Installation of spotlights with their hands

Normal ceiling boring and monotonous. To make it more attractive and add a touch of originality, enough to organize a candlelight correctly, create comfortable perception of space. Changing visual impression is achieved by various methods. One of them is the installation of spotlights in the ceiling. Typically, lamps are selected and set so, to using simple inclusions and switching can create different lighting scenarios.

Forms and types of spotlights

types of lamps

types of lamps

The variety of point (or focal) lamps determined:

  • their form (round, rectangular, oval);
  • type of fixtures (overhead, recessed, false);
  • the type of lights used (LED, halogen, conventional electric lamps);

IMPORTANT. Fluorescent light bulbs cool white light, Incandescent lamps emit light warm shades, Halogen lamps - encouraging different shades of light spectrum.

  • size (big, average, small);
  • method of installation (in combination with the rail system or on their own).

The choice of the type and kind of the lamp depends on the specific task lighting. So, eg, a small lamp lighting is selected for address. But anyway, their purpose is to make the interior more attractive and functional.

Installation and assembly of spotlights in the ceiling is not of great complexity, although in the absence of some skill and can cause some concerns. However, recommendations presented here will help absorb this wisdom.

What do you need, to set the lights

so, need to work:

  • ladder,
  • marker,
  • clippers,
  • pliers
  • crown (circular saw) with an appropriately sized canvases (60-95 mm depth of cut 32 mm) or a drill with drill bits.

You will also need materials:

  • lamps, lamps;
  • power lead;

IMPORTANT: to the ceiling of the FCL can be used in a conventional wire by VVG-2(3)*1,5, ceiling made of MDF or plastic - it is better to apply the wire in a fireproof version RKGM. Mandatory requirement - the wire must be soft.

  • terminals (liner) for connecting wires;
  • insulating tape;
  • switch, Power Supply, lowering stress.

How to install fixtures

Installation of ceiling light

Installation of ceiling light

Step 1. To begin, select the type and the type of luminaire in accordance in accordance with the necessary requirements for lighting.

IMPORTANT. It should be borne, that the total power of the light sources should be at least 20-25 W / m2 for conventional incandescent lamps, with regard to fluorescent lamps, the figure is - 10-15 W / m2, while sufficient light at a height of 80cm from the floor at least 200 luxury. These are the standards to the working-light residential use.

Dimmers - light intensity control to create a more intimate environment, and brightness controls their set remote control.

Step 2. Usually, installation of spotlights, mounted on rail system, is mounting rod suspended from the ceiling. Directly lamps are mounted on the bar at the factory.

Independently mounted luminaires require the preparation of nests for their installation. For this purpose, specify the location for the lights and mark them. To the final result looked attractive, you must comply with the proportions when placing fixtures. Carefully check the area of ​​the ceiling slab, to be deleted.

IMPORTANT. Double check the measurement accuracy and precision labeling, to guard against errors and incorrect slits.

Step 3. make cuts in slabs the ceiling in accordance with the marking. opening size should be such, to fixtures mounting brackets fit neatly into the ceiling. Place the bracket on the ceiling tile and carefully align the holes.

Step 4. Make wiring for power supply for lamps. Correctly perform this operation even during the installation phase frame for suspended ceiling, leaving in place of each lamp loop, about, 15 cm, to secure the wiring to the frame. But it is possible to perform wiring and already installed ceiling tiles, stretching it from hole to hole. In this case, the wire will just lie on the ceiling tiles.

Step 5. after the holes are made, pull out the wire loop and cut them. Bare wiring on each of 1 cm, connect the wires to the terminals of the lamp.

IMPORTANT. Terminal marking on luminaires: L - phase, N - nil, PE - earthing.

Step 6. Fold fastening bracket lamp and the stop lamp insert hole, trying to, to wire, power supply cable, They do not fall under the mounting bracket. Due to having a spring, bracket lamp yourself pressed to the surface of the tile.

Step 7. Upon completion of installation of spotlights on the ceiling, connect the wires to the switch and the junction box or to the power supply.

IMPORTANT. When using low voltage LED lamps must be installed PSU, lowering stress.

After finishing all operations, check the operation of the lighting.

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