show a film about the dinosaur in 3D.

Hotels on the Costa Blanca

The bulk of the tourists traveling on the Costa Blanca in Spain for beach holidays. Most of the beaches are well-developed infrastructure of water activities - diving and surfing, yachting and water skiing. The coast is famous and magnificent golf courses, open all year. The choice of accommodation is large enough, the most expensive located in the town of Benidorm. Among them is one of the highest hotels in Europe.

Gran Hotel Bali

Gran Hotel Gran Hotel Bali is known in Spain, as a place of elite rest. From the windows of the 52-storey building offers a spectacular view of the sea with sailboats in the distance whitening. Huge apartments with stylish interiors, a balcony and a kitchenette. An on-site outdoor pools, beach is 5 minute walk. It offers a gym, A spa and a children's playroom. Nearby are water parks and golf course.

Hotel Boutique Villa Venecia 5*

One of the best hotels in Spain for a holiday on the Costa Blanca. He towers over the picturesque rock, outstanding in the sea. The panoramic windows offer stunning views of the coast, and the sound of the waves lulls nice at night. The rooms have a spa bath and a kitchenette with a coffee machine. Hotel offers a wellness center with sauna and indoor pool. Old town attractions are within walking distance.

Costa de la Luz,, Spain

South-west coast of Spain, is considered a favorite place of rest windsurfers. Vast expanses of the Atlantic, abundance of winds and warm climate make this place popular for water sports enthusiasts. On the Costa de la Luz are annually held prestigious competitions in yachting and windsurfing. unspoilt, unique culture and a large number of well-preserved architectural monuments attract tourists.

Attractions southwestern Andalusia

Costa de la Luz stretches for 250 km from Cape Morrocco to the border with Portugal. In this space there are many historical attractions, popular with tourists, holidaymakers in Spain. A real open-air museum can be considered Cadiz with its ancient monasteries and fortresses. The city is located at the site of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea connections, that determine its value as an important seaport. A magnificent symbol of Cadiz can be considered Cathedral, the construction of which lasted more than a hundred years. The plans and preferences have changed the course of work. By the end of the 30's, when the cathedral was completed, in his appearance united magnificent Baroque, elegant Rococo and Neoclassicism strict.

Every year thousands of tourists come on a sightseeing holiday in Spain, which once again admire the magnificent works of ancient masters. A popular tourist object became a Franciscan monastery 13 century, in which he is buried the famous conquistador - Lieutenant Cortez.

One of the best natural attractions of Costa de la Luz is the Doñana nature reserve at the mouth of the Guadalquivir. Dense forests and salt lakes are famous for abundant wildlife and unique landscapes.

The best hotels on the coast

On the Costa de la Luz is dominated by sandy beaches with white sand, punctuated by dunes and pine forest areas. The main resort areas excellently developed infrastructure holidays in Spain. There is a large variety of hotels and other accommodation options in all price levels. Since the Costa de la Luz is not enough mastered tourist flows compared to other resort areas, and the price level is significantly lower.

Global Reina Cristina 4*

A hotel with more than century-old tradition, Housed in, whilst retaining the charm features Moorish architecture. On its territory you can see the ancient ruins of a Moorish well 8 century, Interest in historical terms. On the hotel's vast territory is divided luxury, blahouhayuschyy garden. It offers swimming pools and tennis courts. Holidays in Spain, в отеле Globales Reina Cristina 4*, will leave the best memories.

Iberostar Peter 4*

The hotel has a great location right by the shore. Nearby there are golf course. rooms, trimmed in warm palette colors, filled atmosphere of comfort. Floor to ceiling windows, opening onto a spacious terrace, a beautiful view of the blue ocean space. It offers two outdoor swimming pools, health Center, playground.

Balearic Islands, Spain

Holidays in Spain, on Balearah, It attracts tourists from around the world. Mild climate, 10 sunny months of the year, variety of entertainment have turned this place into one of the most popular Mediterranean resorts. The Balearic Islands are a small archipelago, which is composed of four large islands and many smaller. Each of them is known for stunning natural landscapes and numerous architectural landmarks.

