What determines Ping?

When you play a computer game, it is important to focus on the job and their actions. If the game is the character of the network, it is necessary to take into account the data rate. What determines the ping in a network game, and how it can affect the mood of the players, let consider together.

What is Ping

In a game of online data is being transferred from one server to another. If not go, and rephrase in your own words the essence of ping, we can say, that this time, which is spent on the transfer of information from one computer to another.

Пинг в игре Контр страйкThe higher the speed of the Internet user, the faster the transmission of all data. In the case of network games is especially true. clear, that high ping to play - it's bad. But somehow influence it the user can.

What determines Ping? The data transmission speed with the player to the computer, on the length of the way forward, and the workload of the destination server.

How to deal with a large ping?

To reduce the time, required to transfer data to a minimum, you need to know some of the subtleties of getting rid of high ping.

If a, by going to the online game, you noticed, that the upgrade image is delayed, hero slows, and the whole game lag, so, Ping is very high. Close the game window and disable all running downloads. Check the Web connection and turn off all the, which do not relate to the game. Then restart the game account. And check the video game character operation.

Another reason, from which the game lags, can be low power video card on your computer. In order to minimize the time the ping in this case,, enough to set Minimum video options in game.

Limitation of ping

For a complete shutdown of ping online game restrictions, you need to find in the game server settings line mani_high_ping_kick, and put in it a value of zero.

pingTo all of the fixes in the configuration of your game server started working, restart the game.

What determines the ping when playing on the computer? From the huge overload, experienced by the computer system, no time to process and transmit data. processor overheats, the game starts to slow down.

therefore, to reduce ping when playing on a network server, you must disable all processes, not involved in the game. You can also disable the explorer.exe process, Using the key combination ctrl + alt + del.

If you have tried all of the above, and Ping is still high, we must remember, Ping that scrolled not only on your computer, but also on the speed of the server, as well as the Internet connection speed.

The computer can be upgraded, Internet disperse, but from a remote server work is necessary to understand its experts. Gather patience, not to puzzle over, what determines the ping in the game, and write letters to the administration server.

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