Holidays in Greece: best resorts in the country and its islands

Greece has a long history of health resort leisure excellent infrastructure. In addition to the wonderful Mediterranean climate, it can offer beautiful beaches, an interesting program of excursions and plenty of entertainment for every age group. All this makes the rest in Greece is extremely popular.


The main advantages

The beginning of the development of tourism in Greece had at the end of the 60's, when the first hotel chain. Today, the country is considered one of the best holiday destinations. Every year it is visited by 20 million. tourists, bringing into the treasury of nearly 15 % VVP. Greece has long been a multifaceted tourist destination, attracting: comfortable beach holiday; cognitive excursions to historic sites; ecological purity resort towns; the ability to use the latest offerings on holiday in Greece; treatment centers in the thermal springs; focus on the various categories of tourists; ample opportunities for shopping; Mediterranean cuisine and wine tastings; excellent infrastructure of active recreation; various festivals; a high level of hotel service; excellent facilities for families with children; tours available.

From small minuses holidays in Greece can be noted: the need to obtain a visa - enough of a Schengen; the cost of medical services; some problems with language.

climatic features

Through the influence of the Mediterranean Sea, almost all of Greece territory is characterized by a subtropical climate with mild winters and hot summers. However, each region has its own characteristics, Continental Greece is markedly different from its island part. Here pronounced climate impact the entire Balkan Peninsula with a cold windy winters and hot summers. Beach holidays on the coast of Greece begins in April, although in March the track of ski resorts covered by snow.

In the center of the country's mountain areas are characterized by more severe climatic conditions, with night temperatures down to minus 10 degrees. For the Aegean coast characterized by frequent changes of weather with strong winds, making the area popular for windsurfing and yachting. On the south coast in the summer heat can reach 36-40 degrees, so in July and August, prices on vacation in Greece have become more accessible.

Greek coast washed by several seas, It is part of the Mediterranean. In the West, in the Ionian Sea, A small group of islands. But the bulk of the island of Greece located in the Aegean Sea. In total, the state comes about 2 thousand. islands, the largest of which are Crete and Rhodes. On the Greek island beach season lasts from early May to mid-autumn. Especially comfortable vacation in Greece in October, when there is no intense heat, but the water in the sea is still warm. But even during the summer heat, a refreshing sea breeze brings coolness to the shore.

The resorts of the Aegean Sea

Compared to other Greek Aegean Sea - a cold. However, rich underwater world and superbly well-established infrastructure of outdoor activities make it ideal for all types of travelers. The resorts of the Aegean Sea coast offer excellent hotel facilities, not only for youth, but for a comfortable stay in Greece with children.

Rhodes island

One of the largest islands in the southeast Greece, It has the largest number of sunny days. Rhodes rich history is reflected in the monuments of ancient and medieval architecture, and its natural beauty gives unforgettable emotions.


One of the most important and mysterious monuments of history - the fortress of the Palace of the Grand Masters. The castle was built by the Knights of the Order of Knights of St. John in 14 century as his main residence and fortified fortress. He still amazes power impregnable walls, threateningly towering over the bay. Tourist facilities open, where splendid interiors of different eras.

Rhodes many attractions and family holidays in Greece. In the picturesque valley natural park, under the shade of century-old trees in summer flock to tens of thousands of butterflies, colorful carpet covering the surrounding rocks, stones and tree trunks. Nearby is the Museum, where children become familiar with interesting representatives of the local flora and fauna. At the ostrich farm boys be allowed to feed the monkeys and peacocks and take a ride on a donkey or a camel. It will be fascinating walk along the bay on a boat with a transparent bottom. The water is so clear, as can be seen marine life.

Hotels in Rhodes

Holidays in Greece Rhodes attractive variety of accommodation options, ranging from luxury hotel on the first line with its own beach and a system of "all inclusive" to a room in a private house. For lovers of fun entertainment suitable hotels, in the vicinity of the city of Rhodes, where day and night bars and discos open.