Balearic Islands

main sights

The beginning of the development of the Balearic Islands was laid in the Bronze Age. In different periods they were conquered by the Romans, Byzantines, They survived the Arab domination. Each period of history has left unique attractions, attractive for lovers of cultural holidays in Spain.

One of the great of the early Gothic 14 century - Castel de Bellver in Majorca. It was built as a summer royal residence. Surprised unusual architectural form attractions. Building a perfectly round shape with a diameter of about 50 m oriented to the cardinal points with four towers. Floors are connected spiral staircases. During the following centuries, architectural feature different functions. Today the museum is housed in the castle.

Amazing natural attractions make the Balearic holiday in Spain even brighter and more exciting. The protected mountain forests of various routes laid. The Marineland dolphinarium children are happy to look fascinating insight with marine animals. Leave an unforgettable impression walking through the shady alleys of the wonderful gardens Alfabit. In the natural park Galattso lovers of thrills like suspension bridges with ropes.

Beach holidays on the Balearic Islands

Most of the resorts in the Balearic Islands of Spain are designed to chic rave recreation. However, there are a lot of wild beaches for lovers of solitude and family hotels, which has created excellent conditions for families with children. It offers a wide range of accommodation options, differing in the number of stars. There is also a good network of hotels with excellent infrastructure.

Nakar Hotel 4*

Comfortable hotel in the old town of Palma de Mallorca. Comfortable rooms open onto a balcony with stunning views of the historic city attractions, or in a cozy patio. The apartments have a kitchenette with a coffee machine. It features a rooftop outdoor pool. guests Spain, stay active, can choose a yacht club or bike rental.

Hotel Capri

This modern hotel is located among the tall pines coastal. The sandy beach is within walking distance. Comfortable and spacious rooms equipped with all comforts, including, refrigerator and mini-bar. Balconies overlooking the azure sea or mountains covered with blue mist.

Canary Islands, Spain

Canaries have long been known, as a place of elite rest. But today the rest of the Canary Islands in Spain is quite affordable and popular. Tourists waiting for the exotic nature, black volcanic beaches, green valleys. It attracts windsurfers winds and an abundance of large ocean waves, divers - amazing beauty of the underwater world. Luxury beaches with black sand attract sunbathers. tourists, who chose vacation in the Canary Islands in Spain to explore the local attractions, expect interesting excursions.

The islands are rich in attractions for every taste. Amazing Pyramids of Güímar are still controversial, concerning their origin. Symbol of the island of Tenerife is the Teide volcano. Since its observation deck offers a breathtaking panorama of the island. History lovers admire the facade of the Cathedral of Santa Ana in Las Palmas, in which a mixed late gothic and neo-classicism.

The best hotels in Canary Islands

The hotel industry in the Canary Islands is characterized by a high level of service regardless of the accommodation. Huge selection of hotels on the islands makes the rest of Spain available for different categories of tourists. for families, chosen holiday apartments, in every district there are inexpensive supermarkets with quality products.

Отель Gran Bahia Del Duque 5*

Luxury hotel complex with a vast territory, Surrounded by tropical gardens. The complex - lovely villa, rich mansions, comfortable building. Each room features a refined interior. All villas are equipped with private swimming pool. Gran Bahia Del Duque 5*- one of the best hotels in Spain for holidays with children. For them, organized a children's club and mini-heated pool, a babysitting service and a special menu in the restaurant. Experienced animators.

Melia Jardines Del Teide

It is only 50 meters from its own private beach. spacious, elegant, apartments open onto a terrace, from where you can descend into the lush garden. The terrace has hammocks Sun, and in the room fridge and coffee machine. Near the hotel there are golf course, and on the beach - Center for water entertainment.

Spain - a country with a variety of recreation opportunities. The same for all the tourism options remains excellent service and hospitality of the locals.

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