Men's sweaters, knit: scheme, description

Как связать мужской свитерKnitwear has a huge amount of time remain relevant and their popularity not only does not fall, but also increasing day by day, the more so because everyone has the opportunity not only to buy a similar product, but also make it yourself. Wearing a very self-knitted sweater or dress is always a pleasure, but doubly, If you see their little creations and masterpieces on your favorite guy or husband or son. Therefore it is always one of the best gifts, which can be presented to the man is connected with his own hands veshchichki, It is intended as a supplement to his wardrobe. One of these things and are men's sweater, associated spokes.

How to tie men's sweater

Firstly, of course, you need to do - is to think carefully about the future model of the product, or pick it up in one of the fashionable men's magazines. The main principle of such a choice should be the ratio of the taste preferences of men and especially his appearance.
The best solution, not to make a mistake and the future of the product I had at the time to, to whom it is intended, is to create a pattern, according to preliminary measurements. The basic yardstick, that may be required for this purpose are: thigh circumference, products and sleeve length, shoulder width, neck circumference and chest, wrist, and the widest part of the hand milestone. Pattern is created as follows::
We draw a simple rectangle, denoting the width value poluobhvata chest, and the height of the length of the product.
The next step is the designation of the size of the recess for the neck of the product. For this rectangle is divided into two halves, and by his mid-deposited on both sides of the width, which is calculated by the formula: semicircle semicircle minus the chest neck. Then plotted necessary depth, for a sweater with a throat, eg, she bude smooth the distance from the neck to the seed.
Armholes on the back of the sleeves on the sides of the rectangle is drawn. Its width is calculated by the formula: semicircle minus the width of the chest back, and depth - semicircle chest divided into three. To forehand at the armhole is added 4-5 cm.
Sweater knitted mainly in the upward direction, but in some cases the top, for example if you decide to knit raglan spokes, in order that the product was a free.
The sleeve is also made in the form of a quadrilateral, on top of which it will be necessary to plot his head, which is calculated as follows:: semicircle chest divided into four plus three centimeters. The upper side of the width is equal to a semicircle divided into chest 1,5 a plus 2-3 see for free encirclement, and the underside of the semi-circle wrist.
Models of men's sweaters, associated spokes

Simple men's sweater knitting needles

Start learning to knit sweaters spokes men, certainly, follows with the simplest models. To begin with, you can create, eg, the following model:Мужской свитер

For such a great choice sweater yarn threads are of wool, as, eg, in this case, black or any other, corresponding to your preferences and tastes of men. for size 52 these threads will need about a kilo. The main patterns of the product are some of the easiest, namely: gum 1 × 1, as well as combinations of the face and reverse loops for performing the base web: 1) 4 purl, 2 facial, 2)10 backstitches, 2 facial. At the beginning and end of each row, do not forget to do edge loops.

The following sequence of articles of manufacture:

  • Knit the front part. Front shelf begin provyazyvat pattern of gum 98 petelek, raising 3-4 a number. Then 6 cm knit, using a pattern with a first combination of, but provyazyvaya at the beginning of each row 1 front loop, and at the end 4 backstitches and 1 front. After that change the first pattern to the second, and the series also begin as in the first provyazyvaniya. In this way, fabric products raise another 14 cm. (total height will be equal to this point 21cm). Then knit fabric again, as described above even 23 cm . In the next step the number of fabric loops decreases for armholes , Why on the edge close to each second row, first two loops, then three times one. The pattern is not changed. And just at that moment, when the product reaches a height 51 cm, once again change the pattern on the second. Through 14 See provyazyvaniya products proceed to the formation of the neck. To do this, divide the canvas into three parts, the average of which is equal to 14 eyelet, We toss them on a special long pin. For, to mouth turned round at provyazyvaniya shoulders add to the hinges on the new pin taken in the following sequence, every second row of the loop: 1,3,1,2,4,1. At that moment, when the product reaches a height 68 cm, on the shoulders make a bevel, closing at the edges of the shelf through a series of two-fold 12 loops.
  • Back provyazyvaetsya same way, as well as a front panel with the only difference being, that this painting is not done to cut the throat.
  • sleeves We begin to knit with elastic wrist pattern, won 56 loops. Moreover, these two products can be individually provyazyvat, and at the same time, using the two different coil. Elastic band on the wrist as well, for both the front and rear portions to raise 3-4 a number. Then we move on to the first pattern and knit them for 9 cm, and the beginning and end of all rows, provyazyvaetsya similar to, as described for the front board (t.e.1 face first, 4 backstitches and 1 front end). The next step is adding the required number of loops around the edges of the sleeve to its formation. To do this, every 5 We add the series three times in one eyelet, vyvyazyvaya in the beginning of the series 2 one, and 17 times three 3 series also one loop. At that moment, when the sleeve up to the height dovyazyvaetsya 51 cm, closing through a series of one side of the web first sleeve 2 eyelets, and then three times one. The total height of the sleeve should get 57 cm.
  • The final step in creating a male sweaters spokes is its assembly and provyazyvaniya throat. To do this, all seams carefully executed, and then loops with two shelves, peresnyatye thrown on the pin or circular hosiery knitting needles and extends around the first pattern. To form the loops throat throw provyazyvayutsya to round neck as a single loop with the next loop. The neck on the height provyazyvaetsya 7 cm, and then all the loops are closed.

Men's sweater, associated spokes with patterns

Мужской свитер, связанный спицами с орнаментомVery nice and stylish look next model men's sweaters, needles associated with two simple pattern and ornamental front surface of.
Description of the product:

  • As with the previous model, first provyazyvaem front and back, in the same manner for forming the recesses for neck and arms bevels.
  • knit back, beginning with 6 see the gum and then to the desired height of the front of the main embroidery thread.
  • Pattern to create the anterior webs follows:
  • Knit 6 see pattern gum, then 96-100 series provyazyvaem front embroidery. Then proceed to the knitting of the first ornament, taking for that spoke to 0,5 size thickness, than for the main knitting. After provyazyvaniya ornament, They spoke again changed to core, and the end product continues to the front knitting stitch.
  • Subtraction on bevels sleeves do likewise, for the previous model, and knitting as a gum, but in this case we do its height 18 series. Then move to the front surface of and through 122 a number, when the sleeve reaches a height 52 cm, change in the needles, prepared for ornament and provyazyvaem pattern according to a second scheme. Upon completion of the pattern returns to the front surface of.
  • After assembly, the product, neck sweater knit on circular needles pattern gum 2 2 × height 54 a number or 18 cm.Мужской свитер, связанный спицами с орнаментом: схемы

Despite, that a lot of sweaters models, almost all of them are knitted on the same technology, changing only the patterns and the shape of the collar.

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