Mitsis Grand Hotel 5*

In a historic building, Located next to the Old Town, It is located one of the best hotels in Greece for holiday. His apartment with an elegant interior fit for the most discerning guests. rooms, decorated in warm pastel colors, elegant wooden furniture. From the wide windows and balconies offer wonderful views of the sea, which is just a minute's walk. On-site 3 basin, one of which - indoor, heated. There is also a tennis court, a fitness center and sauna. Water Sports Center provides opportunities better holiday in Greece windsurfers, yachting and other active species.

Atrium Palace Resort Thalasso Spa Villas 5*

On the east coast, where stretched magnificent beaches with soft sand, It is considered one of the best hotel Atrium Palace Resort Thalasso Spa Villas 5*. It is located on the beach and has an extensive beach area with easy descent into the water. Comfortable double rooms are located on a spacious terrace with views of the magnificent palm garden. In addition to the outdoor pools, have children, heated. For children organized a mini-club and animation, The restaurant - a special menu.


picturesque landscapes, clean beaches and the patriarchal atmosphere of mountain villages do Kos Island the best choice for a relaxing family holiday in Greece. In addition to comfortable beach holiday where you can find many interesting places.


Having been on a bee farm, You can see honey producing technology and taste of its varieties. Tour the vineyards will introduce the wine production stages. In the wine cellar held its tasting. The olive mill will show the production process of different types of oil. Particularly fascinating is a journey to the crater of the volcano on the neighboring island.

For tourists, older holiday in Greece will be interesting ancient monuments of history, which are very much on the island of Kos. Special attention are the ruins of the sacred complex, Open during excavations at the beginning of the last century. According to legend, temple complex served as a hospital and even a school, where he studied himself Hippocrates. On the island remained a huge branching sycamore, under which sat a great physician in the classroom with their students.

Hotels in pieces

In the north-east of the island stretches band comfortable with soft golden beaches and white sand. This part of the island territory is characterized by a gentle entry into the sea, water which is warmer by a few degrees. one of the best hotels in Greece Here are for families with children.

Atlantica Porto Bello Royal 5*

One of the luxury hotels, where you can comfortably relax with children of any age, from year. The rooms have everything you need - baby cot, pot, even stand for washbasin. The restaurant is available for them are small chairs and special menus. Deystvet kids club with animation program and pool, in which classes are held on diving. Nearby is a water park with water slides and other entertainment.

Lakitira Suites 5*

For a beach holiday in Greece offers excellent conditions Hotel Lakitira Suites 5*, surrounded by picturesque gardens on the south coast. Two rooms with a modern interior balcony, which offers a wonderful view of the volcanic island. A private beach with a gentle slope is in 200 m. It features two outdoor pools with sea water, tennis court and playground.


For many, the north-eastern coast of the country, where is the Peninsula of Halkidiki – the best place in Greece for vacation. The original shape of the peninsula has been explained in the myths of ancient Greece - there, where the god Poseidon threw his trident, out of the sea having three elongated poluostrovka, three "fingers", adjoining the Halkidiki. On one of the "fingers" buried mighty giant, still trying to get rid, causing tremors. peninsula, amid the greenery of relict forests and oak forests, It is a favorite place for a family holiday in Greece with children.

On the coast of the Kassandra peninsula scattered many holiday villages and towns with picturesque landscapes, cozy bays and clean beaches, Blue Flag. Attractions Cassandra can distinguish the ruins of ancient temples, thermal springs, aquapark museum. Leisure activities include diving and cycling.

Sithonia less populated and attracts tourists in Greece, intact nature and quiet coves, removed from the noise of the city. To preserve the unique nature of the Peninsula is forbidden to build cities or large hotel complexes. But along the coast are scattered small resort village with well-developed infrastructure of rest. At one of the resorts located casinos - only in Halkidiki.

The main attraction of Mount Athos is a sacred mountain to the Great Lavra and other monasteries. There is popular, basically, sightseeing holiday in Greece. Numerous pilgrims come from all over the world.

hotel base

Most of the hotel operates in Halkidiki "All Inclusive" and provides the necessary services for families with children of any age. The Territory has a children's pool, and the restaurant offer a menu entry.

Kassandra Palace 4*

The hotel is on the beach and is surrounded by a lush garden of tropical trees. Family apartments are located in two-story cottages with spacious terrace, overlooking the garden. It offers, preferring to holiday in Greece, two pools with sea water, one - for children, and billiards and aquatics. Children waiting for the animation team.


Athena Pallas Village 5*

The hotel occupies a vast area with access to the sea, The beach is just a minute walk. Organized an excellent infrastructure and an active sightseeing holiday. The apartments have a balcony with sea views, ground-floor rooms overlook the pool. Food varied and fresh, including, children's menu. The complex is reminiscent of a cozy village, verdurous. The two large pools with clean and warm water for small reserved area.


Holidays in Greece on the island of Crete - the perfect choice for tourists, to explore the unique monuments of ancient history and wonderful landscapes of pristine nature. Exciting vacation awaits action sports fans - Jeep Safari, horse rides, diving and many others. In rural taverns you can become a member of the folk festival and taste the popular local cuisine and wine. For a holiday in Greece with children also find many interesting places.

Most of the historical sights of Crete due to the Greek myths. In the northern part of the island are the remains of the famous Palace of Knossos, Where, supposed, It was the Minotaur maze. Until now, this mystery has not received the authorization, but the ancient ruins are a popular tourist attraction.

Interesting to visit the cave of Zeus, which in Minoan sanctuary functions performed. Cave stalactites frozen striking beauty. Here, during the excavations have been discovered numerous artifacts since antiquity.

During a vacation in Greece, the children will remember a campaign in Maritime Museum of Crete. A fascinating tour through the halls of the museum to discover the history of navigation on the island and in Greece in different eras, from antiquity until World War II. The exhibition presents maritime navigation devices, models of ships, weapon, documents. The exhibits are allowed to touch - include radar or turn the steering wheel. Will show visitors the fascinating film about Greece's maritime history.

Crete hotels

tourism level in the country consistently high. Therefore Greece, hotels for holidays in Crete, regardless of category, characterized by excellent service and infrastructure. It offers a huge range of accommodation options - from budget hotels, working on an "all inclusive" to luxurious five star complexes. When choosing a hotel should also consider, that the best hotels are located on the north coast, but it is not very convenient for a beach holiday. If you plan to vacation in Greece on the sea and with children, better to choose the southern coast of Crete - it is flatter.

Capsis Ruby Red Regal 5*

luxury hotel, designed in the likeness of the Minoan Palace,, with wide terraces, amidst lush greenery and flowers. Huge apartment with a rich interior equipped with modern amenities. Panoramic windows with views of the lush flowering garden or the sea. Ground floor rooms have direct access to the pool. On the balconies arranged sitting area. Family rooms consist of two bedrooms and a living room. a varied entertainment program organized for children.

Aquila Rythimna Beach 5*

It offers a holiday in Greece among landscaped gardens. It offers a cozy two-story bungalows with modern rooms in different price categories. Private beach is just two minutes walk, an on-site tennis courts, Aquatics Center, which teaches diving, including, and children. A professional team of animators, a children's restaurant.

Ionian sea

Perfect place to relax in Greece is considered to be the West Coast, washed by the waters of the Ionian Sea. shore, indented by numerous bays, form silent, cozy bays with comfortable sandy beaches. On the shores of the largest of the Corinthian Gulf are many resort towns with convenient coastline. Well-equipped and resorts, located to the north of Gulf of Corinth. But especially popular holiday resorts in Greece on the west coast of the Peloponnese.


Peninsula attractions

Peloponnese peninsula boasts many ancient monuments for tourists, interested in the rich history of Greece. Fans of outdoor activities await diving, rafting, fascinating hiking and bike trails. Are popular gastronomic tours in the northern part of the peninsula, which produces the well-known throughout the world of wine and cheese.

The Peloponnese is a unique natural landmark, popular among tourists who come to stay in Greece. cave- lake complex, located at an altitude of more than 800 m above sea level, It consists of three levels. They are arranged in steps 13 natural lakes. In hot weather, the water level therein is reduced, and during the rainy waters overflowing. Water overflows, forming an unusual waterfalls. Today we know, that the length of the cave is about 2 km, but visitors available path length 500 m. To navigate through the lake bridge the gap.

Best hotels

Peloponnese has not yet become the object of public recreation in Greece, so the hotel infrastructure is not so well developed, both in Crete. However, a lot of comfortable spa complex and club hotels have been built in recent years,, which will meet the preferences of different categories of tourists.


on the west coast hotel, located on the first line with its own sandy beach. As part of the hotel's main building and two-storey bungalow, placed around the pool. The hotel recreation system practiced in Greece "all inclusive", convenient for the majority of visitors. Depending on the price category rooms have a balcony or terrace, offering a panorama of the boundless sea. On site works Thalasso & SPA-center, one of the best in the country. Superbly organized recreation infrastructure, including, and children - Tennis lessons and diving, mini-football and animation, playground.


One of the best hotels for a holiday in the Peloponnese in Greece. Extensive grounds with a sandy beach, immersed in the greenery of the picturesque garden. To accommodate the guests can choose from rooms in the main building or in the bungalows. Apart from the necessary amenities with a fridge and tea or coffee. The hotel has excellent infrastructure varied holiday. There are three swimming pools, one of which - indoor. Playground for children arranged, mini-pools and animation, separate menu, babysitting.

The islands of the Ionian Sea

Greek Islands for a holiday in the Ionian Sea attract stunning natural beauty, amazing creations of medieval architecture, excellent conditions for water sports. A wonderful white beaches and clear blue sea with clear water promise a great vacation on the coast. The islands are famous and a great choice of entertainment, and local restaurants will surprise the most delicious dishes of national cuisine.

Ionian Islands

Vacations in Greece will be interested in a guided tour in Old Town of Corfu, which is known for its unique architectural structures of the Baroque. Walking along its winding narrow streets, it is hard not to admire the amazing grace and harmony of architectural forms, in which organically combined the traditions of Western European and Venetian styles.

popular tourist karst cave with an underground lake on the island of Kefalonia. It is believed, that the age of the reservoir is not less 20 thousands of years. As a result of the collapse of the cave dome sunlight penetrates, giving clear water deep blue. Local residents believe, that the cave was a place of nymphs habitat.

Best hotels

Hotels in Greece for a holiday in the Ionian Islands offer a variety of accommodation options. Most rich hotel base has Corfu, where a lot of hotels with a private beach area. Possible and budget accommodation in apart-hotels.

Grecotel Corfu Imperial 5*

It offers comfortable bungalows overlooking the landscaped garden and access to the sea with a sandy beach. The bright, spacious apartments with magnificent surroundings, cozy atmosphere, stunning views to satisfy the most discriminating tastes. For an active family holiday in Greece at all conditions - hiking and horseback riding, tennis, mountain biking and many other sports.

Ionian Garden Villas I 4,5*

A good choice for a family vacation would be a cozy villa overlooking the sea. Along the facade passes beautiful arched gallery, and spacious bedrooms on the second floor open onto a wide terrace, with spectacular sea views. Mansion surrounded by lush gardens with an outdoor pool. The kitchen is equipped with appliances and a full set of utensils for living.

Holidays in Greece is comfortable and interesting at any time. In November starts the ski season. Autumn comes time to harvest festivals, and in the spring a solemn Easter event held. Therefore, Greece has long been a universal destination for diverse recreation.

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